Celtic long term land dividends


As we reported yesterday, Celtic have been busy buying up land around the periphery of the stadium for many years. The club managed to get the deal to buy land behind the Jock Stein Stand done before the mineral seam running below it was discovered. I hear the excavation rights are estimated to be worth £50m to Celtic, who bought the land for £3m in January 2009 with money which had been earmarked to buy Stephen Fletcher. Hibernian thought the Fletcher deal was done but Celtic pulled out at the last minute when the land deal became available due to an emergency cash requirement at the Council, who needed to build schools to educate children arriving in the city from Eastern Europe.

Back then, when I asked why we weren’t signing Fletcher a senior source at the club told me, “We can only spend that £3m once and we need the land for burger vans and stuff.” Before kick-off, fans currently go off-premises to spend their money, cash that could be going to Celtic. Source added, “We’ll be able to buy a Fletcher every year with the catering income we’ll make from this land deal.”

Made sense at the time, makes more sense now.

That £50m is due to arrive in time to get the Co-op off our case and leave a substantial amount available to deal with what could be the first season we ever face Sevco- keeping them in their place.

Good luck to the Celtic fans based in North America ahead of the Féile on the weekend of 17-19 January. Events are based at The Plough & Stars, Philidelphia, include live music, a tour of the An Gorta Mor Memorial, a live Beyond the Waves broadcast and a Q&A with Celtic Youth Coach, Willie McNabb.

Visit ploughbhoyscsc.com for more details, including how to secure accommodation.

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  1. Philbhoy - Free the Dam 5! on

    I think the Le Saux article was published years ago.



    Hope he’s doing ok.

  2. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    He thumped Josh in a bounce game at the weekend. Trying to impress or a BIG Bully???

  3. glendalystonsils on

    If wee Eck Salmond tries to requisition our land in order to get his grubby paws on the mineral riches below, PL will tell him to frack off.

  4. weeminger


    That is why I said `No.`





    I know. That was my point 0:-)




  5. Philbhoy – Free the Dam 5!


    14:57 on 9 January, 2014


    How are tonight’s oppositon doing in the Turkish league?



    7th, 14 points behind leaders Fenerbahce

  6. Istanbulcelt Oscar's Green & White Army on

    !!Bada Bing!!




    14:56 on 9 January, 2014




    Istanbulbhoy-not sure we are playing another game in Turkey,reports last week said a team pulled out ??



    Bada Bing



    That’s right, Galatasary were going to pull out over broadcast rights but they didn’t. The games are being advertised over here.






    Florent Malouda plays for them they are about 6th or 7th at the mo. Usually a Euro league standard of team. Oh and well supported.

  7. Happy birthday ACGR and Corkcelt. Chic Murray was invited to a birthday party and is quoted as saying “I don’t know how old she was but the heat from the candles was ferocious!! ” Hail Hail Hebcelt

  8. Jungle Jim


    15:03 on


    9 January, 2014



    I know but some people like to see a full argument laid out in black and white.

  9. A wee taxi story that happened to me recently.


    I picked up this girl who was a bit drunk from Central Station going to Knightswood. Got as far as the Marriot and she says “where are we” I tell her and she says fine. Driving along the expressway she then says pull over. I said “I can’t pull over it’s the f****** expressway” so I pull over about Whiteinch. I smelled a rat so put on the voice recorder on my phone. She tried to get out, I said you owe me money. She said she wouldn’t pay cos I was cheeky. Headed to Partick police station where she called me several names including motherf*****. Inside the police station she told the desk sergeant that I had been smoking. He looked at me and I took out my electronic cigarette and took a draw. He looked at her and said it’s not a real cigarette. She said she didn’t care she didn’t want to be breathing it in. He said but you’re not breathing anything in. She didn’t like his attitude either and wanted to make a complaint about him also. Another officer came out and told her, first things first you need to pay the driver and then make your complaints afterwards. She went through her bag but no purse. She then accused me of stealing it. Me and the policeman went out to the taxi to search for the purse. No purse. She ended up having to phone her brother to come down and pay the taxi fare. I haven’t heard a cheep about the complaint but I still have the recording just in case. It cost me an hour of my time and thats what I was scunnered about but I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of her getting a “freebie”. My wife and kids thought the tape of the incident was hilarious all the same. Ah the joys. Lol

  10. Steinreignedsupreme



    14:34 on 9 January, 2014



    sean thornton 14:24 on 9 January, 2014



    And a d1ck.



