Celtic-Milan, the history


Celtic first faced Milan on a late season tour of North America, drawing 1-1 in Jersey before winning 2-0 in Toronto.  The Italians would be more than compensated 10 months later when they recorded a 0-1 win at Celtic Park in the quarter final of the European Cup after a 0-0 draw in the San Siro.  Milan would go on to win the Cup that season.

It would be a quarter of a century before the teams met again in the Champions League group stage, 2004.  A late Stanislav Varga equaliser was not enough as Milan hit twice in the final moments of the game.  The teams drew 0-0 at Celtic Park a few weeks later.  Milan contrived to lose a three goal lead in the final to finish runners up to Liverpool that season.

Celtic’s first venture into the Champions League knockout stage was against Milan.  Another 0-0 draw at Celtic Park was followed by 90 minutes of stalemate, where some legitimate Celtic penalty claims were denied, at the San Siro before Kaka scored in extra time.  This time Milan made no mistake as they again faced Liverpool in the final.

The newly crowned European champions returned to Celtic Park in October 2007 when goals by Stephen McManus (officially credited, although I’m not sure he touched the ball) and Scott McDonald were enough for Celtic to overcome a soft penalty awarded to the visitors.  Celtic lost the corresponding game in Milan 1-0.

If the history of these games is anything to go by we should be careful in and around the penalty area.  Italian teams tend to do well out of penalty exchanges in the Champions League – Milan benefited from an outrageous decision in Amsterdam this season.

Celtic go into the game bottom of the group, with everything to gain and nothing to lose.  They are more than equal to the task.

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  1. HELP !



    in No 7 tonight – Is Creamery car park accessible from Gallowgate or is it Springfield road, then Janefield street? Thanks


    Late on parade.



    Ironically because I was reading Ayrshire Tim’s reply about tonight.



    Well done,bud-I fell for that one!

  3. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers backs justice for the ‘dam five



    12:15 on 26 November, 2013


    Late on parade.



    Ironically because I was reading Ayrshire Tim’s reply about tonight.



    Well done,bud-I fell for that one!




    It’s all about strategy mate and I trust Neil will get it right tonight.

  4. Celtic player James Forrest has been arrested over two alleged public indecency offences in South Ayrshire.



    The 22-year-old is accused of indecent exposure at 23:00 on 16 November in Prestwick, and again at 02:00 on the following Sunday morning.



    It is believed the footballer was in the town’s Elliots Bar at the time of the alleged offences.



    Police Scotland said a 22-year-old man was the subject of a report to the procurator fiscal.




    So this was ten days ago and they publicise today.




  5. Got a wee feeling an under pressure player or someone playing who we didn’t think would play will be the match winner tonight, maybe pukki or derk.


    Got £66 back last night with the draw in the midlands game put the lot on Celtic at 15/8 ( skybet)



  6. On route to Zurich. Boo hoo.



    Watching game in tim friendly pub in lenzburg. Yipee.



    Start spotting in Glasgow airpor. Willie haughey on route to london city. Kristy Sark Stephen craigan and maybe Irvine welsh.



    Cmon the hoops.





    Nae luck,mate. Enjoy the match.



    Always helps to be singing from the same hymn sheet!

  8. Afternoon Timland from a cold but sunny hun free mountain valley.



    Re the James Forrest story.



    I heard about it on the off the ball prog last week, and in all honesty thought they were having a laugh in there usual crass way.



    As googy says, timing, scum so they are.




  9. Just came across a cracking video of kevin bridges singing the town i love so well in a bar in glasgow … What a top bhoy.



    @welshcelt67: Safe to say @garyogmusic jobs safe :) Kevin Bridges SINGING!! http://t.co/JV8sIc7Sv9

  10. St Stivs



    Chas Nic just entered the lounge…tv n radio contracts must be good tonight!




  11. If Celtic FC, the greatest football club on planet Earth don’t sign me heads should roll, starting with Neil Lennon & Peter Lawell’s!



    Hail Hail

  12. Wee James Forrest, maybe not so wee, eh!! Stupid bhoy. The rags will be full of it for weeks now, what an idiot.


    Come on bhoyz tonight and keep our hopes alive, have faith, I do!



    Hail Hail








    Get back to yer post-dinner kick about.

  14. Nice of the media to publish the Forrest story on the eve of a massive game



    Some things never change eh?

  15. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Ryan Gauld


    Keep up the good form. You might one day be good enough for the Celtic reserves.

  16. Having been in Milan, I particularly want us to thump them tonight. No way we should have lost that game.



    And I have to admit, I’m in the cynical camp over Forrest’s arrest. Are we honestly meant to believe it took the police ten days to arrest a well known footballer over a well publicized (alleged) incident? I smell s-hite

  17. ” It will be a very difficult game.. The atmosphere will be charged, hopefully we will use it to lift ourselves above all the nonsense of recent months .



    Kaka -radio interview 26/11/13

  18. Honest Mistake



    It’s the MSM we are talking about, his possible innocence will be of little consequence…





    I really don’t think we should be giving James Forrest pelters on here,folks.



    Nor prejudging him as guilty.



    Except maybe for being blootered on a Saturday night. At 22yo. In his home town wi his mates.



    Story I heard was that it was ONE incident,a case of not tucking and zipping.



    One of his mates pointed it out,unfortunately not the only person to notice.



    Asked to leave by the manager,it was not reported to the police until the typically sensationalised Sun report.



    Seems the main thing he is guilty of is wearing the hoops.



    He could do wi some support once he gets a kick up the arse for being a choob.

  20. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    No it’s CQN we’re talking about.


    A Celtic player getting ridiculed and sentenced without a trial should be unacceptable on here. Let the msm do as they please.

  21. What a surprise this happened on the day of a huge game.Has Whyte been lifted for non payment(theft,major fraud) of £10 mil in PAYE,NI and tax? Thought not.

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