Celtic prepare for the People’s League Title


A year ago Scottish football was gripped in debate over the audacious plan by Craig Whyte to liquidate Rangers and ask the SPL to parachute a phoenix club into the top flight.  No one had ever previously made such a suggestion but Whyte found common ground with many around the game, who had good reason to adopt his strategy as their own.

I remember St Johnstone manager, Steve Lomas, telling radio listeners, “For financial reasons our club just wants Rangers [sic]back in the league as soon as possible”.  St Johnstone were not alone, every club were forced to recalculate cash-flow projections and discuss consequences.  The same was true in the media.  Journalists, advertising sales people and everyone else working for a commercial media company, to some extent, can relate their job security to interest levels in the Scottish game.

The people had their say.

No to Newco was the rallying call, first at Celtic but then across the Scottish game.  Many Rangers fans (perhaps even most) wanted no part of Whyte’s plan and wanted the phoenix to start at the bottom and work their way up, although for some the outcome was a denial of their God given rights.

It always amuses me when people leave ‘only in Scotland’ comments on CQN.  Football is notoriously corrupt across the globe and has been for most of its existence, but there can be few league titles anywhere decided so democratically.  The people said “no” and denied the generals running our game, some of whom believed some less-competent generals winning control was an “Arab Spring”.  Much to their dismay, they soon found out what Scottish football’s Arab Spring looks like, and it didn’t involve a tin-pot chairman re-writing the rule book.

I have loved every second of this league.  It will go down in my memory along with 1988 (when far fewer of us attended Celtic Park), 2001 and 2008.  When the league title is won, fans of every club who ensured rules were not re-written deserve a moment of satisfaction.


The current CQN server was commissioned in June 2011.  When we approached the annual renewal time last year, like a lot of the media companies mentioned above, I thought, with no Rangers, interest will fade, there’s no point increasing infrastructure.

The traffic peak we endured in May 2012, when the server played its part in some major issues, hasn’t been matched since, but server resources continue to be stressed.  Last week I bought three new servers (we now have three physical and one virtual) and shortly after full time at Tannadice tonight, our man Andrew in Belfast will bring the system down and start the migration process.  We will be offline for a few hours.

After we’re back your existing user accounts will remain active.  The domain name (celticquicknews.co.uk) will point to a new server (IP) address but it can take hours (or days) for each internet service provider to update their records.  As a result, celticquicknews.co.uk might not find the new server immediately.

Once we are live I will let you know the server IP address (a series of numbers you can type into your address bar), which will enable you to get onto CQN before your ISP has updated their records.  Check Twitter (twitter.com/cqn)  or Facebook (CQN-Magazine) for the address.

Let’s hope it goes smoothly…….
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  1. Estadio National 11.48,



    Please do not twist my words.


    I did not suggest that NFL was MORE passionate, committed & dedicated than Jock Stein. There is not some kind of meter which could make such a measurement.


    Neither can anybody argue that Neil is LESS passionate etc. than Big Jock.



    NOBODY could be proved to care more about Celtic than our present manager.


    He has earned our respect & he gets that respect from almost every Celtic supporter.



    YOU are the evidence that there will always be the begrudgers.

  2. Just catching up…


    What’s this about Challs being on gardening leave in Thailand with Hellen Mirren?



    Good luck with the Newco Server, Paul.


    Hope it’s up and runnng in plenty of time for the title celebrations on Sunday



  3. Paul67


    12:45 on


    19 April, 2013


    voguepunter, it uses pooled resources which sit on top of several actual (physical) servers. The main work will be done on the physical servers but we will run low-resource processes on the virtual.




    Thought that,thanks for clearing it up Paul.


    Bloody phone!!






    Nothing wrong wi a wee disagreement-have a good weekend,mate….

