Celtic need a lager squad than any other club in football


At some point early tomorrow morning Callum McGregor, James Forrest and Scott Bain will arrive at Glasgow Airport and start their summer break.  14 hours ago, Kristoffer Ajer, left a field on the Faroe Islands and Nir Bitton did the same in Warsaw.

Within four weeks, they will have to complete their off-season rest, get back into training and compete in the Champions League qualifiers.

The problems thrown up by a season that extends into June are not unique to Celtic, but they are more acute here.  Celtic players are not midseason, like the Scandinavians, and unlike most others who are competing in international football this month and are in Uefa action in four weeks time, they carry expectation to win through the qualifiers.

Bodies need rest and one of the consequences of not getting rest is injury.  Celtic’s season is longer than most and as a consequence of reaching the last six domestic finals, involves more two-game weeks.

The injury count at Celtic last season left the club significantly short at various points in the season.  I know there are financial (and other) consequences of having a big squad, but Celtic probably need a larger squad than any other club in football if their players are to compete from July to June.

Lisbon Lion, John Fallon, send this message for those who took part on the CQN Last Man Standing competition:

On behalf of the Fallon Family, we would like to thank all that took part in this completion especially Marc and Jeff, who ran it, but must importantly the gift of £550 to Alzheimer Scotland, in memory of my wife Esther.  Thanks and god bless all who took part.

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  1. Bonjour mes amis



    Je suis rentré de Paris, un peu en surpoids, mais prêt pour les entraînements de pré-saison.



    Tous les mots sont prêts, mais, avec un peu de travail sur le terrain d’entraînement, je peux les obtenir dans le bon ordre.



    Les mots sont: –





    Allée chauffée


    Mentalité pot de biscuits


    Manque d’Ambition


    Spéculer pour accumuler






    Les Huns arrivent



    Libérer les ours




    Same here mhate ,just across the Clyde …Carlsberg 76 when I was 16….I thank them profusely for building up my immune system to drink.hh


    bournesouprecipe on 11th June 2019 6:46 pm



    embra. is further west than Carlisle tae.



    ps ps you got some taste when it comes tae burds.

  4. if Berwick on tweed was moved from the east coast to the west coast on the same latitude it would sit between skelmorlie and largs

  5. HI GHUYS, if you drew a straight line from Ashington in Northumberland it would bring you somewhere in dumfrieshire, and bobby and Jackie Charlton would be Scottish and play for Scotland instead of England.hh

  6. !!BADA BING!! on 11TH JUNE 2019 8:57 PM


    I would sign Mulgrew before McKenna,and I’m being serious…..






    Both are rotten. The minute McKenna lost that header to Simunvic up in Aberdeen he should have been forgotten about.

  7. Saint Stivs – great photos. I wonder when did it become common for fans to wear team colours? The old photos always show men wearing caps and jackets, no scarves, replica tops etc.

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    That Scotland game is like us v Hamilton , off to watch Iceland game bit more competitive

  9. Not sure this thought will gain majority favour but SC has mad a difference to the NT.



    Just unfortunate that he has some lightweights to try and knit a side together. Unfortunately the lightweights play for us and offered no evidence that they are ready to make the step up to the next level either for the NT of for us.



    JF is a fan dancer — when the opposition is anyway half decent he promises a lot and delivers next to nothing. To me the issue is all in his head — no desire, no appetite and no drive to get involved and make things happen. He wants to be carried about in a shawl and be spoon fed opportunities and we cannot afford the luxury of wee boy that doesn’t want to grow up.



    CMcG as an attacking MF — wandered about trying to hide. His kit will not need washed as he never got involved enough to make it dirty. Shocking display lacking in ambition, fight or a final product — one of many playing that position where if he doesn’t score a goal — 2 games out of 3 — he is worse than a man down.



    But never mind — according to the PL booster club we don’t need changes over the summer.



    Final word on OB — his nickname should be PLC he is that limited. He needs to do a huge amount of growing up before he is anywhere near a start for either us or the NT. He makes a simple game look complicated and his ability to choose the wrong option or the wrong time to press is hard to watch.



    I would love him to succeed but he needs a full season learning the basics to get his confidence back.

  10. AINT STIVS on 11TH JUNE 2019 8:59 PM



    did jinky score ? dejected twisted hun om the floor, its a brilliant image



    *Aye, practically ran fae the hauf way line tae. The big hero was Denis Connaghan who saved 2 penalties.



