Celtic need a lager squad than any other club in football


At some point early tomorrow morning Callum McGregor, James Forrest and Scott Bain will arrive at Glasgow Airport and start their summer break.  14 hours ago, Kristoffer Ajer, left a field on the Faroe Islands and Nir Bitton did the same in Warsaw.

Within four weeks, they will have to complete their off-season rest, get back into training and compete in the Champions League qualifiers.

The problems thrown up by a season that extends into June are not unique to Celtic, but they are more acute here.  Celtic players are not midseason, like the Scandinavians, and unlike most others who are competing in international football this month and are in Uefa action in four weeks time, they carry expectation to win through the qualifiers.

Bodies need rest and one of the consequences of not getting rest is injury.  Celtic’s season is longer than most and as a consequence of reaching the last six domestic finals, involves more two-game weeks.

The injury count at Celtic last season left the club significantly short at various points in the season.  I know there are financial (and other) consequences of having a big squad, but Celtic probably need a larger squad than any other club in football if their players are to compete from July to June.

Lisbon Lion, John Fallon, send this message for those who took part on the CQN Last Man Standing competition:

On behalf of the Fallon Family, we would like to thank all that took part in this completion especially Marc and Jeff, who ran it, but must importantly the gift of £550 to Alzheimer Scotland, in memory of my wife Esther.  Thanks and god bless all who took part.

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  1. Hrvatski Jim on

    The 2019/202 Champions League is underway with the preliminary round draw today:


    Feronikeli (KOS) vs Lincoln Red Imps (GIB)


    Tre Penne (SMR) vs FC Santa Coloma (AND)


    Winners pay each other in a final to get place in the 1st qualifying round.


    So, the season starts in 14 days time with the semi-finals.



    Our draw for 1st and hopefully 2nd qualifying rounds ties is one week today with first games on 9th or 10th July.


    Hope that you’ve enjoyed your close season.

  2. The LW position is completely up for grabs between Sinclair, Hayes, Johnston, Arzani & Shved.



    – Sinclair obviously has been an important player and scored a lot of goals. Must be looking over his shoulder. Final year of contract.



    – Hayes is often unfancied but has earned a certain level of respect from the fans and Lennon based on his work rate and willingness to get stuck in



    – Johnston is probably the main hope. One of our main prospects on a long term deal. Has shown flashes of what he’s capable of but went missing on two trips to Govan



    – Arzani showed a flash of exciting play before coming back from serious injury. He will need to work hard to get a chance but talent is definitely there. Only one year on his loan deal but there’s always the chance he will extend onwards like Roberts did.



    – Shved is primarily a right winger but is left footed. May fancy his chances of starting on the left than dislodging James Forrest.

  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    I agree. If it is correct that Celtic never took up Mikel’s option, which presumably would have been on existing terms, then it indicates that he would be a back up next season.


    Therefore as a backup, not playing as many games, he is right that he would be offered reduced terms.


    If this is the case, then the club have done the right thing.


    It would also suggest that we no longer considered him first choice right back.


    I will be sorry to see him go as I feel his knowledge and experience still has a value, but at a reduced rate.

  4. Yes for sure… seems to be the case here.



    Even although, I think Lenny wanted him to stay on.



    The aim now is to unearth the next Mickael Lustig. Not easy, but it is up to the club to scout maximum quality for reasonable outlay.

  5. Hebcelt at 4;30


    Yep, indeed, Fowler’s wee heavy is what I meant to say. I, too, can’t remember what the drink was called when you added it to your half finished pint of heavy although I must have poured hundreds of the stuff, particularly when the bell rang for last orders at ten to ten! A good way to end the evening- definitely not a good way to begin the evening!

  6. What do we have as right-back options… assuming Lustig away.



    Ralston / Manny Perez.



    Like a lot of things at Celtic, the Lustig situation hasn’t come as a surprise. We should of been planning for this day for a while… and therefore surely have a list of players in mind as potential replacements.

  7. One of more my older brothers mate drank a Wee Fowlers with half pint of heavy or Guinness



    Think he called it a “happy Day” or something similar.

  8. I thought Lustig’s reaction at end of cup final showed he knew it was his last game. He was very emotional.



    Amidst the usual speculation of who may or may not go, has JF not done enough to be subject to an EPL bid? 10-15 million and the Suits will surely say Shved is his natural replacement.

  9. Mikael Lustig has does us a favour rejecting an extension, frees up the RB position for much needed investment, after at least two seasons neglect.



    You know that bit where you come out of the window stronger than you went in.



    Chequebook CSC

  10. As usual when it comes to Celtic transfer business, all roads lead back to one man and his Del Boy Trotter approach. It surprises me that so many seem unable to see what the problem is. Peter Lawwell is not the messiah, he is holding us back for the benefit of the PLC and himself.

  11. ‘ Lawyers acting for Natalie McGarry, 37, succeeded in securing interim liberation for their client at the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh on Tuesday.



    Judge Lord Turnbull made the decision to grant McGarry bail after hearing submissions from the dean of the Faculty of Advocates, Gordon Jackson QC.



    The former politician was jailed for 18 months at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week after being convicted of embezzling more than £25,000 from Scottish independence groups”



    Good ole fashioned British Justice CSC

  12. If Mika has gone then, we Celtic are diminished.


    He was a regular internationalist for a decent team and a regular hunskelper.


    Tough job trying to replace him.







