Celtic rested and ready


Brendan Rodgers had to prepare a tired and injured squad in recent weeks as he competed for the League Cup, Europa League and league title.  He rested players at Motherwell, bringing criticism from some quarters, but won the League Cup, qualified for the next phase of the Europa League and sits three points clear at the top of the Premiership with a game in hand.

At Pittodrie we saw Celtic move through the gears.  Aberdeen are in their best form in years, but could not take a point despite two penalty kicks, one of which should have been tied in a Christmas bow it was so generous.

A little later, Neil Lennon took Hibernian to Ibrox.  Neil has a significantly poorer squad than Brendan and is even more affected by injuries, but he would not be defeated.  If Celtic turn up at Ibrox with the same attitude they or Neil Lennon had yesterday, they will shred Newco.

Odsonne Edouard looked like a player transformed after a short break.  His contribution was critical in delivering the result.  Scott Sinclair’s hat-trick thoroughly answered any questions about his form.  Both are ready to do the necessary on Saturday.

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  1. DAVID66 on 29TH DECEMBER 2018 9:31 AM


    David 17 are you Kev 49er??? ?




    D. :)







    No, I’m a David17er, I speak only for myself :)







    I note that a post I made yesterday morning re the Inter v Napoli game has been removed . I assume you didn’t like the Italian b word — a word that’s in the dictionary with several usages – one of which was utilised by Napoli fans to convey their opinion that racists are horrible people ..

  3. David 17



    That was my attempt at humour, If I upset you I apologise.



    Hail Hail and you are absolutely correct. As is Kev, for him there is no need to Call Celtic fans names though.



    D. :)

  4. SOT,



    bastardoes…moderated…can’t see why….when it’s a true description of them ;-))




  5. Not liking some of the news.KT,still doubtful.French Eddy some talk of not playing full game.Maybe Calmac at left back.This from a Celtic blog.Argghh.


    If Eddy is known as French Eddy,will that make Weah,French Tim,or even,American Tim.

  6. Bada – I think you are right Eddie Lee



    Only been drinking it for 20 years as the chain took over.



    D. :)

  7. My missus managed to get me and her tickets for the games,that Murray banned the Tims from.Top Deck,debenture seats,from a guy in her work.A draw,and a win,so never got offered them again.Did not want them again.


    Sitting there among the better dressed Hun division,after Celtic went ahead ,a Hun around 50 years of age,with his daughter beside him,screlamed out,”Haw Mowbrey,is that wife of yours no effin dead yet”,to much glee from surrounding Huns.


    Respect,never,not from me,and bollox to their minutes silence.

  8. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Good luck to the Bhoys the day, get home safe.



    Time to put the white John Barnes and his cash strapped scrofulous hillbillies in their place .

  9. Prediction for today is we’ll win well and there will be no bother.


    They know they’re not really on our level , it’s their superiority mindset that’s been handed down that prevents them from openly acknowledging it.



    Anyway more hunskelping ahead with Sinclair to be prominent.



    Excited for the game.




  10. Turkeybhoy that is vile and as evil a story as I have heard. They are scum. Bernadette was a beautiful woman, with a gentle heart. She would not want anyone to disrespect the people who died at Ibrox. They came from every community around Glasgow including ours. Respect the minutes silence, know that many in Ibrox are not worthy. Hail Hail Ragers 0 – Celtic 3 or 4 .

  11. Snuff out Moreorless and Tavernier, that’s all they’ve got, and not great at that either. Get right intae thum Celtic. HH

  12. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    DBHOY …. Thank you very much?

  13. DBBIA..



    good to see u postin…even if it could be construed as borderline racist…how r u?



    Just back from the shops…and seen the weirdest thing…a turd wae a sevco top n scarf on…first time in a long time…they think they’re gonna win the league today….




  14. No need to worry. Ask which of their lot would get a game for Celtic!!!


    Discipline is our only concern today and their task will be aided and abetted by the match officials. So, we simply must rise against provocation and keep 11 men on the park.


    I really do see a big result for us today.


    Despite Adblock there seems to be too many ads coming up o the blog these days, does anyone know how to stop them please..



    For those going to the bigotdome, be vigilant and safe




  15. Kinglubo,



    Vigilant and safe…a good mantra..but I expect the tims at snake mountain today could scud the rest of the stadium…pensioners and weans excluded ;-))




  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    An important message from South of Tunis



    LA BELLA ITALIA — Inter v Napoli 26 12




    15 seriously injured and 1 killed in pre match fighting between some Inter / Nizza Ultras and some Napoli Ultras .



    Napoli’s Koulibaly subjected to racist chants and monkey noises from one of the Inter curvas . Ancellotti asked 3 times for the game to be suspended but the Ref pleaded – public order- and played on . Napoli have stated that if it happens again they’ll walk and take the 3 point hit .



    Inter will now play 3 home games in an empty stadium .



    Napoli fans chanted this throughout the game — BASTARDI POPULISTI IGNORANTI

  17. D66,



    I was wearing a hooped top…and I did give him a wry smile…but he refused all eye contact…typical…

  18. New club, same horrible, bigoted shite that follow it.


    Let’s feckin do them.



    We have a better team with better players, better manager, better supporters, better ground, more cash, already won a cup, top of the league no matter what happens today, still in Europe, won back to back trebles, on course to win 8 IAR….relax and enjoy a free crack at sevco today, cause no matter what, we will end the year on top, then push on.???



    Oh and any lurking Hun sevco bar stewards…..GIRFUY



    Right, shower then pub, stay safe everyone and enjoy yer day.



    D. :)