Celtic long ball game gives way to torrent of chances


This is going to sound like a Grinch, and I am (honestly) delighted to get through a trip to Tynecastle with what turned into a comfortably victory, but for 28 minutes I was exasperated at watching another outing of our long-ball game.

Odsonne Edouard is a more effective target-man than Lewis Morgan, but that is not what makes him a special striker.  During that opening period, Hearts manager, Daniel Stendel must have thought his troubles were over.

It could be that, having seen the awful pitch and inclement conditions, Neil Lennon decided this was not a stage for our passing game.  If so, the plan worked, but better teams will eventually punish us if we invite them onto us by surrendering possession to often.

Once James Forrest, Odsonne and Ryan Christie combined to allow the latter to break a few hearts, the outcome was inevitable.   Short of some finishing that would make the Alfredo the Wasteful blush, Celtic could have won the game by five or six goals.

If this Hearts team are relying on the Hamilton side we watched two weeks ago collapsing to prevent them being relegated, they are in for a shock.  The organisational differential between those two sides is as wide as Tynecastle.

Result aside, the most pleasing aspect of last night was Odsonne getting 84 minutes under his belt.  He is still short of full fitness, hard shifts like last night help.

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  1. Yep Jim, unfortunately, Hope maybe over the season of goodwill, they might have a change of heart, I enjoyed their posts.

  2. A big club like Hearts should not be scraping the bottom of the SPFL and let’s hope they avoid relegation for the good of the league.

  3. Corkcelt


    ….and thanks to you, too, T !





    Do you also hope Sevco sort out ther money problems and avoid Liquidation ?

  4. Good evening, friends. Just over 4 hours left to have your votes for last night’s game. 3 names, one email to cqnpoty@gmail.com please. Have a feeling that the votes mY be widespread and tight on this one. About to start checking the emails…..

  5. Gene


    Now that you say that, it rings a bell. Maybe it was as a result of the problems some are having re ads etc.They didn`t strike me as the kind to flounce.

  6. Hot Smoked…………Surely we all want to see a good competitive league that keeps Celtic on their toes. Liquidation is as a result of mismanagement and is the clubs responsibility.

  7. Hankray


    I know what you mean but, as in every League in the World, money is the deciding factor so `good competition is at a premium.` Besides, I think most Celtic supporters would be happy with a good HONEST League.


    Hearts, of course, SHOULD be much nearer the top than the bottom but on merit rather than right.

  8. HOT SMOKED on 19TH DECEMBER 2019 5:42 PM


    Have wee and Big George`s Fan Club ` flounced` from CQN ?







    I think they left in disgust at Paul67’s sneering and dismissive characterisation of the Res12 folk.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Thank you “Stevie G” for giving me my biggest laugh of the day.



    I NEVER WATCH STV NEWS … but it was on in my house tonight.



    “Helander has a UNIQUE foot injury”



    In his 25-30 year career “our doctor has only seen this a couple of times”



    Boom boom

  10. Does anyone know if the compliance officer is still in place for the SPL , just seems very quite considering the number of referrals last season maybe players are behaving better or more like to keep more or less a saleable item with a good disciplinary record this season.

  11. Trial by Sportscene has stopped so I doubt there is anything going to the Compliance officer if she is still in post,I wonder who got it stopped though?

  12. Hi all, long time lurker finally signs up. Noticed relatively recently that I could not access fully during games – can someone confirm this?

  13. If football was played on a computer then I probably wouldn’t have Johnny Hayes in my team for Tynecastle on a winter Wednesday night.



    Another thing….


    Players do NOT get a chance to see what they can do in the Celtic 1st team ( eg Griffiths, Taylor) but they get a chance in training every day.


    If they aren’t rippin up trees or banging goals In at Lennoxtown then they aren’t suddenly going to be capable in a real game.



    A real striker and big FF signed in January should ensure the league flag stays in Paradise.


    To get to the final of the EL we would need ElHamed fit and a loan of a top quality left back.



    Still think we should sign McGeady…. Should be a no-brainer.



    3 more wins this month would guarantee us at least an 8 point lead.




  14. jinkyredstar ‘Frimpong Merrily on High’ on

    Reporting Scotland totally ignore last night’s game, just as they completely omitted a preview last night – oh how they must be hurting!

  15. We played with 4 left wingers, no striker a 18 year old right back with10 men for 40 minutes in shite weather and a heavy pitch last games vs the sevco?



    We have 2 more games before the 29th of December and with any luck we will not be forced to play so with such difficulties next time out.



    Worried about them on the 29th dec, no chance, we turn up we win.




  16. ERNIE



    I think they left in disgust at Paul67’s sneering and dismissive characterisation of the Res12 folk.





    Do you?



    I think you are talking pish again.



    With no respect this time.



    I am of the opinion that you are not a Celtic supporter.



    C’mon, admit it?

  17. McNut on 19th December 2019 6:40 pm



    Hi all, long time lurker finally signs up. Noticed relatively recently that I could not access fully during games – can someone confirm this?




    You need to be logged in to see the latest comments/posts.

  18. Philbhoy


    To be fair to Ernie I think I recall it was Paul’s approach to Res 12 that caused them to leave.


    However his description is his own interpretation

  19. GENE






    He makes it up as he goes along and enjoys the shit stirring.



    Never a Celtic supporter in my opinion.

  20. McNut.


    Welcome and enjoy.


    There appears to be a glitch, at present, sometimes if you are not logged in, the posts are an hour behind.


    When you move from page to page, sometimes it logs you out, the only way to circumvent this is to post something, anything, most use test and that gets you back to real time.


    Hopefully this is useful.


    The site needs some IT attention.

  21. Mr / Mrs MCNUT.



    First of all the test: Did you or did you not ever partake in singing the song Sailing at Paradise?



    HH to you.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ron67 – good point re compliance officer.



    Compliance and Refereeing are part of the same Disciplinary department.



    Head of Referees John Fleming died in October after a long illness during which, presumably, he would have spent little time at work.



    This coincided with this SFA department going very quiet.



    No sign of leadership or succession planning either.



    Hail hail

  23. Ron67 at 6:26



    Yes, the Compliance Officer is still plugging away, much more quietly than last season (less fun for us though) which she will probably claim is down to her effective work last season. I do think though, that for the most part the players’ (with the exception of Alfreddy, of course) and the refs’ behaviours are generally better this season.

  24. McNut – welcome to the mad house. If you managed t cach last nigh’s game and fanc ving fr yur p 3 players, in no particular order, u have 2 and a half hurs lef drp an email 2 an email address ha I can’ prvide via m lapp as I’m sill having severe prblems wih 3 sick kes – n a qwer kebard i’s he 2 leers 2 he righ f ‘r’ andhe ne the righ f ‘i’ !!!!!!


    I’ll nw lg nt my able and pst again!!!

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