Celtic long term land dividends


As we reported yesterday, Celtic have been busy buying up land around the periphery of the stadium for many years. The club managed to get the deal to buy land behind the Jock Stein Stand done before the mineral seam running below it was discovered. I hear the excavation rights are estimated to be worth £50m to Celtic, who bought the land for £3m in January 2009 with money which had been earmarked to buy Stephen Fletcher. Hibernian thought the Fletcher deal was done but Celtic pulled out at the last minute when the land deal became available due to an emergency cash requirement at the Council, who needed to build schools to educate children arriving in the city from Eastern Europe.

Back then, when I asked why we weren’t signing Fletcher a senior source at the club told me, “We can only spend that £3m once and we need the land for burger vans and stuff.” Before kick-off, fans currently go off-premises to spend their money, cash that could be going to Celtic. Source added, “We’ll be able to buy a Fletcher every year with the catering income we’ll make from this land deal.”

Made sense at the time, makes more sense now.

That £50m is due to arrive in time to get the Co-op off our case and leave a substantial amount available to deal with what could be the first season we ever face Sevco- keeping them in their place.

Good luck to the Celtic fans based in North America ahead of the Féile on the weekend of 17-19 January. Events are based at The Plough & Stars, Philidelphia, include live music, a tour of the An Gorta Mor Memorial, a live Beyond the Waves broadcast and a Q&A with Celtic Youth Coach, Willie McNabb.

Visit ploughbhoyscsc.com for more details, including how to secure accommodation.

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    10:46 on 9 January, 2014







    18:27 on 8 January, 2014






    Lennoxtown also falls under East Dunbartonshire Council land not GCC – and at the time of purchase the council was run by the Lib Dems.



    Land purchased by GCC from Celtic was independently valued by James Barr, Chartered Surveyors & not by Labour/Celtic supporting



    well well JUNGLE JIM what have you got to say for yourself??????

  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    10:19 on 9 January, 2014




  3. Morning all.


    Well there have been a few interesting rumours bouncing about the past few days. Will we spend £5 or £6M on a striker/ Will we take £10M for VVD? Feck knows but it makes a cold January a wee bit more interesting.



    Anyway here are the latest update of the List.






    Players in:




    Name Age Position Club Price


    —-— ——– —-—–


    Fridjonsson – 20 – Striker – Fram Reykjavik – £100K



    Players out:




    Name Club Price


    —-—- —–



    Rumoured transfer in:








    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Forde – 33 – Millwall – STV – No fee mentioned (06/12)


    McCarthy – 24 – Reading – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (16/13)


    Pawlowski – 20 – Udinese – Italian Press – Loan with option to buy (06/01)







    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Taylor-Sinclair – 22 – Partick – Various – £75K (30/11)


    Taylor – 27 – Newcastle – Talkceltic – 6 mths loan (13/12)


    Kalas – 20 – Chelsea – Celticrumours – 6 mths loan (05/01)







    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Armstrong – 21 – Dundee Utd – Various – £500K (01/12)


    Gauld – 18 – Dundee Utd – Celticrumours – £500K (01/12)


    Guidetti – 21 – Man City – – Talkceltic – Loan until summer (09/12)


    Bryson – 27 – Derby County – STV – No fee mentioned (12/12)


    Toivonen – 27 – PSV – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (13/12)


    Norwood – 22 – Huddersfield – The Scottish Hun – £3M (17/12)


    Eikrem – 23 – Hereenven – Various – No fee mentioned (21/12)


    Henrikson – AZ Alkmaar – various – £2M (23/12)


    Hassan – 19 – Al Ahly – Various – £2M (24/12)


    Tomlin – 24 – Peterborough Utd – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (03/01)


    Mackay-Steven – 22 – Dundee Utd – Various – £1M (03/01)


    Berisha – 20 – Red Bull Salzburg – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (03/01)


    Fletcher – 29 – Man Utd – Various – No fee mentioned; possible loan (04/01)


    McDonald – 25 – Wolves – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (04/01)


    Hupperts 21 – Roda JC – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (07/01)


    Mane – 19 – Sporting – Scottish Sun – Reported £1M buy-out-clause (09/01)


    Johansen – 23 – Stromsgodset – Scottish Sun – £2M (09/01)







    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Parzyszek – 20 – De Graafschap – Polish press – £800K (30/11)


    Vaughan – 25 – Norwich – Daily Mirror – No fee mentioned (03/12)


    Ings – 21 – Burnley – The Scottish Hun – No fee mentioned (03/12)


    May – 21 – St Johnstone – Northern Times – No fee mentioned (07/12)


    McCormack – 27 – Leeds – SSB – No fee mentioned (07/12)


    McKay – 24 – ICT – Daily Express – No fee mentioned (12/12)


    Boyd – 22 – Rapid Wien – Talkspurt – £1M (13/12)


    Damari – 24 – Hapoel Tel Aviv – SSN – No fee mentioned (14/12)


    Assombalonga – 21 – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (16/12)


    Wells – 23 – Bradford City – Daily Rectum – No fee mentioned (16/12)


