Celtic long ball game gives way to torrent of chances


This is going to sound like a Grinch, and I am (honestly) delighted to get through a trip to Tynecastle with what turned into a comfortably victory, but for 28 minutes I was exasperated at watching another outing of our long-ball game.

Odsonne Edouard is a more effective target-man than Lewis Morgan, but that is not what makes him a special striker.  During that opening period, Hearts manager, Daniel Stendel must have thought his troubles were over.

It could be that, having seen the awful pitch and inclement conditions, Neil Lennon decided this was not a stage for our passing game.  If so, the plan worked, but better teams will eventually punish us if we invite them onto us by surrendering possession to often.

Once James Forrest, Odsonne and Ryan Christie combined to allow the latter to break a few hearts, the outcome was inevitable.   Short of some finishing that would make the Alfredo the Wasteful blush, Celtic could have won the game by five or six goals.

If this Hearts team are relying on the Hamilton side we watched two weeks ago collapsing to prevent them being relegated, they are in for a shock.  The organisational differential between those two sides is as wide as Tynecastle.

Result aside, the most pleasing aspect of last night was Odsonne getting 84 minutes under his belt.  He is still short of full fitness, hard shifts like last night help.

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  1. GENE on 19TH DECEMBER 2019 9:13 PM
















    Any particular thoughts







    To paraphrase CLR James



    What do they know of football who only football know?



    To Paul67 and all the Cqn family have a great Christmas











    You going somewhere ya maddy ??

  3. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    Doing alright mucker .


    Still meet the old team now and again in the Valley but into travelling and seeing a bit more of the world.



    Hope you are doing good.




  4. Imo,Michael Stewart is by far the best and least biased commentator, certainly on the BBC. He has criticised Hearts regularly. He has also praised Celtic regularly and recently described us as the best team in Scotland, something you won’t hear too often in this part of the world.

  5. I’m not a Stewart hater by any means, but this talk of him being upset because he is a Jambo baffles me.



    Imagine Tom Boyd on BT??? He would get hunted.

  6. *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2019-20 ***


    RESULTS FROM GAME #24 – HEARTS 0 CELTIC 2 (Christie, Ntcham)



    5 points clear and with a better goal difference by 4, things were looking a lot better by full time last night. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!


    So, tonight, after treble checking my arithmetic I’m confident that this will be a get it right first time set of results. And a very close contest it was too, perhaps reflecting the fact that most players played very well rather than brilliant. But always good to see that all 11 of our starting line up were acknowledged by somebody. And all 10 outfield players received at least 4 votes.


    Voter numbers rose from the last 2 games so thank you to the 49 who sent me their email. Apologies again that I don’t have the time to reply but some of your witty reasoning fair cheers me up.


    We have a fairly clear winner but very close for the other places. So, the votes for the 13 players who took to the field (and it was a field!) last night are as follows (with my own selections asterisked) –


    Forster: 1


    Frimpong: 4


    Jullien: 23


    Ajer: 11


    Hayes: 4


    Brown*: 23


    McGregor: 12


    Christie: 22


    Ntcham*: 32


    Forrest: 7


    Edouard*: 8


    Bitton: 0


    Griffiths: 0


    Unused subs – Gordon, Taylor, Bayo, Rogic, Morgan



    Special mention to Captain Brown who has become the first player to pass the 500-vote mark, now sitting on 511 after 23 appearances.



    Therefore, the players receiving points for the Hearts game are –


    Ntcham – 5 points


    Brown – 4 points


    Jullien – 4 points


    Christie – 2 points


    McGregor – 1 point



    That leaves the overall table reading as follows –


    Brown – 53 points


    Christie – 38 points


    Edouard – 33 points


    Frimpong – 30 points


    Jullien – 28 points


    Forrest – 26 points


    McGregor – 24 points


    Elyounoussi – 22 points


    Forster – 20 points


    Ntcham – 19 points


    Ajer – 14 points


    Bolingoli-Mbombo – 13 points


    Bauer – 11 points


    Hayes – 8 points


    Elhamed – 8 points


    Taylor – 5 points


    Griffiths – 4 points


    Bitton – 4 points


    Bayo – 3 points


    Johnston – 3 points


    Robertson – 2 points


    Morgan – 2 points


    Rogic – 1 point



    Next up, Aberdeen. And with a chance to go 5 points clear at the top. Or maybe 7 or even 8 if Hibs don’t Hibs it on Friday evening. Voting will open around 4.50 on Saturday.


    Hail Hail

  7. Thanks Jobo for a great Competetion, but I have to admit that I find it hard to pick 3 some times.


    Now that can be a good thing, or I was pashed watching or there was more than 3….



    McNut – cheese on toast or toasted cheese???



    These are important questions that need answered sir.😂






    D. :)

  8. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH DECEMBER 2019 8:03 PM


    Michael Stewart is a Hearts fan and doesn’t deny it,pretty unbiased if you ask me ,understandable if he gets a wee bit excited sometimes.






