Celtic missing the sugar in our tea


On the back of Saturday’s result and performance, I didn’t see that draw coming last night. The compensation is that after some better performances and results, evidence remains that we are far from the finished article.

After failing to score I often look for Kris Commons, who has been the sugar in our tea for much of the last five years. For a period, he crafted openings than the rest of the team put together. Injury and illness restricted Kris to five league starts since Christmas, only (also injured) Tom Rogic comes close to being as effective through the middle.

There are simply not enough of the squad likely to pitch up with a goal.

Once Erik Sviatchenko went off injured, the lack of scoring threat was not the only concern. Let’s hope he’s back for Motherwell on Saturday – and partnering Charlie Mulgrew. Motherwell are on their best form in years, five wins-in-a-row. We’ll need to win all the personal battles at Fir Park.

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  1. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well despite all our jelly and ice cream we are now going to suffer the constant gloating of the tribute act and there supporters.Many predicted on CQN that they would run out of money long before they got to the SPL where are these forecasters now ? I believe the upcoming cup semi final will be a tricky game for us as we just dont appear to be able to raise a gallup while they are high on there promotion and will have the officials on there side. This is a big game for Ronny and if we lose it I can see Celtic replacing him at the end of the season if we win it he may well get another chance next season. H.H.



    Well despite all our jelly and ice cream we are now going to suffer the constant gloating of the tribute act and there supporters.Many predicted on CQN that they would run out of money long before they got to the SPL where are these forecasters now ? I believe the upcoming cup semi final will be a tricky game for us as we just dont appear to be able to raise a gallup while they are high on there promotion and will have the officials on there side. This is a big game for Ronny and if we lose it I can see Celtic replacing him at the end of the season if we win it he may well get another chance next season. H.H.



    For my sins, I have constantly preached that THEY were not deed and would would never be deed.

  3. ballymenatoybhoy on

    There are at least 2 things I want to say contrary to the lead article – Neil Lennon was not the only one unimpressed with our performance on Saturday – take PR out of the equation and it would have been a different story! Actually NL was spot on with his match analysis! A win does not equate to a satisfactoryl performance and that is why the heat will be on RD until he delivers a string of convincing performances – hard to see that coming from where I am! You would have to go back a long way since Celtic produced a convincing performance and that includes Saturday. Secondly and again contrary to the lead article ES is not convincing either – a very nice chap and slots well into the Celtic family but will be well found out when the heat is on – he actually was found out (again!) for Hearts first goal on Saturday and most of his cards are due to him being sucked out of position or just being naive! Unfortunately he has too many flaws to his game – pace, positioning and composure for starters. As I said in an earlier post an accident waiting to happen – especially if the ante is upped like it will be in the SC semi. I would be happy to see Charlie and DB do that job until we drag ourselves over the line. Oh and Peter Schmeichel was not too warm on ES either after the recent international & he knows a thing or too about central defenders. RD? I believe in his philosophy and bits of his strategy. With regards strategy reinventing SB at the expense of ML last night was I have to say bizarre and and pathetic. Not only is SB a shadow of the Captain Marvel he once was but then to see him attempt the role akin to JF (who happened to be on the bench) well dearie me how does that add up! With regards philosophy lets see the proof and get SA and RC rockin! You would have to think they could have unlocked the Dundee door last nite! And so to Motherwell on Saturday – SB up front for LG? and yes while your at it replace KT chuck that Roberts kid to full back! :-)




    I will not change my opinion even if we hump them. RD better not be here next season. It would be a disaster.

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Quonno. I have said the same. I feel bad that you and I were right but isnt it strange that all they will go bust posters have disappeared ? H.H.

  6. glendalystonsils on

    The prodigal son has returned.



    It matters not a jot what nasty and damaging deeds he got up to, there will be great feasting


    and joy that he has returned.



    No contrition is necessary………there is nothing to forgive.



    You see, his father loves him and has only longed for his return.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Diary Of “The Journey”




    Sign the 5-way agreement – us, the SFA, the SPL, the SFL and err… us.