    Ntep – 21 – Auxerre – Talkceltic – No fee mentioned (16/12)


    Finnbogason – 24 – Heerenveen – Herald – £5M (17/12)


    Mawuli – 24 – Hapoel Ashkelon – Herald – £750K (17/12)


    Johannsson – 23 – AZ – Daily Mail – £2.5M (19/12)


    Soriano – 28 – Red Bull Salzburg – Daily Express – £4M (31/12)


    Griffiths – 23 – Wolves – Various – £1.25M (31/12)


    Fletcher – 26 – Sunderland – Various – £6M (02/01)



    ShamPOO rumours:




    Name Club Reason


    —-—— —–


    Yamada – 24 – Jubilo Iwata – After a week long trial Celtic decided against



    Rumoured loan out:




    Name Source Club


    —-—— —–


    Rogic – Metro – Sampdoria or Eintracht Frankfurt



    Rumoured transfer out:




    Name Source Price


    —-—— —–


    Foster – Various– £7M to Southampton/Sunderland/Everton/Benfica


    Samaras – Various –£2M to Borussia Monchengladbach/Fiorentina/Lazio/Hull/Toronto/Aston villa


    Ledley – Various – £1M to Carrdiff


    van Djke – Various – £10M to Man City or Arsenal


    McGeouch – Various – £250K to Coventry



    And as ever let me know if you’ve heard of anyone that isn’t here.


    Bye for now fholks!





    /Bishop B

  4. South Of Tunis on

    Len Brennan



    For what it’s worth –



    Italian rumour mongers say —————



    Pawlowski is going to Slask Wroclaw [ a loan ]


    Fiorentina and Milan are very interested in Toivonen


    Lazio and Fiorentina have not declared an interest re Samaras

  5. Morning , anyone with Virgin Media can watch today’s game on Premier Sports available on channel 551 , which is free until the end of February.



    Enjoy watching our new strike force of Balde and Pukki



    Paul thought that was a secret, the Sevco Standard bhoys will be all over this now !!!

  6. Steinreignedsupreme on

    SydneyTim 10:53 on 9 January, 2014



    “He scores goals”



    But have you seen him playing?



    To give you just two recent examples; Lustig and Kelvin Wilson were poor in their first season with us and went on to be important players for Celtic after they settled.



    Punting a batch of players after such a short time in no way to run a team.

  7. Hearing speculation about VvD leaving.


    Two things, he says he’s not going, and if he did it would be to the third club he would be registered to in one season, I dont think thats allowed, rules and all that. If I’m wrong someone can correct me. And no we can’t just ignore the rukes, we ain’t Sevco.

  8. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on






    Have a great day and may only good things come your way.


    (a repost coz yer worth it) :)))

  9. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    Billy Bhoy 05


    10:36 on


    9 January, 2014


    Ernie Lynch



    We see through you?: You are a small minded SNP hater and you continue to fail to mention that we will be voting for or against independence: not voting for SNP. For us fholk who live here freezing the council tax has been very significant, particularly if you are finding it difficult dealing with all the Social Security cuts.Your Labour of Bambi Blair and Lord Jack McConnell helped to bleed us dry. The bastion of democracy that Labour promised to get rid off: The House of Lords grew greatly under Labours tenure.


    How can you think for a second that what we have is beneficial to Scotland astonishes me. We have no control over monetary policy. No say in defence. No say in Europe or the world. Our fishing grounds are bargained away to let London benefit.


    Why only this week Boris Johnson said a pound spent in London is better than a pound spent in Strathclyde.


    Trouble is the no vote means no one in Scotland will win. Not even in their petty minded hatred can Labour possibly think we will be better of under London control.


    The Yes vote isn’t about Nationalism, it’s about breaking away from the control of London. Getting rid of the stranglehold London has over us.


    Let us see a new start. Let us see Self-Determination within an Independent Scotland.


    I think it’s 59 countries that has left the control of London: not one wants to come back.




    Will the deluded Nats offer the Shetland and Orkney islanders the same privilege the London government are allowing them that is a choice of opting out of becoming part of a semi independent Scotland – No, not a fecking chance they will.


    59 countries that do not wish to be controlled by London. The overwhelming majority of these were invaded and occupied by the British Empire the indigenous peoples slaughtered and the assets of their respective countries stolen. Now in case some should forget the Scots were a willing partner in the subjugation of millions whist growing rich on the proceeds of near genocide, slavery and exploitation and until very recently in modern history forcibly denying those nations the very thing that the Scots Nats now demand – the right to self determination . Scots Nats / Scots independence = hypocrisy of the 1st order.

  10. Hi Paul67



    Sorry but how many Stephen Fletchers have we bought since we didn’t buy Stephen Fletcher? I can only count Garry Hooper.



    I am very interested in this mineral seam and the valuation. However don’t you need planning permission to excavate the minerals? Is the value £50m to Celtic if the sell the land to the compnay who will extract the minerals and what will all this mean for Celtic Park. I’m serious Metallurgy is not my specialised field so I don’t know what this all means for us

  11. Just back in to say…




    Jungle Jim



    10:23 on 9 January, 2014




    No. It’s not the same cage.


