Celtic shopping in narrow gap before profiles rise


Oliver Burke made all the headlines two years ago with a big money move from Nottingham Forrest to Leipzip but progress since has not gone to plan.  He has played 46 minutes of league football for West Brom in the Championship this season, so has lots to do to recover his early promise at Celtic.

Brendan Rodgers has James Forrest in the form of his life this season, while Scott Sinclair is back in the team and scoring goals, but Forrest clearly tired before the winter break and, apart from Sinclair, options on the left are limited.  Burke will fill the role hoped for Daniel Arzani, before his injury at Dundee.

Of more strategic interest is the potential signing of striker Vakoun Issouf Bayo, who plays for Slovakian club, Dunajska Streda.  The Ivorian, who will be 22-years-old later this week, has played 32 games since leaving Africa, where he managed just nine starts in Tunisia.  This is where Celtic now have to operate, in that narrow gap between when a player shows enough form to interest, but before his profile attracts the attention of others.

This has worked well for us before (van Dijk) but will inevitably have a high variance of success.

Although 18-year-old Timothy Weah has appeared in only six senior games, he will be more of a known quantity than Bayo.  Celtic have experience of the French youth teams, in particular, Weah’s club PSG, from where they acquired Odsonne Edouard.  Still, Weah and Bayo will both need plenty of support to settle.

If both deals go through we will have four strikers for the run in, a vast improvement on hoping Edouard can give us 20 minutes for key away games at Pittodrie and Ibrox.

This is all a bit early in the window for Celtic to be this busy.  Unsettlingly so.

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  1. Radio Scotland keeping up the deflection. Caught a wee bit of an interview with someone called McKendrick (?). He is something to do with the Referees. According to him, we should be building up Scottish football rather than criticising the referees.



    Imo, utterly mind boggling. How can they be above criticism, when at the very least too many of them are totally incompetent? That, of course, doesn’t even begin to describe the likes of Beaton, who glory in their cheating, or Madden, who happily applies the laws of the game differently depending on the colour of your jersey.

  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    JAMESGANG on 7TH JANUARY 2019 5:51 PM


    Just been putting the jan and Feb fixtures into my calendar. Brutal number of games over the next 6 weeks.





    Most at home, so a good opportunity to get points on the board.



    HH Big JamesGang



  3. big packy ,




    and how we going to get there.


    saint patricks motor car



    or am i getting my hyms and rebs songs mixed up ?




  4. BigGeorge….and should be winnable.



    HH to you and all you gang!




  5. That’s me waving btw!


    It’s not a fascist salute.



    Me no likey da right!




  6. T88 @ 1.35



    I struggle to understand any part of your argument regarding youth players.


    We cannot produce youth players that are good enough for the bottom half of the current SPL.



    We are losing players to no-one.


    We are bumping good players at a young age and watching them develop elsewhere.



    Regarding the stream of young players we have become involved with a French youth pedigree — while we may struggle to get the superstars we can at least aim lower for the ones with great talent and similar potential.



    We have two benchmarks to work the numbers regarding value:



    ON: £4.5mill to buy — how much as an 17 / 18 year old?


    OE: £9.0mill to buy — how much to buy …


    Expensive place to shop — MC / PSG youth teams.



    If the French / West Africa angle is now too heavily scouted then why aren’t we more active in the Ireland / Iceland / Nordic angle — we have been involved before but currently we seem to be totally dormant in areas where have history or a current player connection.



    Overall our youth set up is fat and happy — a shambles waiting to happen.

  7. SAINT STIVS on 7TH JANUARY 2019 5:58 PM



    There will be some on here tutting at that.



    Maybe even some who would say that is the cause of sectarian hatred from Scottish Huns.




  8. We have had six months to recover from the ineptitude of the summer non-signing event, but what is becoming apparent, is that we have spent the entire time sitting on our hands.



    Rather admitting the summer wasn’t good enough, and rectifying the oversight with experienced decisive signings, we are penny-pinching some Slovakian club for a punter nobody has even heard of! It’s bonkers! It reeks of amateur hour. In any other business (and make no mistake- it is a business) we would be getting trampled by the competition.



    Everyone seems to be laughing at Der Hun, but how about getting our own house in order before we drown in our own complacency. They are serious about winning this league, and their veteran buys are going to play out of their skin for their pal Gerrard, all the while being aided and abetted by complicit masonic stooges with a whistle.



    If it all ends in tears at the end of the season, and I pray it doesn’t, heads have to roll.

  9. happy tims, hurtin huns.



    cant ever imagine sitting right next to them.



    look at the coupons on the ones in the bottom right. him with the tie on, was he a huns player ?



    mike ashley in the middle proving he is a tim.



    celtic board top left corner.



    who has the cup ?




  10. madmitch,



    you type absolute cak about the celtic academy.


    its a brilliant set up, incredibly well run, takes education and sports science and football as a full package.


    the net is spread far and wide to find the raw talent at a very young age.


    the coaches that i know are all good.



    i would contend the very best young scottish talent is at celtic park, some others though are at academies down south. but mostly we are picking up the best available.



    whether they can get to the first team level, well thats the big ask. so many factors to contend with.



    i do like the iceland model, maybe we could tap in to that.



    i think the players we bring through, with 1 into the first team pool every couple of years is as good as it can get.

  11. SoT I was at that game in Boagheid, a crown of us bipartisan football supporters went in tae see the return of one of the founding clubs of the Scottish Football League, won the first title BTW sharing it with a Kinning Park side, to the top level.



