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When Newco signed up for the Ange Homecoming Tour, I’m pretty sure they didn’t know that is how it would be billed.  It also seems clear they didn’t know they agreed to participate for less than half the sum that Celtic were able to attract.

These are interesting times in Newco finances, they are not in a position to be fussy about a sizeable fee (we are not completely out of the financial woods either).  Football club directors never want to make unpopular decisions, but they know sometimes their salary requires them to put priorities before popularity.  That’s what this is.  It is then the job of the PR department to sensitively commuicate unpopular decisions to fans.  Can you imagine having this job at a major club?  It takes skill and guile, and even then, the best you can hope for is to be marginally disliked.

The Newco board need to pay the wages, so were obliged to take the money and attempt to sell the decision to their fans.  I could say the same about Celtic’s decision, albeit this fee is not dependent on Newco being in attendance (they may yet pull out).

That the Newco board were not aware of the “Ange Homecoming Tour” billing, or that they were the poor relations when it came to payment, is an opportunity for anyone wanting to campaign against them.  Fans and fan groups didn’t want the game, but there’s a touch of humiliation in how business was conducted.  This led to the exchanges between club and shareholder group yesterday, “propaganda”, was the cry!

I’ve seen under the bonnet of the Celtic commercial operation.  In all honesty, I don’t fancy coming up against them.  It is an experienced department that can assess the value of opportunities like this from instinct.  Newco are still new in a corporate sense.  If they retain their current commercial crop, they will learn from this and be less exposed in future, but 10 years of innovative corporate leadership has not cultivated much growth.

None of this puts the ball in the net, but it goes a long way towards what eventually happens on the field.

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  1. michaeldavittmuseum






    21 Mar


    A big thanks to all those who forwarded pictures of the Michael Davitt Banner displayed by




    at Celtic Park on Saturday. The Banner commemorated the 130th anniversary of Davitt laying the centre sod at the ground on March19th 1892. Photo by Laurena Kelly from Straide.

  2. aul67



    Not sure about the 150 rumour , if they were really 150 years old I’m sure we’d have heard by now?



    For sure, the Soor Grapes FC protest is because Celtic are the reason for the game and are being paid infinitely more.



    By all means Celtic should play in Oz, but to make money from a unneccesary game against a new club that lifted an old defunct poisoned cheating mantra, embraced and redeveloped it, must surely be a game too far IMO.



    ‘One club since 1888’ has priciples to be maintained .

  3. Tom McLaughlin on

    Sitting in the beer garden of the oldest pub in Scotland enjoying a Guinness, a book and warm sunshine.



    Up the Celts.

  4. celtic principles were sold when celtic plc tipped their bowler hats in agreement to retain oldfirm, same club, ticket prices, in 2016 on ibrox return to top flight football.


    ticket prices for oldfirm £49 in 2012.


    ticket prices for oldfirm £49 in 2016.


    so according to ticket price sevco-rangers are the same club?


    thousands of celtic supporters filled the broomloan stand in dec 2016, at £49 each?


    then the broomloan sand – “your not rangers anymore”?


    celtic thickos?


    dim tims?


    or just lazily trashing celtic integrity for a day oot with their pals?


    or utterly fooled by the arrival of managerial squirrel, brendan rodgers, that at long last, the board were on the same page as the fans, how could they not be after appointing, brendan rodgers?


    after the, oldfirm, same club, same ticket price, fixture was back onto the fixture list for two2 years, the board realised that a £45k per week manager, had served the plc [real] agenda, getting the plc away with having to answer the same club question, whilst maintaining the status of the oldfirm fixture, and at the same price of ticket as well, whilst also separating the herd from auldheid, isolating auldheid, and picking him off at a later date, whilst the rest of the 53,000 by this time were totally consumed by green hunism, what a mess.


    celtic supporters who bought these tickets agreed that sevco-rangers are the same club, or celtic supporters wouldn’t have bought these tickets.



  5. The David Icke/Russell Brand/Sunday Post hybrid fountains of all truth and wisdom, are up early today. Flux capacitor malfunction.



    The grassy knoll did it. For forty nine quid.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on




    No let the joy continue, that which is called retirement👏👍



    TBH last night was to be a dry night but the Pars v Jags game was too good🍺🍻

  7. Rain is battering down, has been all week and will be for the next week, it’s rainy season after all, thankfully nice and snug in the cave.


    As for glibby offering to bail the hun out re the Oz trip, he knows fine well that the current board will never accept the offer, he is as sleekit as they come, still nothing beats a bit of hun on hun, when the threats are being made public, I can only imagine what’s going on behind the scenes.

  8. Moderator – if swearing isn’t allowed how come these video links are allowed.


    Just because George Galloway likes to get off on them while in his cat suit doesn’t make them suitable for the blog.


    A new low for the blog.

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Prestonpans, aye young fella. Retirement is grand, dry yesterday like your good self. Taxi duty. Could be worse,could still be working for a well known car dealer or waking up as a hun. I think second option really gives me the fear. 😳

  10. Tom McLaughlin on




    So £49 in 2012 and £49 in 2016.



    That means no increase in 4 years. Not many clubs can be that generous towards their supporters.



    Well don Celtic board. Credit where credit’s due. Thank for pointing this out ED.

