Celtic missing the sugar in our tea


On the back of Saturday’s result and performance, I didn’t see that draw coming last night. The compensation is that after some better performances and results, evidence remains that we are far from the finished article.

After failing to score I often look for Kris Commons, who has been the sugar in our tea for much of the last five years. For a period, he crafted openings than the rest of the team put together. Injury and illness restricted Kris to five league starts since Christmas, only (also injured) Tom Rogic comes close to being as effective through the middle.

There are simply not enough of the squad likely to pitch up with a goal.

Once Erik Sviatchenko went off injured, the lack of scoring threat was not the only concern. Let’s hope he’s back for Motherwell on Saturday – and partnering Charlie Mulgrew. Motherwell are on their best form in years, five wins-in-a-row. We’ll need to win all the personal battles at Fir Park.

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  1. Y NOT67 on 7TH APRIL 2016 9:38 AM





  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    A comparison between apples and ……..erm….. oranges.

  3. HEBCELT on 7TH APRIL 2016 9:41 AM




    Yer no so bad yerself my mhan :)


    But,….ye can be a right pain in the erse at times


    even worse than me :)



  4. traditionalist88 on




    Mind that time you promised that a standing section at CP would be one reason you would return…. see you there chief ;)




  5. Kev J



    “reduced to casting up”



    This from the man who just wrote:-



    “drap yer Celtic View types of smoke-screen-spinning


    naebdy is being fooled anymore.


    Should follow yer clique-mandate and, start e-mailing


    former posters to start posting again coz”



    My accusation hit home because it was true and factually verifiable.



    Your 3 accusations (Celtic View, clique membership, and joining a campaign to e mail former posters) are all verifiably false and stem from your fevered imagination only. I hold to the old fashioned value that there should be an element of truth in the guff we spout on here- otherwise we might as well all worship Hugh Keevins and Gerry McNee (oh! wait a minute…)





    Getting called a coward from a boy that played chases with the Rangers fans at Hampden??

  6. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    RE Attendances



    Surely the eye is a good enough measure of numbers. Ok difficult to put a precise figure but surely there must be a consensus that he stadium is often half ( or less) full. Therefore there is an issue?

  7. TRADITIONALIST88 on 7TH APRIL 2016 9:44 AM




    Aye, but that was when Neil was in charge….


    since then, Neil has been scunnered oot the door and


    replaced by a guy who plays – Football Manager on the


    Playstation wi his pal – SFTB.


    But,….yer right get the Jungle-type-of-area back and, I’ll be there


    and yes…I will see ye there, I’ll get yer details on here or, make


    other arrangements.


    But,….then again, how do I know that your no wan of the clique


    trying tae set a trap for me ? :)


    Ye can never be paranoid enough – CSC








  9. Macjay



    “A comparison between apples and ……..erm….. oranges.”



    Since I don’t see a smiley after oranges, I have to assume you are serious.



    The phrase you use is apt where 2 radically different and uncomparable things are being compared and contrasted.



    I contrast the record of two football managers- that seems valid



    I am comparing them from the current season and not from different eras- that seems valid



    I am using managers of big clubs with financial advantage over competitors- that seems valid



    I am giving an accurate account of their respective evaluation by both tabloid press and CQN commentators- – that seems valid



    So far, the fruits look remarkably similar.



    It might help me to evaluate where you see the difference if you gave even one example of your thinking in making your bald unaccompanied assertion.

  10. KEVJUNGLE on 7TH APRIL 2016 9:41 AM


    Y NOT67 on 7TH APRIL 2016 9:38 AM









    Fact! I was there,

  11. traditionalist88 on

    KEVJUNGLE on 7th April 2016 9:51 am



    Glad to hear it. There is a real vibrancy at bigger games at CP now with the GB leading the old Jungle drums – esp Aberdeen, Fenerbache, Ajax and Hearts(never mind Malmo) games the place was rocking. Could be off the scale next season…



    PS. I got sacked from the clique for saying many of Deilas decisions were unfathomable after the Hamilton and Dundee(at home) draws ;)




  12. Don’t feed the Troll…………….no’ aippuls…oar even….they *cough*



  13. TRADITIONALIST88 on 7TH APRIL 2016 9:56 AM




    Aye well, they done ye a favor…better away fae yon cliquey-types.