    They also belted out “eff your Harry Harry, Lou Macari, Kevin Barry”, and “Jimmy Johnstone is a fairy eff the Pope and the Virgin Mary”



    That was in the first half only, Boagheid was one of those grounds that you could change ends at half time. The mental Brucehill Tim’s in the crowd walked over there and after a few sore faces the singing stopped.



    They had parked their supporters buses at the Common adjacent tae Dumbarton Central Station, about a 10 minute walk fae the ground, wisnae a windae left in any of them when they returned.



    A couple of years later I was back, we we’re playing the next day , it was during the 3 day week so Sunday games were allowed, not a peep out of them.

  12. StS @ 6.17



    Jobsworth, happy clappy, fan boy nonsense.


    The full package — you are having a laugh.


    All must win prizes style tripe.



    Youth set up — budget must be in the region of £2mill pa for a first team squad player now and again? Surely some mistake somewhere in your thinking.



    At this rate you will make JH look good value.



    We must be aiming for at least two first team squad players every season into the first team squad. Not letting 5 players go who could only get into the Old First Division as happened this season.



    Some people are easily pleased.


    Not only that — we are getting worse.

  13. mike in toronto on

    JAMESGANG on 7TH JANUARY 2019 5:51 PM


    Just been putting the jan and Feb fixtures into my calendar. Brutal number of games over the next 6 weeks.


    HH jg






    Reading that, I thought that perhaps you had been signed to solve Celtic’s centre back crisis.



    You’re tall enough to do the job…and if you dont mind kicking a zombie every now and then, you’ll do …




  14. Damien Duff’s move to Celtic has been confirmed by Shamrock Rovers.



    The former Republic of Ireland winger will join Brendan Rodgers’ abckroom staff as a coach.

  15. Looking at all those pictures of Brendan and the lads soaking up that brilliant winter Arabian sunshine is making me jealous and i hope they’re knocking back plenty of pints of ice-cold stout between training sessions in that heat. Enjoy the holliers lads.

  16. P67, a bit early to be doing this much business in the transfer window?


    A year too late to be doing it, 6 months at least!



    But good to see it happening none the less.

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    JAMESGANG on 7TH JANUARY 2019 6:05 PM


    That’s me waving btw! – It’s not a fascist salute.





    Hail, Hail rather than Heil – maybe thats what separates us handsome Tims from they right-wing nutters :-))






  18. Referees here have shown themselves to be incapable of improving their consistency of decision making and their bosses incapable of managing the service, Clubs should push for external referees who are monitored by an independent source, likewise if VAR is introduced under no circumstances should this be handled within Scotland or with former officials or referees from Scotland, they have blown it and they will lose their £800 a game gig in the Top League here, they have destroyed themselves.

  19. DubaiBhoy (nee LondonBhoy) on

    It looks to me like Weah will be a replacement for Sinclair on the left. That seems to be his best position. I always thought Eddy was the plan for that position until Dembele left. I like Olly Burke but I don’t see him pushing Forrest out of the team so I guess he’ll be back up for him and Eddy. Bayo, no idea but he appears to be a proper striker who apparently can head the ball. Back up to Eddy again.



    Personally I still think we need another striker. A good old fashioned battering ram.

  20. mad mitch



    celtic academy graduates, and their league games only for celtic.



    stephen mcmanus – 270.


    charlie mulgrew – 217.


    james forrest – 195.


    aiden mcgeady – 144.


    callum mcgregor – 126.


    darren o dea – 52


    sean maloney – 95.


    keiran teirney – 91.


    liam hendorson – 29.



    over a thousand games.



    cheap at £1m per annum costs.



    our higest earned transfer fee up till moussa, £9m for aiden.


    our youngest ever goalscorer – jack aitcheson, a good example of a bight prospect but will he make it.


    another 40 players are listed as playing in scottish football, most of them having played some premier level football.

  21. SFTB @ 6.37



    Conversation with a colleague a few years ago with South Coast roots.


    Somebody in the office was boasting that a friends son had made a Spurs age grade squad.



    Told that Spurs youths were a team of stiffs and two top rated players.


    Loads of age group players let go every season — no surprises they were filler.



    Soton on the other hand tried to fill their age grade squads with the best they could find.


    No filler just a wide net and good coaching all round.



    Spurs were lucky to get one breakthrough per season.


    Soton had years with two or three getting noticed and first team game time.



    Everton seem to be more Soton than Spurs.


    Consequently it can be done and it should be our target.



    Breakthrough players …



    2016/17 = ???


    2017/18 = KA.


    2018/19 = MJ and possibly TR.


    2019/20 = ???



    Plus we seem to be struggling in the age groups when our resources should mean that we should be streets ahead.



    DmD is not being brought in to make up the numbers.


    He is being brought in to boot a few erses.





  22. Around 30+ year ago after the “happy birthday” game a night of celebration was had at a local Celtic establishment.



    There were complaints about the type of songs being sung so a meeting was hastily called, topic, the singing of rebel songs.



    1st question, define a rebel song, answer, one that mentions the IRA, solution, nae singing the Merry Ploughboy again lol.

  23. If doing business in the January transfer window is so easy, why are all of our players who are feted to be leaving in this window still with us?

  24. Bringing in an 18 year old to help out young, but older players? Some are dismissive of this. I bet a 16 year old Pele was never dissed in this way.



    If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

  25. ok bhoys ive mentioned 3 songs we sung at parkhead when I was a teenager late sixties early seventies namely in no particular order the soldiers song/sean southof Garryowen and the merry ploughboy ill ask again are they sectarian songs.hh.