Celtic paying the penalty


Kyogo’s off-target attempt at a penalty kick on Sunday brought into focus a concern we should have ahead of the Scottish Cup semi-final later this month. Josip Juranovic started the season as our designated penalty taker, with Giorgos Giakoumakis his deputy. Neither are still at the club, meaning Aaron Mooy was promoted from third to first choice.

Aaron has done well from the spot. When he was unavailable, Jota stepped forward. The Portuguese only just evaded David Marshall’s arm with his first attempt, before dinking his second penalty down the middle. Neither left me with much comfort.

If we are faced with a penalty kick competition in 10 days’ time, and Mooy and Jota are both on the field after 120 minutes – which is unlikely – we have to hope that Kyogo is also on the field and spends much of the time between now and then practising. Your guess is as good as mine as to who would hit the fourth and fifth penalties.

In short, our third-choice penalty taker from the start of the season is now our top man. He is recovering from injury and unlikely to last 120 minutes. Ange invariably changes his forwards during the second half and would almost certainly swap out Kyogo and Jota in an attempt to win the game before extra-time completes.

If the game goes to penalties, responsibility is likely to land on novices, some of whom have low expectations of playing right now, and remember, the other side get a lot more practice taking them than we do. Celtic would be clear second favourites.

Starting from a low base, we cannot fully resolve this problem, all we can do is spend the next nine days practising from the spot. Lots.

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  1. Happy Wednesday eve from a Louisville set to be in the high 20’s for next few days.



    Taps aff! Mon the Sunday sheep!



    OK, maybe not with the taps.




  2. SAINT STIVS on 18TH APRIL 2023 11:15 AM


    E-Tims Retweeted





    Kevin coyne




















    Popped into Paradise Pit stops tonight before the recovery cafe and Matt O’Riley was giving the food out to everyone and everyone was giving a raffle ticket , then the










    done a raffle and give 2 tickets to 20 ppl for the Celtic game on Saturday 👏🍀 #clublikenoother








  3. i happened to watch the whole league final again yesterday.



    not suprising as i knew it, but how we closed the game out with possession and breaks was actually really impressive, we really should have scored another one if players were less greedy and more focussed.



    hopefully we wont need penalties.



    ps, Oh should have a go at the penalties should he be on the pitch and should we get one.

  4. I get the point re a dearth of PK specialists and the lack of practice, but in the unlikely event that it does get to a shoot-out, all we need to do is aim low and to Shaggers left. His lack of fitness and agility makes him especially vulnerable to that side….


    And I reckon Reo will have put the tie to bed long before PKs are even a possibility

  5. Lanzarote/ Puerto del Carmen / pocillos area



    Heading off to sunnier climate soon , just checking if you guys know a decent venue for the matches ( particularly home games) , the Ha’penny at the harbour is out the game and there is a wee Irish boozer at the shops on the beach at Matagorda …. Any other options….




  6. Waste of time Paul. We will have the game sewn up by half time.


    Oh and I have memories of Dixie landing a penalty in row Z while the unlikely Jim Craig converted his.


    We will have won by HT.

  7. Prestonpans bhoys on

    If it did go to penalties the huns would get away with Tavpen taking the lot 🤫🫣

  8. So playing for penalties will be their game plan from the off? – Let’s just pump them on the park during the 90+ mins then!


    We¡re better than them, a lot better!


    I’m chilled

  9. “GREENPINATA on 18TH APRIL 2023 11:43 AM


    Now what they should have done is jump onto the table in the buff and do natural human functions.


    At least that would be ethical. 🤣”



    There was a bin full of silly stuff on the last few pages of the previous article so I was glad you made me laugh with your `ethical` comment :-)))



    Thanks for that .

  10. I wouldn’t worry Paul, sure we only have to score one of them. Joe will save all theirs…

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Incomplete article Pablo.



    You’ve forgotten your analysis of who takes the penalties we are awarded during the game.



    (As if 🤦)

  12. Sevco ALWAYS play for penalties….and very successfully so :-)



    In the unlikely event that they do strive for a penalty shoot-out, I would say ther chance of success would be very limited.

  13. Right, quite a nice day here in Smokey Town so off out for a wee bike ride. Keep it civil,Bhoys.


    Cheerio for now

  14. You cant replicate a penalty shoot out in training.



    its literally kicking a ball. something of a pre requisite for a professional footballer.Kriss Ajer for the quadruple treble was hardly first choice and the blessed Henrik missed more tham his fair share .



    Strong nerve required more than whose done most practice

  15. Tom McLaughlin on

    PAUL67Aaron has done well from the spot. When he was unavailable, Jota stepped forward. The Portuguese only just evaded David Marshall’s arm with his first attempt, before dinking his second penalty down the middle. Neither left me with much comfort.


