Celtic, Newco, commercial departments


When Newco signed up for the Ange Homecoming Tour, I’m pretty sure they didn’t know that is how it would be billed.  It also seems clear they didn’t know they agreed to participate for less than half the sum that Celtic were able to attract.

These are interesting times in Newco finances, they are not in a position to be fussy about a sizeable fee (we are not completely out of the financial woods either).  Football club directors never want to make unpopular decisions, but they know sometimes their salary requires them to put priorities before popularity.  That’s what this is.  It is then the job of the PR department to sensitively commuicate unpopular decisions to fans.  Can you imagine having this job at a major club?  It takes skill and guile, and even then, the best you can hope for is to be marginally disliked.

The Newco board need to pay the wages, so were obliged to take the money and attempt to sell the decision to their fans.  I could say the same about Celtic’s decision, albeit this fee is not dependent on Newco being in attendance (they may yet pull out).

That the Newco board were not aware of the “Ange Homecoming Tour” billing, or that they were the poor relations when it came to payment, is an opportunity for anyone wanting to campaign against them.  Fans and fan groups didn’t want the game, but there’s a touch of humiliation in how business was conducted.  This led to the exchanges between club and shareholder group yesterday, “propaganda”, was the cry!

I’ve seen under the bonnet of the Celtic commercial operation.  In all honesty, I don’t fancy coming up against them.  It is an experienced department that can assess the value of opportunities like this from instinct.  Newco are still new in a corporate sense.  If they retain their current commercial crop, they will learn from this and be less exposed in future, but 10 years of innovative corporate leadership has not cultivated much growth.

None of this puts the ball in the net, but it goes a long way towards what eventually happens on the field.

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  1. DAVID66- I did see it,that’s why I have replied.Don’t be getting me mixed up with the easily offended or the multi posters.All I know is BIG JIMMY swore. That apparently is now a red,no come back whatsoever.That’s a new rule on me🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. CELTIC40ME on 23RD MARCH 2022 12:53 PM


    QUADROPHENIAN on 23RD MARCH 2022 12:48 PM


    Quite a few businesses don’t know the difference between strategic PR (which fully embraces/considers corporate affairs, issues management, reputation defence, stakeholder relations and – if all that fails – crisis management etc…) and its lowbrow cousin – press agentry or meeja relations.



    I think we do.



    It’s always easy to think that if we don’t see something with our own eyes then it doesnt exist. Our business record suggests an organisation that embraces best practice across the board






    Your post might infer I was having a dig at Celtic’s PR, which is wrong. I was pointedly talking about the ineptitude of the southside Grahams and Traynors. And, actually, a pop at those who think PR is only an afterthought Comms practice obsessed with glossing over bad news.






    Tonight, roaring on Tommy Rogic’s Socceroos v Reo Hatate’s Samurai Blue.

  3. A feast of fitba for me tomorrow, and thankfully, it’s going to be raining all day, so I have an excuse.


    5:10. Up early for Australia vs Japan


    7:00. Korea Republic vs Iran


    11:00. China vs Saudi Arabia.



    Vastly different cultures promote interest in these fixtures.



    The middle of the day is not so compelling



    1:00 Moldova vs Kazakhstan, or


    Estonia. vs Cyprus, or


    Iraq vs. UAR



    3:45. Tough choice. Either:


    Italy. vs North Macedonia, or


    Portugal vs Turkey, or


    Sweden vs Czech Republic, or


    Wales vs Austria. I think I’ll go with this one, as you never know, we might beat Ukraine.



    7:30. Another tough choice. Either:


    Colombia vs Bolivia, or


    Brazil vs Chile, or


    Uruguay vs Peru, or


    Paraguay vs Ecuador


    The first 2 are probable home wins, but the last 2 will be fiercely contested, as it is desperation stakes now in South American qualifying. I’ll go with one of these.



    10:00. Lastly, it is Mexico vs USA, 2 teams that detest each other. Should be a doozy.

  4. From the Celtic Star article: “Last season John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan were at time figures of ridicule amongst a frustrated support; now however they are part of a coaching group that has embraced Postecoglou’s methods”



    We’ve had almost non-stop blame for last season’s debacle heaped on the board – a board that kept the quadruple-treble squad intact & spent c£15m ‘strengthening’ it. Then of course some blamed the manager – a figure who has won over twenty honours as both player & boss. Finally the backroom staff ‘got it in the neck’, they were mocked as useless and yet now they are part of a successful management structure with Ange.



    In truth it was the players who, whilst receiving their top salaries, paid for by supporters handing over their hard-earned cash to sit at home watching feeds from empty stadia, let everyone down in what promised to be an historic 10iar season.



    Yes there were other problems, chiefly Covid and the incredibly crass & biased interference by a Nationalist administration in Edinburgh, but the bottom line is: Players, Players, Players. There are some that I would erase from our record books, but maybe I’ll mellow in time.



    As for the club overall – it has picked itself up off the floor and with no self-pity and in spite of the weight of criticism from the support, has given us a wonderful opportunity to do something really special this season – I hope we can take it.



    One barren season in ten does not a bad club make – I am proud of the players this season. I am proud of the manager and his backroom staff….and I am proud of the new CEO and the board for putting it all together.



    Let’s hope we can now translate this effort into repairing the damage to our European standing….and pray that never again will players in a Celtic jersey let us down en masse.

