Celtic looking for 10 in a row


The biggest shock of Jock Stein’s era was Celtic’s 4-1 defeat to Partick Thistle in the 1971 League Cup Final.  Thistle were 4-0 up after 36 minutes while Kenny Dalglish managed Celtic’s only reply, 20 minutes from time.

Since then we have been drawn against Thistle seven times in this competition, wining each of the nine games (two early 80s ties were two legged).  A 2002-quarter final at Celtic Park went to penalties after a 1-1 draw, with Mo Sylla hitting the 18th and winning kick.

To great delight around Firhill, Gary Caldwell was relieved of his duties this week; with Ian McCall leaving Ayr United to return to the club he last managed eight years go.  The ‘new manager bounce’ is real, but even McCall will be glad to get tomorrow’s quarter final at Celtic Park over with.  Bottom of the table after six games, Saturday’s trip to Inverness is vastly more important.

A tenth successive win over Thistle in this tournament would send the holders to a Hampden semi-final in search of their 10th domestic successive trophy.

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    McCann joining Them caused a lot of trouble within the family. I appreciate people try to do the best for their family and especially in certain sports, you may have a short career, so you try and maximise earnings when you can but he joined Them and everything they stood for! He socialised with the likes of Jimmy Bell and his ilk (an utterly despicable man)! Every football supporter has been cheated by them (and the SFA) during the EBT years! He stood beside Donald Findley when he was videoed singing racist songs, clapping away!


    When his time does come and he hands over his 30 pieces of silver, and by some miracle St Peter let’s him in the gates, he will have a lot of explaining to do!

  2. Not too many changes. Why allow unfamiliarity to limit your ability to win the game.



    Crazy talk.



    Start game with max 4 changes, – Gordon, Frimpong, Bayo and Rogic.



    Achieve big lead.



    Finish with more game time . – Connell, Arzani and Morgan.

  3. Neil McCann.



    Never has so much been spoken by so many about someone so mediocre and meaningless.



    Maybe that’s what Neil wanted. Ongoing relevance.

  4. Big Wavy



    Maybe! Let’s get back to talking about all things Celtic and tonight’s team! Normally I don’t like wholesale changes but maybe tonight, it’s time for the young team?!?



    PS:- McCann‘s a……..

  5. To settle once and for all the debate (Harumph ),about who is the best striker,French Eddy,or The Drug Mule,our friends in


    the media have called in an impartial adjudicator,step forward,CHARLIE ADAM,


    Charlie,who is the best stri,”Morelos”.I had not finished the question Charlie,but,its the right answer.


    Case closed,let it be written in the SMSM history books for all time.


    P,sst,just put it along side the one where we extoled that Boyd was better than whats his name.

  6. I know that many get completely turned off when politics seem to take over the blog. The current goings on are pretty momentous and so folk are gonna comment.


    Celtic are shaping up well on the football front, which tends to quieten the mineshafters and board critics(sic). Lenny wants to win the League Cup as a manager, and so he won’t make too many changes, but I expect a couple of fringe players to feature.


    On the politics front, Ms Cherry et al are only asking the Court of Session to force Johnson to sign a letter to the EU to extend the Article 50 deadline, failing which a CLERK OF THE COURT will “pp” it and it will have the same legal force as if Johnson had signed it. Watch the Tories scream. That’s “No Deal” off the table and we can get on with the election.

  7. A General Election.



    It will be a Biggie.



    Satan is Dividing as much as he can.



    Celtic Coming T o g e t h e r …….. WoW.

  8. Ger57



    Joanna Cherry was on RTE last night(video link); along with a London based brexiteer (not an MP) .



    He was an arrogant sort(scruffy, arms folded, possibly had had a pint or 2) and with what has happened yesterday, she had about 4 open goals and missed them all



    He ragdolled her by veering into the Indyref vote and all she had to do was pull out some standard SNP arguments around sovereignty or people vs parliament etc but went for :-



    ‘well , i’m not going to listen to an unelected right winger’



    The RTE anchor looked bemused at how she messed that up, proper van Vossen



    i’ve always wondered why Nicola Sturgeon seems to front up for every TV opportunity rather than the cabinet member responsible. Starting to make sense now

  9. I could be incorrect but I don’t foresee many (unforced) changes … Neil will want this cup even if some fans are prioritising (which is allowed :-)



    Unlike before when sometimes we knew the starting 11 the previous day Neil has us all guessing, even looking forward to the line up these days



    If there is wholesale changes would be good to see how that turns out but think Neil will keep them at a minimum

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