Celtic must beware arbitrary red card


We go into tomorrow’s top of the table clash in better form than we were at the start of the month.  Wins over Livingston and Dundee give Celtic a platform to build on.  These games coincided with a consistency of selection in central midfield; Paulo Bernardo filled the endlessly changed slot in central midfield and rewarded his manager with the opening goal on Tuesday.  I doubt it is a coincidence that players looked like they knew what they were doing after a period of inconsistent form and selection.

It surprised me that Daizen Maeda has not spent more time on the left since his return from injury.  He is clearly more suited to that wing, and he is particularly effective at pinning back Newco, who prefer attacking on their right.  How we support Greg Taylor on the left will be crucial to the result.

Both teams have injury concerns over their first-choice central defenders: Cameron Carter-Vickers’ persistent tight hamstring forced his early retirement on Tuesday, while Connor Goldson went off early last weekend with a groin strain.  I expect both players to start the game, even if they cannot complete the 90 minutes.

Newco will arrive tomorrow with a similar tale of injury woe that Celtic went to Ibrox with in September.  We finished that game with a defence of Ralston, Lagerbielke, Scales and Bernabei, all of whom had enough ability to successfully defend their one goal lead.  Celtic were able to boss the game against a weaker opponent.  The fundamentals of the teams have not shifted away from Celtic in the intervening period.

We can expect lots of running and plenty of fight from Newco, they may also benefit from generous refereeing.  We need to match them on the first two counts.  This will be a battle and my biggest concern is that an arbitrary red card flips the scales in favour of the visitors.  Celtic have to compete but give the referee no opportunity to step into the limelight.

Kyogo terrifies Newco.  He has started 11 games against them, winning seven and losing only twice: his first game at Ibrox, when he played on the wing, and in extra-time at Hampden, when we were kicked off the park.  I doubt anyone across the nine year history of this fixture has a comparable record.  Expect him to see the result over the line tomorrow.

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  1. Afternoon all.



    A wee plug if you do not mind.



    Tonight, BBC 2, 9pm, Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer’s, Gone Fishing.



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  3. Maeda,my ass.Why switch our most productive forward to accommodate our worst.” He will chase about after Tav”Gie me a break.Do we want to win or not.Abada is fit,Bornas nightmare,get him on,with Kyogo,Palma.


    Can always change it,but start as if we mean it.




    Anyone in the Kerrydale tomorrow (apart from BRRB) a couple a Garngad bhoys will buy you a drink.



    Hopefully huns will have a go tomorrow and we can then get in behind them.



    Please play Diazan on the left Brendan.



    D. :)

  5. garygillespieshamstring on

    BRS @1.50






    If he isn’t careful, I’ll have a flounce and return as CCVshamstring.

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    ‘Liv’ bikes are excellent for teenage girls and women



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    We used to call Gary, ‘the Rigger’ two weeks on two weeks off

  8. 29TH DECEMBER 2023 3:48 PM


    Off topic anyone any advice tips for a ladies bicycles 🚲 😉 a belated gift I may have to purchase.



    Thanks in advance.









    Bikes for good


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  9. I only stepped in due to the bike comment



    Until Mod apologises for berating me for factual posts; i’ll stay out

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  11. Prestonpans



    Oh really? As i was out , I didn’t realse



    Well then , i’m back in until the sabbatical ends

  12. For tomorrow, Scales has to be LB. He has been the best tackler all season but suss at positioning in defence. Taylor is a lost soul



    Bring Lagerbirlke and Nairoki in a Cb and we are sorted




    J L N S


    OR McG B


    F K P



    Subs: maeda, Mj, oh

  13. BR to change things.



    Maeda to play through the middle heading right.


    Palma to swap wings.



    Keep them guessing 😆😆😆

  14. So it’s round two of this annual four round contest tomorrow between the two heavyweights of the SPFL. Speaking of heavyweights, the Ibroxians probably tip the scales in comparison to the smaller, lighter team from Celtic Park. This was particularly noticeable in the CL against Feynoord. Although we won the game the team finished second best in the physical stakes. Yes Sevco have a bigger team than us, perhaps this is why they are succeeding in Europe?



    Kyogo scares the shit out of Rangers and I reckon he will score tomorrow and Maeda always plays a stormer against them and is needed to keep tabs on Tavernier who believe it or not is among the leading marksmen in the league.


    Scalsey has never lost a derby match in a couple of encounters with them in his days with Aberdeen when he actually got on the scoresheet and in the recent derby match in which he really impressed. Hopefully a good omen for tomorrow.



    Rangers will attack no doubt and unlike all our games this will open up space for Celtic’s forwards. Celtic to win but will need to sustain their efforts for the full ninety and no second half drop off .

  15. Welsh 1st goal…..you heard it here first






    Can you ask your son to ask Claire if she’ll go out with me?

  16. bournesouprecipe on



























    Team picks itself really, – Hatate, and Abada fit, gives us a better impact subs

  17. Folks be under no illusion both thugs Goldston and Luddstram and potentially Raskin /Jack WILL be available for selection tomo…it’s an open secret all over thems forums …their midfield “crisis “ is a load of pish …and of course they will be allowed to kick with impunity …don’t believe the hype 🤔




    As only one vote has flooded in so far, I may be repeating this at various intervals…




    Maybe it’s just me or a Friday thing or maybe because I do superbru on a phone, but I can’t see anything beyond the Leaderboard, never mind 4 places to the right of jaunty uncles…



    However, if others have the same problem, I found that on the top right hand corner of the leaderboard page there is a pair of empty speech bubbles. Tap on those and you enter the chat zone, where you can write your message to SFTB.



    Hope this makes sense…

  19. Beginning to agree re CCV …sick note never available for big games …would be interesting to check his appearances stats in Champion League games …and games v Them …and has he not got a history of missing finals ? 🤔

  20. CARPE DIEM 63 on 29TH DECEMBER 2023 7:09 PM


    Beginning to agree re CCV …sick note never available for big games …would be interesting to check his appearances stats in Champion League games …and games v Them …and has he not got a history of missing finals ? 🤔



    Hee Hee



    You’re definitely havin a laff, right?



    The guy’s a warrior



    If he’s missed BIG games it’s definitely not through fear

  21. Does Maedas last 2 appearances fill his fan club with any sense of confidence?Ran about like a man with boots 2 sizes too small,on the wrong feet.When he is bad he is a disaster.Can’t afford that tomorrow,so for me a huge gamble.


    Will be delighted to be proved wrong,of course.

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