Celtic looking for 10 in a row


The biggest shock of Jock Stein’s era was Celtic’s 4-1 defeat to Partick Thistle in the 1971 League Cup Final.  Thistle were 4-0 up after 36 minutes while Kenny Dalglish managed Celtic’s only reply, 20 minutes from time.

Since then we have been drawn against Thistle seven times in this competition, wining each of the nine games (two early 80s ties were two legged).  A 2002-quarter final at Celtic Park went to penalties after a 1-1 draw, with Mo Sylla hitting the 18th and winning kick.

To great delight around Firhill, Gary Caldwell was relieved of his duties this week; with Ian McCall leaving Ayr United to return to the club he last managed eight years go.  The ‘new manager bounce’ is real, but even McCall will be glad to get tomorrow’s quarter final at Celtic Park over with.  Bottom of the table after six games, Saturday’s trip to Inverness is vastly more important.

A tenth successive win over Thistle in this tournament would send the holders to a Hampden semi-final in search of their 10th domestic successive trophy.

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  1. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Yo ho ho off we go, what do you know its 9 in a row,


    Bye Bye, Boris…




  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Tims don`t do hubris , lads.


    Boris doesn`t do walking away.



    If you think he`s bad , consider Jezza the alternative.




    Thank God.

  3. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    BHOYLO83 from last thread…


    Tough tough question. Let’s look at the evidence, and the arguments for and against each of these very worthy candidates:


    Nicholas – Being the most experienced of our contenders, Charlie has longevity on his side. As a player, he forfeited his “Prince of Parkhead” title, as well as a chance of football greatness at Liverpool, for more dosh and a better nightlife in London. This shallowness flagged him up as an anti-Celtic hero, whilst still a player. It was as a pundit however, that he really showed his talents. Dismissive of Not just Celtic, but Scottish Football in general, he quickly became the most visible of the EPL Fanboys hired by Sky. A Soup Taker extraordinaire, his case is enhanced by the spectacular lack of intelligence he displays every time he opens his mouth. He famously mangles the English Language and twists himself into knots “Grammar-wise” every time he regurgitates the same tired old clichés. Nicholas really has the whole package.


    McCann – This man’s arrogance knows no bounds. Frequently seen onscreen, dispatching advice on tactics and strategies to respective managers and coaches, without a hint of irony, despite the fact that his own Managerial career, was so poor. His one (and likely only) engagement as a manager was brought to an end by his dismissal, after only eight games of the 2018-19 Season, with his club Dundee, languishing in last place in the league with only 3 points from eight games. His 65 game tenure, returned a win ratio of 33.85%. Of course his main attribute, in respect of this contest, was the fact that he abandoned his Celtic supporting background and family, to play for TFOD 1. His bitterness towards Celtic is hard to fathom, and was best illustrated on a notable rant during a game, which involved waving a rule book, when he was distraught that a decision went in Celtic’s favour. His whining rodent like face, also enhances his case.


    Walker – The ultimate Soup Taker. His punditry is peppered with many traits that the Celtic support, find disagreeable. Most noticeable among these is his open support of cheating within the professional game. Like McCann, he is extremely arrogant in his delivery. One of his favourite catchphrases is “He really should be doing better”, after having the benefit of numerous showings of an incident. It’s a phrase that you would respect if it came from Henrik Larsson, but from someone of Walker’s limited playing ability? Nah sorry. He also shares with McCann an unfathomable dislike of Celtic, the club who paid him handsomely for his aforementioned limited football ability. He goes to astounding lengths to avoid giving Celtic any credit for anything. An example of this, that really stands out, was a fantastic goal scored by Leigh Griffiths during the 5-1 defeat of Sevco at Ibrox in April 2017. Griffiths unleashed an unstoppable drive from wide left, that arrowed into the Sevco net. One of the best goals ever scored by Celtic against the Ibrox clubs? Possibly, but not for Walker. To him that goal was all about perceived errors by the Sevco Goalkeeper. I watched the game on TV, and was texting a mate who was working the salient parts of the game, a busy job that day. My text to him describing Leigh’s goal, actually said that he hit it so well, that two goalies wouldn’t have saved that shot.


    So there we have it… a difficult choice, with three very worthy candidates. Personally I have to go for McCann. The fact that he previously played for Rangers clinches his case, but there is barely room for a piece of tissue between the three of them.








    ‘Boris doesn`t do walking away.’








    How’s his wife’s treatment for cervical cancer going?






    i can NOT ever remember Jeremy being SACKED not once but TWICE for LYING !


    Mon the Jeremy !



    Johnson should be locked in the Tower…and Off with his head…….Haud Oan…..Hes ALWAYS been OFF his Head !


    I also wonder what the Tories pals…The DUP think about PM Johnson LYING to THEIR Queen ?

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2019 1:31 PM



    Judge not , Ern.





