Celtic looking for 10 in a row


The biggest shock of Jock Stein’s era was Celtic’s 4-1 defeat to Partick Thistle in the 1971 League Cup Final.  Thistle were 4-0 up after 36 minutes while Kenny Dalglish managed Celtic’s only reply, 20 minutes from time.

Since then we have been drawn against Thistle seven times in this competition, wining each of the nine games (two early 80s ties were two legged).  A 2002-quarter final at Celtic Park went to penalties after a 1-1 draw, with Mo Sylla hitting the 18th and winning kick.

To great delight around Firhill, Gary Caldwell was relieved of his duties this week; with Ian McCall leaving Ayr United to return to the club he last managed eight years go.  The ‘new manager bounce’ is real, but even McCall will be glad to get tomorrow’s quarter final at Celtic Park over with.  Bottom of the table after six games, Saturday’s trip to Inverness is vastly more important.

A tenth successive win over Thistle in this tournament would send the holders to a Hampden semi-final in search of their 10th domestic successive trophy.

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  1. No wholesale changes tomorrow.



    Win the tie. Win the league cup. Win 10IAR domestic trophies.



    Kill der hun’s wee fake hope quickly and early.




  2. FRANKTERRY on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2019 3:15 PM



    Brexit had very little to do with Thomas Cook going bust. It’s a convenient scapegoat for the people running it. Incidentally the same people running it took huge bonuses when the company was going pear shaped, the same people running it who acquired the basket case ” My Travel” in 2007.



    The similarities with RBS is frightening. Incidentally the taxpayer owned RBS who themselves were the subject of the biggest British bail out in financial history were putting the squeeze on TC.



    It would make you weep.

  3. Bhoylo


    Hi mate you were askin earlier bout ex players now in meeja commenting on our club


    Interesting reaction.why are they given kudos? Why does what they say have impact?


    It’s an interesting one,we say they don’t impact but reaction to your post shows we do.


    The meeja guff,placed stories,timed criticisms of our club kinda drove me back to watching football live,and thro this fine forum recalibrate how I view Celtic,we are doin grand and the opinyins of those 3 don’t add anything to my view of Celtic in 2019,if they do wi others we should have a pint lol :-)



  4. Lets talk about Tom Boyd.



    I know he is in some sort of ambassadorial role but he just is my current favourite ex player on any media platform.



    Halftime sunday he comes down the tunnel with Gerry (who shouldnt have got a gig back at celtic park after the guff years of denial on clyde). and he was just excellent, posed for every picture , shook many hands, took time after while families messed about getting their phones ready.



    Best of all celebrated Odsonnes first goal with a fist pump and a cheer.



    He is the best.






    Brexit had very little to do with Thomas Cook going bust.



    I agree that it wasn’t the only reason, however –



    ‘It said there was “now little doubt” that Brexit had caused customers to delay their summer holiday plans….’





    That allied to the collapse of the pound (thanks to Brexit) was always going to make a struggling company’s life a lot harder. And Thomas Cook will not be the only ones who are pushed over the edge by Brexit.



    Still, we’ll get blue passports which will make it all worthwhile.




    I’m not sure about Neil McCann. His anti-Celtic bias is transparent. Apparently, his ambition was to play for Celtic. Some say he was strung along and bitter when the move didn’t transpire. It’s also possible that he experienced more than a degree of personal abuse for his decision to join sevco.

  7. What is the Stars on

    Unlawful ..is something that is contrary to common law ( Murder is unlawful,rather than illegal)


    Illegal is something that is contrary to a written law or statute

  8. An Tearmann



    Indeed, i generally don’t pay any attention to any forms of mainstream media now be it politics, sport or whatever, funny as i studied Journalism after i left school, but have very little time for any of it anymore



    And you know what, I’m a lot happier for it



    McCann, Nicholas and Walker are joke figures really and are there to be laughed at




  9. If you guys are saying that a 20% increase in the price of your foreign holiday caused directly by the Brexit vote (pound dropping) is not a factor on fewer folk booking a holiday………………I find that bizare.



    Brexit has had a direct impact on multiple businesses, especially cars……….and it’s no even happened. Brexit would be a disaster of massive proportions, it’s FOR tax dodgers BY tax dodgers.