  11. It would appear that the new Ibrox club are now coming to terms with financial reality.



    Let’s face it, ploughing in c£100m & bringing in Gerrard was all about stopping the ten. Now that that has been achieved, with a massive helping-hand from us, a period of breathing-space has been bought, and it is now time for reflection. Ramsey was the final hurrah from a hierarchy now looking to live within its means in future, even if it means ‘p******-off a section of the fans – of course some Celtic fans are permanantly non-plussed, even ten years of unprecedented success can’t assuage that. Pleasing a majority of supporters most of the time is the price Celtic pays to be solvent. Ibrox is following suit – imitation is a sincere form of flattery – are we flattered?



    So it looks like that ‘penny has dropped’ in Govan. Sense, business-wise will need to be made of the £100m & the tens of millions of ‘confetti shares’.



    There is a distinct contradiction between aims, aspirations & means in the Scottish football environment – some just don’t ‘get it’. Revenue is the key, that’s why the Australian trip, and probably others like it, make business-sense.

  12. GENE on 23RD MARCH 2022 3:57 PM



    Just because George Galloway likes to get off on them while in his cat suit doesn’t make them suitable for the blog.


    A new low for the blog




    GG in a cat-suit is probably the biggest sex-symbol this country has ever produced!!!!

  13. edward nygma on 23rd March 2022 3:02 pm



    An absolute cancer on the blog, with dicks like this no wonder certain nutters are capable of winning elections.

  14. Izvestia just in. Russia putin a late bid to hijack the 2028 Euros from GB and Ireland. UEFA expected to respond from Geneva after 5pm.

  15. “with dicks like this no wonder certain nutters are capable of winning elections.



    Never were truer words spoken – it’s all around us!

  16. bigrailroadblues on

    To change the subject and lighten the mood, my lovely horse Invincible Larne is due to run in the 7.30 at Wolverhampton on Saturday. Small stakes each way advised. Bet responsibly or don’t bet.

  17. Tom McLaughlin on

    Could Dave King be indulging in a popularity exercise in preparation for administration when he will move in and buy the club on the cheap?

  18. Tom McLaughlin on




    No harm in posting a tip, especially when it’s your own horse and you advise to bet small and each-way.



    You’re not forcing anyone. I’ll have a wee each-way flutter on it.

  19. Our Josip Juranovic speaking to the local press while he’s away on International duty….



    Quoted by Dalmacija Danas, he said: “Honestly, when I arrived in Glasgow I was a little skeptical, especially since the team won nothing last season. “However, on the first day, the coach approached me and said, ‘this is a new Celtic, I want you in it.’ “He automatically brought a smile to my face, and since then it hasn’t left my face. “It paid off, we are first in the league table with three points more than Glasgow Rangers. “Upon our return from Doha, a big derby awaits us immediately, we are offered the opportunity to go six points clear. So everything is in our hands. “The city is great, the crowds even better, the teammates amazing. I’m looking forward to lifting the trophy with Celtic.”




    Love this bhoy, he gets us!

  20. My son has part shares in a horse – probably it’s ass. It was scheduled to run at uttoxeter last week but something up – I think he should rename it “lame duck”.

  21. bigrailroadblues on

    Tom, fingers crossed. I’m hoping the big fella gets back safe. 6 furlong sprinters are amazing to watch up close. Nearly keep up with Bobby Lennox.

  22. Tom McLaughlin on

    I once bet a 100/1 shot in the Grand National. When the race started, my horse turned and started running in the opposite direction.



    My wife said – You bet it each-way, right?

  23. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 23RD MARCH 2022 4:56 PM


    Could Dave King be indulging in a popularity exercise in preparation for administration when he will move in and buy the club on the cheap?




    Reasonable question – he is certainly attempting to ingratiate himself with a section of the support….but why?



    I can see no administration situation – those who have bankrolled the club would ‘lose their shirts’ and therefore have no interest. The funding has been incestuous – I detect no outside creditors looking to ‘pull the plug’ – if they owe HMRC again, it is well-hidden.



    He is intent on making mischief – those hell-bent on such will ‘make mountains out of molehills’ and concentrate on pulling things out of context and attacking. He is a divisive figure – but he’s no daft!!!!

  24. Tom McLaughlin on




    I can think of one potential very damaging creditor on the horizon.



    Mike Ashley.

  25. Jhb


    Seriously – posting that type of link is worse than swearing in my opinion – what next beheadings





    Of course, you are right. I had forgotten about him – been so long in the courts.



    Begs the question – is King moving to block some debt/equity deal by Ashley? MA has, I think, no football interests at present. With his ‘clout’ any move to Ibrox could have ramifications for us – that has set me thinking.



    Champions League Groups might tickle Ashley – he got no where near them at Newcastle…..and there’s bound to be new sponsors needed with Gazprom out of the picture.

  27. GENE on 23RD MARCH 2022 5:25 PM




    Seriously – posting that type of link is worse than swearing in my opinion – what next beheadings.




    If that is the case I’m sure Moderator 1888 will deal. The whole GG thing is blown way out of proportion and constantly referred to by a few posters – GG is one guy – he doesn’t post on here – what’s all the fuss? The preoccupation seems obsessive to me.

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