Celtic on “additional value” and dominating


Unlike elsewhere, Celtic’s statement yesterday contained no promises or predictions on when fans will be able to attend games in Scotland.  The “fans attending by late August” brigade might be right, but no one knows yet.  That being the case, better to under-promise.

After their “thanks for your pure brilliant support” (not a literal quote) message, they reiterated an earlier comment, “it is our firm intention to give additional value to our season ticket holders for this and coming seasons”.  What that looks like will be determined by how many games we miss. What is appropriate for two games would be inappropriate if you missed two months.

When we get back will ultimately be determined by the politicians.  Football is an outdoor activity, where the science suggests the disease is less contagious, but science and political decisions have not always been in step, just look at what politicians did to care homes, so we can expect continuing randomness.

I loved the “aim… to dominate Scottish football” line.  Winning is nice but dominating has always been my thing.  Good to see we are all on the same page with that one.

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  1. GENE on 24TH JUNE 2020 7:42 PM


    Burbank is where Rowan and Martin’s laugh-in was filmed. 😉




    Don’t say ‘ sock it to me’ in Burnbank .

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Big Jock was fae Burnbank


    Big JF was as VP confirmed from Flemington (Halfway)



    I’m Blantyre ( Blanir; Blntir; it Blantyre )



    I’m out the back on the Brandy supping from a Lisboa 1967 50th Anniversary glass


    That much I do know hic

  3. By moving to stage 4,they are saying that the virus is no longer considered a serious threat to public health.


    Has to be a great sign that fans will be allowed back in.20,000 would give ST holders around 8 games.


    I think.

  4. Rest in Peace Andrew Weatherall. Yer dance mixes are INCREDIBLE.



    Essential mix 1996 10-27 – tuned into right here and Now.😁



    Wow all yer other groundbreaking mixes.



    Gone but Never Forgotten.

  5. Feed the Bear.



    Feeeeed the Bear……



    Feed the Bear.



    Callum, Ryan and Odsonne are Top Top Drawer players.



    This rest is Gonnae be Monumental for these lads.

  6. Teuchter, Thanks for that link, Was at the game low down behind the goal at Hun end.


    Worse view I ever had and as far as I can remember I never viewed any footage of game afterwards.


    Really enjoyed the clip, will watch it a dozen times over next couple of days,

  7. The olde Sabres of Paradise looking Good for something especially Special this Season.



    Seaspn called early… the ahem Big Leagues playing at Times…



    Get into the Group stages…… it could be an Incredible Season.

  8. Every time James McCarthy is playing in a live match or highlights ,I always look out for him.


    He has continually been linked to us since his Hamilton days.



    I can honestly say that I have never ,ever ,seen him even have a half decent match.


    Every match just seems to pass him bye.



    I want him to do well ,but he is like the invisible man.




  9. Especially in Michigan……..



    Revelations running amok.



    Its Red Hot there. You just dinnae want to be there.



    Odsonne has to be the Coolest Striker I ever seen.



    Henryk was World Class. This Kid is ridiculously Good.



    They all Pass through Parkheads gates.😉🇮🇪👍

  10. Thanks for that Teuchter. It’s always good to watch is beating the huns.























    The King of Kings



    A great team with many a unit – Sutton, Hartson, Balde, Varga – and many of the smaller players still able to dish it out – Petrov, Lennon, Thomson, Larsson.



    Our team now seems lightweight in comparison. Has football changed that much in 16 years?



    Also, who out of our current team would get in that team and at the expense of whom?

  11. Petec, there was a site that had all of Weatherall’s mixes – ever!!! I think it was either Soundcloud of Mixcloud – I’ll try and find it for you.



    He had great taste in music. There was a mix on there from mid 90s (I think) that was unbelievable!! It went full on acid house and was equal part bonkers and amazing.

  12. Majestic Hartson…….



    I likely have it. 👍👍



    If it’s the wan with Tarzan giving it lady. 🐒🐒🍻🐒🐒

  13. glendalystonsils on

    TINYTIM on 24TH JUNE 2020 10:51 PM



    To be fair to James McCarthy , the game passed his whole team by. I think we would wipe the floor with them.

  14. Thanks M H for the link.




    Not long now until we see our Adidas Celtic team.




    Lenny is a wee Genius.



    Ryan is Ready to Rock.

  15. I reckon we urnae far away from being a very Special team. I mean Europe wise.



    Our lads have had a very well earned rest.



    Most of the Big Leagues are gonnae cram in games.



    Lenny – you can do it.🇮🇪🇮🇪👍🇮🇪🇮🇪⚽️🇮🇪🇮🇪👍🇮🇪🇮🇪

  16. SAINT STIVS on 24TH JUNE 2020 8:49 PM



    Picture This Scotland




    Cigarette card – John Player & Sons ‘Counties and Industries’ Collection. #20 Dumbarton. (1915) Pic: cigcardpix.






    *Unfortunately a few of these locations are no longer in Dumbartonshire, tory fckrs wanted away fae Red Clydeside. Seemingly Helensburgh have regretted it as the council in Dumbarton, only 8 miles away, was good tae them even though they were snottery fckrs while Argyle and Bute with the county seat at Inverary on the shores of Loch Fyne is around 40 mile away, on rural roads tae, and basically the couldnae give a donald duck about them or Luss, Arrochar and Garelochheid.

  17. Carl Craig is an awesome DJ/Producer.



    The coolest Detroit Techno sounds.



    SubZero cool.



    Thank You Carl.👍👍👍👍👍

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