Celtic midfield problems


Neil Lennon accepted responsibility for the tactical decision to start yesterday’s game with three at the back, saying, “We thought the three would suit us, but that didn’t seem to be the case. We looked a little bit flat the first 10-15 minutes and I don’t know why.”

Hibernian scored during this period, which may or may not have been a result of the defensive line-up, but if anything, Celtic were even flatter after they went to four at the back.  The game was a throwback to the days when Gordon Strachan’s teams worked hard but seldom inspired.

The midfield didn’t dominate enough of the ball to prevent Hibs creating several good chances and was unable to craft a clear-enough opening.  With Charlie Mulgrew on the field we are always dangerous, and Kris Commons has a better sense of where the goal is than anyone at the club, but without them we grasp to Paddy McCourt, who only seems to get the call when we’re in trouble.

So where do we need to strengthen next month……………?

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  1. lostinbonnybridge is neil lennon. get well stan petrov


    That link no longer works mate……. Must be a “technical” problem.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on




    Strange you mentioned WGS because that was exactly what I said at HT to the guy beside me………….

  3. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Hope you had a great Christmas!



    The CQN Annual is a cracker! Thank you!



    Oh, and we need a goalkeeper, centre back and a striker!



    Naw, wait a minute……wis that no last year?





    A lack of movement upfront,little running off the ball,etc, and an unwillingness to play anything but safety first passes from our midfield.



    Makes it difficult to open defences,that…..

  5. Paul



    The money we pay our players is miles off value.



    Poorly paid SPL players have taken many points from us this season.



    Neil Lennon needs to be taken to account for this.

  6. I’m a big fan of Charlie Mulgrew, so I agree with what Paul says above.


    He’s a very awkward player for others to tackle.



    Given the passes that CM and now Mikael Lustig deliver, I think we need that rare and brave man of questionable sanity. An exponent of the diving header.

  7. tomtheleedstim



    Hmm works for me!


    Here’s a transcript though –



    Billy as a former rangers player are you surprised by Sandazes comments?



    Ehh nhaa I’m not surprised but I mean I think it’s taken out of context that’s for sure because we’ve had players in the dressing room that blessed themselves in the dressing room like ehh Lorenzo Amoruso, big Lorenzo used to bless himself.



    Did he do it as he run out onto the pitch?



    It was, It was out of the, I don’t know if the the information given to the players is look we’re not telling you not to do it, what we’re saying is for your ehh, maybe eh if your going be a favourite of the rangers fan then maybe, look cross yourself by all means but make sure you do it, don’t let the fans see you or you’ll not be well liked so its maybe trying to help the player that’s what they’re doing but I didn’t care who scored goals for rangers, I didn’t care who blessed themselves for rangers as long as we won the game because there was so many of them in our dressing room, Porrini, Kanchelskis, Lorenzo Amoruso they can do what they want as long as they score and we won.

  8. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I would settle for Gordon Strachans achievements every four years.



    Three League titles and two last 16’s in the CL.



    So would Peter!

  9. Seriously though, I trust NFL to realise we have an issue with creativity in midfield, we need an experienced player who has the ability to make a pass( is the maestro available ?)I am sure that both NFL and John Park are on the case.


    I have no idea really who would fit the bill here, any ideas?

  10. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    We are all crying out for a creative midfielder.



    They are great, as long as they turn it on EVERY week.



    So…….who’s available?



    And….at a price we are willing to pay?




  11. Good evening fellow tims, was over the P’head Forge retail park with the bhoy ( 7 yrs old) to get some boots from Sports Direct ( I hate the shop by the way,just like TKMaxx, an overpriced jumble-sale of a shop) when approaching said establishment young moonlight said “Dad, why do they have rangers flags outside, trying to find what he was on about the penny dropped when I saw the signs ” LIQUIDATION SALE, 10% OFF SALE PRICE”




  12. Lostinbonnybridge



    Them ……they …interesting use of those words




    What happened if they didn’t score and they lost ??

  13. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Naka was a gifted footballer whose talents we witnessed for a couple of years.



    But……he didn’t do it every week.



    He was at times a luxury player.



    Paddy is gifted but doesn’t do it every week…….even when he’s picked.



    Me, I’d go for…..naw, we canny afford him.

  14. There are very few of they type of player we need around – and pretty much all of them are inconsistent. The ones who can light games up, make the telling passes one week and be totally anonymous the next.



    So we had better buy two so that we have one starting and one on the bench.

  15. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    MON THE HOOPS..Into 2013, top of league, champs league last 16.. Themcos are deid, despite MSM writing fairy tales every day.todays Herald a masterclass in denial and contradiction…



    What’s not to like?..



    Hope the MSM heard the SEVCO singing? where s Rob Big ears Mc Lean when you need him….he said he heard us at Hampden.






  16. Ntassoolla



    Regards Mulgrew a must in the back 4 however he must not be shoehorned into a midfield role at the expense of more gifted natural midfielders


    I also detect that you are a big Lustig fan,one of the few to get pass marks yesterday,however I see reports thar Rubin Kuzan are allegedly ready to table a bid for him


    Hope he stays because at the moment a preferred back 4 would be Mathews Wilson Mulgrew and Lustig

  17. pfayr



    Probably not…..but could a go at the latter stages of ye olde Champions League persuade him too take a wee cut?

  18. Just got text from daughter, now visiting the Bars in New York as recommended, currently in Pig & Whistle.



    Paul, as an add on to your header, What does Sammi bring to the team ?

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