    Cliquey-masonic-kosc-magic-circle-witches-coven-sewing-bee sorts


    that ye can be drawn in by oan here :)


    Btw,…calm doon a bit – the place will be rockin ?


    There’s wan ‘Celtic’ player in the whole suad – KT.


    Griffiths aff the boil could spell trouble….only saying.



  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    “A comparison between apples and ……..erm….. oranges.”




    Since I don’t see a smiley after oranges, I have to assume you are serious.




    The phrase you use is apt where 2 radically different and uncomparable things are being compared and contrasted.




    I contrast the record of two football managers- that seems valid




    At different levels. At different standards.



    The bottom line.


    Do you feel Ronny should stay and be given more time ?



    The “oranges ” reference was just a wee pun .

  15. traditionalist88 on

    KEVJUNGLE on 7th April 2016 10:02 am



    It was rocking at the games mentioned, Saturday was magic btw but Deilas Celtic remain unconvincing, we can all see that.



    We will get over the line this season and then a big summer ahead,




  16. Y NOT67 on 7TH APRIL 2016 9:55 AM




    See,….to cut a long story short


    Celtic died when the Jungle was flattened by the old board.


    Ah mean, look it noo…200 wee bhoys n lhassies fae the


    Magnificent Green brigade – They’re the ‘real’ heroes…


    Celtic Park is a library without them…


    Who reduced us to this ?


    Who ripped Celtic’s soul oot and served it up on the alter


    of the ‘shame’game’ ?


    For how much longer will these Celtic soul-rippers-ooters


    be condoned ?


    How long, how long must I sing this song…..

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    Couldn’t help myself but had a glance through the 150 page Daily Record celebration of the “Journey” in Asda this morning. Only read one line about how Sevco being in the lower divisions has helped the smaller teams financially and “we don’t grudge them a penny”… You couldn’t make this up.

  18. TRADITIONALIST88 on 7TH APRIL 2016 10:09 AM




    I hope yer right but,….there’s been talk on here y folk


    who should know better….about – Karma.


    Now, I’ve this horrible feeling that….they might be right.


    But,…not in the way that they think.


    Ye see,…I can envisage a visit from Karma for,


    the sleekit-devious-deceitful-hierarchy for they’re scant regard


    for the best supporters in the world.


    Don’t be surprised if…..


    Karma weaves her magic spell like this….


    Big McGhee haunds Ronny his erse on a plate(again)….


    Aberdeen won the League


    R*ngers won the SC


    Res : 12 ets booted intae the long grass by the hun-courts


    Celtic supporters bhoycott and get rid of the




    Then…the ‘new’ Jungle will be clapping Happily like Pharrell :)




    Phone call…..laters.

  19. traditionalist88 on

    KEVJUNGLE on 7th April 2016 10:19 am



    Highly unlikely scenario but it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve supported the team and reassembled in the car park




  20. Good morning from a sunny but chilly Nordrhein Westfalen.


    The next 10 days could be the most important in our/Ronny’s season. If Aberdeen win on Friday night and we fail to win our next two games then I could see the rest of the season going into free fall with the Sheep taking the advantage. Winning the next 2 games is crucial for Celtic irrespective of what happens on Friday night.


    Ronnie needs to pick players who have been over the course and know how to dig out results ( do we still have any?) CKR and the likes are not the answer. Play KC from the start in these 2 games and if he does not produce then substitute him, bringing him on when the game is going away from us is not likely to work. I’ve always been a big Lustig fan but I’ll not be that bothered if he is unfit to play as I personally believe that most of our troubles this season have come down his side. Does that mean bringing Efe back in? Probably. I thought Darnel Fisher was a more than adequate back up at RB but we put him out on loan.