    GerryBhoy 14:24 on 9 January, 2014



    With a scally’s sense of humour.



    Saw that term recently; seems to me that iz coined just for that prat ;-))

  11. Istanbulcelt Oscar's Green & White Army on

    You might be surprised at 2 of the managers working in Turkey at the moment.


    1.Slaven Bilic Managing my local team Besiktas. Not really improved them so far but it’s his first season.


    2.None other than Shota Arveladze. Manager of Kasimpasa, flying in the league in 3rd and have only ever been a yoyo team much like Partick. He’s well known in Turkey as he used to play tonight’s opponents Trabzonspor

  12. Frank Lynch



    Shetland is not a nation. I don’t know of anyone who claims otherwise. Contrary to the views expressed by some Unionist politicians, public opinion polling of Shetland residents shows no demand for even greater autonomy never mind independence. However, the government of an independent Scotland would ensure Shetland benefits from wealth accruing from oil, much more so than any Unionist government in London.


    I had the great pleasure of both working and living in the Dublin area for a year or so in 2003 and I met many really nice Irish people, but I


    don’t remember any actually in the least bit bothered about the problems in the north. Most people were content to either try and get onto the housing ladder or stay on it. It was costing then $300,000 for a house without even a lobby. Anyway I had a lot of nights out and and the requests for rebel songs, as labelled, usually came from us Scots Tims. At times we tried to get the fholk to chat on the subject but they didn’t seem bothered. I would say I met people from right across the social strata.


    PS: I also worked for a couple of years in the Shetlands in the late 70 and I got to know a lot of the locals well, as I never stayed in the camp but in Scalloway. Although they were proud to be Shetlanders they were also proud of there Scottish connections as most adults had spent a few years on the the mainland, as they called it.


    I have great sympathy with the Irish objective of an united Ireland and I would love to see it happen, and IMO it will eventually.


    I really don’t understand why a number of Irish and Irish descendants don’t want the same for us.


    My surname and my mother’s family surnames are very recognisable of Irish extraction.


    Ps: My Da was a true Labour man for about 50 years but he chucked them because they continued to sell out the working man and voted for what he used to call the ‘Tartan Tories,’ SNP.


    I simply want my four children and there children to grow up and live in an independent Scotland free of Westminster rule. Let the Unionist Labour Party keep their Lords.

  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    Very entertaining blog today, thanks :))


    Tamrabam & Art of War, comedy classics :)))

  14. This FFer is in the know:



    “Is there a smoking gun for the EC corruption investigation ?


    the smoking gun will come in due course.



    the biggest fear for the people involved is both criminal convictions and loss of their jobs/pensions.



    fortunately for one or two of the lucky people, there will be an offer made of complete immunity, if, and only if, they give evidence/testify against the other people involved in the conspiracy.



    what you will have is 3-4 main people along with around 5-6 other involved parties all worrying that one of the others will crack and give the evidence first. it will actually become a race to see who can squeal the quickest and the loudest.



    make no mistake, there will be people involved here who since the events will no doubt be p*ssed off at a promised figure or promotion that didn’t materialise and will not be willing to also pay for the others greed with their jobs and livelihood.”

  15. Paul67,


    I have a point of concern regarding this great discovery under Celtic Park.


    My worries stem from something I remember from a few years ago. It was during the time when the ground was being redeveloped and I seem to recall that we had to pay money out as the north stand angled out over the top of the Eastern Necropolis cemetery.


    I think it was sighted that although the stadium was built on Celtic owned ground the fact that the north stand structure cantilevers over the cemetery, that the space between heaven and earth belonged to the cemetery.



