Celtic punching with an empty glove


I’ve watched a large number of insipid end of season efforts over the years. The one that stands out most is home to Falkirk in 1987. It was probably the first time it was clear to me the white flag had been raised on a campaign (had results gone our way, we could still have won the league that day). Only a year earlier the same squad delivered the most unlikely title in the final game.

There was no white flag yesterday, quite the opposite, the league is all-but won. Instead we looked like a team with a lot of players wondering if they had a future at the club. The next two games, away to Hearts and home to Aberdeen, should provide enough focus to allow the level of performance to rise, but I thought that about the semi-final too.

It’s the end of the road for a few players, and for a system clearly few still believe in.

On the way into the ground a few of us wondered how often Kris Commons would be used going forward. He will be 33 in the summer, ahead of the last year of his contract. Whatever the reason he didn’t make the starting line up yesterday (or last week), his 9 minute cameo demonstrated the directness, not to mention game intelligence and skill, that Celtic are badly lacking.

Despite the plethora of No. 10s and creative wide players we’ve recruited over the last two years, Commons remains by far our most effective creative player. Without him we look to be punching with an empty glove; I hope whoever takes over takes note.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    traditionalist88 on 25th April 2016 12:08 pm



    The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 25th April 2016 11:56 am



    I think you are well aware of my post which illicited the responses from yourself, Ernie, MWD and KevJ, but thank you for the opportunity to sum up. I’ll do it briefly as I have to go… if I had to choose a word in response to your above post, ‘inaction’ would be a good one.

  2. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Still forming a view on Peter Lawwell, Paul?





    If I was a player yesterday,wondering whether I had a future at the club,I’d have been busting a gut to prove to all and sundry that indeed I did.



    Too many of them downed tools. And to be honest,if even three players are rank on a given day,the rest will struggle.



    We were lucky if we had three players yesterday who WEREN’T rank.

  4. Yesterday was epitomised in the performance of our Captain Scott Brown. Miles of the pace.





    They also serve,who stand and watch the racing on the telly instead.

  6. Two great games coming up and I’m looking forward to them, could we pick up a win in one of these two games? Who knows? But the excitement of them can only be a good thing, winning it at Tyncastle would be nice, winning it at CP even nicer, so looking forward to it, I’m sure PL and DD will have the players up for it :))

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Have a nice day:)


    Still dont know where you are coming from.


    There are thousands of Celtic supporters staying away.


    Im one of them


    Again…So What?

  8. An Teach Solais on

    So the goading continues.



    Good afternoon, everyone. Still hope that we will have a title to celebrate and then an in-depth review of what has to change and how improvements of all facets of life at Celtic Park can be improved.



    I am not sure, judging by his recent behaviour, whether I would want Kris Commons in the trenches with me but, hey, that’s only my opinion.



    Enjoy the rest of your day wherever you are and whatever your views. HH

  9. How do we know Commons is our most creative player when others, signed this season, who play in similar attacking central midfield position have not been given a chance.


    Commons has been poor this season, as he was yesterday when he came on.


    The shambles on the park goes a lot deeper that Kris Commons not getting a game. A manager who cannot, by his own admission, get anything from the players, players who are scared of the ball, senior players who are either finished or have downed tools and a totally bloated and imbalanced squad.


    We then have the off field malaise and a support who are now increasingly revolting against the dictator and his bag man. But we don’t mention that………..

  10. oneofthe70percent on

    it just gets worse every game poor selection,poor tactic(we only have one),players played out of position,poor substitutions,poor performers getting picked game after game,nobody fears us,they know exactly how we play,the manager should have been sacked ages ago,and it seems that if had not resigned the board were happy to keep him,our signing policy is crazy,buy loads of fourth rate players,mostly mid fielders ,no strikers of quality,instead of buying loads of 500.00- 1 million pound players how about 2 good experienced players,and not from the spfl,we buy players from dundee utd,a team that we regularly hump without breaking sweat,it must be obvious their players are at best 2nd class,The board have been just letting things slide in the knowledge that even with a poorish side we will win the league,we should have been builing a really good side to give the new filth a good humping when they arrived.

  11. Do I think Celtic will pay for a excellent


    Experienced manager


    There out there lots of them





    Cheap option


    Wait you’ll see


    Who we selling next

  12. The love in with Commons needs to stop.


    Should never have been near the team after the Juventus game never mind the Molde embarrassment.



