Celtic set for HJK Helsinki in Champions League qualifier


Celtic will almost certainly face HJK Helsinki in the third qualifying round of the Champions League.  The Fins are 7-0 after the first leg of their second qualifying round against KR Reykjavik.

HJK were the first team to beat Martin O’Neill’s Celtic as they overcame a first leg deficit in the 2000 Uefa Cup to force the tie into extra time.  Chris Sutton scored late to prevent the tie going to penalty kicks.  HJK are also top of their domestic league after 17 games, so will be a well-oiled machine by the time the arrive at Celtic Park on 31 July or 1 August.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    We have to look at the bigger picture and not get too worked up about one or two signings, especially when the transfer window is open for another 6 weeks or so.



    Instead, we have to consider what WE can do to help us grow and become a force in Europe again. We are believed to have 9-12m fans worldwide yet due to our location and the league we operate in we theoretically can be outbid for footballers by lower level English Premiership clubs and even some Championship clubs.



    Outwith the top 4 or 5 in England the other clubs are big in their own cities but after that can they compete with us in terms of support? If a club like Wigan, who are not even well supported in their own city, can survive in the Premiership by attracting some very good players all on the back of a TV deal we have to look for ways to bridge the gap.



    They have the TV cash we will probably never have(at least not in Scotland), but one huge advantage we have over most of these clubs is our support- both at home and abroad.



    We have all been consumed by the saga involving the huns but we will move on and our next aim must be to mobilise our worldwide support to get more involved, and it has to be via an organised scheme such as the membership scheme suggested- a membership scheme which should be very clear in its aims to ensure its success and future growth. And that aim must be to get Celtic to a level where we can compete on a level playing field financially.



    How much more criticism of our game can we accept from fans of lower level English clubs who never actually win anything but bask in the reflected glory of the Manu Utds and Chelseas?



    Other clubs in Scotland have set the ball rolling(SelloutSaturday) which is great.



    We, potentially, can make Celtic a huge force again. Alternatively, we can become a smaller but more successful club as Paul67 suggested.



    Which would we prefer?




  2. HamiltonTim



    1. Not too bad.


    2. Aye.



    Staying in Tallin and taking a ferry across is economically efficient.

  3. hamiltontim on 20 July, 2012 at 11:21



    yes, yes (although that depends on where you’re traveling from and how much money you’ve got)

  4. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Flying Finns v Ring rusty Hoops.


    Could be tough, but far from impossible.

  5. Hamiltontim…



    I just looked at flights looks like it is well outwith my budget from here, 500-700 francs via London..



    Too much for the Starry hopefully the next round will be closer to Switzerland..



    Could be a tough team to beat..



    Oh the excitement of the CL returns..

  6. South Of Tunis on

    Watched the highlights of HJK putting 7 past a poor Icelandic team .



    HJK looked to have real pace and no little skill . Star turns on the night for me were ——-



    Juho Makela —– scored a hatrick -looked much improved from his days at Hertz .



    Demba Savage —— a lightning quick tricky right winger.

  7. Match fitness will be key. Any word on the Aberdeen game being moved? Heard a rumour that it was moving to the Sunday

  8. traditionalist88 on 20 July, 2012 at 11:09 said:



    the biggest problem we face is the demands to spend every penny of our income on players while neglecting the infustructure that underpins our potiential earning. ask supporters what they want: a player or a celtic/ irish/scot museum and i bet 99% say the player, yet it could be argued the museum would earn the club more money over the longer term and would increase potential earning, same as cafe/ restuarant / hotel etc…



    DD for me is a businessman who came into celtic for the love of the club and the status of owning celtic. no-one could argue that he has attempted to grow the club from domestic/ international basis. celtic is like any other business in the sense that without initial investment there is little to no chance of significant growth. i remember when fergus was building celtic park, the buzz, the excitment etc… now at the time i recall having a chat with a few celtic fans who said they would never fill a 60,000 capacity staduim but we did and we did it for several years and we can again, but we need people at the helm who desire to talk up celtic and to invest in the dream to look to a bright future rather than the doom and down that has surrounded the club for the last 4 years.