    There are several cages that need a good rattle on a daily basis in some forlorn attempt to shake, maybe guid well intentioned Celtic supporters from being succumed by apathy.


    Todays cage that needs a right good rattle is that of BJM. imo


    BJM is, this morning appealing for more money for Neil to spend in this transfer window ?


    Why ? When, Neil canny utilise properly the assets that he brought in the summer ?


    PL’s cage needs a good rattle as well – EVERY day. imo


    PL isny daft when it comes to money – no way.


    So, why then are – Charlie Mulgrew, Gary Hooper , FF, and Joe(the ghost) the only players to be recruited without the deals having a foriegn agent involved ?


    Whats going on Pete ?


    I mean, to continually pursue the same old failed ‘in the main’ policy were, good money is thrown after bad ?


    Why not buy local ?


    Why not distribute the transfer chest amongst the teams who voted the huns oot the league ?


    But, you know what….I think that Celtic PLC are scared to bring in a manager of renown in case he sees throught the scam that is obviously being operated within CP.


    Do I know it ? Aye.


    Can I prove it ? Naw.


    But when, for the….how many years, between – Barrowfield n Lennoxtown – lets say…the last 30 years, how many ‘CELTIC’ class players have been produced ? 1 ? 2 ?


    Naw. I would say 3. Yeah, thats right…after 30 years and how many millions of pounds of Celtic supporters money has been ploughed into these two places, to produce


    Paul McStay ?


    Charlie Nicholas ?


    Aiden McGeady ?


    Was it Jim McGuinness’s remit to pinpoint exactly why this, badly managed shambles had to be restructured and, also why players were being brought to the club and regressing under Neil Lennon’s watch ?


    Were the findings of JM’s investigation / audit too unpalatable for the ‘bored’ to deal with ie:


    all the ‘cosy little niches’ within the club would have to be remedied ?


    On conclusion – KevJungle will remain in Celtic purgatory – whilst the club slips on a yearly basis whilst, the brainwashed-sheep amongst the Celtic support of today – sit back and laugh at the huns !!!


    Ye couldny make it up.


    Final question – since the huns ‘died’….whose went back the way ?


    Ah dear – Off oot.

  12. Bognor Bhoy, it hadnt even finished loading when I noticed the error. My heads away with the birds today.



  13. Sevcomedians doing what they do:



    “Is There Thousands Of Ignorant Glaswegians Out There?



    If so let us educate them to the allegations made re the GCC and a certain football club. However as I don’t take to public speaking the only idea I can come up with is this……I will be printing out details from the football taxhaven as flyers …plus other interesting facts disclosed tonight…and I will be leaving them all over the city of Glasgow and call on all bears to do the same…hit the pubs, clubs, works, get those flyers out there. If every bear printed out a couple of hundred the allegations will spread …perhaps reaching global proportions .”




    “Had similar thought why don’t you get the guys at McMurdo blog to supply some back up for you. It will need to be written from a neutral point of view.With accurate figures and back up also be careful with the wording from the legal side.Suggest leaving them on buses and railway stations. Handing them out would be v.risky.”

  14. monaghan1900



    11:13 on 9 January, 2014



    They have one valid point in there.


    Handing the flyers out would be risky.



    Having so many people laugh in your face wouldnt be good for the ole self confidence.




  15. Steinreignedsupreme on

    KevJungle 11:12 on 9 January, 2014



    “On conclusion – KevJungle will remain in Celtic purgatory – whilst the club slips on a yearly basis whilst, the brainwashed-sheep amongst the Celtic support of today – sit back and laugh at the huns !!!



    “Ye couldny make it up.”



    Morning Kev.



    You are making it up though. You’ve already told us the reason you don’t go to Celtic Park anymore is because you can’t afford to.



    Anything good in the Record this morning?

  16. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5 on

    bayern munich subsidies fans ticket for game at


    emirates £37 only ,to pay them back for the support


    they give the team.

  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Just read the Zombie Graham fantasy on Etims.



    In summary: “If, can, could, may, understood, apparently, believed, Labour council ect, ect, ect.”



    Someone also needs to explain the difference between criminal and civil law to ole Ruprecht, and more specifically the terms that apply in each case.



    Very funny though.

  18. Paul67



    Well that’s the cat out the bag!



    It’s been well rumoured that the mineral stream flowed all the way underground to the Barr’s Ginger Factory – hence the reason we did the deal with them recently to buyout their site!




  19. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on



    “…due to arrive in time to get the Co-op off our case…”



    I understand, from your post, where our underground coach-park is going to be situated after 2054 but you don’t expect the happy campers here are going to let the nugget above slide through unnoticed, do you?



    So, the cherished business partner the Club has nourished these past twenty years is putting the bite on now.



    What, please is our Plan B should the mineral rights income tap not flow as planned and it turns out there are no animal or vegetable rights to fall back on?



    For point of reference, I am a happy camper looking forward to the most positive imaginable interim financial results to December 2013 for Celtic supporters in the next few weeks.

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