Celtic, or Wales, against the world


I read Wales defender Connor Roberts say “99% of the world” will support Denmark in their last 16 tie tomorrow and thought- the underdog, fighting against the crowd.  99% of the world will not support Denmark, not me, for a start, but the ‘us against the world’ narrative is one of my favourites.

As a rallying call, it is surely more effective than the alternative.  Today’s footballer is an immensely well catered for athlete, apart from his 90 minutes on the park and (relatively few) hours on the training field, he will struggle for little.  What does he have to fight against, if not perceived ranks of people wanting him to lose?

Beaten, humiliated in Europe, trophy-less, written-off by many among our own, singled-out by the Government.  Ange Postecoglou will not have to work hard to convince the players is really is them against the world.  This squad really does have plenty to fight against.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    What Celtic have to fight most against is mediocre people appointed to key positions at the club, making poor decisions that have catastrophic consequences.



    The rest is largely contrived pish, but hey, let’s not allow reality to colour our misjudgement.

  2. onenightinlisbon on

    The world is against us….



    What about the used car salesmen that run our club?

  3. ONENIGHTINLISBON on 25TH JUNE 2021 12:19 PM


    “What about the used car salesmen that run our club?”



    Arthur Daley no oan the board, oh, wait a minute! :)) por cierto

  4. onenightinlisbon on

    POR CIERTO on 25TH JUNE 2021 12:28 PM




    I maybe did an injustice to the used car guys…

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Ange Postecoglou will not have to work had to convince the players is really is them against the world. This squad really does have plenty to fight against.”




    Or maybe he will be able to use his coaching ability to put out a team in an organised manner and with direction on how to play and get the best out of them individually and collectively?


    That’s far more likely to achieve good performances and results.

  6. Let’s just get some new players in so we don’t have to try and get some fight out of the lads that want out.

  7. No cant agree



    No feeling of injustice from me. The only team that could have stopped the10, did stop the 10..and that team was celtic.



    The most disappointing thing for me was last years wounds were all self inflicted

  8. glendalystonsils on

    Having shown about as much fight as a dead slug last season , it’ll take a monumental turnaround to change things in the season ahead . From top to bottom .

  9. Recruitment










    Youth development





    Ange has a lot of fights. I can only hope he surrounds himself with trusted lieutenants who can help him to win them all.

  10. The world is against us…. Good grief.



    If morale is so low that we need paranoia to motivate then we’re in even more trouble than I thought.

  11. Celtic delighted to donate more than 150 season books to The Kano Foundation


    By Celtic Football Club






    Celtic Football Club’s incoming Chief Executive Dominic McKay was delighted today to meet the Kano Foundation at Celtic Park as the Club confirmed it has donated more than 150 season books to the charity.



    For more than 10 years The KANO Foundation, through a group of volunteers has played its part in helping to keep football Free for Kids.



    Their mission is to treat youngsters, regardless of background and circumstance, to a day out at Celtic Park. Since season 2010/2011 TKF have given a modern day ‘lift over the turnstile’ to thousands of children varying from boys and girls football teams to local youth clubs and young people with special needs.



    This is something which resonates with Celtic and we are delighted that The Kano Foundation will be back at Celtic Park again next season, we hope in person to cheer on the team and continuing their outstanding work of keeping football free for kids.



    Lockdown had a huge impact on every one of us last season and none more so than the Kano Foundation who renewed all of their Season Tickets to find like everyone else that access to matches was not possible. This meant that so many kids who would have been looking forward to a day at Paradise had to miss out along with all of our supporters.



    Due to the unique nature of the way their Season Tickets are managed and rotated through different kids each week, the Kano were ultimately unable to utilise over 150 Pass to Paradise Season Tickets last season.



    Celtic has therefore stepped up this season to recognise this unique situation and incoming CEO Dom McKay has now offered the Kano Foundation 154 free kids Season Tickets for the new season where we hope we’ll see a return to fans at Celtic Park and of course the Kano Kids behind the goal in the Lisbon Lions Stand.



    The Club is delighted to donate these seats to the Kano Foundation and we look forward to continuing to work together.



    Incoming Celtic Chief Executive Dominic McKay said: “The Kano Foundation provide a fantastic opportunity for kids to access matches and everyone at the Club is delighted to continue our support in this way. The work of the Foundation is just one example of the tremendous charitable ethos amongst our fans. The work carried out makes a huge, positive difference to the lives of so many kids and I applaud all those who work so hard to make the Kano Foundation such a success.”



    For more information about the Kano Foundation, Email contactus@thekanofoundation.com.

  12. From that snivelling weasel BBC Chris McLaugh



    Police now say they believe a video from inside Ibrox showing #Rangers players and staff celebrating the title win, was ‘edited to include sectarian language.’



