Celtic rested and ready


Brendan Rodgers had to prepare a tired and injured squad in recent weeks as he competed for the League Cup, Europa League and league title.  He rested players at Motherwell, bringing criticism from some quarters, but won the League Cup, qualified for the next phase of the Europa League and sits three points clear at the top of the Premiership with a game in hand.

At Pittodrie we saw Celtic move through the gears.  Aberdeen are in their best form in years, but could not take a point despite two penalty kicks, one of which should have been tied in a Christmas bow it was so generous.

A little later, Neil Lennon took Hibernian to Ibrox.  Neil has a significantly poorer squad than Brendan and is even more affected by injuries, but he would not be defeated.  If Celtic turn up at Ibrox with the same attitude they or Neil Lennon had yesterday, they will shred Newco.

Odsonne Edouard looked like a player transformed after a short break.  His contribution was critical in delivering the result.  Scott Sinclair’s hat-trick thoroughly answered any questions about his form.  Both are ready to do the necessary on Saturday.

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  1. What is the Stars on

    In park with ma wee Westie


    Heading home shortly for a cup of tea abd and a big fat mince pie

  2. Jobo


    I would call what you had for lunch, toasted cheese. I had toasted cheese wi grilled bacon on top. Yum ?YNWA

  3. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 28th December 2018 11:10 am



    That site spells out a warning to the triumphalist among us. No game is ever won before the kick off and our away record is not the best.



    A 0-1 victory will do very nicely.

  4. Can anyone recommend a safe pub to watch the game tomorrow in Yoker/Clydebank?


    Horse & Barge has no more tickets left.


    Many thanks.

  5. 50 SHADES OF GREEN on 28TH DECEMBER 2018 1:56 PM



    Ye canny beat a jaffa cake soaked in buckfast, so I’m told ??





    You joke, but It’s no trifling matter!

  6. Sevco asking the hun hordes for spare tickets for ex players and sponsors, what an embarrassment of a klub

  7. Arch



    Chandlers in Clydebank, 2 Kilbowie Rd



    Ps all, what Jobo had was grilled cheese on nearly toast…both side of the bread need to be grilled first IMHO…yer welcome ?



    3 points tomorrow and everyone safe home is all that matters tomorrow




  8. Can’t understand this over confidence , we will win ,but only if WE TURN UP . Did no one see the hibs performance , or the st mirren ,or livi or killie away performances , more of that tomorrow , with the addition of the men in black and we’re done for . We know what we are capable of , we know we are better than them on and off the park . Our boys will be faced with a stinking horrible , atmosphere the likes some of them will not have encountered , tomorrow they must man up ,play there game ,and the victory will be ours . And to the LESS than 800 fans who will face hatred of the highest order tomorrow . I hope you all make it home safe to your families .

  9. The vermin have sold corporate tickets they don’t have,overcrowded no doubt…..but you try getting your money back…..

  10. Jimtim – the important point which you may have overlooked is that in the past 2½ years, Brendan’s team has ALWAYS turned up for the games that really matter – i.e. every cup game and every time we face (ahem) title challengers. So, yes, every reason to be very confident about tomorrow.

  11. Tough game tomorrow.


    Everything points to it being a very big challenge.


    And then there is the SPFL / MIB Ludge angle — aka the low level conspiracy element to take into account.



    Consequently it will be a tough gig.



    Our away form has been very variable plus some of the teams put out by BR have been experimental in the extreme with a level of engagement that has had many a bookie smile in that knowing way.



    Consequently work the numbers — what are the latest odds?



    Then is the injury angle and our lop sided squad — if we were to play the game in 4 weeks time we surely should be in a much better place.



    SG’s TFOD2.1 — well turned out with a bit of spirit and some good shape.


    He has some good ideas regarding style and tactics — relegating KL to the bench.


    Quite talented team with a couple of players on form.



    They have the look of a good youth team at times — brittle and a bit limited.


    However they are very limited regarding real class and backbone.



    All down to BR — if we turn up we will win.


    If we don’t then both they and the MIB will take heart and the big “honest mistake” will be on.

  12. Jobo sincerely hope you are correct , but I would have thought every game we play really matters .


    Still I see your point pal . HH

  13. JIMTIM


    This is a game in which talent has the least influence.


    I expect a plethora of honest mistakes tomorrow especially since the officials will have no problems facilitating the wishes of a partizan crowd with the connivance of authorities and mssm.


    The mssm will already have their timmy paranoia stories written to facilitate the cheating..


    A lot will also depend on the formation Brendan plays.