    The Rangers (from now on to be known as The Same Club or else!) change SFA membership from full members to temporary and then conditional members. Just because.


    Star players leave. No transfer fees. Must be something to do with Bosman or something.


    29 July


    Same Club borrow players from Same Club to play Brechin. Err – just a wee administrative thingy. No big deal. Something to do with a change in ownership of the Same Club.




    Decide to play in the fourth division rather than the SPL which the Same Club had been in as we want to give our money to the wee teams.




    Decide not to enter the UEFA Cup which the Same Club had qualified for. Want to focus on the Ramsdens Cup.




    Decide to play in the early rounds of the Scottish Cup, even though the Same Club were seeded to enter at the third round stage. Gives money to the Highland League clubs.




    Win the fourth division. We’re on our way!




    Win the third division. We arra peepil!




    The three-year journey ends. We’re back to where the Same Club was before the Same Club decided to play in a different league.


    Oh dear. Motherwell.


    Dave King and Paul Murray who were both on the old board (Same Club mind) come in. Dave decides to save his £30m warchest for when we get back to the Champions League. Guy is an absolute hero – lost £20m when he invested in the Same Club.


    Court case begins. Fans turn up to hurl abuse at Craig Whyte and Charles Green for the damage they did to the holding company that previously owned the Same Club.




    Get told to pay the £250,000 LNS fine. Quite happy about this as the offences were carried out by the Same Club. And remember we are the Same Club.


    That’s it. We’re back! Back!


    Oh dammit, Raith.


    That’s it. This time we really are back!


    Same Club 1 Dumbarton 0. Champions League here we come!

  8. Captain Beefheart on

    No interest in Rangers.



    We are guff. A shambolic season which will likely ensure CL qualification will be extremely difficult to achieve. One capable striker is all that we have. We will win the league but what an unnecessary mess we are in.

  9. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    So Celtic fans who say they are not dead are saying Ferguson never saved Celtic he only saved the holding co. Vehicle.






    They are dead .

  10. What is the Stars on

    Pedro Delgado



    They may well be legally technically and morally dead.



    However a team playing at Ibrox,wearing blue and calling itself Glasgow Rangers or something akin to same will be playing in the same league as Celtic next year.



    Just another saturday

  11. whitedoghunch on



    just checked with my man on the ground out there


    Harp Bar calahonda ask for John and he’ll put the game on

  12. Fergusslayedtheblues



    Good stuff!



    Be good if you could let us know about any reply you get.



    Good luck!



    Imagine colluding with Dungcaster and the like.




  13. mild mannered Pedro delgado on




    I don’t care



    We won they lost .



    Let’s take up the fight against newco

  14. What is the Stars on

    Pedro Delgado



    I would agree totally,we have no choice,we cant exactly refuse to play them

  15. glendalystonsils on

    My only regret is that we haven’t used the last few years to get ourselves into such a position of strength that we utterly humiliate them when they do get back up.

  16. when rangers were confined to the lower divisions all those years ago, i remember thinking to myself that they would be back in one form or another. To me it didn’t matter what they’d call themselves – they were ALWAYS going to come back. Why? they hate Celtic with a passion , this is what defines them. Anyone trying to fight that eventuality is crippling themselves mentally – this is Scotland!



    Now, where i am frustrated is our boards lack of “fight”. They had a chance during those 4 years to significantly influence the shape of Scottish football, get proper governance in place, establish a process for better refereeing, …..effectively re-build the trust in the game here. THEY DID NADA! They’re only concern was MONEY MONEY MONEY!



    Now the poison returns and it returns in an environment which they love!



    Celtic on the other hand has firmly solidified its place as the subserviant bullied club in the country – we don’t stand up to reagan, doncaster, referees or the media.



    We get what we deserve!

