Celtic need a lager squad than any other club in football


At some point early tomorrow morning Callum McGregor, James Forrest and Scott Bain will arrive at Glasgow Airport and start their summer break.  14 hours ago, Kristoffer Ajer, left a field on the Faroe Islands and Nir Bitton did the same in Warsaw.

Within four weeks, they will have to complete their off-season rest, get back into training and compete in the Champions League qualifiers.

The problems thrown up by a season that extends into June are not unique to Celtic, but they are more acute here.  Celtic players are not midseason, like the Scandinavians, and unlike most others who are competing in international football this month and are in Uefa action in four weeks time, they carry expectation to win through the qualifiers.

Bodies need rest and one of the consequences of not getting rest is injury.  Celtic’s season is longer than most and as a consequence of reaching the last six domestic finals, involves more two-game weeks.

The injury count at Celtic last season left the club significantly short at various points in the season.  I know there are financial (and other) consequences of having a big squad, but Celtic probably need a larger squad than any other club in football if their players are to compete from July to June.

Lisbon Lion, John Fallon, send this message for those who took part on the CQN Last Man Standing competition:

On behalf of the Fallon Family, we would like to thank all that took part in this completion especially Marc and Jeff, who ran it, but must importantly the gift of £550 to Alzheimer Scotland, in memory of my wife Esther.  Thanks and god bless all who took part.

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  1. mullet and co 2 on

    Lustig played like an arthritic 70 year old but offering him a deal just a few days before pre season smacks again of a lack of common decency and any plan whatsoever.


    I look forward to an English right back with less than 100 senior games aged over 25 playing there next season.

  2. traditionalist88 on

    MULLET AND CO 2 on 12TH JUNE 2019 8:41 AM



    Agree about the projects. Well…If not stopped, redefined.



    The age of a ‘project’ has been creeping up and up.



    If you’re 22 (Bayo) and you’re not good enough, too ‘rough’ round the edges (whatever that actually means), or just a total punt on the recommendation of a former player, we should learn that you do generally get what you pay for.



    Yes I know about late developers but they are the exception rather than the rule. I know its good to find these exceptions but when too many of the basics are not there at age 22-24 we really should know better.



    Jack Hendry is 24. He is not going to develop into a defender that meets requirements at Celtic. Celtic know this but only £1.2m later. A pretty costly mistake when you consider the serious reservations of most Celtic supporters who’d seen him play beforehand.




  3. Abrevio still tellin us what we should think . The biggest one he missies is IMHO. Cos thats all it is . Same as rest of us. IMHO




  4. Mahe the Madman



    Aye, everybody that chooses to post has an opinion.



    But when the opinion is baseless, and bereft of facts, it is instantly devalued.



    You can’t understand why Mikael Lustig still has an offer and you don’t know the terms, or when


    it was offered?



    You stand by a predicted £4.4M net spend in this window based on an opinion, how does that work exactly?



    How are you able to predict that when it’s less half of last years total spend in what was considered a disastrous window and we spent next to nothing?



    Should ML enjoy the same terms and conditions of his previous contract when it’s evident he will not be the first choice right back, and would play a handful of games?



    I’m confident NL will be backed financially, and I’ve already posted many times, I’m waiting on a big spend this summer, and yes, if the gaps in the squad aren’t filled then even the board groupies will be raging.





  5. No more signing expensive duds from the Ivory Coast hopefully now that Kolo Toure has left the premises.



    That character could have bankrupt the club had he remained.



    Money For Nothing CSC. ?

  6. To Mikel Lustig


    Thank you and good luck in your future endevours.You played your part in my own and Celtic history.




    Hail Hail

  7. weebobbycollins on

    A 32 year old ‘aging warhorse’…whose legs have gone…ffs


    This bandwagon is going to tip over…



    Why did Lawwell decide Andy Robertson was too wee?

  8. HRVATSKI JIM on 12TH JUNE 2019 10:01 AM


    Luca Connel



    Anyone know anything about him?