  13. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    BADA BING!! on 11TH JUNE 2019 4:49 PM


    3T-If Lustig is not considered our first choice RB,who is mate? HH Ralston?





    It would indicate that we intended to bring in a replacement for Lustig.

  14. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on




    I can only assume we expect to get a RB before the qualifiers. We have lost Lustig, Gamboa and Toljan.



    We only have Ralston and the American who has been playing college football; neither of whom could you rely upon for such big games.

  15. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Give us a break, man. Change the record, that one’s scratched.



    Happy Days.



    This was a popular “cocktail “ during WW2.


    Whiskey was difficult to get, so many drinkers would have their pints and their one for the road would be a Strong Ale tipped into their last pint, for a wee added kick.

  16. Letting lustig leave is only a good idea if we replace him with a better player.


    Don’t hold your breath.


    This is celtic.

  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    It could be ML is still negotiating a deal and this ‘farewell video’ is just part of his negotiating strategy.

  18. paddymacoz on 11th June 2019 12:59 pm



    Cheers Paddy good to know he is doing well cracking big guy John.




  19. Great shame to see the great servant and Hun Skelper Mikel leave us.


    I wonder how much it will take to fund a direct replacement. It matters not a jot, as we will hope to find another Mikel on much reduced terms.

  20. Inspector Poirot


    Chief Inspector Maigret


    Inspector Van der Valk


    Inspector Montelbano


    Captain Laure Berthaud


    Detective Inspector Cardinal


    Chief Inspector Wallander


    Inspector Saga Noren


    D.I. Sarah Lund


    Chief of Police Andri Olaffson


    P.C. Lustig

  21. Sorry, posted early there. I am heading to Sweden tonight and will possibly hear the local take, last I heard was that Malmo had offered a substantial signing on fee and the best salary in the Swedish league. Good luck to Mikel and his lovely family, he will be missed. Hail! Hail!

  22. JC2 at 4:58. Happy Days- spot on. A bit of an oxymoron, I’d say.


    Jinkyredstar- as you’re now an honorary Brandane, I can exclusively reveal that any Happy Days that I consumed, I consumed on Bute. My real Happy Days came after I left Bute.

  23. bournesouprecipe



    Good shout Bourne! And don’t forget that it was Ronny Delia who pointed out that from Glasgow you go South to Malmo. Not a lot of people know that.

  24. hebcelt



    You must have been the Hebridean Detective that I missed out on!


    Or was that Hamish Macbeth?

  25. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Sad to see PC Lustig’s wonderful time with us apparently coming to a bit of a messy end.



    Love the man, and would have been delighted to see him here for another year or more as back-up and gradually moving into coaching to bring the young lads on. But maybe he doesn’t see coaching in his future.



    I can see Broonie moving in that direction next season. I love the captain, but never more so than when Brendan Rodgers let everybody down, including himself, with the manner of his leaving. He dragged a shell-shocked team over the line with the strength of his character. Hero.



    As regards Fowler’s Wee Heavy…



    I worked in Dunn & Moore’s beer warehouse in Bridgeton in the summer of 1976 – searing heat and Punk rock – loading up the delivery lorries.



    There were two reasons we all came to work in 30 degrees of heat wearing full length nylon football socks under the jeans, and one of them was Fowler’s Wee Heavy. The other was Pony Sherry.



    (When you clocked out, they’d check your pockets, but they never thought about lower-leg pilferage. God forgive me, I was only 16)

  26. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more dificult I hear that there’s no Andy Robertson for Scotland tonight.

  27. Before I don my recently acquired Scotland Away jersey and head to my Bhoy’s for tonight’s mauling, here’s another wee plug for a most enjoyable event…



    *** CQN OPEN – FRIDAY 21st JUNE ***


    On behalf of our very, very busy posters, John “Taggsybhoy” and Kevin “Blantyrekev” I’m happy to remind everyone of the headline details for this year’s golf day which is now only 10 sleeps away!!!


    As always, the day takes place in sunny Aberdour with the feature being a very pleasant round of golf on one of Scotland’s finest courses, Aberdour. This is followed by copious amounts of socialising with fellow CQNrs and friends culminating in an evening meal and more, ahem, socialising.


    This year’s guest speakers are Daniel Fergus McGrain (yes, you too can be in the company of THE greatest full back to ever don the Hoops), Willie McStay and, of course, Paul67. The costs are £45 if you only want to play golf, £45 if you only want to attend the evening event, or £80 if you want to do both.


    Traditionally and as an alternative to participating in the golf, Sir Oldtim67 is believed to be organising his usual daytime pub crawl which, of course, is absolutely free (unless you want to indulge in any drinking!).


    The proceeds from this year are going to both Alzheimer Scotland and Open Arms Malawi.


    If anyone’s interested just drop a short email to cqngolf@gmail.com and John or Kevin will get back to you.


    And if you really want to top the day off with an overnight stay at The Woodside Hotel, just call 01383 860328, mention CQN and someone will sort you out!


    A day and evening of great sport, laughter and company. Helping others too – the Celtic way.


    Oh, and wear green (lots of green) day and night!


    Hail Hail!

  28. Celtic Mac I would also correct you if you wrote Jock Steen or Neil Lenon nothing Hebridean detective about it just good old Hebridean education and common courtesy. I would hope anyone would do the same for me. It’s no big deal we’ll not fall out over it. H H Hebcelt

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