    It was cringe worthy the reception he got as he ran to come on yesterday.


    He’s no Kristiano Commons!

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    If we’re relying on a 33 year old unfit player who only turns up half the time then we really are in trouble. Would rather see Christie get a chance.

  14. SydneyTim says sack Lawell now on

    While it is a valid point paul67. What about your big picture you said you would post ?



    The majority of Celtic fans want Lawell gone His incompetence has cost our club tens of millions of lost revenue

  15. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    reasons to be cheerful-



    Colin’s dreadlocks.



    Best at CP since hoopslegend Evander Sno.

  16. oneofthe70percent on

    lot of shite on hear about commons,bad season has hardly played due the twat in charge,given 10 mins yesterday and showed how far ahead he is of every other player we have,proud of him when he had a go at the management team someone had too,the board obviously didn,t have the bottle,commons first pick and captain get that imposter brown to feck waste of 4.5 million,just a hacker now he cannot even do that


    team for tynecastle





















  17. For what it’s worth… Celtic are undefeated in their last 10 league games. There is just one other club out of the 42 in the Scottish League (Raith Rovers, incidentally) and 4 out of the 92 in the English League who can make such a claim. Things can’t be that bad then, surely?



    Just saying like…

  18. I posted yesterday that it needed a clearout, of not only the manager,but coaching, fitness, and scouting staff. I imagine the players moving their respective asses if a new manager was appointed asap.


    I also think the board are being very careful this time—no RDs or similar.


    Keane? No. Stevie Clarke with Stevie Frail? Match made in heaven.

  19. Why do you love KC so much Paul67?



    Looking at league.



    Average goals scored when he doesn’t feature at all = 2.57 (36 goals, 14 games).



    Average goals scored when he makes an appearance = 2.15 (43 goals, 20 games). Ok, games like yesterday where he only gets 9 minutes maybe shouldn’t count.



    So if we only include games where he featured for over 25 minutes, it’s average goals scored of 2.29 (39 goals, 17 games).



    So it seems this season at least we created and scored more goals when KC didn’t play.

  20. He’s maybe no Kristiano Commons but he’s the most creative player that we know we have and from my seat, we looked more likely to score once he was on.



    He’s the most creative we know we have cos the manager won’t give his potential successors a game!



    I think Ronny doesn’t play the youngsters in that situation because he wants to protect them, but if they are never exposed to pressure (including criticism from the stands) then how will we ever know they’ll make the grade?



    When yesterday’s team sheet hit Twitter my son said ‘well…it’s not as bad as it could have been’. Quite an indictment. Personally I couldn’t believe Brown got a game, but he gave a good impression of Johansen in his 90 minutes.



    Pass marks for me yesterday – Gordon, Tierney (although he looks exhausted) and Sviatchenko, and maybe CKR if the pass mark is set low.



    Paul67 assures us that we’re in ‘Foregone Conclusion’ territory. Really? We lacked heart, aggression and fight yesterday. We’ll need all of those qualities in the coming weeks and I doubt some of the players yesterday have got what it will take.



    And I only came on here to say Thank God for the Green Brigade’s silent protest, I hope their bloody drum is permanently silent.

  21. Celtic Champs Elect on

    a wee birdie told me two certainties Brendan Rogers done deal Swansea get your lot on it. Michael ONeil for the hoops

  22. Hey! Stop posting positivity on the team :))



    BIGCHIPSUK – 10 IN A ROW (2001-2010) on 25TH APRIL 2016 12:29 PM


    For what it’s worth… Celtic are undefeated in their last 10 league games. There is just one other club out of the 42 in the Scottish League (Raith Rovers, incidentally) and 4 out of the 92 in the English League who can make such a claim. Things can’t be that bad then, surely?




    Just saying like

  23. As for the Green Brigade commemoration at half-time, chapeau. Nicely judged.



    What a pity the anti-Lawell (sic) anti-Desmond banners before the game were done on the same day. Guess which display got the column inches? Not so nicely judged.



    They do some good things sometimes, the GB, but they don’t half lack a bit of savvy.

  24. Sllem the golve.



    I was at the game yesterday and it was torture.



    Still wouldn’t play Commons though. He’s been operating to his own agenda all season. Sleekit.

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