Celtic prepare for the People’s League Title


A year ago Scottish football was gripped in debate over the audacious plan by Craig Whyte to liquidate Rangers and ask the SPL to parachute a phoenix club into the top flight.  No one had ever previously made such a suggestion but Whyte found common ground with many around the game, who had good reason to adopt his strategy as their own.

I remember St Johnstone manager, Steve Lomas, telling radio listeners, “For financial reasons our club just wants Rangers [sic]back in the league as soon as possible”.  St Johnstone were not alone, every club were forced to recalculate cash-flow projections and discuss consequences.  The same was true in the media.  Journalists, advertising sales people and everyone else working for a commercial media company, to some extent, can relate their job security to interest levels in the Scottish game.

The people had their say.

No to Newco was the rallying call, first at Celtic but then across the Scottish game.  Many Rangers fans (perhaps even most) wanted no part of Whyte’s plan and wanted the phoenix to start at the bottom and work their way up, although for some the outcome was a denial of their God given rights.

It always amuses me when people leave ‘only in Scotland’ comments on CQN.  Football is notoriously corrupt across the globe and has been for most of its existence, but there can be few league titles anywhere decided so democratically.  The people said “no” and denied the generals running our game, some of whom believed some less-competent generals winning control was an “Arab Spring”.  Much to their dismay, they soon found out what Scottish football’s Arab Spring looks like, and it didn’t involve a tin-pot chairman re-writing the rule book.

I have loved every second of this league.  It will go down in my memory along with 1988 (when far fewer of us attended Celtic Park), 2001 and 2008.  When the league title is won, fans of every club who ensured rules were not re-written deserve a moment of satisfaction.


The current CQN server was commissioned in June 2011.  When we approached the annual renewal time last year, like a lot of the media companies mentioned above, I thought, with no Rangers, interest will fade, there’s no point increasing infrastructure.

The traffic peak we endured in May 2012, when the server played its part in some major issues, hasn’t been matched since, but server resources continue to be stressed.  Last week I bought three new servers (we now have three physical and one virtual) and shortly after full time at Tannadice tonight, our man Andrew in Belfast will bring the system down and start the migration process.  We will be offline for a few hours.

After we’re back your existing user accounts will remain active.  The domain name (celticquicknews.co.uk) will point to a new server (IP) address but it can take hours (or days) for each internet service provider to update their records.  As a result, celticquicknews.co.uk might not find the new server immediately.

Once we are live I will let you know the server IP address (a series of numbers you can type into your address bar), which will enable you to get onto CQN before your ISP has updated their records.  Check Twitter (twitter.com/cqn)  or Facebook (CQN-Magazine) for the address.

Let’s hope it goes smoothly…….
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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    The handshake


    Seals the contract


    From the contract


    There’s no turning back


    The turning point


    Of a career


    In Korea, being insincere



    The holiday


    Was fun packed


    The contract


    Still intact



    Dedicated to anyone on ‘gardening leave’ …

  2. Green has court cases to deal with.


    No brainer. Next mug….I mean CEO please.




  3. Welcome, brother Burghbhoy.



    I’m afraid there is no cure for this affliction.



    The road to CQN recovery is paved with good intentions.



    Indeed, it has frequently crossed my mind that there may be a strong case for a class action against a certain Paul67 …





  4. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    It’s probably not great news – could they appoint anyone as stupid as Green? But then I don’t expect Green to leave quietly, could be entertaining.

  5. Just in case I can’t negotiate Paul’s new servants(?), I would just like to say what fun it has been these last twenty years on CQN.



    Enjoyed the good and the ugly, not too keen on the bad and wish you all a HappyNew Year, when it comes.



    Look on the bright side, no quiz and late Friday night rambles !!




    However, if I can kidnap a wean from our local primary school, I’ll probably be back tomorrow!

  6. Enter D King and Walter (stage left).



    We know he is not a fit and proper person say C Ogilve,


    but its for the good of the game .