    The buzz bomb missed the first one, the most overrated right back in the country scored for them, Fat Pat then scored for us, parlane’s shot was saved by Denis, former Tradamus Lampada school captain scored for us, Denis saved one of larkhall’s pride and joy brothers effort, Tid scored for us, the Banana hun scored for them, so it was up tae the wee mhan and as I said he ran fae almost the hauf way line and blasted it past the ugly side of Scottish fitba tae give us our one and only Dryborough Cup.



    As we left the Celtic end signing and dancing one of our supporters remarked it was only a mickey mouse trophy tae which his mate said he couldnae care if it was a chocolate watch we were playing for as long as we beat them.



    That’s the way I felt then and 45 year later still do.

  11. glendalystonsils on

    The Scottish national team has been completely undermined by a national association who are not fit for purpose and who appointed the previous manager who was likewise not fit for purpose. Steve Clarke will make a difference but he has inherited a team whose confidence and spirit will still be smarting from the debacle of the McLeish era.

  12. GLENDALYSTONSILS on 11TH JUNE 2019 10:42 PM



    The Scottish national team has been completely undermined by a national association who are not fit for purpose and who appointed the previous manager who was likewise not fit for purpose. Steve Clarke will make a difference but he has inherited a team whose confidence and spirit will still be smarting from the debacle of the McLeish era.



    *I blame the ludge and the ayrshire rugby supporting rag and bone man.

  13. Mahe the Madman on



    ” Seems to me the same internet bampots without any knowledge of the terms or offer, are slagging Celtic because Mikel Lustig seems to have rejected an extension, and they would have been slagging Celtic ‘for a lack of ambition’ had he accepted the deal. ”



    Genuine question,,,why use the word bampot ? You could easily have said internet bloggers etc.


    Do those with a different online opinion than you get labelled bampot ?


    They are just Celtic fans with a different opinion and to label them with that disrespectful word is not good on your behalf be aware.



    FWIW my gripe is right now is when our transfer plans should kick into the next gear and hit the final straights. Yet we are paused waiting on Mik to decide what he is going to do in one of the most important positions on the field for us.


    The minute Mik rejected that contract we should have began succession planning . Right now our right back situation is dependent on what other clubs offer him. Terrible precedent to set . Offer , then they sign or we walk and look elsewhere and plan without them. No club with a pretense of being big leaves it this late with existing players to commit.

  14. Mahe the Madman



    Term of endearment, internet collective name.



    We are all internet bampots in degrees, imagine having a moniker Mahe the Madman and objecting to being


    the word bampot LOL



    Some of us just take it less seriously and although opinions differ, none of them matter, because nobody that writes on the internet, has the facts in Celtic contract negotiations, nobody at the Daily Rainjurz has the facts either.



    Case in point Mikael Lustig’s contract extension, all we have is a garbled social media message looking like he’s got a better offer in Sweden, probably where he’ll get better wages, and more games than he would next season at Celtic . Some posters come on and profess their undying hatred of the PLC the board, and Hoopy the Huddlehound, because ML is probably rejecting the deal ( read the comments ) one poster even said ‘Lustig was done’ , but the board still got it in the neck, anyway.



    That is taking bampottery to a whole new level IMHO?



    We don’t even know if he was offered anything much, or when?



    How do you know that Celtic haven’t plans to buy a first choice RB? – some of us prefer to believe that they have.



    How do you know those plans are not at an advanced stage?



    Has the transfer window not only just opened today?



    Did those posters call out a lack of planning when we signed Maryan Shved ages ago?



    Why did Mikel Lustig refuse an extension?



    Could it be because he wasn’t happy with the reduced terms and Celtic want to pay a new player, who’ll play every week?.



    Yes, we all have different opinions and the internet is filled with them, and ‘The Celtic board’ would have been castigated if ML had accepted the unknown terms, with bampots screaming that he wasn’t good enough for the CL, and Celtic had no ambition because Mikael legs were clearly gone.



    There was a poster on here last week who could predict that Celtic would spend a maximum of £4.4M



    Mind him?




  15. BSR says:



    Mikael Lustig has does us a favour rejecting an extension, frees up the RB position for much needed investment, after at least two seasons neglect.




    Totally agree with that, on this occasion the Celtic board have made the correct call.


    Have to say though I’m astonished that’s your personal view because you have spent the last year having snide digs at Celtic fans who have said exactly that, maybe its just your style and where you get your kicks.



    After having snide digs at Celtic fans for criticising last summer’s transfer window, then u turning and agreeing with them, then amazingly having more snide digs at a later date, ive come to the conclusion that ive no longer to take your posts seriously. You’re all over the place.



    My mistake for not seeing you wanted to be taken as a joke figure, which is a shame as you would offer so much more to the blog if your soul motivation wasn’t continual sniping.



