Celtic rested and ready


Brendan Rodgers had to prepare a tired and injured squad in recent weeks as he competed for the League Cup, Europa League and league title.  He rested players at Motherwell, bringing criticism from some quarters, but won the League Cup, qualified for the next phase of the Europa League and sits three points clear at the top of the Premiership with a game in hand.

At Pittodrie we saw Celtic move through the gears.  Aberdeen are in their best form in years, but could not take a point despite two penalty kicks, one of which should have been tied in a Christmas bow it was so generous.

A little later, Neil Lennon took Hibernian to Ibrox.  Neil has a significantly poorer squad than Brendan and is even more affected by injuries, but he would not be defeated.  If Celtic turn up at Ibrox with the same attitude they or Neil Lennon had yesterday, they will shred Newco.

Odsonne Edouard looked like a player transformed after a short break.  His contribution was critical in delivering the result.  Scott Sinclair’s hat-trick thoroughly answered any questions about his form.  Both are ready to do the necessary on Saturday.

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  1. I don’t see the fear of Snake Mountain this weekend; a victory for us (very likely) sees them on exactly the same points as they were after 21 games last season and we are only 2 short of our points total last season. we h ave scored more despite our main strikers being out for a number of seasons.



    If KT isn’t fit I would expect Johnny Hayes to take on the task of pinning Tavernier back. Morelos will be bullied by Benkovic and Boyata. Brown and McGregor will control the midfield with Sinclair and Forrest torturing them in the wide areas. Christie will float behind French Eddie pulling Jack and Coubailly all over the place. PC Lustig loves playing against them so I expect his game to be raised.



    I suspect Craig Gordon could make it 751 fans in the corner for most of the game to be honest. The only threats are Brother Beaton and his Tory assistant. If, as I suspect, we win by more than a couple of goals then we can expect trouble from the baying hordes and maybe a wee pitch invasion. All in all it looks like a difficult day for slippy G and his “excellent title-challenging” team.





  2. So Jabba has the headline writers on standby.


    If we beat them, then on Jabbas instruction, they will use the “Celtic fans didn’t keep quiet during respectfull minutes silence” for victims of Ibrox disaster, and take away from thier deficiencies on the field of play and all things wrong at the bigotdome.



    I hope our 800 Spartan Celts do respect it.?



    Then we pump these Hun Rat cheating Mutha Feckers.?



    Then we can party like its 2019????



    D. :)

  3. Its looking like their midfield will be Jack,McCrorie ,Halliday.This is where the game will be won.Everyone of them is terrified of Broony.Never get near him.Ley Calmac fill the Christie role,he has excelled against this mob so often in the past.Hunskelper.Ntcham,who I think ,listening to some,is vastly underated,has the subtelty,passing ability,and brains to boss the middle with Broony.Jamesy normally roasts,the ex captain,Tavernier,has never handled Sinky.Which leaves Calmac and Eddy,up against a couple of tubes at CH,one of which Worrall,gets slaughtered ever week by the scum gullible.


    Wether we like it or not,Morelos is a danger.Hopefully,Benko is primed up on his,backing in,rough and ready style.Boyatta should know all about him.


    Seethin might play 4 in the middle,with that other idiot,Coulibally in,leaving only 2 up.I really cant see anything other than at least a 2 goal win.If we play as we can,double that.

  4. Some Celtic Supporting idiot quoted on the Daily Rectum says Boyata back 3 goals shipped enough said.


    What had Boyata to do with any of the goals.

  5. These minutes silences are getting more frequent than Hun statements.


    In ssying we must be respectful,on Hun Mediaat the moment they have a 26 page running on BJK.26pages of vile bile.


    They get no respect from me,scum bassas.

  6. 750 tickets..


    Bussed in..stuck in corner


    2 minutes silence….


    Orange Lodge referreeing…



    Operation stop Celtic in full swing….







    Exactly.Nothing to do with any of the goals.2 penalties and a scrambled effort.How many saves did Gordon have to make?.Cosgrove,a monster,in the best form of his life,never got a sniff.Not alone.Our resident player rater,slaughtered Boyatta in the last article.Think he gave him 3 out of 10.


    Not a clue.Maybe we should drop Boyatta and Broony for this game,keep them happy.

  8. What is the security arrangements for Saturday?The supporters,not on buses,I take it no club can run a bus for 2 or 3 people,expected to get there safely?

