Celtic Park moment, Balde tradition, super-fit Elfsborg


As the players prepared for kick off four-year-old Oscar Knox turned and raised his arms towards his father on the touchline. It was a great Celtic Park moment.

Amido Balde got 14 minutes at the end of the game last night. By then Cliftonville were well beaten, but Amido’s physical threat was undeniable. He’s a big, broad, lad. Very much in the ‘Balde’ tradition.

Neil Lennon correctly suggested that a week is a long time in preseason football. I remember the son of a former Celtic striker making the same observation after we transformed a 5-0 deficit into a 4-0 victory in August 2005. Watching last night, you get the feeling there is still a lot of work to do before we face super-fit Elfsborg next week. I know there has been a lot of stress about having to play three Champions League qualifying rounds but I’m pleased we have the Cliftonville games under out belt.

More on the Uefa monies later……..
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  1. Lets get the Swedish champions out of the way and then its on to the famous Legia from Warsaw (thumbs up)




  2. Snake Plissken on

    I’m hoping we get through and face Slovan Bratislava if they get through (but I don’t fancy their chances tonight – I mean they’ve got rid of Sebo).

  3. up_over_goal on

    Is this fluid front 4 the new 2013/14 tactic, or is Neil simply trying to gauge who his best front 2 are in the absence of Hooper?

  4. up_over_goal on

    Dwarfsville and Hobbiton hoping their erstwhile rivals boost the coefficient, but Orcborg fans remain bitter about being excluded from the Council of Elrond’s league restructuring.

  5. Paul67



    While it doesn’t seem fair that we should be playing qualifiers at all or that we should be straight in to the Champions play-off it probably is better to do the 3 qualifiers than the 2. If you don’t get by the round we just did then what’s the point in being in the competition but it gives you a competitive game or two to get going.

  6. afternoon, it was good to be back at Celtic park again last night, enjoyed game in a pre-season sort of way , result never in doubt , players got another game on the bowling green that is our playing surface.


    Well done Cliftonville support gave it laldy all night , the perfomance was ok and i enjoyed the front four diamond with the players changing positions throughout the game.



    On the new bhoys Balde looks a big powerful unit who hopefully knows the way to goal , felt Rogic gave us a good attacking / forward passing option from centre mid , hope he can deliver over the coming season.



    Bring on the Swedes by all acounts a step up in class but having had these two games we should be ready.



    ps can the new announcer stop shouting into the mic , put it down to first game nerves !!!

  7. .



    My Wee Ghirl was Born August 2005..



    My Dad a Rangers Supporter watched the Artmedia game and Told me..



    “001 Celtic could beat them 5-0 in Glasgow”



    For someone who Supports Rangers he know His Football..Ha




  8. The Token Tim on




    the Bhoys from ML1/2. You need to shout if you want to be heard here………im sure that will explain a lot about SOAL.






    Oh and you should have heard him (the new announcer, not SOAL) on our supporters bus back in the day. A quiet shy laddie he was not……






  9. HenryClarson on

    Elfsborg’s performance in their tie was very impressive. We’ll have our work cut out against them in the next round but so far, so good.

  10. Snake Plissken on

    Just remember guys last year HJK pumped some team about 10-1 before they played Celtic.



    They’ll be sharper but this won’t be our first game, we’ve another this weekend for sharpness against a good side and hopefully a few other players back and maybe a new striker.

  11. Let’s hope they are working on some shooting practice in the next week. Stokesy has hardly stepped up to the plate to declare himself as a suitable replacement for Hooper should he go. Not seen Elfsborg so not sure what to expect but Helsinborg gave us a few scares last season so we will need to be on our toes.


    As an aside it is embarrassing to read (on forums I hasten to add) that the Daily Record are running with a story from Ballotelli about AC Milan wanting to avoid us in the qualifiers, when we cannot be drawn together. It has always had a poor standard of football and indeed general reporting and I thought with Jabba it had reached the bottom of the barrel but evidently not.

  12. Anyone have last nyts line up ?



    In oz outback so very poor signal..canny keep up with all things celtic.

  13. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    It’s high time uefa reformed CL and coefficient ,TEAMS should be rated on their own performances and not brought down by rubbish international and second rate teams from govan,reduce no of teams from the likes of england ,spain ,etc ,champions and runners up at most,champions from top 16 leagues get automatic group entry,rest play off for places,teams from tiny leagues should play off for a few slots in the qualifying rounds

  14. Gene’s a Bhoy’s name



    Sorry to hear of your loss.



    David, who died at the same age as my wife, will be in my prayers.

  15. barrybhoy



    Stokesy from last night



    @stoksey10: If anyone’s looking me for this week ill be out working on my finishing after that sitter tonight lol good result, goals will come!!




  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on




    Lustig Ambrose Wilson Izzy



    Forrest Kayal Brown Commons



    Stokes Sammi



    all started; Rogic, Hooper and Balde came on as subs.

  17. Gary hooper get good reception last night ?



    Saw ticket price for elfsberg game. Well done celtic

  18. South Of Tunis on

    Borussia Monchengladbach .?



    Watched both of their games v Lazio in last season’s Europa League .



    A 3-3 draw in Germany .



    Lazio out classed /out passed them – 2-0 in Rome

  19. dontbrattbakkinanger



    13:49 on 24 July, 2013





    Lustig Ambrose Wilson Izzy



    Forrest Kayal Brown Commons



    Stokes Sammi



    all started; Rogic, Hooper and Balde came on as subs.






  20. We have better players in every position than elfsborg so fitness won’t come into it a healthy home win and coast the second leg, don’t see them causing us any problems. Wish balde got the 90mins last night as he looked a bit raw when he came on but sharpness should come with game time HH

  21. kikinthenakas on

    Winners of CL EC automatic if they qualify, all league winners, second place last qualifier…if UEFA are interested in FPP the bigger teams playing some of the smaller teams around Europe would benefit the smaller teams and the game…simplistic…but that’s just me…




  22. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    The sight of Wee Oscar with his arms raised high and then being wrapped up in his fathers arms will live with me for a long time.



    As a still fairly new father I know how I feel when I look at my daughter and worry about her health etc.



    What they have went through as a family and the strength of that wee fella is an amazing story and I must admit there was a tear in my eye as I watched him and there is now as I type this.



    It really is a very very special club that we are a part of.



    Hail Hail the Celtic Family and Oscar……Yer a gem.

  23. Some of you may recall that there was a certain amount of crowing from some quarters due The Rangers market cap being considerably higher than ours. As I write there’s is now £27.7M vs our £50.7M – which seems a bit more realistic.



    They haven’t traded a single share today.

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