Celtic set to match and beat Scottish consecutive trophy record


As you know, Celtic have won six consecutive trophies. This had been achieved three times before in Scottish football, by Celtic in 1905-09, Rangers in 1963-65 and again by Rangers in 1992-94.  On the latter occasion, Rangers established a new record of seven consecutive domestic trophies.

Win on Sunday and we match Rangers’ record from the (painful) 90s, but that would set up this season’s League title as a new record decider.

The 1909 Scottish Cup was withheld after crowd trouble after the Celtic-Rangers final reply ended in a draw.  Celtic missed out on making it seven trophies in a row when Dundee won the 1910 Scottish Cup five days before Celtic secured the league title.

Those dark days in the 90s were hard.  Celtic were an afterthought for most fo the country, a sporting irrelevance.  Sunday is a chance to exorcise those dark days.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ‘GG on 28TH NOVEMBER 2018 9:51 AM


    Insomnia. CSC






    No ” sleep of the just ” then.

  2. Who do YOU criticise ON HERE:;



    a) Police Scotland for their outrageous , blame-shifting report;


    b) The Celtic Board for failing to respond to said Report ?


    The YOU is the plural version in case anyone is feeling a wee bit paranoid :-)



  3. Is there bad news coming today.



    on another note .a SEVCO supporter claims he was ASSAULTED BY CELTIC PLAYING THUGS.now everything was recorded.why don’t CELTIC invite said SEVCO supporter to CELTIC PARK and run all the footage and ask him where he was and which CELTIC THUG assaulted him.CELTIC could lay on some SUCCULENT LAMB and invite a few LAMBERS to witness the event.




  4. Paul67


    I asked about THEIR record yesterday but didn`t see any replies. Did THEY do a Double treble as well or was their seven 2,3,2 ?


    Also, where is the opening of your article? :-))






    PS Have to go out now. Will check any replies later.

  5. I was happy to see our beloved Brendan throw cold water on the assertion we are to blame for a deranged Hun who decides to endanger fellow human beings.


    We are beset by a 17th century mindset and sense of entitlement.


    It comes from being fed the continuation myth.


    It comes from being constantly lied to by the custodians oftheir club.

  6. HOT SMOKED on 28TH NOVEMBER 2018 10:04 AM



    league and scottish cup 1992


    league cup, league, scottish cup 1993


    league cup, league, 1994



    they have never done a double treble, dundee united beat them in the 94 scottish cup final to stop that.



    it was for me, the ost miserable time to be a celtic supporter, and i went home and away all through it.



    never forget it, and thats why we must put the hose to the mouth at every opportunity.

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    Loved this from someone on SFM who compasre the pish about Hun agm and ours:



    mindful of the coverage the Daily L5 Pravda attributed to the Celtic AGM following 2 seasons of relative underachievement.



    ‘What can we expect at the Celtic AGM?’ they queried.



    ’So what answers are the Celtic fans looking for?’ they blushed.



    ’Rodgers and Lawwell will be quizzed on Champions League Failure’ they prophetised.



    ’The club failed to reach the group stages this year’ they hailed.



    ’The £2m disco lights at Celtic Park had to be used for Europa League nights instead’ they celebrated.



    ’Celtic had their worst start to a league season in 20 years – caused by lack of signings?’ They stated yet curiously questioned too.



    ‘Fan favourites Stuart Armstrong and Moussa Dembélé were sold’ they hi-fived.



    ’Club transfer record with the £9m signing of Odsonne Edouard – money well spent?’ they queried.



    ’Filip Benkovic – on loan from Leicester – has settled in nicely but will Lowell open the purse to sign’ such was the encouragement

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ‘GG on 28TH NOVEMBER 2018 10:01 AM







    It’s hard to sleep all night sitting upright with a nasal cannula attached.





    Panadeine forte.




    Failing that , grog.




    As a final resort , Nat King.


    A lullaby , of course.

  9. macjay,


    from, last night, if you dont mind me asking,



    I know your far far away, but do you realy believe what you typed last noght ?


    Boris for PM ?



    Donald is a good guy cause his maw was scottish ?



    seriously ?

















    How do you think things will play out if Mrs May doesn’t get her deal through parliament?