  9. If I was a betting man,



    The team on Saturday will be






    Lustig. Boyata. Benckovic Hayes



    ———-Brown. McGregor————



    Forrest. Christie. Sinclair




  10. Poor Wullie understands his paymasters want’s.


    Cheating occurs for various reasons.


    Bias,dislike of one team, support for another and a self serving agenda.


    Eyes in the back of head has suffered a recent banishment due to sevco being displeased by a decision so he now his a strategy to work his way up the ladder again.


    Like all refs he knows any decision that was wrong against Celtic will be defended ferociously or covered up by authorities and mssm.


    Even in the most blatant case their template of things even out or fenian paranoia is ready for use.


    The decisions yesterday were clearly in favour of one team.


    The first penalty left ref with a choice and he was clear and decisive unlike in the Celtic v Hearts game where he saw no offense.


    The McGinn foul on Christie he was a few feet away from an over the ball two feet off ground studs up challenge but contrary to laws of the game he only issued yellow.


    On the Shinnie dive again he had a clear view and showed no hesitation in awarding penalty.


    Their third goal Gordon was pushed over line as corner was taken and in replays he was looking straight at incident but did not blow for foul.


    The continuous warning of May for persistent fouling was laughable as he continued and the warnings continued until he had no choice but to issue a card.Was he hoping he could injure a Celtic player before he had to punish him?


    Yesterday he was on a self serving agenda for career salvation in facilitating his paymasters wishes.

  11. Turkeybhoy maybe watched a different game than everyone else yesterday



    But first half especially, Christie and Forrest were alternating as false No.9’s






    Lustig. Boyata. Benckovic. Izzy






    ——-Rogic. Mcgregor Sinclair——



    ———-Forrest. Christie————



    Was the first half shape yesterday against Aberdeen. If you look at our first goal, and many other moments in the first half it seemed Rogic was the furthest right of any of the forward going players.


    For those with a tactical eye for things (obviously not Turkeybhoy) , Forrest went wide right with the introduction of Edouard. Then from Eddys superb through ball, Forrest in his natural and best position set up Sinclair for a goal.

  12. i'vehadtochangemymind on




    ‘Steven Gerrard: Rangers manager urges players to rise to Old Firm occasion’



    OMG , if you’re calling to crowd this early, you must be desperate. That’s up there with Brazil holding a placard up for the injured neymar at the beginning of their demolition to Germany in world cup.



    Ghod bless ya stevie gangsta!

  13. Re minute’s silence;


    Remember Mark Scott whose life was ended in 1995 and any one else who went to a game of football and did not make it home.Sixty six died and many others injured,caused grief to so many people.Let’s be thankful that no calamity has visited Celtic Park,or any other stadia since that tragic day.

  14. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    ‘Steven Gerrard wants his battle-weary Rangers players to feed off the crowd’s energy when “51,000 fans take the roof off” in Saturday’s Old Firm derby.’



    Is it any wonder they get so many red cards!

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    You could make a strong case for Sinclair for his goals or even Edouard for his impact, but over the course of the ninety minutes I thought Boyata was our best player yesterday.


    Rogic just didn’t look himself, not for the first time in recent weeks. Whether it’s fitness or whatever I don’t know.


    McGregor was shadowed by Ferguson all game. Followed him everywhere he went. This meant he received very few passes. When he tried to spin in behind him to get into a free position Ferguson took a hold of him. Right in front of the ref on some occasions. Not one foul given.


    Possibly Callum should have dropped deeper or moved over to the other side. Ferguson would have gone with him and it would have left space for Brown or Benkovic to move into. Maybe something you learn with experience. Also we don’t know what he had been instructed to do by his manager.


    We should have moved the ball wider more. We were successful when we did.

  16. Having watched the game again, there is a blatant foul on Gordon for the Aberdeen 3rd goal. Cosgrove pushes Benkovic and Gordon into the net with Collum looking straight at it. He should have blown for the foul. So 3 ridiculous decisions (McGinn yellow, 2nd penalty and 3rd goal) allowed Aberdeen to get closer than they actually were!





  17. Glasstwothirdsfull



    ” Possibly Callum should have dropped deeper or moved over to the other side. Ferguson would have gone with him and it would have left space for Brown or Benkovic to move into.”




