Celtic shopping in narrow gap before profiles rise


Oliver Burke made all the headlines two years ago with a big money move from Nottingham Forrest to Leipzip but progress since has not gone to plan.  He has played 46 minutes of league football for West Brom in the Championship this season, so has lots to do to recover his early promise at Celtic.

Brendan Rodgers has James Forrest in the form of his life this season, while Scott Sinclair is back in the team and scoring goals, but Forrest clearly tired before the winter break and, apart from Sinclair, options on the left are limited.  Burke will fill the role hoped for Daniel Arzani, before his injury at Dundee.

Of more strategic interest is the potential signing of striker Vakoun Issouf Bayo, who plays for Slovakian club, Dunajska Streda.  The Ivorian, who will be 22-years-old later this week, has played 32 games since leaving Africa, where he managed just nine starts in Tunisia.  This is where Celtic now have to operate, in that narrow gap between when a player shows enough form to interest, but before his profile attracts the attention of others.

This has worked well for us before (van Dijk) but will inevitably have a high variance of success.

Although 18-year-old Timothy Weah has appeared in only six senior games, he will be more of a known quantity than Bayo.  Celtic have experience of the French youth teams, in particular, Weah’s club PSG, from where they acquired Odsonne Edouard.  Still, Weah and Bayo will both need plenty of support to settle.

If both deals go through we will have four strikers for the run in, a vast improvement on hoping Edouard can give us 20 minutes for key away games at Pittodrie and Ibrox.

This is all a bit early in the window for Celtic to be this busy.  Unsettlingly so.

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  1. So its not just us:



    Alan Shearer Former England captain on BBC One



    Liverpool have a very big squad and when you rotate like Jurgen Klopp did you are gambling. He is looking to guys who aren’t in the first team to give him a performance and they failed miserably.








    the british who invaded 166 countries and RAPED AND PILLAGED AND TOOK 12 MILLION PEOPLE TO THE AMERICAS TO BE SLAVES.



    col gadaffi ‘s spokesman was on tv every night calling the people trying to get rid of his boss TERRORISTS.


    yir man in SYRIA who drops poison gas on his fellow countrymen calls them terrorists.



    the people in KENYA terrorists.



    cyprus terrorists.



    GEORGE WASHINGTON terrorist.

  3. Tony Rome



    Looks like Alan Sneddon, but I am confused by there being Rangers supporters in the stand as I thought they were all on the pitch or had gone home!

  4. Just watched Bayos goals there on You Tube.The boy is a natural sniffer.Some amount of headed goals.Playing with us I would think he would score plenty.

  5. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    what’s the background to NL’s statement – as he asked a question by a journo or was this offered – genuine question.



    If the former, I can understand his response – he’s basically been backed into a corner, if he doesn’t condemn it – real or not – it undermines his own position.



    On the Beaton issue; as I understand it the claim is that his phone number was leaked and he was subject to threats via text msg. I haven’t seen anybody state that they’ve seen this number – though happy to be proven wrong. Has anybody seen evidence of this?

  6. Imagine insulting a monarch who sits in front of a gold piano, pleading with the nation to come together. All in it together. Whether you live in a palace or a tent on the high st .

  7. JimmyQuinnsBits on




    Hope you and the family are well.



    Foreign countries…. pffft



    Why would anybody display loyalty to any country – I don’t feel loyal to Scotland, why should I?

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on









    Thanks , lads.


    You`ve just proved my point.



    My concern is for Celtic.


    Not for the issues you mention.



    I`ve made the points I wanted to .


    I`ll leave it there .

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I’ve always been a wee bit confused about the dutch national anthem swearing allegiance to Spain. While the Scottish national anthem has a go at the English when “our country” is Britain.


    I refuse to accept the IRA was a terrorist organisation just because Britain say so, remind me, did Britain call out Americans and Israelis as terrorists, now that’s rhetorical.


    Being ostracise and discriminated against for you religion throughout your history, told to go home the famine is over, seriously, only a lock tugging arsehole would try to defend an establishment that considers them second class.



    A quote on here a while ago still strikes a chord, can’t remember who made it but its as true today as it was 100 years ago. To paraphrase,


    I tried to integrate but they wouldn’t let me.

  10. Fool Time Whistle on

    Anyone know if Manny Perez from North Carolina State University is still on trial at the club?



    He was with the club before Christmas & rumoured to be signing for the club.




  11. townheadbhoy on 7th January 2019 10:02 pmTony Rome



    Looks like Alan Sneddon, but I am confused by there being Rangers supporters in the stand as I thought they were all on the pitch or had gone home!




    If it is the 1977 cup final and I don’t know for sure that it is Alan Aneddon wasn’t in the squad. SEE BELOW





    7 May 1977


    Celtic 1 – 0 Rangers


    Andy Lynch Goal 20′ (pen.) Report (page 16)


