Celtic rested and ready


Brendan Rodgers had to prepare a tired and injured squad in recent weeks as he competed for the League Cup, Europa League and league title.  He rested players at Motherwell, bringing criticism from some quarters, but won the League Cup, qualified for the next phase of the Europa League and sits three points clear at the top of the Premiership with a game in hand.

At Pittodrie we saw Celtic move through the gears.  Aberdeen are in their best form in years, but could not take a point despite two penalty kicks, one of which should have been tied in a Christmas bow it was so generous.

A little later, Neil Lennon took Hibernian to Ibrox.  Neil has a significantly poorer squad than Brendan and is even more affected by injuries, but he would not be defeated.  If Celtic turn up at Ibrox with the same attitude they or Neil Lennon had yesterday, they will shred Newco.

Odsonne Edouard looked like a player transformed after a short break.  His contribution was critical in delivering the result.  Scott Sinclair’s hat-trick thoroughly answered any questions about his form.  Both are ready to do the necessary on Saturday.

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  1. Good morning friends from a dry but very grey and windy East Kilbride.


    I awake with the same optimism that I had before my sleep. We will win but the margin of our victory is more likely to be dictated by the performance of their McGregor in goals. I have a feeling for 2-0. And I’ll record the game, watch it again later and think to myself “why was I in the least bit concerned?”


    So, breakfast, put on a coupon, go for a wee walk, have a late morning roll + sausage then walk the mile and a bit to my youngest Bhoy’s to join him, his wife and inlaws and my sister (oh, and his black lab, Lenny!) for an enjoyable couple of hours.


    Glasgow AND Edinburgh to be green and white tonight.

  2. Melbourne Mick- how long you been away??


    It has been there for about 40-50 years on St James Road, used to be across the road and up a bit, because of motorway etc. it moved across the road and up about 100 yards, great wee Celtic pub.



    D. :)

  3. The lurkantim I was drinking that (the Krakin rum) with my nephews on Christmas night, when I say drinking I had about 4 halfs. I was drinking my own tipple of Morgan’s and tenants.



    D. :)

  4. Just read my last post, not Morgan’s and tenants together.


    My liver is fecked enough ffs



    D. :)

  5. Melbourne Mick –lol… If ever I’m in your neck of the woods, I will give you a shout and buy you a pint.



    D. :)

  6. Extremely random question. I decided to have a bit of a clear out yesterday and I have quite a few shirts, t-shirts, trousers, etc that I no longer wear or need. In the past I tended to just stick them into one of the clothing bank bins but I wonder if there might be a better option. Do the charity shops (e.g. British Heart Foundation etc) take bags of clothes and if so do I need top hand them in ‘washed and ironed’ or just bundled in bags?


    Going out for a bit so will check for any replies later (on here or to jobobaldie@yahoo.co.uk ). Thanks in advance ;-)

  7. Jobo, charity shops will take them off your hands as is.



    All for a good cause and all that.



    D. :)

  8. D66,



    Got to admit Kraken has got a nice long burn…else it’s the ginger beer….fekin rum n tenants…whit you teachin yer nephews ;-))




  9. Was supersonic last night woooo, talking about rum


    my son brought me back a bottle of Fiji rum 70% proof


    now that stuff can make you fly.


    H.H Mick

  10. DAVID 66



    Looking forward to it, we’ve had so many visitors to our wee


    rebel club on the peninsula, and i believe BIGYINMILAN will


    honour us with his presence again in February.


    As i always say it’s all about the Celtic family.


    H.H Mick

  11. Celtic news now saying French Eddie might not start. Mikey Johnstone maybe.


    If KT doesn’t make it then McGregor could go to Left back and that would allow Ntcham to come in to the middle.



    I don’t care who plays, we should still have enough to beat this mob.



    But we need a good transfer window, if not, someone’s head should roll…. Right enough of the negative shoite..



    I am back on the Morgan’s and tenants???



    D :)

  12. Good morning POG ,tell Alexa to get Rod on now as i’m switching


    to the rebs, just wish i could annoy the neighbours but they all


    love them, suppose the barbie will need to be lit.


    Don’t think i’m capable of cooking though, does rocket fuel burn??


    H.H Mick

  13. Goals Galore 4


    Good Morning folks and Happy Hunskelping Day?



    Welcome to the launch of our brand new competition, “Goals Galore 4” which will commence on Saturday 5th January ( Don’t worry LMS will be back after a wee rest)



    Simply pick a different team each week over the course of the next 10 chosen “fixtures weeks” and the entrant with the highest aggregate goals scored will take the top prize (roughly 90% of the total prizepot). To keep everyone fully involved, there will be a separate prize (about 10% of the total prize money) for the entrant who does best over the final 3 rounds. So even if you get off to a disappointing start, there’ll still be everything to play for as the weeks go on.



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    The First round of fixtures will take place over the 5th/6th January, and will feature games from the 3rd round of the FA Cup, when the ‘Big Boys’ join the competition. There will be 12 games each week, so 24 teams to pick from. Easy, huh ? No-one gets knocked out, and everyone has a chance of winning a prize right up until the last set of fixtures






    CRC and Bateen Bhoy


    DAVID66 on 29TH DECEMBER 2018 8:47 AM



    Did LEE the undertaker own it.his son was in my year at THE MUNGO.does LAWRIE FEE still drink there.

  15. Melbourne Mick, I will make it to Australia one day, but when or where I do not know.



    My wife likes to pick the holidays and I am happy to let her get on with it.



    but as time goes on Australia for some reason is calling me.



    D. :)

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Celtic boss Rodgers has revealed he was rushed to hospital following his sacking as Liverpool manager in 2015 because he was “so tense”. (The Coaches Voice)

  17. Favourite Uncle… Mick Lee I think was his name and yes he was an undertaker. I don’t recognise Lawrie Lee..



    It’s a chain that owns it now. Sadly.. Still a good Tim boozer.?



    D. :)




    Fit like ma loons?


    Great work you ghuys do, proud to be associated with you all


    on CQN.


    Now when is BMCUW coming back to us?




    H.H Mick

  19. So Gerrards team talk is we need to bring our A-Game… Ffs what an insight. Knobhead



    Brendan- give this guy a coaching masterclass today.






    D. :)

  20. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from the Govanhill nervous wreck. I hate these games. DD that bloody train stopped at every station til queen street. Infamy!

  21. Pog,



    Yer a bad influence…don’t you know the rebels hav won…’cept we? haven’t….the fight is now political and those Tory feks giving the DUP a mainstream voice is shocking…but not wen u consider Brexit




  22. I was reading something online this morning about the 750 allocation when it occurred to me that in reducing our allocation the shysters and vagabonds in the Ibrox boardroom have done more to end the ‘Old Firm’ derby than our own board have in the last 6 years.

  23. The most important thing today is that all 750 Celtic supporters get home safely. On the pitch we should have too much for them, there are no guarantees but we should be confident.