Celtic missing the sugar in our tea


On the back of Saturday’s result and performance, I didn’t see that draw coming last night. The compensation is that after some better performances and results, evidence remains that we are far from the finished article.

After failing to score I often look for Kris Commons, who has been the sugar in our tea for much of the last five years. For a period, he crafted openings than the rest of the team put together. Injury and illness restricted Kris to five league starts since Christmas, only (also injured) Tom Rogic comes close to being as effective through the middle.

There are simply not enough of the squad likely to pitch up with a goal.

Once Erik Sviatchenko went off injured, the lack of scoring threat was not the only concern. Let’s hope he’s back for Motherwell on Saturday – and partnering Charlie Mulgrew. Motherwell are on their best form in years, five wins-in-a-row. We’ll need to win all the personal battles at Fir Park.

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  1. The whole game is geared to the benefit of Sevco.


    The championship clubs are raging that their games have been moved to the Sunday so Sevco can coin it in.


    All the home teams are losing money from corporate and attendances will be reduced.


    Falkirk especially are not happy and complained to the SPFL, which was thrown out.


    Of course not made the press because it gets in the way off how wonderful Sevco are and only enhance the game.

  2. Hamiltontim



    We were in the ground early last night and the players were shooting from edge of the box. Pretty woeful to be honest except one player who blasted it into top corner just about every time.



    I said that he’s clearly got his shooting boots on.



    Who was it?



    Mr Commons!

  3. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    A lot of media discussion around if/ how Hunco might or might not be able to challenge/ compete with Celtic next season.



    2 things not discussed in this ‘debate’ :



    1) will today’s Celtic be the same Celtic that starts next season? I refer to both player and management teams



    2) the assumption that Rangers will improve through player acquisition despite financial constraints.



    The game on the 17th being seen as a benchmark for next season.



    I’m very hopeful that we will be very different as I don’t think Lawwell can afford the Status Quo.



    If he is in any doubt I suspect he will be jolted in to awareness when season tickets are renewed.

  4. WC



    I get that supporters might not think he has the best first touch, be unfit, contribute little blah blah blah.



    I’ve stood next to the guy when he was wearing a suit with no jacket. He’s absolutely solid and reminded me of Lubo when he came to our school.



    I’m loathe to say it but Ronny is ruining our most productive player because he persists in playing him wide.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    SIPSINI on 6TH APRIL 2016 9:47 PM



    Doubt very much if you’ll read about that in our papers unless it’s tucked away in a wee corner somewhere.


    The rest of the page will still be filled with ‘warchest’ news.



    Nice to know that GSL is being karma-ised though.


    Is that a word?

  6. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on




    Is a suit with no jacket – a pair of trousers?



    BTW. .. I have a wee knob on my front door; )

  7. glendalystonsils on




    Don’t let him in……..it’s Nacho Novo.

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HAMILTONTIM on 6TH APRIL 2016 10:47 PM






    Thank the Lord we agree on something! :-)





    We agree on everything ,mate.


    How we achieve it is where we disagree.



    Would love to give you some insights in the Spanish language .



    You mention pronunciation of “v’ and “b”



    Here`s your homework task



    When a hispanohablante says ” Beak bappo roo ” , what does he mean?



    How about ” Bee steck ‘ ?



    No conferring.

  9. winning captains on 6th April 2016 7:58 pm


    Celtic did NOT sign the 5 Way Agreement.



    *you could post a copy of it and there would still be posters claiming we did and “Liewell” participated in it, naw he was the author of it.

  10. Tontine



    Respectfully, neither you or WC know whether Celtic signed it or not.



    My own opinion is that ‘Rangers’ couldn’t have got to where they are now without Celtic’s input somewhere along the line.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HAMILTONTIM on 6TH APRIL 2016 11:06 PM



    No wuckas , mate.



    ( Wuckin furries )

  12. What is the Stars on




    Only 40 (max) will run,obviously a lot more are entered,but the final declaration will be tomorrow and it will be trimmed

  13. Winning Captians and any others who are discussing whether Celtic signed the 5 way agreement, is it because of this post, where the “us” is in fact “them” I.e. oldco/newco/Sevco…









    Diary Of “The Journey”






    Sign the 5-way agreement – us, the SFA, the SPL, the SFL and err… us.



    The Rangers (from now on to be known as The Same Club or else!) change SFA membership from full members to temporary and then conditional members. Just because.