  17. mild mannered Pedro delgado on




    Not only must we play them



    We must give them a bloody good thrashing (general sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay mellchet)

  18. What is the Stars on



    Thats exactly what we could and should have then


    Instead we just threaded water waiting for our old pals



    Like the old Rolf Harris song



    Did you think we would leave you dying when theres room on our horse for two

  19. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    One of the many things that really get my back up about our media is their reluctance to mention how many clubs have won the national cup competitions since the start of the 2011/12 season.



    Admittedly we should hve won two or three more than we since 2011 but surely its better for Scottish football that eight different clubs have won the nine national cup competitions since the start of the 2011/12 season.



    Luiz just did a Robert Pires to win PSG a penalty. The old connecting with the defender con .



    Wolfsburg Two nil up against Real.

  20. WWW(GBWO) on 6TH APRIL 2016 6:48 PM


    Just heard that the body found in a wood in milngavie has been confirmed as Celtic fan



    John Murphy who has been missing for ten months








    Sad news mate,was thinking of him today saw posters up in Royal hospital and dotted around Dennistoun.

  21. Anyone any idea


    Do we practice passing the ball to a fellow Celtic players at training ?


    Our passing has been very poor for quite a while, for a professional football team

  22. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on

    English commentators fail to point out it was harts very poor punch that lead to the penalty they conceded .. David Luis played for the pen but Michael Owen forgot that he admitted he aalways played for a pen.


    Then he says it’s fair enough and part of the game that Hart is 2 yards off his line when in ibra takes the pen



    Then Hart takes a bye kick to fernandinho who has ibra close to him on 18 yard line .. ibra deflects the clearance and Hart is asleep … all agree it’s the Brazilians fault

  23. WC


    I wish I knew what you knew :-)


    Noticed you have been pushing that line for a while now, but they will have an out, it’s the company that owes the money, not the club, we all know that they will pay back feck all and the charade will carry on.



  24. QUONNO on 6TH APRIL 2016 7:30 PM






    I did a very detailed spreadsheet a couple of years ago that was over generous but still predicted they would run out of money at end of the season.



    Then they produced accounts that showed £6m less at Xmas than I predicted bringing forward when they would run out of money.



    In spite of that they continued to survive and I gave up because it was obvious they were getting income from somewhere where it wasn’t earned.



    You can only predict on knowns. Once unknowns come into it the predictions will be inaccurate.



    The other factor is the degree to which the SFA and member clubs have failed to apply club licencing rules or introduce domestic FFP.



    Had that been done in 2012 they would still be in a lower tier or out of business.



    In simple terms the Scottish football industry thinks it is dependent on them for survival and is afraid to try life without them.



    In that sense our game is already lost until it changes it’s mind about itself.

  25. Just catching up on all of today’s posts and one stuck out more than any other.



    May God Bless the soul of John Murphy, at least his family can now grieve knowing what had happened.

  26. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Auldheid. The thing is you cannot do a spread sheet that takes into account the assistance they must be receiving in order to stay afloat. However as the Establishment club they were never going to be allowed to die and they are the largest part of the corruption in Scottish football that is why I believe many Celtic supporters will walk away from the game at the end of this season.It will also be interesting to see how many new players they sign in the summer. I honestly dont know what Celtic could have done to make the outcome any different I suspect very little but by doing very little it has made many fans very unhappy. H.H.

  27. Some perspective to be borne in mind…………






    Winning margins in untainted 9iar:








    There were only 2 points for a win; so the statistics [FWIW] would suggest that a truly great Celtic team[s], with a truly great manager at the helm, didn’t win the Championship at a canter every year.

  28. At a critical time of the season Ronny’s inability to play a settled team is going to cause us more problems. Not only have we not had a team but we have no rhythm to our play, so how do we expect things to improve for the next few weeks? I despair, how can my team continually shoot themselves in the foot and we end up with boards who do not want to match supporters expectations and only want to maintain a status quo with someone who would gladly see us dead.

  29. glendalystonsils on

    Expect Dave Kings warchest to take centre stage for the remainder of the season. By the time we get to the transfer window ,it’ll be 20 billion gazillion.


    Just like old times.