    Whatever happened to the separation of the powers ?

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIG JIMMY on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2019 1:36 PM



    Jeremy ?


    In your heart of hearts you know that he`s toast.


    Labour conf. ………..Longest suicide note in history revisited.



    Give the British people what they voted for.







    it was rumoured a few years ago that when Charlie Nicholas was at School, during an English Class the Teacher asked….


    ” Nicholas…where’s your Grammar” ?….



    Charlie…….”At the Bingo Miss” !




    My MAIN issue with Andy Walker is that for years now as a so called expert pundit…he has always claimed that a player should go down ( especially in the oppositions penalty area) If or when that player feels the “Slightest Touch” ?


    Morally that is so feckin WRONG….as it is CHEATING….Simples…….but I would love to ask Walker face to face on this issue, ” When you played for Celtic, Bolton etc etc…and an opposition Player hit the deck after feeling the slightest touch and not only won a penalty, but one of your Team mates was also Booked and/or Sent Off, for this apparent “Foul Play”….did you EVER in your own Dressing room tell your Team Mate that the opponent was right to go down, and in some cases the ref was CORRECT to book or Send Off said Team Mate for committing the alleged foul ” ?


    If Walker was asked that question and replied “YES”….My next question would be…” Andy…so how long was it before YOUR Team Mate stopped punching your face in” ?




    McCann ?…..Just a feckin REPTILE !











    Whatever happened to the separation of the powers ?’






    Nothing has changed.



    You didn’t understand the concept yesterday, and you don’t understand it today.

  10. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Psssst – whisper it – Adolf Hitler didn’t do walking away either.


    Not sure if I am allowed to say that…






    What some Brits voted for isnt something that should really concern you is it…considering that your well out of the feckin road…


    Jeremy is Toast ?……..what about BJ ?


    IF you agree that the Huns are GUILTY of Lying and Non Disclosure ( EBT’s and Res 12 etc ) over many many years…why do you support a feckin TW@T like Johnson …its a Rhetorical question…because as I said, it really shouldnt concern someone like you…should it given that you do not pay Brit taxes etc ?

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CLINK\O/ 3X3 on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2019 1:53 PM



    Hate to see the high hopes of Tims turn to inevitable disappointment .

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIG JIMMY on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2019 1:57 PM



    My tax affairs are between me and my accountant.


    Where they should be.



    PS I have children.

  14. Boris…it was time to give up when your own BROTHER thinks that your a TW@T !



    Johnson has said Today in a brief interview AFTER The Courts Ruling…that he plans to go ahead with a Queens Speech….someone should tell him the rules..he can NOT do that unless he gets Parliament suspended again first…What a PLONKER !



    Unless Boris is asking Julian Clary for that Queens speech ?



    Imagine the likes of Johnson calling ANYONE a “Big Girls Blouse” ?

  15. Wow CQN’ers fawning over the decision of an unelected bunch of ancient * youngest 57 ” privileged, white, elitest, fancy dressed cronies who have little or no appreciation of real life.

  16. MACJAY,


    IF your weans are in the UK, You SHOULD really be concerned that THEIR Brit Taxes that they pay (?), are being MIS USED by Boris Johnson in legal Fees ….and some American Burd that he visits in HER Flat, who received £126,000 of Brit Tax Payers money to go on trips with him !

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIG JIMMY on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2019 2:12 PM



    Looks like Boris is no angel.


    Who wants to be ruled by an angel ?



    Tell us about his criminal convictions. Why don`t you.


    His morals are no concern of mine.


    His performance is.




    You have to have trust in your government that they won’t break laws. It’s that simple.



    BIG JIMMY on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2019 2:08 PM







    Keep to principle.





    Keep off personal.





    Personal ?….it was YOU ya Chump that brought your weans into this “debate”…NOT ME !


    So YOU believe that a Prime Minister of the UK doesnt NEED to have Integrity and MORALS ???



    are your weans okay with Boris and his cronies mis using PUBLIC MONEY…Your weans money ?



    Dont EVER try and tell me what to Post…Your a THREE Year Old….with a TWO Year Old Brain.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIG JIMMY on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2019 2:12 PM



    Now there I am in complete agreement.



    However we all should be able to trust our govt. that they will abide by the wishes of the people clearly expressed in a referendum.



    Justice delayed . Justice denied.


    To date.



    Enter Nigel. Stage right.



  21. Boris/Mogg/Raab Select – 0…JUSTICE ELEVEN ..11….So feckin easy.


    Just a pity that so much PUBLIC Monies was spent on Legal Fees to try and defend a Bunch of Tory LIARS.

  22. RIGHT BHOYS 2 reasons why you can,t argue with a mug.



    A.THE MUG always thinks he has won the arguement.



    B.WHEN you are finished the mug is still a mug.



    ANYONE know who i am on about.

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