  5. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    estadio nacional



    10:48 on


    19 April, 2013



    Think you need to read my post again ……..your statement that I named myself after a deceased club ?……..where did you get that one from…..LOL



    Anyway, glad to ‘see’ that you are not a bhun……….LOL…….just get irate at negatonians who don’t appreciate our achievements in this transition season……



    On “O… F….. Fan” …….. Don’t know where you got THAT impression from……………..you obviously don’t read my posts…..(sensible man) …….. I stopped going to support my beloved Celtic at ipox some 25 years ago, due to the bhun hatred etc…….and, if they survive, which is very doubtful, I will NEVER step into ANY stadium where their vile hoardes are present….They are, and always have been a curse on Scottish Football / Society……HH (since you are, after all, a bhoy)…….LOL


    PAUL67. 1245



    Master of the bloody obvious award winner……



    But grateful as ever for what you do!!!

  7. Paul67 and other WordPress users,



    There is a link flying around Facebook today warning of a Super Botnet attack on WordPress sites. I can’t access the link right now and I must confess I don’t fully understand what it means. However some IT savvy friends seem to think it’s pretty serious stuff.



    Perhaps you should look into it?



    Maybe someone else can find the link?

  8. Paul67



    New servers eh? Must be some big news on the horizon;-)


    Good luck with the new servers and well done on the amazing figures veiwing your site.




  9. Anyone see the huddle at the darts in Dublin last night? Who says the Dub’s don’t have time for the Celtic? Amazing to see!




  10. Paul67 – good luck with the migration tonight. Hope it goes smoothly for Andrew in Belfast. Some DNS servers can take a wee bit of time to update but rarely get to 48 hours to replicate/update.



    Used to do server migrations at weekends also and it didn’t matter how much notice you gave people, they would still complain.



    Estadio N @ 09:15 – what is said was –



    00:46 on


    19 April, 2013


    Estadio- you keep posting that we should talk about Celtic and move away from Mordor.



    When we talk about Celtic, you slate our manager! What is your problem?


    Missing the huns?



    Who would you have replace him then?





    I shouldn’t have put the bit in about missing the Huns so I apologise for that.



    However, I am not a happy clapper as far as Neil goes. He has received some deserved criticism (imo)for formations and substitutions. He has also deserved praise in these area also (Barca/Spartak).



    You say he can’t motivate players but I believe that the team & manager are victims of circumstance. It must be hard to get motivated at times and it shows sometimes.



    My issue was with your timing as he had just received a highly improbable ban for 3 games….and you choose then to have a go at him.



    You are obviously entitled to your opinion as I am mine, however, I do not get your reference to `YOUR pal Keevins’. Where did that come from?




  11. SFTB, ha! ‘Low-resource processes’. A perfect term for a certain football club’s abilities.



    Sixtaeseven, thanks.






    Rieperman, I believe the WordPress attack is on blogs hosted on the WordPress servers. We have our own servers.



    LiviBhoy, I hope so.

  12. Estadio Nacional on

    Kilbowie Kelt 12:48



    I did not twist your words, you said:



    ‘However we have never had, & never will have, a more passionate, committed or dedicated boss than the man we presently have.’



    To me thats saying he is more passionate, committed or dedicated than any Celtic manager we have had, see your point but stand by what I said, how is he more passionate, committed or dedicated than Jock Stein?





  13. Kayal33,



    You’re right about Mulgrew. He should never play midfield in the SPL. Centre back or not at all.



    As you say though it’s different in Europe. He’s too slow to play centre back but is a good option as another defensive midfielder.



    It’s funny both him and Sammy do not easily fit into a “position” but they can be extremely effective. Moneyball players!!

  14. I’ve had I.T. professioanals explain in detail to me what they actually do for a living and have walked away none the wiser.


    They seem to belong to some arcane brotherhood of wizardry from which I shall ever be excluded.


    Since computers became an integral part of all our lives I’ve had to become familiar with jargonese and the use of the infernal machines much against my will.


    And though I enjoy the mysteries of what they bring to my life I remain in complete ignorance of how it all actually works.