  7. squire danaher on

    Is this not on the face of it a good thing?



    Does Ole Big ‘Ands walking away no suggest that the Zombie investigation has been forced to conclude he’s been caught so red handed colluding wi CW that not even that shower cud squirm off the hook??



    They are nothing if not ruthless and if making CG walk the plank is what it takes to weasel a successful outcome for them, so be it.




  8. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Chas Green Esq is runnin’ rather than face the wrath of the new CQN server, or Large Hun Collider.

  9. miki67



    14:13 on 19 April, 2013



    ‘What is wrong with The UKplc when you have a Labour leader talking about ” one people, one nation..”’




    I don’t think Milliband was suggesting that we gas Jews.



    I think he might be suggesting that Scotland would be better off staying in the UK.



    As one nation (technically a state rather than a nation) and as one people.



    Hardly controversial.

  10. ooops



    ““ I’m staying until I hear that Champions League anthem blaring out once again across Ibrox. That’s what the fans and the people here should be given and if that can be delivered maybe I’ll feel my job is complete.”

  11. squire danaher on

    No matter how they play this, one inescapable fact remains






    I believe I should end this post




  12. See NL has confirmed Anto Stokes will be offered another contract. I for one am happy with that. Stokes is a good striker with a decent goal to games ratio.

  13. I remember this time last year, driving back from work, myself and my colleague were listening to SSB and Gordon Dalziel was making a statement regarding rangers fans feelings towards playing in the third division, and I quote ‘the majority of rangers fans, well maybe not the majority but definitely 99% of them want to go to the third division.’


    I nearly crashed the car.

  14. Is that The CL anthem ghostly and eerily echoing down iPox way as Chuckles departs with as much cash as his carpetbag will hold?


    Will sevcovian heads explode à la Cronenberg as their Green hero turns out to have been Whyte all along?


    One day a mini-series will be made of this. It’s neverending. Like some kinda demented real life soap.

  15. oglach 14.24



    And the best assister of goals we have after Commons, despite what people say about Charlie Mulgrew.

  16. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    Fat sally, the oldest young manager in the game; the coach of the ‘worst ever football side’; the gaffer who has been kicked out of the most cup competitions consecutively; the schmuck who threw away a record point lead, can now ‘add losing the largest number of people I can work with’, to his CV!

  17. And the St Mirren club tie? Does he get to keep that? And what of the Crackerjack pencil?



    I know he is a man of principle and won’t take a penny from the £22m account. Every penny counts these days. Bills to pay and all that.


    Wouldn’t want to put his beloved The Rangers in any financial difficulty I’m sure

  18. Miki67- shine on you crazy diamond! :-)



    Dbbk- Large Hun Collider, hehe kwality big chap.



    Is Green on gardening leave at Martha’s, sorry, Murrays Vineyard in France?



    “Eeh ah could crush a grape!”



    Ps. I still think the ‘plan’ is on track.

  19. .



    and shortly after full time at Tannadice tonight, our man Andrew in Belfast will bring the system down and start the migration process. We will be offline for a few hours.



    Google Translate: Carfin to English..



    Me and Andy in Bellshill are Watching Ra Gemme in The Carfin Vaults ..and We are Gonnae Pull the Plug on CQN (Cause Yir No talkin Aboot the Gers)..for a Few Hrs cause we will be P*shed..) as we caned to Migrane..:-(



    Summa of PaulJungleCSC

  20. Neil Lennon being punished is a futile attempt by the Campbell Ogilvie led scottish football officials to show the sevco fans they still hold the whip-





    Don’t care who is in charge of the kitty as long as it isnae Charles Green…..

  22. TBB



    The last time they had that option they folded.



    It seems incredible to me that The Rangers supporters


    do not realise there cannot be a strong Rangers again using external stimulants to create a myth of being strong.


    Their only way forward is to tighten their belt, lose excess weight ( read that how you like) and exercise their way back to a level of real health comparable to their income and that is going to take a while, quite a while.

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