Celtic rested and ready


Brendan Rodgers had to prepare a tired and injured squad in recent weeks as he competed for the League Cup, Europa League and league title.  He rested players at Motherwell, bringing criticism from some quarters, but won the League Cup, qualified for the next phase of the Europa League and sits three points clear at the top of the Premiership with a game in hand.

At Pittodrie we saw Celtic move through the gears.  Aberdeen are in their best form in years, but could not take a point despite two penalty kicks, one of which should have been tied in a Christmas bow it was so generous.

A little later, Neil Lennon took Hibernian to Ibrox.  Neil has a significantly poorer squad than Brendan and is even more affected by injuries, but he would not be defeated.  If Celtic turn up at Ibrox with the same attitude they or Neil Lennon had yesterday, they will shred Newco.

Odsonne Edouard looked like a player transformed after a short break.  His contribution was critical in delivering the result.  Scott Sinclair’s hat-trick thoroughly answered any questions about his form.  Both are ready to do the necessary on Saturday.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on




    Aye, I laughed out loud at that one.



    Operating an illegal scam and defrauding HMRC in order to afford players who otherwise would not have signed is just a bit of ‘nonesense’.



    Give it Long enough and it wil be described as just having ‘a bit of banter’ with Hector.

  2. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    What message are mediocre intl getting tonight – don’t worry, the crowd will be big!

  3. glendalystonsils on

    My estimation of Brendan has just risen even higher , having just heard him in his presser refer to our home ground as ‘Parkhead’. So my Grandfather , father, uncles, cousins and myself have been right for the past 60 years!-))

  4. I’m another in the I’ll stop worrying at the final whistle clique. I’ve witnessed us hammering them for 90 minutes and still losing too too many times.



    I hope we hammer them tomorrow and WIN.



    We shall not be moved.

  5. MATT STEWART on 28TH DECEMBER 2018 5:49 PM



    noo yer talking loon…



    smiley smiley thing …



    keep yer pooder dry …




  6. Should we win tomorrow it will be the first time since 1909 that we will have won 5 consecutive games at Ibrox against a Rangers team.



    Let’s make some new history.

  7. This, from a BBC website article on Edouard and Morelos, made me smile:



    ” But which striker is routinely popping up to create or score the pivotal goals this season? BBC Sport Scotland takes a look.”



    ` BBc Scotland takes a look` can be translated: BBC Scotland, having scoured everything we could find to make any comparison which favoured our team, came up with this:



    It really is rather childish :-))



    Does the BBC still consider itself an icon of fairness and impartiality in the world?




  8. BIGRAILROADBLUES-tell GORDYBHOY I got a weekend in London with billy Joel tickets for Wembley included for my Christmas ?Hope he’s winning ?



    Sounds good Billy Joel at Wembley , I saw him rehearsing outside the Collusseum about 10 years ago for a gig he was doing with Bryan Adams later that night in Rome , and the song he was doing was an Adams number Summer of 69 ! We were only there for the day on a trip from our cruise but a great memory !!

  10. Hot Smoked……….



    my fave is



    ” BBC Scoddland understands……”





  11. the ones that got away a bit of fun bhoys eddiemcreadie billy bremner frank mclintock eddie gray kevin gallacher steve Clarke pat quinn john McGinn johnny Russell not sure about ian st john but always complimentary to us please add some names.hh.

  12. PARK ROAD 67-seen him in old Trafford this year for first time ?


    My wife says it’s because apart from being in airports I have never really been to London ?


    Looking forward to it,I think ?

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Off to Cheers Bar in Sydney tonight .



    Hoping that big Tom Rogic may appear .



    He did the last time he was unavailable to play for Celtic.



    Keep you posted.



    Jon daly


    Neil McCann


    Gordan Petric


    Alan McLaren


    Nacho Novo


    Judas (2nd time)

  15. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    celtic by numbers- got any stats on ss this year – passes/ pass completion/involvement in stuff?

  16. Bourne @ 7.20 –


    Yet again, a huge thanks for posting the full Brendan Presser. I always find them compulsive viewing but only ever see a link to them, via you on here. Thank you again.


    15 more hours. 1 more sleep. A few more drinks.

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