    Someone once wrote something along the lines that to any less technologically advanced civilization that what a more tech advanced civilization did would seem like magic.


    Well, that’s me : one of the backward tribe, still rubbing sticks together, playing with flint and being astonished when fire appears.


    So….computers? Way beyond me.

  15. EN



    “To me thats saying he is more passionate, committed or dedicated than any Celtic manager we have had”



    Strictly speaking, it merely says that he is, at least, first equal. It does not claim he is first on his own.

  16. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    It is obvious greengo dawned the st midden tie to cause controversy around the restructuring, and divert attention from the developing sevco armaggedon…….that snowball is, however, still rolling, greengo…..LOL

  17. Estadio Nacional on

    67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors 12:50



    Its against my beliefs to get in to discussion with a user of ‘LOL’ especially one who uses it three times, but….



    ‘Think you need to read my post again ……..your statement that I named myself after a deceased club ?……..where did you get that one from…..LOL’



    Where did I get that from that you named yourself after a deceased club? Hmmmm tricky one, think it was your CQN name, crazy I know.



    I said you were an old firm fan as you reference rangers in your name, they and the old firm must be important to you.





  18. Paul67.



    I hope I don’t need much brain power to do these changes, I’m a bit incompetent when it comes to brain power & computers. If I don’t post again, you’ll know whats happened.

  19. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Does anyone know if Celtic will be presented with the SPL trophy on Sunday should results go our way?

  20. Paul67,



    That’s good. As a technophobe I don’t understand any of it. I don’t even know what a server is beyond some vague idea. Just thought I’d give you a wee heads up just incase.



    Keep up the good work.

  21. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on




    Agree – Mulgrew should be picked CH instead of midfield when possible. He just doesn’t look comfortable in the middle of the park for me.



    Moneyball – what a film.

  22. Art of War @13:07 “Ntassoolla – I was being polite and it is lunchtime, not moonhowling hours! :-)”



    Are they within earshot?

  23. Estadio Nacional on

    Art of War 12:57



    Cool, as I said previously I sympathize that its hard to motivate a shop window squad but still have to question that he should be better at motivating them.



    Agree he has got tactics spot on at times and both Spartak and Barcelona games were outstanding, That Barcelona game is our Greatest result in years, very proud of it. I have to point out that despite my questioning of negative play Neil Lennon took off Lustig and brought on Tony Waaaaaaaaaatt when we were just 1-0 up against them, that was one of the many majic things that night. Dont tell anybody I said this though…





  24. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    estadio nacional



    13:02 on 19 April, 2013



    “67heaven” alludes to the winning of the European Cup in 1967……LOL..”ibrox belongs to the creditors” alludes to the fact that BDO’s inevitable repossession of ipox will be the final nail in the coffin for sevco…….there you go………..!!!!!!!!!!………..(LOL)

  25. Kilbowie Kelt on

    Estadio Nacional



    12:57 on 19 April, 2013



    Sorry, EN, but if you can’t understand a simple statement, that is not my problem.



    To say that there has never been a more passionate manager than NFL, does not in any way say that there could not have been others who might have been equally passionate. It is only one persons judgement.



    It is just a bit sad that you should want to bad-mouth a man who gives us so much.



    These are

  26. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    Absolutely…..very few of us will EVER forget this season……..the bhuns (and perhaps EN) will want to ………….LOL

  27. Pabloa,



    The only problem is he lacks a bit of pace at the back which is fine the majority of the time in the SPL but he would get crucified in Europe!!

  28. moonbeams wd. kano 1000 \o/ supporting neil lennon 100%. champions. c’mon wee oscar.


    13:04 on 19 April, 2013:




    Ah…..you are one of the 21st. Century wizards.


    Okay, so you’d think I’d find it easy to understand the digital : all built on 1’s and 0’s, but no; I think it’s some kinda blind spot in my brain.


    And not being alone in this mystification I can well understand how you techies justify your rates.


    I only wish I could make as much playing blues piano. Never did.



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