    A hedge fund made £200Million today because Thomas Cook collapsed, that’s some f*****d up society.

  10. DAVID17 @ 8:46 AM




    “James is top of the POTY standings. Do pay attention.”




    Sorry David- I don’t think that I am the one guilty of a lack of attention here- read my post again!




    James has been in great form and has picked up 2nd and 3rd place nominations consistently- that is what puts him top so far. I did not assert that there was no love for him- just a limit to it.



    On Sunday he was the clear MOTM tormentor of Killie but Edouard beat him by 16 votes because Eddie had a good game and contributed 2 goals. I asked that if their roles were reversed would James be placed first and Eddie’s tormenting role overlooked? Obviously, I don’t think so.



    James will not remain at the top throughout this season unless he has superhuman consistency.



    When James is average, he is the first to attract ire and to be dismissed as an empty jersey. When he is merely good, we pine for imaginary levels of Sinclair or Roberts greatness or we can’t wait for Karamoke and Mikey to supplant him.



    James has been great for a few years now, certainly for longer than Ryan Christie has, and has been tying with Calmac as our top contributor. we don’t even wait for him to perform badly; two average games from him will lead for a call to drop or “rest” him



    James’s form is regularly dismissed as an atypical flash in the pan.

  11. McCann had 2 other English Premiership clubs wanting to buy him, but he chose Rangers.



    I wonder why.



    and if it was you what would you have done. Me I would have signed for anyone other than Rangers.









    I didn’t join Rangers for a £2m EBT


    Date: 18th February 2017 at 11:06am


    Written by: Joe McHugh


    Neil McCann has claimed that footballing dreams and not a £2m ‘tax free’ EBT was the reason that he joined Rangers (IL) in 1998.



    According to an interview in the Daily Mail the Sky Sports pundit joined Dick Advocaat’s soccer revolution in December 1998 to play alongside talents like Rod Wallace and Craig Moore rather than get his hands on the nest egg of all nest eggs.






    McCann was signing up for a £2m bonus, the same figure as Hearts received as a transfer fee, on top of his monthly salary.






    Throughout the interview the reader is constantly reminded that McCann was brought up a catholic in Port Glasgow and ought to have joined Celtic. Tommy Burns made enquiries while he was playing for Dundee but decided against making a move.



    Explaining the reason behind his move to Ibrox he told the Daily Mail: “It was a no-brainer, I knew what was at stake, growing up in Port Glasgow as a Catholic but I was ecstatic.



    “I was delighted first of all because I repaid Jim Jefferies (Hearts manager) and the club. I said I would pay him back when he signed me. We won the Scottish Cup and I earned £2million for the club in a transfer fee. I remember Jim asking me: “What if Celtic come in for you?” I said: “I want to go to Rangers”. Jim said: “Really?”



    “There was something about the club at that time, it was an easy decision. There were feelings about what could happen outside of football but I couldn’t give a damn. I was going because it was an amazing football move. The whole religion stuff had no relevance to me, to what I was doing for my career and what I could do at Rangers.



    “I remember sitting at my first press conference and the first question was: “What is it like to sign for Rangers when you are a Celtic fan”. People assume you’re a Celtic fan because of your religion. I just looked at him. I thought: there’s the start of it. But I had the time of my life.”



    Following the 1999 Scottish Cup Final win over Celtic McCann was on stage in the video that led to Donald Findlay resigning from Rangers after singing about his hatred of catholics.



    Twenty one months after his dream move McCann was in the Rangers team that lost 6-2 to Celtic as a team of tax payers turned the tables on Murray and Advocaat.



    In a further twist to the shameful performance of Hugh Dallas at the Celtic v Rangers match in May 1999 McCann gave an insight into the motivations of the referee whose hatred of catholics extended to emailing jokes to his SFA colleague.



    Recalling the 1999 fixture he said: “I went around Stewart Kerr and knocked the ball into the empty net and my momentum took me towards the Celtic fans.



    “I was wheeling around the back of the goal and Hugh Dallas was tugging at me saying: “If you don’t get back on to the park, I will have to send you off”.



