Celtic Park developments and what is needed next


I was at the Allianz Arena when we visited on Champions League duty this season.  There are many reasons to like the Munich stadium (although navigating back to the bus was not one of them), but stadium lights were like nothing I had ever seen.

Not only do they illuminate the Arena to a near-daylight level, they can instantly flash on and off, creating a spectacular pre-match lightshow.  Tools like this improve stadium atmosphere as well as providing a more striking event for TV viewers.  Celtic Park will be transformed when we install these lights this summer.

A new hybrid pitch (part grass, part plastic) will provide the very best surface available anywhere in the world.  It will be durable and bowling green-smooth.

Money will also be spent on the roof, which is the Achilles heel of the stadium.  The design is prone to leaks and makes it difficult for public address and wifi systems to effectively reach spectators.  A seven figure sum will be spent on the roof, but we need to realise a fundamental rethink is required.

As international tournaments reached Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine and now Russia, closing roofs were installed at stadiums.  This increases attendance, game-experience, time inside the stadium and makes the game attractive to new attendees, who would never consider sitting in an exposed wind 147 steps in the air.

This technology has never been more affordable and is the norm from Kazakhstan to Cardiff.  It needs to come to Celtic Park.  I suspect those who sit in the South Stand do not have a full grasp on the match day experience of those in the upper sections of the rest of the stadium.

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    Shameless repost,but it took a while to compose it.










    I agree with HUNDERBIRDSAREGONE on this. And I agree with you too!




    I think you are both arguing different points. HUNDERBIRDSAREGONE is pointing out the sterility of much of McLean’s approach-don’t lose a goal and if we score,we’ve won. I hated playing them for that reason.




    You are rightly pointing out that he maxed out the ability of his players to match that system. And yes,he had some great players in that system. For starters,I would have loved to have had David Narey and-one you missed-Maurice Malpas in our team.








    How many were effective elsewhere?




    And that raises a third argument about him. Was he a great manager or a one-dimensional one,no Plan B?




    No axe to grind either way on this,just a serious question. Remember how fast Dundee Utd went downhill when that team retired,he couldn’t adapt.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    I’m rather hoping you’ve been tipped a wink, Paul, although it would be quite the feat of engineering given the huge difference in heights between the south stand and the rest of the stadium.



    Being a southstander, I can tell you the old place is in dire need of an extensive renovation.



    Given that by the end of the financial year, year we’ll more cash in the bank than we could shake a stick at – over £30M net cash – there’s certainly room for some imaginative uses of it.

  3. whitedoghunch on



    good to see you getting over that cauld, hope your still popping up soon ?

  4. A sliding roof would have to mean redevelopment of the ‘Main Stand’.


    Long overdue, in my opinion. The facilities are poor and outdated, thhis wouldn’t necessitate increasing the capacity by a huge amount. More corporate facilities could be introduced, better seating, new TV facilities ( including ‘in-house’ VAR so we can moan again about MIB ‘mistakes’ ) and upgraded facilities such as dressing rooms, media centre, and ‘entertainment’ areas, and…..Almores Cafe.


    Can you imagine the noise inside Celtic Park if we had a totally enclosed Stadium ?


    ? Thumbs up for this idea. Yes please Celtic.

  5. A retractable roof you suggest? I made this suggestion a few years back when I was on the Big Lhist and it was met with scorn and derision (as most of my posts were admittedly). If indeed, the costs have come down and it is now feasible then what are we waiting for. How about a floating pitch as well?

  6. New floodlighting?!



    Not before time!



    The Luftwaffe often complained about the poor state of the CP floodlights during WW2!




  7. Paul 67,



    Totally agree with the sentiments in your article.


    This is exactly where investment is needed. Anything and Everything that can enhance the match day experience must be welcomed.



    It is no criticism, it is a fact that we need to improve our play, our entertainment and our results in ” bread & butter” games at Paradise; and any improvement to the playing surface should facilitate better football.



    The better and more spectacular Parkhead looks the more likelihood of attractiing class players and further investment.



    I welcome this investment unreservedly and hopefully the transport infrastructure to our stadium will be addressed next.








    IIRC,certain people criticised the design of the stadium as low-cost and high-maintenance. IMO,time has probably proved that Fergus built us a winner in many ways.



    But to have a roof-and it’s worthwhile considering the surface area involved here-which is prone to leaks,no,sorry. That is simply not good enough.



    We should have discovered these problems early on after completion and sued the designers/architects and the construction/suppliers companies involved in the delivery of the project.



    That those problems came to pass is the fault of the above.



    That it is STILL a problem two decades later is the failure of the board.