    I mean who would actually spend all year criticising poster’s who’s point of view you actually agree with?

  16. Sid



    If I’m one thing I’m consistent



    I’d be delighted if ML signed but only as back up, and have consistently said


    we needed a RB from long before the end, of the season before last.



    If you can point me to where I’ve ever said anything that contradicts that, by all means go ahead, but I won’t be holding my breath, as for comments viewed as ‘snide’ ‘let he who hath not sinned cast the first stone’

  17. Mahe the Madman on



    Term of endearment?


    I will accept that you are being honest in that answer.


    It started as a derogatory phrase coined by the SMSM.


    I would have thought being derogatory a Celtic fan wouldnt describe another Celtic fan as that ,, perhaps you might want to consider that .


    I myself would not like to be labelled that .


    As for the Madman bit of my own moniker it has zero to do with any media calling him that and I would call him that whether they copied me or not.


    He was a madman on the pitch in his own style , who gave me much enjoyment and happy memories.



    Re Lustig,,, many opinions have been given on him and his contribution but again just opinions not bampotery. Opinions are what blogs are for in the main.



    “ Why did Mikel Lustig refuse an extension? “


    Why does he still have the offer is a much better question. We should have moved on the minute he rejected offer.



    Shved was offered to Peter by his agent and he bit. Its that simple.


    There was zero planning involved,,,it was a yeah looks good Ill take him impulse punt .



    “ Yes, we all have different opinions and the internet is filled with them, and ‘The Celtic board’ would have been castigated if ML had accepted the unknown terms, with bampots screaming that he wasn’t good enough for the CL, and Celtic had no ambition because Mikael legs were clearly gone.”


    I believe if you poll the posters the majority would agree he has declined and would no longer want him as our first choice right back.


    With two huge years ahead , mega bucks in bank , and the right back a traditionally huge position in the team we should not be placing our faith in an aging warhorse who will most likely be heavily targeted.


    He was clearly not good enough in Europe. Stood off far to much.


    We as a club might save a few quid , or cover a problem position for one more year with him,, but he is on the decline and as such thats a failure for planning and management.


    We might push this back a year but what then ,, he leaves and we have a newbie going for ten?


    Hardly desirable. Next years starter needs getting games this campaign. Only proper planning.



    “ There was a poster on here last week who could predict that Celtic would spend a maximum of £4.4M . Mind him? “


    Yes Im well aware I chose that amount and still stand by it infact . I think we walk out in profit this window instead of cementing the ten with a sizable spend.


    If Lenny is not sufficiently backed then Peter should get the blame for any title race defeat and I will be hammering home that point on here and other places.



    I am glad to see you call for a good spend and we are agreed there.


    I would like to think if it doesnt materialize you will call for heads. If not why not?


    Hail Hail

  18. I’d bring in Craig Brewster into the background team if we’re going for a Lager team. We’ve already added Duff!

  19. Good morning CQN from a dry at the moment Garngad



    We signed anyone yet?



    D. :)

  20. Good Morning – Mild and Lush in The Chilterns Today…



    Well interesting leader, I’m with those who feel we don’t need a bloated squad and we should be going for quality over quantity.



    We certainly struggled at times due to fittness and injury issues last season but that was despite having a bloated squad.



    When we were short in the middle of the park I don’t remember a clamour for getting Scott Allen in, Mulumba back etc…



    These players previously have been key members of SPL teams and yet still not close to (a fading) Celtic team…



    …Celtic don’t need a lager [sic? Possibly;] squad than any other club in football.



    We need a much better squad than any other club not in the top 30 of Europe.



    Hail Hail

  21. James Squire flying in from Australia for a medical. Need for the Lager squad has been answered.

  22. mullet and co 2 on

    Don’t agree that we need a bloated squad. That squad is the reason Liam Henderson will play in Serie A while Kouassi and some other midfielder takes up a squad place he could have filled and grown into the first team over time.



    If you raise the quality all through the first 11 you should be able to cope when they get injured and then play one or two academy boys. This project crap has to stop. The latest being Bayo. A £2m outlay and 2% of the clubs turnover that could have been spent going another £200k for another striker in terms of wages and transfer fee.


    Our whole organisation seems stretched around Peter Lawwell and his requirement or the clubs for him to be involved in every negotiation. So if we are receiving phone calls on McGregor and there are agents is he concentrating on landing £20 odd million or is he looking at spending or is he looking at the renewal Of the kit manufacturers?


    We really could do with trusting two individuals to do this job who report into Mr Lawwell. I actually think it would be well worth the salary.

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