    In September 2015 BBC Scotland claimed that McCann picked up £2m in EBT payments with a side letter guaranteeing that sum.



    McCann has never contradicted that report or taken legal action against the BBC.



    With Rangers now in liquidation it’s believed that HMRC are now in dialogue with the EBT gang and serving them with tax demands.



    Media favourites such as Barry Ferguson, Alex McLeish, Steven Thompson, Billy Dodds and Alex Rae also had EBT payments made on top of their regular salaries.

  12. Good to see Karamoke back from injury – I could see him going on loan in January to get consistent game time.


    But not in Scotland

  13. Isn’t if funny that the europen union tried to put a stop to bankers bonuses in 2010,unless the bank was making a profit and this was the first time we heard about the sovereign state making its own laws. Fast forward to 2019 and Thomas cook go bust and the board have been giving there self massive bonuses..



    Still picking up the bankers pieces, Did you really think it would be over that quick?



    I blame the foreigner

  14. I was seriously thinking of voting SNP for the first time at the coming General Election, mainly because I had no regard for Corbyn (and especially his supporters like McCluskey). After hearing his speech this afternoon, I will listen a lot more closely to him during the campaign.



    If Britain looks like leaving the EU, I will certainly vote SNP.

  15. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I’m a bit disappointed in the updates coming from Lennoxtown today.



    There have been a surfeit of quotes this week about the strength of our squad which ring untrue in part. I’d describe us currently as exactly like I was twenty years ago – thin up top.



    What progress has been made at No.9 in a year? Eddy’s better, Griff’s unavailable again, Bayo’s unproven nine months through the door. Seen Elyounoussi now, he’s classy but not a No.9.



    There are 21 games, we hope 23, to play in 2019. Third winter now that when we don’t have Eddy, it’s a workaround.



    Thank the good Lord for our magic 10s, 7s, 11s, 6s, 2s, 3s and most of all 8.




    Undoubtedly Brexit is a mess. It is just so complicated ( That’s why I didn’t vote )



    The UK exports to the EU are 46%.


    Scotland’s exports to the RUK are 61%.



    If Brexit is going to cause mass job losses etc etc, then think what a Scotland outside the UK will result in.


    Don’t let the heart rule the head.



    Anyway Cheers.

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    I think Boris will try to ignore everything anyone else – including the Supreme Court and Parliament – says. That seems to be his intention.



    Immediate rejection of the significance of the judgement today from Boris and ‘a No 10 spokesman’.



    Next question seems to be whether – in the absence of “a deal” – Boris will do as mandated by law, and ask for an extension.



    He has already said he will not do that in any circumstances.



    MacJay, I saw your assertion earlier – oft echoed by people here in the UK who wish to leave the EU – that “the people” voted to leave the EU, with the implication that the specific arrangements for leaving are unimportant, or at least of secondary importance.



    I’ve observed that this is a mantra that has been seeming to gain more and more momentum over the past months and years.



    That “we must leave and it doesn’t matter how” has a twin in the increasingly expressed view that “the people just want to get on with it – get it done” – with no definition of what “it” actually is.



    I think these views are being subtly guided and encouraged over time by elements of the press and media, and certainly by many politicians who – for whatever reason – wish to leave the EU.



    However – the details are absolutely crucial.



    What – for instance – are the arrangements for approving global clinical trials of new medicines taking palce the UK in the event of “no deal” (and this is a label that has turned into a rallying flag for the above two twin views) Brexit?


    – Does the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the UK accept the review of proposed clinical trial as expressed by the European Medicines Agency?


    – Do they carry out a parallel review (they don’t have the staff to do this)?


    – Does the absence of an agreement with the EU on this matter mean the all NHS patients are denied access to such global medicnes clinical trials?



    This is only one of thousands of unanswered but very important questions. The “Irish Backstop” is a label now bandied about as a problem – I’m conviced most people in the UK have little idea of its details and implications and how difficult it is to square the circle of protecting the EU’s single market and internal lack of internal trading borders, with the delicate and tremendously valuable – life and death – arangements embodied within the Good Friday Agreement.



    The latter “…just get on with it, it doesn’t matter if there’s no deal, ‘the people’ just want to get on with it …” – is the most offensive, lazy and base of arguments – I cringe when I hear the lack of consideration that people expressing these views have of the implications of such a course.