    We have the players to beat every team in Scotland handily but tinkering has cost us at times.


    The huns are predictable and long diagonal balls to Lafferty playing on the backside of defense for knockdowns to serial diver Morelos of whom i expect the usual theatrics.


    Pressing them high to stop long balls should be a priority as thats all they have got.


    I also expect a few early yellows for Brown and our defenders to temper their ability.


    Sinclair should lead the line as his pace will terrify those carthorses.


    Ed on left and Jamsie on right are a class above their full backs and if they play to best of their abilities we could roast them.


    Result will depend how much help the officials with previous for cheating us can influence the play.

  14. JB @ 3.19



    We didn’t turn up for the RBS game.


    We didn’t turn up for the Sheep two days ago.


    We have been running on empty far too often this season.


    We do not have a settled MF and we have a few gaps up front.



    I would love to play SB for 90 minutes but I don’t think he has the legs for two games in three days.



    Consequently we have quite a bit of work to do to get this game right.

  15. Ah wonder if the home supporters will be crushed tomorrow, just to make life easier for the visiting supporters, just like what happened at the Celtic Park corresponding fixture, earlier in the season ?


    P.S. I hope that no supporters are crushed.




  16. KEV


    Will be no crushing as Billy on the polis horse will join the cultural celebration of a gay prince and keep the crowd moving merrily.

  17. I remember going to Ibrokes with Ian Andrews in goal and Rainjurz had Ray ‘Butch’ Wilkins ( God rest his soul) as their latest run of the mill multi millionaire new midfielder, consequently I despise iBrokes, with an undying passion, and with every fabric of my being, I deride Sevco and call them out.



    For every Torre Andre Flo this new club can’t afford we’ve spent an Odsonne Edouard, the only thing they have in spades, is hatred of their nemesis which allegedly came with the history Charles Green couldn’t buy.



    I wish it was Saturday at this time, and the establishment’s traditional hate fest was over, with Seethen Gerrard and his ill matched Alfredo Dimbilly firmly rammed, nee nailed back in their box. You’ll recall how ‘ form goes out the window ‘ in an old firm game, and oh, how they wish this was really the halcyon days of cheating Rainjurz that ended the fixture forever, in 2012.



    Instead of beachball days when we’d finally turned the dagger, we’ve to continually trounce a new club steeped in the bigotry that killed their original entity, and seven years later we’re faced with how the SFA will help them tackle, pure beautiful inventive football that’s already buried the grandchildren of Struth



    It’s not Rangers versus Celtic it’s worse than that, its dead Jim.



    Hail Hail


    Blessed Tommy Burns CSC

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I haven’t seen that much of Sevco this season, but from what I have seen there is very little to be worried about.


    There is nobody in their midfield that comes remotely close to the likes of Callum, Tom or Ryan.


    Their main strength seems to be crosses into the box. MoreLoss is a decent player in the box (although hugely over-rated), but relies on good service. Cut off the supply and he will be anonymous. The only other tactic they seem to have is long balls up to La Farty and try to pick up the second balls.


    I think they might go 4-4-1-1. They won’t gamble with two wide players as it would leave them too weak in the middle. If KT is out they will probably target our left side so they will go with Candeais on the right and more of a central midfielder nominally “left”.


    I’d go with Brown and McGregor sitting, with Christie further forward. That would allow Callum to help out defensively on our left side if they try to overload with Tavernier joining Candeais.


    Pressure very much on Sevco. They will have been expecting to go into the game in the lead and a draw would have been a good result. Now they will feel they have to win.


    We have nothing to fear, but we have to have the right attitude. We have dropped points at the likes of St Mirren, Livingston and Motherwell so you don’t just turn up thinking you will win because you have the better players. Don’t think that will be a problem though.

  19. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    It;s al -the crowd, ‘a game’ , ‘ put us where we need to be’. Note the ‘need to be’ rather than ‘belong’.

  20. It’s important for us to “turn up” tomorrow, but not critical.


    If we don’t “turn up” then the Huns still have to be at the top of their game to beat us, IMHO. If they don”turn up” – and their is HUGE pressure on them to win tomorrow – we’ll win, even if we’re under par. First goal, if it comes for us, is likely to ramp up that pressure, and I think they’ll crack, and we could be out of sight by half-time. If that’s the case, then expect to see Brendan’s game management. For all his talk of being a fan ( which i don’t question one little bit, btw ) his pragmatism won’t allow him to tell the team to go out an humiliate our opponents. That’s what the fans on the terraces, in the bars, and at home on comfy sofa’s will want, but Brendan has to protect our players, unfortunately.

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