    Chris Sutton – Lazio



    These guys aren’t robots. They are employed to provide balanced expert analysis and to talk up and promote the game. Emotion is part of the latter but must be exempt from the former.

  9. Bada Bing, the perfect nom de plume for a trip to Copenhagen for the bhoys. 😁😁😁



    Any connection ??



    Cheers and HH.

  10. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/hearts-slam-ticketless-celtic-fans-21128870



    has this club no feckin shame ? here have I heard this before ?






    last year it was levein now its another jambo. Piece written by a feckin hun blogger ! has alfredo been acting up again and so all the ills in the world are scott browns fault. Snow is fallin,…….

  11. BB,



    As Bognorbhoy suggests with the search engines.


    A clue : reputedly the biggest, funniest and best and I would imagine loads of bhoys going to the game will pop in. ( If they’ve got a spare five grand krone. )


    For a nice Celtic man like yourself i have no doubt the name is just a coincidence 😁



    Cheers and HH, absolutely no inference or offence intended, just thought it quite amusing.

  12. just like to wish Weefra & his good lady a special well done and congratulations on your GOLDEN wedding anniversary.Have a great day F.


    Till we meet again Y.N.W.A

  13. Good morning CQN from a dark damp but Christmas holiday feeling Garngad



    Stopped yesterday for a break. Then last night I hear the dreaded words from Mrs David66… “Oh we can go into town mañana and finish off the Christmas shopping”……. Dah Dah Dah… In a dramatical music kinda way.



    So wish me luck guys. As Mrs David66 cannot make her mind up if it’s day or night never mind buy pressies for people…



    Anyway come on the Hibees tonight has Jack Ross not got a good record against thems???



    Ps. No nightshift?



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  14. Oh Weefra if lurking Congrats on the Golden wedding anniversary.🎂🎉🎊👍



    Have a good day






    D. :)

  15. Good morning friends and a Big Happy Friday from a damp, dark but few above freezing East Kilbride.

  16. weefra (and his good lady)



    I would just like to echo leftclicktic and wish weefra and his good lady congratulations on your golden anniversary.all the best and I hope all is good in health with you and yours :-)


    Take care



  17. Good morning from a damp North Staffordshire – grandsons not well this morning so no school for them – day with the grandparents 😀

  18. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Just had a wee stat check there. In the last dozen games we have played, in all competitions, we have only failed to score at least two goals in a game on two occasions. Those two games were the League Cup Final, where we won the game, and the Cluj game away, which was a dead rubber.


    If we are consistently scoring at least two goals in a game, it follows that someone is going to have to score three goals, to beat us. We have played 35 games, in all competitions, since our season started on the ninth of July in Sarajevo. Only one team, Cluj, have managed that feat, when they scored four goals at Parkhead on the 13th of August.


    We are going to win the League. For the ninth time in succession 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆






    Heh mate,how you doing?


    You get what you deserve reading hun/jabba


    Waitintobetelts at the rekkkord



    You tip onto a good point tho bout


    Hun bloggers scribe and aspire to become hun waitintobetelts and as always with the hun be they crayonplayer like macfarlane Or


    simple wallet trying to cope following 2 clubs after Dave Murray’s(ongoing) liquidation.


    I think chris Jack plays with his crayons in the evening times.its why the sales are nosediving.look at the kack put out recently by Murdoch’s(milly dowler rip)Times



    In the land of the reformation make no mistake the cheating hun,their 33 degrees of masonic riddlement and a fawning((non investigative)Meejah are always at it with Celtic,low intensity conflict the yanks called it,as they rolled out destabilization policy


    In post-war South America..



    Nae mere rekkkord links




  20. WEEFRA



    Best wishes to you and your good lady on your 50th wedding anniversary!



    Hope you are both well and looking forward to the next 50!

  21. Weefra


    Congratulations to you and your good lady on your golden wedding anniversary. The question is, if you are anything like me, how has she put up with you for this long.


    Me and Mrs Gene are a mere 44 years



    Have a great day 🎉

  22. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs WEEFRA.



    Again , a massive thank you to all on here for their Posts on my birthday yesterday and my ongoing poor health.


    I got out of hospital at Tea Time last night, and got a Taxi to my local Pub for two pints of Guinness. I just had to celebrate a little…then home and a bite to eat….and a good nights rest in my own Bed for about 7 hours.



    My mate owns my local Pub and he is 60 years old Today…and a good Celtic man…I MAY force myself to get shaved etc, and force myself to go into his pub…and then force down another two Pints of Guinness just to celebrate HIS Birthday Today….not to do so would be so uncivilised ?


    I love Celtic….and Jonny Hayes.



  23. I never thought that I would see the day when I struggle to drink Two Pints of Beer or Guinness…but sadly its just the way I am now…


    In recent weeks I have had 8 Blood Transfusions and an “Iron” Transfusion on Wednesday evening while in hospital…I keep telling the Doctors that its Beer/Guinness Transfusions that I really need….but no one listens !





    Mon The Hibees….



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