Celtic long ball game gives way to torrent of chances


This is going to sound like a Grinch, and I am (honestly) delighted to get through a trip to Tynecastle with what turned into a comfortably victory, but for 28 minutes I was exasperated at watching another outing of our long-ball game.

Odsonne Edouard is a more effective target-man than Lewis Morgan, but that is not what makes him a special striker.  During that opening period, Hearts manager, Daniel Stendel must have thought his troubles were over.

It could be that, having seen the awful pitch and inclement conditions, Neil Lennon decided this was not a stage for our passing game.  If so, the plan worked, but better teams will eventually punish us if we invite them onto us by surrendering possession to often.

Once James Forrest, Odsonne and Ryan Christie combined to allow the latter to break a few hearts, the outcome was inevitable.   Short of some finishing that would make the Alfredo the Wasteful blush, Celtic could have won the game by five or six goals.

If this Hearts team are relying on the Hamilton side we watched two weeks ago collapsing to prevent them being relegated, they are in for a shock.  The organisational differential between those two sides is as wide as Tynecastle.

Result aside, the most pleasing aspect of last night was Odsonne getting 84 minutes under his belt.  He is still short of full fitness, hard shifts like last night help.

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  1. Jobo on The Tablet….


    Aye, temperamental laptop indeed. Sometimes the letters t, y and o work fine. On other occasions they don’t. New PC once Christmas is past… (almost certainly going for an ‘all in one’ so any recommendations? )


    Anyway McNut AND OTHERS feel free to vote by email to cqnpoty@gmail.com


    As things stand, only 3 votes separate 2nd from 4th with 3 players very close for the 5th spot. Results expected around 10.15 and I’ll try to get it right first time for this game!

  2. Jobo



    One or two posters on here express themselves with a brevity and clarity which draws admiration but your 7;34 post outshines their offerings by a long way.

  3. SFTB-as per from you,a very well thought out post👍


    Unlike James Forrest the blogger who keeps trying hard to have us believe he was happy we got Lenny 🤔😉

  4. A few posters were critical of Michael Stewart`s punditry during last night`s game. I didn`t hear it so cannot comment but I felt he was perfectly fair on the Sportscene show from 7-7-30 this evening.

  5. Mc Nut



    1.Are you a hun?


    Are you a tory?


    Are you a socialist?


    Are you a res12 supporter?


    Are you a nationalist?


    2.Are you smiling?



    1&2 only mate.





  6. Isn’t it wonderful that we can all watch the same game and have completely different views on a player’s performance.


    Hayes seems to be the one from last night that’s attracted the most widely different opinions.


    For myself, I thought he did ok, neither poor nor great. ( Sorry I was just removing the skelf off the palings from my slender gluteus Maximus)


    He is, in my uninformed opinion, an honest hard working and reliable squad player who presents a threat on the break.


    And how. Hold anyone criticism a player who has scored a goal against the the Rangers V2.0

  7. Michael Stewart is a Hearts fan and doesn’t deny it,pretty unbiased if you ask me ,understandable if he gets a wee bit excited sometimes.

  8. GG


    When I first used the word ‘skelf’ down here in England they hadn’t a clue what I was on about – still don’t

  9. GG-I argued last night with someone who you would think knows a LB😉


    I thought johnny played his part in keeping a clean sheet 😉


    He didn’t 😉

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hot Smoked and Bada – with you both on Stewart.



    Reasonably straight shooter.



    Not a genius but not a dummy either.



    Partiality to his team, in moderation, fine by me.

  11. TEUCHTER AR LA-Rudi’s wife is a close friend of my wife’s sister.We night in the well on Saturday.Hopefully she be there 🕺😉

  12. PHILBHOY on 19TH DECEMBER 2019 7:02 PM









    I think they left in disgust at Paul67’s sneering and dismissive characterisation of the Res12 folk.












    Do you?







    I think you are talking pish again.







    With no respect this time.







    I am of the opinion that you are not a Celtic supporter.







    C’mon, admit it?









    So – Sentinel Celts – is that a good blog site to sign up to?







    I am chucking it here after that comment from Paul.’

  13. Ernie



    What comment?



    Yer still makin’ it up.



    Now, away and research your answer for another couple of hours the way you did this one.



    Are you a Celtic supporter?

  14. Hot Smoked



    If you like brevity of expression you will admire many of the denizens of Follow Follow.



    It is thought that there are about 1,022,000 words in the English language but many of them can communicate their feelings in 7 of them.

  15. PHILBHOY on 19TH DECEMBER 2019 8:38 PM









    What comment?








    ‘I don’t buy the falsehood that it is somehow in Celtic’s interest to make this go away, that notion is paranoid nonsense, only blame-the-victim fantasists believe it. Celtic have influence, but not without limit. And despite occasional urging from me, they will wallow in victimhood, like some elsewhere.’

  16. An Tearmann I’m just a 65 year old, Celtic supporter, who was away, but has now come home to enjoy my two grandchildren. Will only be talking about things Celtic ; the modern political scene leaves me totally non-plussed.



    Jobo, think I might get involved. Last night it wasn’t easy for me to ‘plump’ for a man of the match. I felt everyone played in ‘fits & starts’. I’m a bit perplexed by Calmac at present, he doesn’t look himself.

  17. ERNIE



    Are you a Celtic supporter?



    I feel that your posts have changed from the way you used to post.



    You disappeared from CQN for a while, I remember posters commenting on your absence, then you reappear but you are posting in a different way.



    Like someone else is posting under your moniker.



    In essence I don’t believe you are a Celtic supporter.



    I remember a few years back the much missed THE EXILED TIM suggested “you” were more than one person.



    I believe that to be true.



    Are you a Celtic supporter?

  18. Welcome Mcnut



    I think all the usual questions have been asked.



    So if you turn off Java script you will have no probs posting if not I will read your reply in 3 days



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  19. Mc Nut



    No worries mate welcome to the blog


    Meant to say answer 1 and 2 only.


    Enjoy the grandweans and Celtic




  20. With 1 hour to go just a single vote separates the players in 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. So, if you haven’t already voted the power is in your hands! 1 hour to go…. cqnpoty@gmail.com

  21. GENE on 19TH DECEMBER 2019 8:44 PM






    And if you exclude sweary words it’s down to 3



    Take away a ‘grunt that’s you down to 2 😊



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