  9. In the 1890s, club director James Grant financed the construction of an enclosed windowed stand built on stilts on the south side of the pitch. The spectators watched through sliding windows from padded seats, but they had to climb four flights of stairs to reach their position and the windows frequently steamed up.


    If we could just stop the windows steaming up!!!!!

  10. M6BHOY on 10TH MAY 2018 12:27 PM


    A retractable roof you suggest ¡



    Agree. We have discussed this a good few times on here and it was the projected cost the torpedoed the idea. If it is now deemed cost effective, then why not?



    However, would the front stand have to be redeveloped prior to a retractable roof being considered?



    Nevertheless as Glasgow is officially the coldest and wettest city in the UK the benefits are self explanatory.




  11. Parkheadcumsalford ( last thread )



    Asked the same question myself despite the 5-3 defeat at Easter Rd Kilmarnock are a one tactic team when playing at Celtic Park.

  12. GREENPINATA on 10TH MAY 2018 12:36 PM


    M6BHOY on 10TH MAY 2018 12:27 PM



    A retractable roof you suggest ¡



    Agree. We have discussed this a good few times on here and it was the projected cost the torpedoed the idea. If it is now deemed cost effective, then why not?




    Even better if we can get our good friends at Glasgow City Council to fund it.

  13. Retractable roof?



    Arnold the accountant should have all the figures!




  14. Having now watched Levin’s team at work over the course of 2 games , he’s very lucky that he’s employed in Scotland. Referees anywhere else on the planet would have issued reds in both games. I saw a clip from a tackle that Gloss ( or Goss ) made against Shinnie on Tuesday. Outrageous. Red all day long. Football , like some parts of its society , remains in the dark ages in Scotland. GreenbingleyinOslo . Lovely post from last night about your mate . Take care. HH

  15. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 10TH MAY 2018 12:51 PM


    What happens if the retractable roof steams up?





    That’s an easy one. The Air Con kicks in.

  16. PAUL67



    your just winding up the zombies



    Covered roof …We dont need no stinking roof



    A Floating pitch now your talking



    thumbs up thingy

  17. The excuse it’s hard to break down a packed defense is valid enough but when our team create the conditions for a packed defense we cannot make excuses.



    Our wide forwards like JF,Sinclair and Roberts are now conditioned to face backwards when receiving the ball and the inevitable recycling begins allowing opponents to hold defensive positions with ease.



    Sinclair last night ran on to a good through ball once and almost scored.The rest of the game he took the easy way out and passed backwards.



    I can’t recall Paddy or James once running onto a through ball.



    The young guy Miller looked terrified of missing a pass so stuck to the simple ineffective backwards and sideways.



    Young Henderson had some positive contributions but will his introduction to first team be dependent on him following our possession above all mantra?



    Kilmarnock have conceded 47 goals in 37 games so their defense is hardly a fortress.



    That we have managed to score 1 goal in our last three games against is more a reflection of our play than their defensive brilliance.

  18. tomtheleedstim on

    Celtic considering a retractable roof just as the SFA compliance officer considers Celtic’s incontrovertible proof

  19. What is the Stars on

    Spending 4 million on floodlights while half of Glasgow is starving ( in a football sense) is crazy.


    Surely the money would be better invested if we give it to Rangers/Sevco/Newco/Wateva so that they could mount a challenge.



    Have They Not suffered Enough

  20. FAN-A-TIC on 10TH MAY 2018 1:00 PM



    It’s always good to have an alternative viewpoint, especially when it’s well constructed.




  21. Dubaibhoy-Ur they still deid? on

    Paul 67,



    A Retractable Roof would be a redesign.



    You don’t happen to own a piece of land in Cambuslang do you???

  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    It will be great when there are concerts at the stadium. After the hoverpitch is taken out of the stadium, it will just be lef on the ground behind the Lions stand. We could have a kick about ?







    Apologies for delay in reply-my third attempt as my iPhone keeps bootlooping.



    Gimme an hour or two and I’ll mail you,if I try to explain it here my iPhone will just pack in.



    B,no kidding-third attempt to post but had to c&p every paragraph. Bloody thing cut out five times.



    Dunno whether to get it fixed-again!-or fling it tae …k

  24. Davidopoulos on

    Over the last few months I’ve heard and read a few people say that when the time eventually comes for Brendan Rodgers to move on to pastures less green and white, Neil Lennon and Steve Clarke would be the leading candidates.



    Help ma boab, based on last night’s SPFL action I hope neither get anywhere near to being on the shortlist.



    Steve Clarke should be debarred for his comma-inducing, hoofbaw tactics, and Neil Lennon is still too much of a drama queen to be considered for the job again. I mean, that was a real WTF interview from Lenny last night

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