Celtic Players to Watch in Euro 2024


As the excitement builds for Euro 2024, Celtic fans have much to anticipate, especially with several key players set to represent Scotland on the grand stage. Among the talented roster, Callum McGregor, Greg Taylor, Anthony Ralston, and James Forrest are poised to make notable influences. The performance of the Scottish national team will depend on these players, impacting not only the fans but also the betting community. These players are likely to influence the odds for the Scottish team on platforms like Unibet Euro 2024, thereby shaping betting strategies and potential payouts for those placing wagers on their success.

Callum McGregor

Callum McGregor, a central midfielder, is a linchpin for both Celtic and the Scottish national team. Known for his exceptional vision and passing accuracy, McGregor has amassed impressive stats over the 2023/24 season, including 45 appearances and a pass completion rate of 91.74%​. His ability to control the tempo of the game and his versatility to play in defensive and attacking midfield roles make him invaluable.


McGregor’s experience and leadership as Celtic’s captain have translated well to his national duties. With 41 caps and 2 goals for Scotland, his presence on the field brings stability and creativity​. His ability to break up opposition plays and initiate attacks will be key for Scotland’s ambitions in Euro 2024.


McGregor’s consistency and endurance are noteworthy. He often covers significant ground during matches, contributing defensively and offensively. This dual capability ensures that he remains a pivotal figure in Steve Clarke’s squad.

Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor, primarily a left-back, has been a reliable performer for Celtic, showcasing his defensive solidity and ability to contribute to attacks. Throughout the 2023/24 season with 46 appearances, 3 goals, and 5 assists, Taylor has demonstrated his defensive prowess with numerous interceptions, tackles, and offensive contributions​​.


Taylor’s adaptability and work rate are key for Scotland’s defensive strategies. He offers a blend of traditional defending with the modern full-back’s penchant for joining the attack. His ability to overlap and deliver precise crosses will give Scotland additional offensive options from the flanks.


In Euro 2024, Taylor’s role will be vital in balancing defensive responsibilities and supporting forward play. His consistent performances and tactical awareness make him a dependable option for Scotland.

Anthony Ralston

Anthony Ralston, a right-back, has steadily grown into a formidable defender for Celtic and Scotland. Known for his tenacity and physicality, Ralston has made significant strides, with notable defensive stats and occasional goal contributions​​ in 18 games this season for Celtic. His energy and commitment on the right flank provide both defensive cover and attacking impetus.


Ralston’s ability to surge forward and support attacks complements his solid defensive game. His adaptability enables him to perform well in different tactical formations, making him an essential player for the national team. His performances have earned him a reputation as a reliable and hardworking defender.

James Forrest

James Forrest, an experienced winger, brings pace and creativity to the Scottish squad. Forrest’s ability to take on defenders and create scoring opportunities has been a hallmark of his career at Celtic. In the 2023/24 season, he has continued to impress with his dribbling skills and goal-scoring ability, which makes him a key offensive weapon for Scotland​. In 28 appearances for Celtic, he scored 7 goals and contributed with 2 assists.


Forrest’s experience on the international stage, with 39 caps for Scotland, adds depth and expertise to the squad. His knack for scoring important goals and providing assists will be vital for Scotland’s attacking strategies in Euro 2024. His quick feet and intelligent movement make him a constant threat to opposing defences.

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