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When Newco signed up for the Ange Homecoming Tour, I’m pretty sure they didn’t know that is how it would be billed.  It also seems clear they didn’t know they agreed to participate for less than half the sum that Celtic were able to attract.

These are interesting times in Newco finances, they are not in a position to be fussy about a sizeable fee (we are not completely out of the financial woods either).  Football club directors never want to make unpopular decisions, but they know sometimes their salary requires them to put priorities before popularity.  That’s what this is.  It is then the job of the PR department to sensitively commuicate unpopular decisions to fans.  Can you imagine having this job at a major club?  It takes skill and guile, and even then, the best you can hope for is to be marginally disliked.

The Newco board need to pay the wages, so were obliged to take the money and attempt to sell the decision to their fans.  I could say the same about Celtic’s decision, albeit this fee is not dependent on Newco being in attendance (they may yet pull out).

That the Newco board were not aware of the “Ange Homecoming Tour” billing, or that they were the poor relations when it came to payment, is an opportunity for anyone wanting to campaign against them.  Fans and fan groups didn’t want the game, but there’s a touch of humiliation in how business was conducted.  This led to the exchanges between club and shareholder group yesterday, “propaganda”, was the cry!

I’ve seen under the bonnet of the Celtic commercial operation.  In all honesty, I don’t fancy coming up against them.  It is an experienced department that can assess the value of opportunities like this from instinct.  Newco are still new in a corporate sense.  If they retain their current commercial crop, they will learn from this and be less exposed in future, but 10 years of innovative corporate leadership has not cultivated much growth.

None of this puts the ball in the net, but it goes a long way towards what eventually happens on the field.

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  1. JHB on 23rd March 2022 1:45 pm



    CELTIC40ME @ 1:22




    I’m sure you’ll get over it – sometimes the use of hyperbole to illustrate a difficult situation can be misunderstood – I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not easy to convey ‘tongue in cheek’ when there are no visuals.





    Tongue in cheek now explained as hyperbole, as was the remark about playing off the cuff, no doubt.



    Keep digging, you’ll maybe end up in Australia in time for the Glasgow Derby

  2. Tom McLaughlin on



    Tom, I have to ask. What’s the oldest pub in Scotland?


    Sheep Heid Inn.


    It’s my local.

  3. “TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 23RD MARCH 2022 5:09 PM


    I once bet a 100/1 shot in the Grand National. When the race started, my horse turned and started running in the opposite direction.


    My wife said – You bet it each-way, right?”



    Nice one, Tom :-)))




    Sheep Heid Inn.



    It’s my local.




    Thanks Tom. Yer a lucky man!

  5. SCULLYBHOY @ 5:41


    Tongue in cheek now explained as hyperbole, as was the remark about playing off the cuff, no doubt.




    I’m sorry my friend, you seem totally obsessed & stuck – lighten up – life is a process, not an one-off event.

  6. CONEYBHOY on 22ND MARCH 2022 9:48 AM








    Was thinking the same thing recently. My list of guys who were not scouted properly or not given a chance.




    Klimala (not given a chance)



    Ajeti (scouting)



    Bayo (not given a chance)



    Schved (scouting)



    Balde (scouting)



    Bangura (scouting)



    Pukki (blew it himself i think)



    Scepovic (should have worked, blew it himself)



    Lassad (could argue he did alright for a free)




    On loan players: Weah and Burke make a difference I thought in their temporary role. Miku did little but played vs Barca. Guidetti was night and day; took Scepovic’s place, banged them in then fizzled out. Griffiths was the winner in all that






    Thanks for getting back to me yesterday re the forwards. I was at work then went to see Bodega at Mono (a 2/5 rating from me) so wasn’t back on.


    I’m sure there are others missing from your list too. A wild list of players who didn’t have the impact of our current first teamers – we’re lucky to have the goal threat we have now.

  7. bigrailroadblues on

    Gentlemen, please desist from your trivial contretemps. I may have to indulge in more beer. Ok carry on 😂

  8. Tom McLaughlin on




    Yes. Duddinston Village.



    Opened 1360.



    Great pub/restaurant.

  9. Do the supporters buses still have a collection for the driver?



    I remember in the late 60’s when I went on flights to the Celtic away games in Europe and someone came round with a collecrion for the pilot. Then the pilot would eventually come on the public address to thank us.

  10. prestonpans bhoys on




    We do although its not be a fortune on a 17 seater bus but its the thought that counts👍

  11. We shouldn’t be exporting hunned-up hatred.


    Yes to playing in Oz. No to endorsing Scotland’s Shame.

  12. Majestic Hartson



    Just a brain dump from me, loads of debate on previous failed strikers; surprised there was not more debate/examples. Think the page turned at a bad time



    We really have won a watch as you say



    I don’t want to start an old fight on here but Lennon did not have an eye for a player, or value and did not develop players into the team. Managers in lower leagues can do that.



    Still amazed at the chances and wages he was given at a club our size

  13. Do they still have raffle draws for the first scorer?



    I remember drawing the referee !




    Then I found out that the linesmen were included as well !

  14. RON BACARDI on 23RD MARCH 2022 8:29 PM


    Do they still have raffle draws for the first scorer?







    I remember drawing the referee !




    Then I found out that the linesmen were included as well !




    Guarantee win when playing huns.

  15. Coney,



    I still think Ajeti could be a decent cf. I think he badly lacks confidence and when he started scoring with us he had a decent record before getting Covid.



    Then when fit again Lennon only played him when there was a half moon, or something.



    A strange old season.

  16. I hope the wee scumbags who thought it a good idea to attack a city centre soup kitchen last night , are proud of their despicable actions. Maurading youths seem to be a current problem in Glasgow city centre. As someone who stayed in the city centre for several ( very happy) years this is very disappointing. They have probably formed the view this is now ‘soft touch Scotland’.



    To politicians (MSP’s and local councillors) get your heid’s out your Hugh Jarse and start embracing authoritative government, and less of the soundbites and grandstanding.

  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2ZKQfp7D6U




    It’s gonnae be Good.




    Imagine Covid restrictions Lifted for next Season travel?



    KevJ is strikingly right about Controllers wanting to Control.



    I may If I choose to make my Arse of a person on a Ski Resort, the pubs Sell Vodka at the Top of the Mountain.







  18. God help the citizens of Sydney when the Orcs turn up.



    Seen a video tonight where some wee Hun was saying that Bobby Madhun is Celtics referee and we have them all in our pocket.






    D :(

  19. DAVID66- from yesterday @6-48pm.


    I worded it wrong buddy. I was trying to say it was a poor show from the mod or Paul in not at the least giving BIG JIMMY the courtesy of a reply .


    My apologies David 👍

  20. Fairhill Bhoy – No problem.



    You might not have seen it but I did reply to you this morning.



    Anyway good to see you posting.



    D :)

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