    These decisions will have real impacts on real families – to want to “just leave” because you are fed up with the time it is taking is. I feel, utterly shameful.



    If we do leave – and remember almost everyone is in agreement that we are trying to get with “a deal” that reduces, as far as possible, the negative impact of leaving the EU – we need to avoid doing so without addressing the outstanding issues and ongoing arrangements.



    Leaving with “no deal” is utterly irresponsible – if it takes more time, it takes more time – don’t cause avoidable harm just because an arbitrary date has been plucked from the air by a politician.



    And – as for the high morals quoted from many politicians and others about “the will of “”the people”” having been expressed – that ignores the fact that the elctorate were faced with an impossible binary choice about a non-binary situation. It is no more possible to leave the EU with a “clean break” (another commonly used, but utterly lazy and meaningless term in this context) than it is to leave the world. There is no “clean break” – the outstanding questions about how we interact with each other socially, politically and economically will remain.



    A “clean break” won’t suddenly make millions fo jobs appear for the impoverished and jobless of north-east England.



    Many who are button holed in the street by the press tell us they are desparate to “just get out / just get on with it” – why is that? What do they think will get better for them and their families? Do they not know? Do they not care?



    Or are they just taken along by the twin, sleekit messagges that have been drip-fed for months now.



    Thank goodness some in Parliament are willing to take the time, and to have the persistence to continue to examine what this actually means for people, even when many of those people don’t seem to be too bothered themselves about what it menas for them.



    That’s why, I think – a Parliamentary democracy is much better than a plebiscite when dealing with complex issues.






  18. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    medicnes – medicines


    messagges = messages


    menas = means


    elctorate = electorate


    …and, doubtless, others…







    Ironically – utterly lazy spelling from me – apologies




    Imo, the real thorough-going Brexiteers are mostly Little Englanders, and that,s including working class folk, who were deluded into thinking that they were both top dogs in the Empire and the UK, while being exploited by the Establishment.



    Unlike the Scots and the Welsh, who have never been truly equal partners, under Westminster rule, being in the EU is not an unusual experience. For many of those who are English, the term English is co-terminus with British (just think of the French and Germans who use their word for the English, when speaking of the British). In the EU, they have never come to terms with the reality that they are an equal member with 27 other countries. They aren’t top dog and they can’t accept that.



    That they heap a disaster on the whole country is something they seem to accept.

  20. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    there’s a decent schedule on tomorrow – dons v minis, his kill – should be a good night of footie

  21. Gene, backing a loser, and cashing in on other peoples ill fortune. Shameful.


    Is that what Brexit really is too?



    Anyhoos, is the game on Telly tomorrow or will I have to go on a sausage hunt?


    In Ipswich now, anywhere to watch it known to anyone?

  22. Re: Guyfawkesaforeverhero.



    Agree 100% about the striker situation, specifically in the event Eddy suffers injury. Griff – with all respect to him – is a million miles away from his form of two years ago when (even absent his two free-kicks) he gave the English defence a torrid time. As to Bayo I have significant doubts about his ability to lead the line intelligently and score goals consistently. I will , however, be delighted to be proved wrong and my striker department concerns unfounded. Time will tell in this crucial 9-in-a-row season.




    Excellent post, thank you.

  24. Hunderbirds



    From last article many myself included will realise how good a footballer our Captain is when he has retired, hopefully another wee while yet



    Time is a great healer… hope KT does well as he makes his gunners debut tonight



    Bolongoli CSC :-)

  25. Mazzy


    Bayo needs game time to see if he can lead the line. Bits and pieces of sub appearances are difficult from which to make a judgement.

  26. SAINT STIVS on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2019 4:44 PM


    Lets talk about Tom Boyd…





    Tom is a true gentleman and does a great job in the number 7 on match days.



    Always signed programmes with a smile on his face and has good patter. 👍🍀🍀

  27. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Can’t view Tierney’s performance with anything more than mild curiosity at best.



    Much more interested in Boli – really pleased also with Elhamed and Bauer – in the second half especially until crocked by another crude tackle on one of our players – I thought looked really sharp.






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