  9. Ex-Dundee captain Rhys Weston played for the Icelandic team against them. Lenny can get his phone number off Barry Smith for a chat.

  10. just as well i saved this first …



    dirtymac , foxy



    thank you for your support and publicising our website and aims.



    Oops regarding the spelling of doantions – some new web pages deployed recently and that slipped through QC . Will get it fixed .



    Saltires , how’s the holiday going – careful you don’t get sand /water in your ipad/phone .



    Shout out to a lurker ‘bhoytony’ who i met last night – usual ‘dance’ when we both discover we’re glaswegian …



    Me : So do you follow football ?


    Tony : Yes


    Me: Are you blue or green ? (notice i put Blue first as a test/lure )


    Tony : Well , I’d hate to be blue these days.


    Me : Hail Hail



    So Tony , get posting.



    Finally , and to piggyback on the comments of dirtymac and foxy , The Kano Foundation is dead chuffed (in Glesga parlance) to announce an expansion of our section this season.


    We’ve increased our SB allocation to 52 child and 10 adult (inc 2 volunteers) .



    We hope that this will allow us to take even more children to Celtic Park and break through the 2000 barrier this season (i can just see Kingoh shaking his head now and saying ‘Shuuuuuut Up ‘ ). So , if you know of any deserving groups that we could help , Send them here .



    Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far and to any who haven’t and are thinking about it , Donate .




  11. Paul67 et al



    Scottish Champions versus Finnish Champions? That is a good draw for us. Not easy by any stretch, but winnable. The games against Ajax (on Celtic TV don’t forget), Norwich and Inter Milan will be good preparation before the qualifier.

  12. Interrrrresting verrry interrresting…



    Fritz A. Grandold ‏@fritzagrandold


    Helsinki are in a bad run of form domestically, they haven’t won in five since 16th June but they thumped KR Reykjavik 7-0 on Tuesday night.

  13. The club was founded as “Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi – Helsingfors Fotbollsklubb” in 1907 by Fredrik Wathén. Wathén based the club colours and name on HJK Tottington of Bury after a visit to Britain, here he chanced upon club manager and his eventual mentor Lee Millett. Together these two changed the history of both teams.


    Generally considered Finland’s biggest club, HJK is also the most successful Finnish club in terms of league championships with 24. The club has also won ten Finnish Cups and four Finnish League Cups. Many of Finland’s internationally most successful players have played for HJK before moving abroad. In July 2012 they said no to a Newco Rangers.



    HJK is the only Finnish club to have played in the UEFA Champions League group stage. They did so in the 1998–1999 season, triumphing over FC Metz in the second qualifying round. The club also managed a respectable five points in their group, beating Benfica at home and earning draws at home to Kaiserslautern and away to Benfica. They lost to PSV Eindhoven twice and to Kaiserslautern away.


    Their highest score in European competition came in the 2011–2012 season, with a 13–0 aggregate victory over Welsh champions Bangor City, which included a 10–0 win at home.



    Formerly HJK had ice hockey, bowling, field hockey, handball, figure skating and bandy sections. In 1972 the hockey section separated to independent club Helsingin Jääkiekkoklubi.

  14. archdeaconsbench on

    It’ll be interesting to see how Motherwell’s casuals fare over in Athens.



    They’ll get their head handed to them methinks!!

  15. hamiltontim.



    I think it will be in the same price range as the other Scandinavian countries,Norway ,Sweden, & Denmark,and they are expensive.

  16. I am NL in NZ Tauranga on

    NL Celtic will navigate this first challenge nae bother. We have much more than an Icelandic pub team to contend. Start of a new journey and we will be up for it.



    Personally I think Neil Francis Lennon will be in the best position to decide whether he can take our current centre half hoops up a level or whether he needs something else. The squad is briiming with yoiung potential. Young talent takes time to grow and there may be a few who just scraped by last year who will fight for a place in a Celtic ready to take on the best in Europe. Let the games begin. Hail Hail.

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