  14. bankiebhoy1 on 6th April 2016 8:48 pm


    Some perspective to be borne in mind…………






    Winning margins in untainted 9iar:






    There were only 2 points for a win; so the statistics [FWIW] would suggest that a truly great Celtic team[s], with a truly great manager at the helm, didn’t win the Championship at a canter every year.



    *My teenage years were made all that better because of the Latter Day Christ, however, we should not look at his time at Parkheid through green tinted glesses.



    Big Jock didnae make many mistakes but when he did they were blunders.



    In his first hun league game he dropped Joe McBride; he did admit this error though.



    Left the Fife Beckenbauer out in Milan and cost us another Big Cup with his dismissing of Feyenoord, who weren’t even the best team in Holland never mind Europe, labelling them no better than Dunfermline.



    After Davie Hay questioned the payment system and then the board agreed tae his demands Jock dumped him even though Davie didnae want tae go.



    The above move cost us George Connelly tae.



    Cost us TIAR by continuing with a tired side.



    And as I stated earlier he left out the wee mhan against Liverpool home and away. Learned fae that though and made sure he played against Leeds 4 years later.



    Not all games during his tenure were entertaining as winning was more important at times that’s why he parked the bus in Prague playing a 4-2-3-1 before it became fashionable, that move worked, nae complaints fae the fans though.



    This is not meant as a slight on Jock far from it but he was human.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TONTINE TIM on 6TH APRIL 2016 11:24 PM



    Having lived through those glorious times , I must say that your recollection of detail is astonishing .


    There`s probably a book there.

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    WWW(GBWO) on 6TH APRIL 2016 11:20 PM


    RIP Merle Haggard



    My big number.

  17. VOGUEPUNTER on 6TH APRIL 2016 10:08 PM





    Totally off topic.





    Has anyone been to the Azores?






    Aye ,loads of folk.












    HH jamesgang

  18. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    Hi WC.



    I asked Paul67 a couple of weeks ago similar questions to those undernoted re: Res 12 (unanswered, but understandable that he can’t respond to everyone):



    Similar questions then, if you don’t mind – and I appreciate you may not be able to answer due to confidentiality undertakings –


    1) Is the Karma you refer to in relation to Sevco or SFA, or both (+/- msm, etc.) ?


    2) Are we taliking of a legally-binding, corporate ruling, or a ‘civic’ / football issue (or something else) ?


    3) Who has instigated this positive (I assume from our [Celtic’s] perspective) outcome – is it:


    – Celtic PLC Board


    – Celtic Fans


    – Celtic Fans + Board together


    – Law courts, or similar official or judicial body



    Again – appreciate you / Paul may be privvy to private information thar can’t be divulged online,.






  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    …message to self…need to stop asking these questions when everyone else has buggered off to bed :-))






  20. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    Winning Captains – thanks for replying. Good enough for them (suspect, if it’s football, it won’t be instigated by our own ever-so-upright-and-rule-abiding governing body).



    Patience and anticipation, once again, then!



    HT – delighted you have made it Lisbon – still a few years away for me (need WeeBGFC to be old enough to share a beer with me).






  21. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    ..and if you need a recent 50 year old (still struggling with that!) sub for 5’s, give me a shout…






  22. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    Clougher Celt – appreciate that (love Elvis).



    Night all






  23. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    Clougher = Clogher. Well, in my spelling mnd it does!

  24. Injury and illness restricted Kris to five league starts since Christmas



    So a complete absence of appetite and desire to play for the team is not worth a mention? Any chance that KC’s legs have simply gone and with a new contract safely in his back pocket his desire has followed.



    Tuesday was was truly woeful but giving another out of form “established ” player is not the answer. Key questions for me:



    1. Why is our most productive midfielder, McGregor, not starting?



    2. What has Johanssen done to merit the No. 10 shirt



    3. What has CKR done to merit a place on the bench? Give the place to an eager kid.



    3. Why was Broonie rushed back, with no match fitness?



    4. Why is Izzie not on the bench. Able back up to KT, option left midfield and always gave us 100%



    5. Why would we drop Boyata, after 2 of his better games.



    Forget the reputation, play the players in form regardless of stature, PR, Charity work, celtic credentials , wage.



    Time for Ronnie & co to grow a pair



    Hail Hail

  25. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    Lol….mnd = mind :-)



    Too much vino rosso.



    In Cambridge at the moment checking the place out – Miss BGFC hopes to apply to the University here in October, assuming all goes well with her Highers in the next couple of months – fingers crossed (although I’d be distraught without her banter).