    Anyone remember this from Imran Ahmed about @policescotland






    Imran Ahmed. He accused police of being “emotionally connected” to Rangers and described the club as “a religion built on religious bigotry”. He also said he would not get a fair trial anywhere in Scotland.



    From Daniel O’Connel18



    The same police who wasted millions of pounds of public money maliciously prosecuting the guys who sold Rangers* assets when they died in 2012. https://twitter.com/bbcchrismclaug/status/1408372469329694729

  13. Yes our players need motivation. Lenny or John K couldn’t motivate them last season.



    Now with a new manager and a new season lets hope that Ange can motivate the players remaining from last season and can bring a few replacements in.



    My instinct would be to get rid of last seasons players and bring in new players but the circumstances do not work for us in the time available. We need to give some of the younger players like Connell and O’Connor a chance to shine.



    currently in our first game I expect to see






    Ralston Welsh Shaw Taylor



    Forrest Soro Turnball McGregor



    Ajeti Griffins






    Bain, Hjelde, Biton, O’Connor, Connell, Henderson Johnston



    Some of these like McGregor, Biton, Hjelde may also be transferred.



    Ajer Christie, Eduoard, N’tcham Boli are not worth considering

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    Ange and Dom both speaking very well.



    Doubt that Ange will be messed about in the same way as Lennon was.

  15. How bad are these questions



    “So will Celtic buy players and develop them and sell them on?”




  16. EXCELLENT! Press conference, just excellent, can’t wait to see the way Ange wants us to play! por cierto

  17. quadrophenian on

    Was nervous watching the duo’s debut but..


    Ditto – I liked the way the Boss kicked the ‘step up’ insolence into touch. Steevie had a bigger step up from Liverpools under 18s ffs.


    Ange still has his customary gruff assuredness – these pen-pushing scribes don’t phase him so much.


    Just had a sense/a fear that Peter may still be involved in transfer deals, while Dom gets on with the modernisation piece.


    All in all, thought Ange acquitted himself pretty well.


    Can’t wait to see how we shape up under his methods.

  18. Park Road 67 on

    Impressive first press conference from Ange can’t wait now to see what difference he makes to us on the pitch HH

  19. Well Paul



    Sounds like people don’t want to hear about our external enemies or agancies that deliberately hampered us last year.



    Apparently, it gets in the way of keeping the focus on our own servants who let us down.



    We’ve not yet finished with kicking Lennon and Lawwell down the road and we’ve yet to get started on kicking Kennedy and Strachan out and anyone else who was there when we lost the 10.



    Who were the groundsman and tea lady anyway?

  20. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Good press conference from Ange.



    Season Tickets renewed by me and WeeBGFC (unrelated to the press conference – they were always going to be).



    Enjoyed the “…You are assuming I was the second choice – I could have been the 5th choice!…” comment.



    Shut the line of enquiry down in one line – liked it.



    Interesting potential insight re: the January review, and lack of outcome thereof. Listening to DMcK, he is (rightly) taking his own broad view of the setup – and his own good time – to decide on what the new structure should be.



    I’m thinking if there was a review, that would indicate he looked at it and said – NAW (or, “no thanks” – he doesn’t sound like a ‘naw’ sort of chap).






  21. quadrophenian on

    Think I also heard Ange intimate that he was still evaluating John K and Gav S to see if they bought into/fitted into his strategy.

  22. i thought PL’s role going forward was made very clear – European club business only.



    Neither Ange or Dom will / should tolerate PL being involved in any signings and I’m sure they will make their own decisions.




    I’m slightly more positive about renewing my season ticket. Will decide over the weekend.



    Oh and Bankier just looked like he did not want to be there. Oh the irony of playing Something so strong just before it started, given the constitution of our board pre Dom

  23. Paul, Have to say a lot of your stuff is lazy journalism. Most of it is fodder. You can’t just have a wee riff on what a Wales player said or repeat a story from the Sun and pretend it’s original or interesting stuff.

  24. Hotel de Paris on

    From KDS



    Ian Bankier looks like it’s bring your grandad to work day and he’s got lost and very confused what’s happening around him.



    Do we actually pay this useless plonker?



    Yes – his current annual remuneration is £80k not including expenses, hospitality and allowances. This is more than 3x annual wage in Scotland. In the year ended June 20 he earned £76k as each Board member agreed to reduce their earnings by a pitiful 5%.



    If the new CE honours his commitment to modernise the Club then the Chairman should be first out of the door.

  25. squire danaher on

    QUESTION on 25TH JUNE 2021 2:02 PM



    If Celtic are to be believed your renewal deadline is 5pm.

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