Celtic League of Nations


It is worth more than a passing observation that in yesterday’s game Celtic had players from 11 different countries in the starting line-up:

England, Sweden, Honduras, Scotland, Nigeria, Netherlands, Finland, Israel, Ireland, Greece and Wales.

Recruitment came from clubs in 7 different league structures:

England (3) and Wales, Scotland, Norway, Honduras, Israel (2), Netherlands and Germany.

There were a further four different nationalities on the bench.

Of the starting line-up only Fraser Forster is not a full international, although that is surely only a matter of time, but Fraser is the only player we have from a large football nation, perhaps an indication that it is more difficult to recruit nationals from England, Germany, Italy, France and Spain than elsewhere.

The signing of Emilio Izaguirre from Honduras three years ago came two years after the player’s representatives had him on trial in England.  It’s likely Emilio’s CV was in every mailbox in the British game, so I doubt we have much of an infrastructure in Central America.

Celtic have obviously matured links in Israel recently, Beram Kayal and Efe Ambrose have delivered value, while Nir Biton fits the profile of the player Celtic should be looking for.  Embedding relationships in similar markets offers a higher likelihood of value – and therefore football development – than taking our chance on the mainstream British and European circuits.

Prize to anyone who can point to Guinea-Bissau (Amido Balde’s country of birth and location of a Sporting Lisbon-associate club) on the map. There is a lot of work to do to catch up with the Portuguese.
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  1. Morrissey the 23rd on

    Oglach @ 06:36


    Yes. Canamalar is banned.


    No. P67 has not been involved in asking share-holders to support resolution 12.



    Fess19 @ 07:49


    “Why should we back the board, what have they given us?”



    They have did everything in their power to keep a team at Ibrox playing. Without their support that place would be dust and The Old Firm would no longer exist. The bigot pound won!



    I don’t get why any fans would criticise the plc’s achievements. We have provided the EPL with a good source to buy players. We make a good turn over. If we are lucky, we’ll often make the last 16 in Europe.



    MaggieMcGillCSC Free, free, free Canamalar.

  2. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I’ll take a flyer on it being next to Guinea in West Africa.



    And thanks again for the reverse podium,ya heartless sod!

  3. maestro-number8 on

    On the subject of Lubo, one of my favourite goals was one he scored at Celtic Park in Sep 2001 against Dunfermline. Think we won 3-1 and I think he scored 2 that day. His second was a volley from a long pass from Bobo.



    What a pass and what a finish ! Great memory.

  4. Thoughts on yesterday…



    Like so many, I was, previously, a critic of Sammi. However, every time I watch him this season, he has impressed me no end. A little thing stood out for me yesterday; On the far side in the first half, he shrugged off a “robust” challenge (whilst retaining the ball) in the same way one might swat a fly. It was, in a second, typical of the man this year. A couple of seasons ago, he’d be on the turf, hands aloft, complaining about another free kick denied. Yesterday, as so often this year, he was leading by example.



    I think the captaincy he has held from time to time has done him no harm at all. Indeed, he has seemed to fill the shirt with pride and no little talent. He puts in mighty shifts, he is intelligent in his play and, in my view, should definitely be club captain and team captain before Brown.



    Van Dijk will either be a club legend in the coming seasons or will make us a handsome profit. He has really settled now and his class and footballing ability puts the majority of Scottish centre backs to shame. Paul Elliot, only taller.



    Joe Ledley is such a solid pro. Whilst Beram was ok yesterday, he could do worse than watch a few Joe DVDs. Joe can do the defensive midfielder role as adeptly as he can support the front players. Defo a first pick IMHO.



    Of course, we missed KC yesterday. Having said that, I’d be resting him anyway for precisely this type of fixture, if it prolongs his season/career.



    Pukki is running out of chances, methinks. It would be difficult to justify a starting berth for him had wee James been fit (and that’s without any debate about Teemu v Amido).



    Stokes wasn’t effective yesterday. This is a consistent feature of our most inconsistent player. Given his goals this year, however, I think he justifies his automatic pick status, for now.



    Amido, whether he is “raw”, a “baby” etc., must be close to a starting opportunity, if even to boost his confidence. Home to United this weekend looks to me to be a sensible option. If he doesn’t perform, NL can then look at subbing at HT or around the hour mark.



    We still aren’t putting enough chances away, both from set pieces and open play. We can continue the post mortem of the last transfer window or look to capitalise on the goalscoring chances we are creating.



