Celtic Is Looking for a Better Season with Ange Postecoglou


CELTIC was once a fearsome name in football, but the club has hit a bit of a rough patch of late. This hasn’t stopped The Bhoys from placing second in the Scottish Premiership right behind the Rangers, but experiencing a fair number of draws against opponents and losing five games.

The issues really only transpired towards the end of the season when the last five games for Celtic ended up with two draws, a defeat, and two wins. So, it’s in this context that Ange Postecoglou steps in to help the team get back on their feet and give the Rangers a good run for their money.

But, Postecoglou is stepping into an environment where his work will be scrutinised by fans and analysts who would want the club to make progress and quick at that.

Just like you would read an in-depth review of Pink Casino to find out what to expect, so would fans read into Postecoglou management and put it to scrutiny. Even retired managers seem to think so.

Did Postecoglou Know What He’s Getting Into?

The new manager no doubt has a good track record and commands respect in football circles. It’s not to say that he’s a new face and one that Celtic cannot trust, but according to former Celtic boss Neil Lennon, there is a lot Postecoglou probably doesn’t know.

Celtic fans hold their managers highly accountable for the team’s failures, and they have little patience with consistent failure. Right now, Celtic is not in a bad spot, it sure trailed behind the Rangers but ended up second in the league, and it has a lot of potentials.

Any slide in the performance would now be on Postecoglou, who will no doubt try to avoid this. However, as Lennon noted during a talkSPORT episode, Postecoglou had no idea what he is getting into.

Lennon has a point insofar as Celtic fans are very passionate about their team’s fortunes, but that is not all bad. “There’s going to be a lot of analysis, scrutiny, and invasion of his life and work,” the retired manager added, speaking no doubt from experience.

When you are Celtic’s manager, you no doubt have to set the bar high in your personal life as well as your professional life, the thinking goes. Even if Postecoglou is not fully aware of the responsibilities he has taken up, he will no doubt have helped.

Celtic Takes Care of His Own

While the responsibility is big, Celtic won’t leave him to carry it on his own. Lennon is convinced that the team’s staff will be assisting the new manager in every possible way to make the transition smoother and give the manager a greater chance of securing a victory with Celtic. The team is already pulling in some great talent.

Victory not just on a day-to-day basis but wins in the big leagues, whether this is Champions League or the Scottish Premier League. Lennon will have many talented people to fall back on, and that is just the way it is.

However, Postecoglou may not just give up on bringing his own colleagues, which will be his right to do. Most managers like to work with the same people over the years, as they can adapt quickly and start shaping a new team into the squad they want to see.

Replacing some of the existing staff is an option, but Postecoglou will benefit from their expertise even if he decides to bring his own people. One thing is for certain – Celtic fans will give him the benefit of the doubt, but he has to deliver results. That is the way it works in Celtic.

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