    What rubbish. Both penalties hit the back of the net and neither left you with “much comfort”?



    Dear oh dear.



    The modern football supporter eh?

  16. EKBHOY


    BAR 67 on the front for Hoops games and Auld Triangle in Matagorda, same owners HH 😎☘⚽️

  17. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    EKBHOY on 18TH APRIL 2023 12:06 PM



    Bar 67 on the main strip, massive inside plus live music and lovely food………above Bollywood Indian restaurant



    Go on their facebook page and check it out………..i’m over 3 times a year.




  18. Ekbhoy



    last time i was in Puerto Del Carmen was 2018. The actual Celtic pub was Adelante on Nicaragua but was way too small and Google says it is closed temporarily.



    There was another pub on the corner which had the game and when i met my girls on the main street around another corner, the big O’Reillys pub had it on every TV. It was a Euro qualifier so no English game clashing but they had loads of TVs to cater for more than one game



    O’reilly’s 24 Ave Las Playas , at Playa Grande. Google says it is still there

  19. Penalties



    Oh has scored one but not a great hit


    Jota got lucky on one , I agree with P67 there but the other was a belter


    McGregor has a decent return for Celtic and Scotland


    Mooy does look good at them


    Hatate has taken 1 in his career (for us) and scored well


    O’Reilly hasn’t taken any since youth career


    Kyogo score 1 out of 1 in Japan



    Based on all that, I can see why P67 is nervous but it comes down to who is on the park and fancies it.



    Based on striking shots, I would have











    CCV (for character and power)

  20. Thanks guys ,



    Bar 67 sounds like it’s worth a go , Auld Triangle in Matagorda was a friendly boozers was in there when we gubbed the Huns twice in a week under Brendan




  21. the long wait is over on

    Also, much as I like Joe Hart enormously , both as a keeper and an influence around the place, his record at saving penalties isn’t the best.



    As others have said, let’s just take care of them in normal and ,if need be , extra time.



    We showed that recently at Hampden, and at Parkhead with a weakened team .



    With a full squad fired up , I’d expect us to see them off in normal time.

  22. bournesouprecipe on

    We may never have a stadium to rival the Premier League billionaires, but with CL money from last year and next year guaranteed the debate of facilities is wide open.



    Season ticket price freezing isn’t enough for Celtic, a football club with millions in the bank is as much use as an ash tray on a motorbike.



    The Parkhead footprint and internal facilities should be matching Ange’s cleverly conceived playing squad.



    What happened to the museum money?

  23. BSR



    Upgrade of the main stand to match the rest and turn it into a 5 star facility for UEFA games is what I’d like. Pretty sure it is the facilities for the blazers that are stopping us.



    Not in the slightest interested in museums, cafe’s (sorry Almore), food stalls, face painters, bandstands playing Grace all the time etc.



    spend the rest on the team and youth set up

  24. A very poignant topic Paul as it is very noticeable how precarious our penalty taking is. It’s not that surprising however when you think of Celtic history. One James McGrory scored over 500 goals for the club yet he only ever took 3 penalties. Here’s my theory; A penalty is essentially an unfair scenario, all the advantage is with the taker. The taker is expected to beat the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is at a disadvantage and I honestly don´t think its part of the Celtic way of playing. So like GG and Hairlikespaghetti are saying…let´s not have to worry about penalties. And to underline how uncomfortable we are in the penalty scenario…which really is deep blue in Glasgow…Jimmy McGrory only scored one of the three penalties he took, he was probably just too embarrassed.



    I would go for Haksabanovic if he´s on the park, let Kyogo go the Jimmy McGrory way, and for a shoot out Johnston, Taylor or even Joe Hart have got what it takes!

  25. Talking of money in the bank; Ireland forecast to have a €16bn surplus next year.



    Time to pare back the ‘temporary’ Universal Social Charge (USC) we have been paying since 2011 to pay for the bank crash/bail out. Was paid off years ago



    It is layered on income tax and slides from 1-7%. I was happy with the design at the time as it did not hammer lower paid workers but the 7% needs to come down. Would release a lot of cash into the economy



    Ps I ain’t a Tory but I’ve taken a big burden for most of the time I’ve been in Ireland

  26. garygillespieshamstring on

    Re the penalties, we need spend time getting Joe to start going the right way to have any chance of winning a shoot out.


    Can’t expect to save one if you keep diving the wrong way.

  27. GaryGillespiesHamstring @2:09pm



    Would it be easier if we just did a ‘Chelsea’ and subbed Joe off in the 120th minute and stuck Siegrist or Bain on for the shoot-out?

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