    As I’ve said before football is a simple game and playing players in their natural positions is always a good start – it’s not rocket science Ronny.


    Well onwards and upwards and here’s hoping for some better performances, soon.



    Hail! Hail!




  21. I really wish KC was the answer but unfortunately he is well past his best.. He definitely wouldn

  22. Saw Keevins coming out the passport office yesterday.



    Was wondering if he considered it as a new passport or a continuation of his old passport.



    But his old passport wouldn’t allow him access to Europe.



    Funny that.

  23. An Teach Solais on

    Seems like a”One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Day”


    Let’s hope that we have no more slip ups and LG recovers his form.


    If we don’t score enough points over the remaining games then, simply, we won’t have deserved to win the league. HH

  24. I would just like to let Jobo know that the weather in Glasgow and East Kilbride this morning is positively Mediterranean. Taps aff and lie in the green I think!



    Anyway I take a completely different view to everyone else on not only this blog but anywhere in the Celtiverse….It is one that I feel is unique, perceptive and will at the very least prove substantially correct….



    I agree with everyone! And if I get a chance I may even post my rationale later but more likely I will be prostrate by the lapping waters of the Rio Clyde as the City sun worshippers top up their salon tans.



    More importantly yesterday’s ‘where am I” was immediately spotted by “Mild Mannered Pedro Delgado” . Those monuments to our Athletic Youth stand between two impeccable bastions of health and beauty, Tesco and McDonalds just over the Dalmarnock Bridge from Glasgow, in Rutherglen.



    There will be no ‘where am I today?’ as (I may have mentioned) I will be soaking the rays by the paradoxically named Winter gardens on Costa Clyde…but before then I give you a little tribute to ….



    “Clothes you bought because you were either drunk or fancied the dusky eyed maiden who was trying to sell you the last in the line of ‘taps to make you a tit!’ and which even under the threat of extreme violence you will NEVER EVER wear!”



    These ones were purchased under the hypnotic gaze of the beach Market traders on Anjuna beach in Goa; all of whom were either called Sinita, Sengita or were related to them. At last count there were 240 sisters, 28 mothers and 360 daughters all in the same family.



    The only thing I had more than them was a stall full of ‘next year’s Goan t-shirts for the in-man” a sort of Goan yersel!



    Only one person has anything comparable…Grand67 of this parish…I brought him it back as a present….and he thinks it is ‘Kwality Man’ ! :)






    Hail Hail




  25. Macjay



    At different levels. At different standards.



    So comparing wee apples with bigger apples, or wee oranges with bigger oranges.



    My similarities far outweigh that one difference and yet one manager is proclaimed a guru and the other a dud. There has to be some resolution of cogntive dissonance involved in looking at 2 highly similar records and decalring one to be that of a master and the other to be that of a jumped up PE teacher, cheap option no-mark.




    The bottom line.


    Do you feel Ronny should stay and be given more time ?



    Always have said so. If you are buying a Development Manager, let him develop. If you want a Transfer window wheeler and dealer, sack Ronny!



    But if you do, you had better have the funds to back a transfer wheeler dealer, otherwise you are backing a fantasy that still sees us as an attractive destination for Leicester and Chelsea squad members. When you play in a peripheral and poor league, you better cut your cloth and get a good development coach.





    The “oranges ” reference was just a wee pun .



    You were short changed. There’s never 16 ounces in that.

  26. KEVJUNGLE on 7TH APRIL 2016 10:04 AM


    C’mon the trolls



    it’s like Tumbleweed Quick News



    withoot thum!




    Ever stopped to think why that might be? It hasn’t always been like this



    We all take out of CQN what we want but it would do everyone good to occasionally remember what it is that made cqn what it is.

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