    Unless the different factions are telling porkies , then there is no way she will get the votes required to have the ” deal ” approved. A deal nobody wants except the EC.







    IMHO Then…..





    She will resign and she should.





    Her heart isn`t in it. It never was . Wrong person for the job.







    Over Christmas , a new PM will be chosen with a backdrop of squealing from those wishing a new referendum which surely cannot happen. Corbyn will continue to sit on the fence while hoping that the tide of public opinion will push him in whatever direction would seem to be to his political advantage.





    At the end of the day , hopefully Boris or preferably Jacob , but an avowed Brexiteer , will be chosen and the end result will be ” No deal ” in spite of the protestations of the EC and the dire warnings of those who didn`t want Brexit in the first place.





    aka Remainers.







    Then a new trade deal with Donald who , I feel sure , wishes us well.





    His mama was Scottish.





    That`s a good start.







    Further down the track , the EC fragments and , with any luck , Ireland joins us in a Trans Atlantic partnership .





    That`s where our hearts lie , imho .

  10. The huns tainted titles, only remain intact, because the present day Celtic supporters don’t have the balls to remove their tainted PLC board, and replace them with a rebellious board that will strip the tainted titles.


    Who’s fault is that ?



    The Awe Talk And Nae Troosurs CSC




  11. Think it would be good if our players didn’t celebrate goals or victories for the rest of the season.



    The players should just do that zombie stance static after a goal, then walk off the pitch like zombies after the game is finished.



    Pointless getting involved in spats with the likes of King – our club has too much class, and it’s as if they are trying to drag us down to their low level and provoke a reaction.



    They are there to be mocked and laughed at.



    Brendan Rodgers is boss.



    HH. ?

  12. When we played Sevco at Ibrox a hun ran on the park to assault Broony…nothing was done about it neither by the Police or The SPFL…objects including a golf ball were thrown at our players nothing was done…2 attempted murders at an EL game an assault where a Celtic supporter is blinded in on eye….coins thrown at linesman and opposition players by huns on a regular basis….sectarian singing and songs about paedophiles…our toilets and seats wrecked and no arrests…but our players celebrate after the games with the supporters and it’s the players fault.


    I think these things should have been addressed by our board at the time in the strongest terms but the appeasement approach hasn’t worked. If it’s not safe for our players on the pitch it won’t be safe from our supporters of the pitch. The will we won’t we take tickets…neither the police or our club can protect our supporters as previous events have shown…send the


    tickets back…keep up the doings it’s killing them ???

  13. Saint Stivs @ 10:32


    Thanks for that. I thought 2,3,2 must have been the case but I wasn`t certain.


    I am sure I would like Macjay in person. I am equally sure the conversation would be many levels, at least five, above his ` Scottish mama` comment.


    I assume he was joking ?


    The Boris for PM comment? Less sure if he meant that as a joke.


    As one who believes that Governments dont really run the country, I would find Boris as PM quite entertaining.



  14. I’ve read lots of talk on the blog about the lack of contributors.


    I have no doubt it is caused by the pop ups, which means it takes ages to scroll down each page.


    I only occasionally pop in now in order to see if things have improved.


    It is actually getting worse.


    CQN has plenty of competition for Celtic related sites and eventually CQN will have to change or fall by the wayside


    I use Chrome and have tried various pop up blockers but nothing has been a success.


    Just typing this out has been laborious because of the lag.

  15. TOSB


    `did Hibs interrupt us with their magnificent Scottish Cup win over THEM?`



    .Indeed it did

  16. Kickinthenaks


    Summing it up like that highlights the attitude in Scotland towards Sevco.


    That is why I am reluctant to criticise Celtic even when I feel it is deserved.We can guarantee someone else will. In spades.



  17. I hope the players are more interested in tomorrow`s game than the Blog seems to be :-))


    Cheerio for now,



  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Would prefer if we spoke about records AFTER they have been achieved.


    Sunday’s game will be very hard, particularly on the back of Thursday. And our opponents with a free week to work on their set pieces.


    Aberdeen have had a few thumpings in the last couple of seasons and have always bounced back with a good result in their next game.


    Anyway, Rosenborg first. Any win and no injuries please.

  19. All this howling about these big bad Celic players celebrating a win against poor wee Sevco. Their pain is a joy to behold, long may it continue.

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