    So I was wondering as the mineral seam is below CP and given the above logic that the ground between Hell and earth must belong to the Devil, do we now owe TRFC a share of the profits?





    /Bishop B

  16. Spot on gp.


    Does everyone on here commenting on the size of parkhead crowds actually go to games!.


    (And before anyone starts me and the mate have a 125 mile round trip not the longest but still it.imho.



    Big sean.

  17. Billy Bhoy 05 – great post. Can’t understand how any Scottish person can be content at being ruled by Tory Toffs in London.

  18. Auldheid, just need to get to match fitness and I’d score a barrowload.


    I am quite handy to have around for injuries, cough, colds and other minor illnesses.

  19. Delaneys Dunky


    Ithink you might be right. When I was in the police station another girl was in for doing the exact same thing. lol

  20. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Have they found a striker striker under C P? Or another midfield striker?

  21. There were less than 40,000 at the Nou Camp last night for Messi’s comeback game against Getafe. Just thought I’d mention that.

  22. We see through you?: You are a small minded SNP hater and you continue to fail to mention that we will be voting for or against independence: not voting for SNP. For us fholk who live here freezing the council tax has been very significant, particularly if you are finding it difficult dealing with all the Social Security cuts.Your Labour of Bambi Blair and Lord Jack McConnell helped to bleed us dry. The bastion of democracy that Labour promised to get rid off: The House of Lords grew greatly under Labours tenure.


    How can you think for a second that what we have is beneficial to Scotland astonishes me. We have no control over monetary policy. No say in defence. No say in Europe or the world. Our fishing grounds are bargained away to let London benefit.


    Why only this week Boris Johnson said a pound spent in London is better than a pound spent in Strathclyde.


    Trouble is the no vote means no one in Scotland will win. Not even in their petty minded hatred can Labour possibly think we will be better of under London control.


    The Yes vote isn’t about Nationalism, it’s about breaking away from the control of London. Getting rid of the stranglehold London has over us.


    Let us see a new start. Let us see Self-Determination within an Independent Scotland.


    I think it’s 59 countries that has left the control of London: not one wants to come back.

  23. Delaneys Dunky on

    Happy Birthday, Corkcelt & ACGR!



    I am catching up with you. :))





    Our Carnoustie Golfer!

  24. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Chavez 15:46 on 9 January, 2014



    “There were less than 40,000 at the Nou Camp last night for Messi’s comeback game against Getafe. Just thought I’d mention that.”



    Barcelona obviously need a ‘strong’ Sevco.

  25. !!Bada Bing!!


    14:19 on


    9 January, 2014


    .but seems you can hurl all the abuse you want, at at un uppity wee ginger Fenian from Northern Ireland all you want.



    Know it does not necessarily mean a lot but the sheriff in this case is a regular chapel goer and has very little interest in football of any kind.

  26. yogiy



    Ta for the support. It’s beyond me how anyone can support the status quo.

  27. BoscoBhoy02



    Revenge on Customers.



    When I was a schoolboy I had a summer job in RS McColl at the Odeon in Renfield Street. A group of neds from my school came in and recognised me. So they started carrying on and shouting “who stole the Mars bar – he did – naw he did – naw he did “etc



    I waited ’til I served the last one – took his money and shouted as they left “by the way – I charged you for the Mars bar”.



    Cue protects and warfare in the group. .

  28. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I might pop a special wee dram or two later.



    Jude, I’m the wan that asked you about 18 months back to let me know if the young’un was ever playing up near Arbroath to let me know and I’d come along and watch.



    I might be 50 but your going senile:-)




    Right, I’m off to get my new zimmer and slippers.




    Hail Hail CQN

  29. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    P.S. Corkcelt, have a great day bruv.




  30. garygillespieshamstring on

    Billy bhoy 05 at 15.55



    I don’t understand how anyone can support the status quo either.



    They’ve never been the same since they ditched Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan. :)

  31. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    ACGR and Corkcelt



    Happy Birthday to two of the blog’s finest, have agreat day and night bhoys.

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