    I remember reading of a UK player who had moved to Italy — maybe Greaves, Law or Joe Baker — who was being marked equally tightly. His solution was to mark the opposition`s best player in a similar fashion . He was, of course, still folowed by his marker thereby taking two opponents out of the game. I don`t know what happened next !







  18. So we’re having another minutes silence for a tragedy that could have been avoided 48 year ago.



    There already were lives lost in 1962 and injuries in ‘67 and ‘69 at the same location and yet they only piecemealed any improvements and also when the courts ordered them tae pay compensation they appealed that, probably the craft distress signal went up, and it was upheld in their favour.



    Why in the past no minutes silence for the 50 who lost their lives and approx 500 injured in the first disaster at a hastily built stadium in an effort tae compete against us for cup games and internationals. Mibbbes because it was Scotland fans that suffered at that game an international against the outlanders.

  19. Our problem on Saturday are 3 fold



    1. Lack of Celtic support may affect the players but certainly will have an effect on No2.



    2, Mibbery – we saw what effect bad decisions have on the gane at Aberdeen. With the Huns claiming everything then it will compound the issue.



    3 Performance- We will need to perform. We haven’t performed in many games. If we turn up like Hibs away we will get beat. I think Rogic missing may help the team performance as he is too slow at moving the ball. However we will miss his brilliance as he can score a goal out of nothing.



    If we turn up we will wipe the floor with them and nothing else will matter. If we try and play keep ball and slow the game down we invite the other issues having an effect.



    I think we will see the players determined and no hiding

  20. Guys,



    Nobody should go to a football match and not come back. A quick Google will show that a minutes silence at this time of year is not unusual at Greyskull.



    This disaster affected Celtic greatly and Jock Stein in particular. It affected Glasgow and beyond. It affected the world of football.



    It is entirely appropriate that a minutes silence is held. I hope we observe it impeccably then go out and hammer the huns.



    HH to all.

  21. Paul67 et al



    That RIFC should seek to exploit rather than commemorate the deaths and injuries of Rangers FC supporters at Ibrox Stadium in January 1971 should come as no surprise to those of us who were there that tragic and fateful day, and who witnessed the behaviour of that club in the days, months and years afterwards. Or those who read the Sheriff’s conclusions from the Fatal Accident Enquiry, or RFC’s appeal against the level of damages. Where is the anniversary? Which anniversary is it in 2018? The former club were not keen on reminders of 1971, a disaster they did nothing to prevent, despite similar if less catastrophic incidents in 1961, 1967 and 1969. Their memorial, an insult to the memory was installed decades after the fact. All the more reprehensible therefore the decision by the Celtic Board to accept 800 or so tickets for this weekends match, in order only to maintain the ‘spectacle’, Peter Lawwell’s words, of the Old Firm for their Sky paymasters. Who cares that the health and safety of any supporter attending Ibrox this season has already been at risk, far less Celtic supporters attending in such reduced numbers. Not Celtic, when they have already put our own fans at risk back in September as a result of decisions by our Board, in conjunction with GCC and PoliceScotland at our own ground never mind an Ibrox full of hypocritical and false solemnity. As for our own supporters attending and expected to be both part and party to such a scenario well I am sorry but it has to be said “useful idiots” for the PLC one and all.

  22. BB we went there almost 25 year ago in a game where Simon Donnelly ripped a new one in guff and John Collins scored the first ever goal in predators, they got a fortunate equalizer due tae a deflection.



    We were not moved that day and we will not be on Saturday.

  23. On this occasion I don’t think Celtic should have handled the tickets.


    However I think the huns would then have sold them direct to Celtic supporters.


    Either way Celtic would have 800 fans there. 800 fans who know exactly what’s in store for them and have taken a decision to go.



    I only hope Celtic reward them with a comprehensive victory.




  24. Greenpinta, I was at that game and it is unusual for them to have a minutes silence at this time of the year, for years they didn’t possibly tae avoid embarrassment and only now hoping our fans will disrupt it.



    They gave up the right tae any sympathy when the testimonial game of a Celtic/deidco select played the national side. The big mhan and he who advocated their support “giving their wives a bashing” when they lost were tae pick the select side, with the national side containing some of our best players the bigot demanded his players be in the select, given the circumstances the mhan who was on the park tending to the injured and covering over the deceased conceded this to him.



    That night the Mt Florida end resounded tae chants of “eff yer Harry Harry, Lou Macari and Kevin Barry” as well as “Gemmell is a bassa”.

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