    For me, that means Joe Ledley, KC, Sammi and James playing with Stokes. Alternatively, Stokes could be dropped with Sammi up top supported principally by JL, JF and KC.



    If Stokes does play, whether Pukki or Amido plays as a second striker or Sammi plays behind/free left-sided role would very much depend on the opposition of the day.



    I think there are goals in this squad. For me, the Pukki/Stokes experiment is one that is inferior to the above options.







    The difference is I was replying to a post addressed to me. The difference is you accused me of being rude and that my post was designed to hurt, neither of which is true, beyond your perception. If I had wished to hurt Petec, in anyway, I’m sure I could have achieved that, but I am not so callous. I repeat, I have on several occasions asked to be left out. I’m not interested in discussing religion on here.



    To be repeatedly drawn in, when I don’t want to be, to be bigged up when it is neither welcome nor appropriate, it grates mate.



    About six years ago, on here, somebody went off at me saying I couldn’t take a compliment, maybe he was right, but maybe I just wasn’t looking for a compliment, maybe I’d rather have a whisky.



    By the way all, the anniversary of Kano falling ill is next week.

  6. Morrisey



    Are you stating, as a fact, the Celtic board did everything in their power to assist some form of Zombie FC to exist at Ibrox?



    What evidence can you provide to prove your assertion if indeed that is what you are saying?




  7. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    KITALBA 1206,from previous.



    That sounds fair enough. And I do see your point,so I won’t labour mine.



    As to KANO,an anniversary he can well do without.



    It is of scant consolation to him that he is so highly regarded on here.



    That consolation may just be found in the love that those close to him have.



    Miracles are few and far between,but if I could wish for one,it would be for the fella to be well again.

  8. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Journalists getting even with lou reed after he passed away.


    He was notorious for being very short with reporters and probably enjoyed bullying them.


    Waiting until his death to have a go is cowardly.

  9. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I found your old Twitter post with the photie of Brother Walfrid’s memorial in Ballymote.



    Put it on my iPhone as the screensaver. A belter,it is.




    I’m no doctor, and my knowledge is limited, but I still hope for Kano. Just got to hope Ramie keeps him warm through the Perth winters and see where the following summer takes us.

  11. SydneyTim@3.17



    I have no accurate idea why canamalar was banned so I’d guess any theory is fair game.



    However, if your theory were to be seen as plausible, would you not have to overlook several real and verifiable flaws in it?



    If, as you have asserted on many occasions, Paul67 is merely a mouthpiece from which Peter Lawwell manipulates the Celtic blogosphere in some Svengali like way to prevent the alternative truth from coming out, why did he wait so long to instruct Paul to ban canamalar? The motion has been debated, shaped, agreed with and argued against over a period of two months on here with no signs of interference? Do you think PL has been on holiday all that time or that Paul failed to follow his instruction to shut down all debate on this issue?



    Why are Morrisey23 and others who contributed to the motion’s development still on here posting and agitating in support of the resolution that PL and Paul67 allegedly want to be shut down?



    In fact, why are you allowed to make these accusations with impunity (well apart from some mild rebukes from other posters) if this conspiracy exists?



    Paul67 has run a fairly censorship light blog over the years. I have disagreed with his liberal approach to allowing insolent supporters of the former club, Rangers, (I mean the likes of Super Sammy and Scooterboy not Edward Ursus) free access because it caused nothing but disharmony and was a one way street of liberal allowance as we would not get such free access to their blogs. Yet Paul would not ban them until they broke language or other pre-existing rules.



    Now canamalar’s views may be unpopular with PL and Paul 67 may not share them but, palpably, they did nothing via CQN to stop this development and that is a fact, because the development was not stopped.



    Canamalar’s motion will go forward and that is a good thing. CQN was helpful in getting the motion to go forward and does not deserve to be painted as an obstruction to this motion even though a small portion of posters may disagree with its terms and a larger portion of them may not have great affection for canamalar.



    Paul’s rules for the blog are few and focus on bad language, scurrilous gossip and potentially libelous accusations. Those are the more likely reasons for a poster receiving a ban.



    I do not know whether or how they apply to canamalar’s situation nor do I need to know unless canamalar knows the reasons first and chooses to release them on here as he could quite easily do via a poster with whom he can communicate off-blog.

