Celtic on “additional value” and dominating


Unlike elsewhere, Celtic’s statement yesterday contained no promises or predictions on when fans will be able to attend games in Scotland.  The “fans attending by late August” brigade might be right, but no one knows yet.  That being the case, better to under-promise.

After their “thanks for your pure brilliant support” (not a literal quote) message, they reiterated an earlier comment, “it is our firm intention to give additional value to our season ticket holders for this and coming seasons”.  What that looks like will be determined by how many games we miss. What is appropriate for two games would be inappropriate if you missed two months.

When we get back will ultimately be determined by the politicians.  Football is an outdoor activity, where the science suggests the disease is less contagious, but science and political decisions have not always been in step, just look at what politicians did to care homes, so we can expect continuing randomness.

I loved the “aim… to dominate Scottish football” line.  Winning is nice but dominating has always been my thing.  Good to see we are all on the same page with that one.

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  1. Petec 1.44am



    Trust me the Huns are immaterial



    Neil Lennon – Serial winner

  2. Kip time for me. It is Good to see you Bach Gerry.



    Hopefully SOT will post later on Today.



    If not about Music then about the birds.👍

  3. Petec



    Canny do the links …



    Saltcoats.. Metro.. Freedom



    The is your 90s

  4. Good morning CQN from a stunningly beautiful Garngad



    I wish it was 4.30pm so I could sit in the garden 🍺🌞🍺🌞🍺



    Get big Fraser signed up, he could be the key.



    Fraser, Julien, Broonie, Eddie that’s the spine we want. We have the players to compliment them.






    D. :)

  5. Good morning, friends, from a dry, bright, clammy and heating up further East Kilbride.

  6. Big Fraser was magic for us last season (& the other couple)



    Celtic were magic for Fraser last season (& when he was a Newcastle reserve)



    Remember this …..



    It’s actually just a job for 99% of our players without an emotional attachment :-)



    By the way having a terrific goalie is something most Celtic fans have never experienced… so I can assure you I would love El Gran Murella (sic) to sign for life



    Sack the board (again)



    Paul McStay CSC

  7. I also think Greg Taylor and Bolongoli aren’t as bad as some might have you believe, Bolingoli’s performance at Ibrox while the team was under a bit of “pressure” was pretty excellent and Taylor, in certain games actually had a better variation of balls into the box than Kieran …. not as good on the megaphone yet, but that could come :-) .. if a megaphone would be allowed in the future with all the droplets n that, also, if the north curve is allowable with all their tops off, in this day n age




    Nothing new.



    More of the same from a personal injury specialist law firm seeking to bounce Celtic into an out of court settlement.

  9. Glad to hear the club has opened talks up with Ryan Christie for an extension. Currently, the only proven players signed up for the long-term (4 or 5 years) are Calum McGregor & Micky Johnston.



    Hopefully, the club agrees on contracts with multiple players this season. We’re currently heading towards big squad upheaval next summer.

  10. Sadly I have been quite ill again in recent weeks, with a VERY Low blood count …yet again…and I am heading to hospital …yet again.


    A MASSIVE Thanks to DAVID66…yet again for helping me in my home a couple of days ago, as I have been unable to leave my home due to be very weak and very Dizzy.



    Today is the start of my 99th Day of self isolation…but I have been too unwell anyway to go anywhere.


    I hate hospitals and I can only hope that I am not in for too long ?


    Maybe 2 or 3 Blood Transfusions will do the trick ?


    Thanks to anyone on here who has been asking after me in recent weeks.





  11. Good morning from a sunny north staffs – another scorcer on its way.



    Happy birthday Neil Francis Lennon from one birthday bhoy to another 70 years young



    Big Jimmy good to hear from you – hope things and your health start improving.



    Suppose I better get up.

  12. Best of Luck Jimmy, you deserve a break,


    Welcome back, GFTB


    I read that SFA are making plans for having restricted number of fans at games from July 23rd & that Celtic are planning for having up to 30,000 fans at games from end of August.

  13. Did somebody hack GFTB’a account?



    A load of posts and not one was confrontational!



    A hiv ma doots?



    Good to see tou posting Gerry and hope you are well!

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Take care Jimmy


    I’ll drop you a text if I still have your number

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Sad state of affairs all round Ernie


    Any child who suffered abuse whether it be at at Celtic boys club or anywhere else requires closer and recompense if they are seeking it




    Good to hear from you,get well soon mhate.



    David66 you are a true Celt, thanks.

  17. Big Jimmy- Thanks for letting us know how you are. All fingers and toes crossed for a speedy recovery. Hope you take Philbhoy’s advice and do as ye’re telt. Keep it lit.

  18. Gene? Seventy? With a name like `Gene` I assumed you were some cool dude teenager :-)). Happy Birthday anyway.


    Cheerio for now

  19. MAJESTIC HARTSON on 24TH JUNE 2020 10:54 PM


    Thanks for that Teuchter. It’s always good to watch is beating the huns.


































    The King of Kings



    A great team with many a unit – Sutton, Hartson, Balde, Varga – and many of the smaller players still able to dish it out – Petrov, Lennon, Thomson, Larsson.



    Our team now seems lightweight in comparison. Has football changed that much in 16 years?



    Also, who out of our current team would get in that team and at the expense of whom?






    Here’s my dream team from then and now






























    *French Eddie



    The King of Kings



    HH jg

  20. Take care Big Jimmy – thinking of you.



    And hoppy birthday to my three top Celts-







    And of course……Corkcelt



    Finally, congratulations to Jobo for winning the quiz tonight!😉



    HH jg

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