    He’s cheap, he’s Irish and has hair like a young Paddy McCourt…



    For those left wondering, yep, that was cyncial.



    Meant to be a good player I hear…..

  9. The transfer window is open. We are cash Rich with a min( 20 dembele and 9 Rodgers ) 29 ready to spend


    Of course now is the most dangerous time for the man with the heated driveway as pressure is always on to improve the team and reduce the balance sheet, but in majority of cases , like last year the balance sheet and income towards the heated driveway is kept no 1



    How does he get away with it


    Several ways , one is spin and social media



    Paul 67 header is an example of that


    So when we see lots of projects and journeymen signed. Paul 67 will say. Don’t worry it’s just to increase the squad followed by the window slamming shut with us spending a few million. Well done Paul , well done peter. Team goes backwards and peter income goes up He is good at it. He has been doing it for years




    Time for a change

  10. SydneyTim



    ‘cough’ 8-in-a-row ‘cough’



    ‘cough’ triple treble ‘cough’



    How much more do we need to win by to make you happy? 9+ points?



    Anyway, good to see you fella. Every time I see big Wanyama it reminds me of the time you picked him out as a lack of ambition by the board as he was a project signing.



    Could you imagine we spent the money on £6m Jerry Toljan of Dortmund. An absolute haddie there.

  11. weebobbycollins on

    This continued success for Celtic is doing great harm not only to the huns but also to a section of our support who bleat constantly for improvement…


    I understand the need to freshen things up on the park and in the boardroom. Quite a few of the board have been around too long…that includes the ole dictator himself…it has gotten a wee bit stale…however, to call a 32 year old legend an ‘aging warhorse’ is a bit over the top, and especially telling him to GTF…


    Shame on the bampot…

  12. Transfer window has been open a day and I’ve seen 2 articles on newsnow questioning Celtic’s slow window….



    Laughable really

  13. Evening big wavy



    When I think of big vic I think of all the hard work Neil said was put into getting the sale done


    Pity no effort was put into buying a replacement


    He was sold and on the Friday the heated driveway said in the evening times “best run club in Uk, look at our balance sheet or words to that effect The next day Aberdeen ran through our midfield at Celtic Park and knocked us our Scottish cup. Sadly sums it up Neil got zero of vics money. It was used to fill in loss of cl money as we did not even try



    As for right back. We have needed one for 3 years and the German boy was all we could come up with. Very poor



    We have had zero competition for 3 years


    Our squad is massively depleted and we need to spend the dembele money


    Peter lawell is a risk now to ten in a row

  14. SydneyTim



    I’m no fan of Lawell’s. Been around too long. However, I’m not sure we would operate very differently when the next fella rides into town. He’d do some things better and some things worse.



    Feels like we need freshened up across the club (even if cosmetic) and it would be no bad idea to start at the CEO soon. But not before we get a damn good RB, CH, playmaker and a functioning forward.



    Still think we’re up for 9-in-a-row…

  15. Big wavy. We agree



    Center half


    Right back




    And good midfield



    We. Agree. Time to party :)))



    Unfortunately those 4 will need over 20m to be spent. We have the cash



    But present CEO won’t spend it



    He must go. But won’t as it’s an easy Cash cow for him

  16. SYDNEYTIM on 12TH JUNE 2019 11:18 AM


    Big wavy. We agree






    I think I need to lie down :)



    Does not compute.

  17. Agree regards lawell, but I feel he is told what to do by the absent landlord ,all be it he follows orders with gusto . Desmond for me is the culprit , the man who in his interview was fullsome


    In his praise of a club ,who should be out the game altogether, because of non investment in Celtic, the


    Dead club aren’t, they are very much alive .as I say not through them , through us allowing them to survive , the time is coming where they may pip us to the title ,the income we lose , will allow them to get out there debt , will allow them to compete for better players , just what Desmond wanted .God we missed the chance to bury them for good

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