  5. Denia Bhoy @ 8.28



    It’s good to have it confirmed straight from the horse’s mouth but there were some of us who suggested this was Ange’s pattern of work all along while posters were spreading unsabstabtiated gossip about Ange “not being allowed his own guys”.



    Most gossip, when it’s not totally made up, wishful thinking, projected preconceived notions or just plain lying, is still untrustworthy because it comes from the partial or slanted viewpoint of someone with an axe to grind; a player out of the first team, a sacked youth coach or a demoted or ex-employee.



    The most truthful rumours you will hear come from witnesses or insiders who give information reluctantly and have no dog in the fight.



    Oh! and bring back Big Jimmy!

  6. SFTB – re the Albie article… a hidden but interesting revelation was Rod McDonald getting booked for blessing himself at half time in the 80s!! How bizarre!



    Nowadays, so many EPL and world players come onto pitches and raise their eyes and hands skywards in supplication to their favored deity (I presume) and do it again when they score – and no-one bats an eyelid.



    North of the Border – however – they still need to be a bit more circumspect in the 2020s. How bizarre.




    JHB – a lot of decent perspective in that piece. I still have an irrational bias about our defensive coaching abilities but – as our results and defensive records show – I know less than my bias protests.



    I watched the Red Star – Hun game from Belgrade from the outset. I was very surprised to see at least half a dozen huns go through the same ritual as they entered the park. I can’t remember all of them, but they included Goldson, Tavernier, Kent and the tubby Colombian.


    Maybe the Klan opposition to it is fading?

  8. quadrophenian on

    INIQUITOUSIV on 24TH MARCH 2022 12:34 AM




    I watched the Red Star – Hun game from Belgrade from the outset. I was very surprised to see at least half a dozen huns go through the same ritual as they entered the park. I can’t remember all of them, but they included Goldson, Tavernier, Kent and the tubby Colombian.


    Maybe the Klan opposition to it is fading?






    Or mibby it’s that new-fangled NIMBY phenomenon – Not In My Back Yard ;)


    Whereby TRFC players feel ‘safe’ to do it on foreign soil, but not on home turf ??



    The very thought that any deity would be upset by one type of their followers acknowledging their faith in one way – versus another – is completely laughable.



    That aside, I have to accept their team is doing something on the Euro stage.



    Enjoy your football fest tomorrow!

  9. Good morning cqn from another lovely dry, sunny morning in the Garngad.



    What a nice wee read back that was and no multi monikers in sight.



    Is change afoot?



    I hope all our international bhoys come through unscathed over the next 10 days.



    We do have quite a lot away with their country’s.



    I hope it’s just precautionary regarding TR and Daizen that they have not travelled and they will be fit for Huns game. I think it is and they will be.



    D :)

  10. Moderator 1888 – I am disappointed that you haven’t replied to my post of 3.57pm yesterday regarding the link posted by the multi moniker at 3.02pm.


    A review would be appreciated.

  11. p.s


    Good morning from a cloudless North Staffs – traveling to East Kilbride for the weekend later today, hope the weather stays fine. 🌤️

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning all.



    On second reading of Paul’s article a day later …



    … the reference to “10 years of innovative corporate leadership”



    … with “innovative” italicised



    …. caught my eye.



    I wonder if it was a cheeky euphemism for e.g.



    “Spivs” ?



    “Wide boys”?









    “Money launderers” ?

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Well done to the Hibs supporters group, who took 40 kids out of Dnipro,to safety in Edinburgh.

  14. Japan having the better of the game in Ozland so far. Reo quietly effectively. One striking difference between this game and a SPL game is that it took 10 minutes and 20 seconds before a foul was committed, despite the games’s critical importance to both sides. It was an accidental one on Boyle, but drew a yellow card, which I thought was harsh. 20 minutes gone, still 0-0.

  15. Steady rain falling in Ozland. Japanese looking for fast break. It is a must win for Australia.


    Game being played in very sportsmanlike manner.

  16. Both teams missing players in Sydney. Apart from Rogic, Aussies missing Mooy and McCree. Ref getting a bit officious.


    Minamino just misses..

  17. Get your £52 ‘Not the OF tickets’ now…available til Monday



    Dearie me.



    Seems we didn’t ram them but helped them with their cash flow instead…






    I was beginning to wonder why his hair looked different! I’m not getting any close ups, and Paramount had his name up on the screen as in the line up. Silly me!



    Japanese hit bar again!

  19. A draw would suit the Japanese, but they are going for it here. This leaves them open at the back, and they look vulnerable to Boyle’s speed and headers from crosses or corners.

  20. Tom McLaughlin on




    I’m happy there will be Celtic supporters at Ibrox, even if it is only 700.

  21. Losses of £100 million in ten years, is that the accepted ball park figure?


    Mitigated by generous benefactors? Really?


    I wonder what the dragon’s den would say to that.


    “Yer aff yer heid and for that reason I’m oot”.


    The only way it could start to make financial sense is if there was at least an element of “pecunia lavare”.

  22. Japan batter Oz – and hit the bar twice – in dreich conditions in Sydney.


    Aussie boys not composed or controlled on ball, and defending deep.


    Were cheated out of a legit goal by a fussy ref.


    Maya Yoshida still strolling and controlling the centreback line at 34.



    Wee Reo coming on in the 2nd 45, could be a worry.

  23. Hi Tom – Get that fella but I just think their approach to Euro tickets (thousands for Dortmund) was a clear opportunity to shine a light on it and put them under pressure. We look compliant. We now also have to accept 800 pieces of hun trash into our stadium in April too.




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