Celtic prepare for the People’s League Title


A year ago Scottish football was gripped in debate over the audacious plan by Craig Whyte to liquidate Rangers and ask the SPL to parachute a phoenix club into the top flight.  No one had ever previously made such a suggestion but Whyte found common ground with many around the game, who had good reason to adopt his strategy as their own.

I remember St Johnstone manager, Steve Lomas, telling radio listeners, “For financial reasons our club just wants Rangers [sic]back in the league as soon as possible”.  St Johnstone were not alone, every club were forced to recalculate cash-flow projections and discuss consequences.  The same was true in the media.  Journalists, advertising sales people and everyone else working for a commercial media company, to some extent, can relate their job security to interest levels in the Scottish game.

The people had their say.

No to Newco was the rallying call, first at Celtic but then across the Scottish game.  Many Rangers fans (perhaps even most) wanted no part of Whyte’s plan and wanted the phoenix to start at the bottom and work their way up, although for some the outcome was a denial of their God given rights.

It always amuses me when people leave ‘only in Scotland’ comments on CQN.  Football is notoriously corrupt across the globe and has been for most of its existence, but there can be few league titles anywhere decided so democratically.  The people said “no” and denied the generals running our game, some of whom believed some less-competent generals winning control was an “Arab Spring”.  Much to their dismay, they soon found out what Scottish football’s Arab Spring looks like, and it didn’t involve a tin-pot chairman re-writing the rule book.

I have loved every second of this league.  It will go down in my memory along with 1988 (when far fewer of us attended Celtic Park), 2001 and 2008.  When the league title is won, fans of every club who ensured rules were not re-written deserve a moment of satisfaction.


The current CQN server was commissioned in June 2011.  When we approached the annual renewal time last year, like a lot of the media companies mentioned above, I thought, with no Rangers, interest will fade, there’s no point increasing infrastructure.

The traffic peak we endured in May 2012, when the server played its part in some major issues, hasn’t been matched since, but server resources continue to be stressed.  Last week I bought three new servers (we now have three physical and one virtual) and shortly after full time at Tannadice tonight, our man Andrew in Belfast will bring the system down and start the migration process.  We will be offline for a few hours.

After we’re back your existing user accounts will remain active.  The domain name (celticquicknews.co.uk) will point to a new server (IP) address but it can take hours (or days) for each internet service provider to update their records.  As a result, celticquicknews.co.uk might not find the new server immediately.

Once we are live I will let you know the server IP address (a series of numbers you can type into your address bar), which will enable you to get onto CQN before your ISP has updated their records.  Check Twitter (twitter.com/cqn)  or Facebook (CQN-Magazine) for the address.

Let’s hope it goes smoothly…….
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  1. Chuck did not too bad, but not quite hero status of whyte.



    He fleeced the gullible for their cash pocketing over £1m to date incl a bonus for sfl3, owns 8% of something and ingratiated himself to the local community esp hyndland waitresses.



    It’s great our hero is back in play. What say you Campbell??

  2. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on

    First up guys, thank you to everyone who has sent a message of support, encouragement or congratulations, and, especially, bought one of my books. Enormous respect and love to you all for that, and for everything over the last couple of years.



    Neither book would have been published without this site. I can say that with wholehearted sincerity. We all know lives have been changed by this website, by this community, by this wee extended family, and I know it as well as anyone.



    Mine has been one of them. So, when I say thank you I mean it.



    (Particular thanks to Paul and Dave. Without the support and encouragement i got from you two, without the last two years, especially, this would never have happened. I will never be anything but grateful to you both.)



    As crazy as the last 12 months have been for all of us, why do I get the feeling that today’s news makes the next 12 months loom even larger, as potentially the most important in the history of the Scottish game?



    The disastrous events which have obliterated Sevconia might have surprised some, but they came as no surprise to us. Nothing we’ve talked about, speculated about, written about or commented on has failed to come to pass.



    Now we’re bracing ourselves for the next shockwaves.



    The resignation of Green is a landmark moment. It is a calamity without precedent. It will precipitate a share price plunge like dropping an anvil from a high rise window. You have to think he’s gone now because he knows something worse is coming.



    In front of Sevco is darkness, and more darkness, darkness so deep there is no clear way out. Financially, they are in a shambles. Morale wise, they are in free-fall. There might be a mood of celebration in some parts of Ibrox this afternoon, but all people there can do right now is paper over the cracks.