  12. From previous post:



    Morrissey the 23rd


    12:05 on


    28 October, 2013



    Fess19 @ 07:49


    “Why should we back the board, what have they given us?”



    They have did everything in their power to keep a team at Ibrox playing. Without their support that place would be dust and The Old Firm would no longer exist. The bigot pound won!



    As I said in my piece, “when I see confirmation one way or the other then I will either back or go against them”


    If you have hard evidence please place on the blog so I can decide




  13. Getting a bit worried about the players out of contract next summer.Joe Ledley for example.Cannot see why we have not signed him up again.Any English club would,I would think hand over £4-5 million for him.If we dont re-sign him and he walks for nothing,how does that go with our much heralded “Signing policy”.Samaras and Stokes,also a bit strange.More than a bit.Clubs will already be sniffing around these players agents,looking for a freebie.


    As far as all the sound bites go,all want to stay.As usual we are left in the dark.Are talks ongoing?.I just find this very strange.


    Looked like Sammi cut himself on the ground.Emilio was a bit stupid I thought at the time.It was a very heavy knock to the head he took.He looked a bit wobbly for the rest of his time on the park.Thought he should have been taken off straight away.I was not impressed with the decision to keep him on.

  14. .






    They have did everything in their power to keep a team at Ibrox playing. Without their support that place would be dust and The Old Firm would no longer exist.






    Jeezo make Your mind up..I Thought you said Rangers were Deed..?



    And do You Not want them to be Alive to have Action taken against them..Or did l read the Resolution wrong..?



    Paul67 came out and Stated what Celtic FC Have Did and that it would All come out at the AGM..




  15. Bawsman, Canamalar’s account was suspended after a series of abusive complaints issued towards another user. A complaint was received (not from the target), I suspended the account, emailed Canamalar to let him know why, remind him that abusive posts are not allowed, and informed him is he refrains in future he is welcome back.



    No response has been received. No one has ever insisted that abusing others is a staple part of their CQN rights but there is always a chance we will have a first. More commonly, there is agreement on what the blog is here for and a note of the circumstances which led to the incident.



    In terms of the complaint, is was a no-brainer. Straightforward decision. I have good friends on here who have been suspended for similar actions.



    I’ve had several people explain their struggles to control anger – a more complex situation than I ever knew, which has resulted in lengthy, and positive, email discussions around the subject. I have also had many people tell me how this type of abuse has affected them.

  16. The Honest Mistake loves being first



    I agree that he could be very difficult and he wasn’t my favourite either. However, the DM is very much the newspaper that would publish that sort of article…by a journalist who almost certainly never interviewed him and thinks Perfect Day was just a Children in Need (or whatever) song.

  17. Playground Rumours… they were nasty when we wore short trousers.






    Is canamalar banned off the blog?

  18. .






    As far as all the sound bites go,all want to stay.As usual we are left in the dark.Are talks ongoing?.I just find this very strange.






    Yes it is Very strange that we do our Talking and Business in Private.. while Across the City they do it in the MSM..



    Are You new to Football..?




  19. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers forza oscar and mackenzie



    Thanks mate , That was from my trip to see family in Donegal in the summer . Couldn’t resist a wee visit to Ballymote Co. Sligo , a hairs on the back of your neck moment for me .


    Thanks for remembering , don’t do much on twitter , a bit like here .


    I’ve probably written and deleted more posts than I have actually posted but I read CQN everyday and have met loads of cracking people through this blog and had many a great Day Oot with them.


    As I said , cheers .



  20. FourGreenFields, kitalba, see above. Abusive attacks on other users are not allowed. Agree and I have never stopped anyone from posting. No one has disagreed. Yet!!



    SFTB, ha! I missed that. You have to laugh.

  21. About 280,000 homes in England and Wales without power apparently, due to the storm.



    Stay safe!




  22. My boss is Peter Principle on

    It appears you can’t upset poor people’s feelings on here or you get banned, but hey you can always just ask them were their season tickets is and sort things out, that seems to be ok



    Only last week a poster offered to meet up with another poster for a quiet word



    Yes the clique has won this round,



    Canamalar all the best mate, I love you style

  23. FourGreenFields, aye, by the look of it, it needed clarifying.



    I deal with these matters directly with the ‘offender’ by email. It’s often more complicated than it appears and making contact directly is usually more productive than making a blast on the blog.



    Never crossed my mind that someone would talk about being banned without responding to me. Oh well…….. you live and learn.

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