    When walls start to come down, there will be no papering over that.



    Everything is proceeding just as we’ve forseen …. (he laughs evilly).



    I cannot wait for the next installment ….

  3. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    kevjungle – murdo 78/87/cheerio 10iar/98 :o)))



    13:21 on


    19 April, 2013



    NO …….God give US strength……!!!!!!!!……LOL

  4. James Forrest


    Ah young grasshopper. We may have crossed opinions in the past but I could see your potential and not surprised you have branched out.


    Always happy to see one of God’s children grow and I have seen that in your own blog.


    Power to your pen.

  5. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on




    Thanks fella! You are continuing your own non-stop work too I see!



    Where do you see the Association going now? How in the Hell does this end without heads rolling across the pitch at Hampden?



    There are a number of questions I’ve been meaning to ask you:



    1) Doesn’t Sevco’s failure to have a physio mean they are in breach of license requirements?



    2) Doesn’t the ongoing ownership issues over Ibrox breach licensing guidelines?



    3) When do they need to submit audited accounts for their SFA license, and does their failure to submit accounts already not extend their European football exclusion for a further 12 months?



    4) Can clubs go to UEFA if they feel the domestic association is ignoring, or failing to act, in potentially damaging situations?



    Those are just a few of the issues that need to be cleared up … this is a black hole, sucking in everything. And amazingly, the club at the centre of all this destruction is still being talked about as one the game needs, and one the media and others are agitating to have fast-tracked back into the SPL ….



    I like to think I have a (warped) good imagination … but I could not have made this up!

  6. Just caught the news CG is to leave.



    Ogilvie and Regan have questions to answer not only about their rush to reinstate Rangers but what evidence they have of their ability to last another season without a leg up that no other club could get.



    Time the kidding on stopped.

  7. James Forrest


    Posted before I read yours.



    Same thinking on CO/Regan/SFA. This is a consequence of clinging to a myth. Surely now it lies exposed and cannot be revived?



    On questions


    1. I think a physio is required but need to confirm although they would need one anyway.


    2. I think it likely based on something I read by another blogger off line but again need to check rules to confirm.


    3. They have to submit financial info by 30th April to be considered for a national club licence. Quite what they can submit to give the SFA licencing committee the confidence to approve one I do not know but I have uploaded a business case that I will link to later that is on the lines of TBBs earlier post re running out of cash early next year.


    In short there should be as much focus as possible put on the SFA licensing round in terms of finances. Questions have already gone to the SFA but no answer to date. Look over the sea for more on that idc.



    On Uefa. They do not entertain new legal entities which is why The Rangers were not even considered for a uefa licence. They have this rule to stop clubs phoenexing unlike the SFA but


    the SFA have a three year history rule for their licensing purposes ( which they had to ignore if The Rangers were granted a licence last season) but after 3 years in existence if The Rangers were to qualify for Europe UEFA would not view them as a new legal entity but would apply Uefa FFP licensing rules as would the SFA in presenting the application to UEFA.


    Its a bit complicated and again I have to check but unless they are liquidated again I think that by the time they are eligible for Europe it will be the state of the current set of accounts at that time which will determine their admission.


    4. Clubs could have done this already but do not appear to have the stomach to do so and UEFA are happy to leave the mess with the SFA.


    Im going from memory on my phone so do not take this as gospel until Ive checked.

  8. Mr. Gold



    14:06 on 19 April, 2013


    Mr Gold said:





    I’m starting a new job on Monday.


    Wish me luck?








    Made me laugh out loud!

  9. Border Legend 2:20 Newbury.



    and before any yees start a know


    it’s Lizzie’s horse……but a winner’s


    a winner.

  10. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    I remember why I stopped buying The Herald. RichWil and his twitter chums in Saturday love ins go too much..



    Today I checked and he s at it again.. Sevco denial is comical.. Sheffield warned..




    Will the SFA investigate greens work?



    Paul I respect you saying other countries are bad, however there are times we seem to live in the dark ages of democracy here…



    The lack of media interrogation is one of my great annoyances..




    HH and paradise tomorrow ..



    Great work with the servers Paul…..not that I know what they are!!!!

  11. Lads, my nap after a lot of deliberation is…



    Fill the Power in the Scottish Grand National.



    (…now watch Une Artiste bolt up in the Champion Hurdle !)



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  12. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Problema Tic in the Scottish National, although not certain to get 4 miles!




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