    Hampden Park, Glasgow


    Attendance: 54,252


    Referee: Bob Valentine







    GK England Peter Latchford


    DF Scotland Danny McGrain


    DF Scotland Pat Stanton


    DF Scotland Roddie MacDonald


    DF Scotland Andy Lynch


    MF Scotland Alfie Conn


    MF Scotland Roy Aitken


    MF Iceland Jóhannes Eðvaldsson


    MF Scotland Paul Wilson


    FW Scotland Kenny Dalglish


    FW Scotland Joe Craig




    MF Scotland Tommy Burns


    MF Scotland Johnny Doyle




    Scotland Jock Stein






    GK Scotland Stewart Kennedy


    DF Scotland Sandy Jardine


    DF Scotland Colin Jackson


    DF Scotland John Greig


    DF Scotland Tom Forsyth


    MF Scotland Tommy McLean


    MF Scotland Kenny Watson Substituted off 71′


    MF Scotland Johnny Hamilton


    MF Scotland Alex MacDonald


    FW Scotland Derek Johnstone


    FW Scotland Derek Parlane




    FW Scotland Chris Robertson Substituted in 71′


    MF Scotland Alex Miller




    Scotland Jock Wallace




  12. MACJAY although miles apart in a political sense,I know your a tim, but do you regard the soldiers song/the merry ploughboy,and sean south as sectarian,hh,

  13. JimmyQuinnsBits on




    Whoa buddy… you don’t get to extrapolate my argument to suit your own ends and wander off to the bar, even if you’re gettin me a drink.



    “Sing the National anthem of a foreign country.”



    Why? As long as national anthems are sung, why not of a foreign country?



    ‘“Wave the flag of a foreign country.”



    Same as above, what is everybody scared of?



    “Sing songs in praise of a terrorist organisation.”



    Every army on the planet has been a terrorist organisation. It’s members maybe didn’t intend it to be, but the nature of its existence, and it’s leadership, determines that it must be.



    “Sing songs insulting the monarch of our country .”



    That’s laughable…. seriously

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIG PACKY 1 on 7TH JANUARY 2019 10:29 PM


    MACJAY although miles apart in a political sense,I know your a tim, but do you regard the soldiers song/the merry ploughboy,and sean south as sectarian,hh,








    But many Scottish people probably do.


    The perception is the issue. Not the reality.



    Really. Lets leave it there.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    All off to Dublin in the green FTQ


    Where the helmets glisten in the sun FTS.



    All done now ?

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Favourite Uncle,


    point of order, No proof beyond the word of terrorist group the white helmets has been offered to support the Syrian govt poisoned their own people, all other sources. There is more evidence out there that the UK provided the poisons for false flag attacks.



    Try this



  17. Any good socialist is against national identities which is how it’s all going to play out once the numpties catch up with the brains and realise the world is fecked without a one world plan to stop the destruction of the planet due to climate change.

  18. JimmyQuinnsBits on




    All done now?



    A bit dismissive for you bud, but nonetheless….



    Nope, not done… the add-ons are crap, and juvenile – but your original points were how this played against loyalty to Scotland and “our Monarch”.



    My point is that this is unadulterated pish. If you can give me an argument as to why any rationale human being should feel loyatly to either, i’m happy to learn

  19. Have we not more chance of getting shot of him if he’s that bit fitter, naw?



    ………….or the bhoys just use him as a slightly more mobile “cone” to run roon?

  20. Alasdair MacLean on

    For what it’s worth, I’ve been at games and have listened on the telly to a lot of the Celtic fans’ organised political singing. While not “offended” at all myself, I feel it comes across as non-relevant and out of place. Painfully contrived st times. I feel it does neither the club nor the cause any favours.



    A decade or so ago for instance, the “Glasgow Celtic Way” was popular. This to me always came across as a rousing effective celebration song – and fully relevant. Sadly, (for me anyway), this one has fallen away in popularity and replaced with ones of the political persuasion – Roll of Honour etc.



    Most people I’m with don’t get the songs – most understanding they have is hearing the odd “IRA” bit.



    I think I fall generally with MacJay- that these songs are not relevant at a football match – and don’t do Celtic any favours.



    Much as I enjoy them elsewhere.

  21. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    Tontine Tim on 7th January 2019 7:47 pm



    TonTine Tim,



    I would rate this post as one of the most insightful I have read on any blog.



    I tip my hat to your talent sir



    Respectfully HH




    I refuse to accept the IRA was a terrorist organisation just because Britain say so, remind me, did Britain call out Americans and Israelis as terrorists.



    I believe that David Ben-Gurion was labeled as one after the King David Hotel bombing with the loss of life of 91 of different nationalities and 46 injured, he always claimed he was a Leninist lol

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on









    People are the products of their environment and their genetic make up.


    Nature / nurture.



    They are taught their loyalties …home , media , school…….and often have very little say in the matter.



    Later , they may retain those loyalties or reject them.



    This blog is jampacked with loyalties.


    Religion , nationality , football teams , politics , mates.



    People in civilised countries have human rights .


    They are entitled to be as rational or irrational as they please , without interference from others.



    What`s more irrational than the belief in a God ?


    But many of us do believe and choose to .






    The ” All done now ” was not directed to you alone.

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Couldn`t have put it better myself.



    My concern is simply to broaden the appeal of Celtic in Scotland .


    That`s all.

  25. Alasdair MacLean on

    As a youngster at Scotland games I was one of the thousands drowning out our national anthem with booing.


    God Save the Queen is still our national anthem… even though it is now substituted with the Corries pub song…. to save the embarrassment of being the only country in the world to boo our own national anthem.

  26. Billy Bertie and Bobby on

    We deserve better. Only joking. Saying that the club must do better in this window or they could see our domestic domination slipping away.


    Make no mistake about it, the tribute act, aided and abetted by the referees and the sfa diddys are throwing absolutely everything at winning the league this year. Celtic and a big slice of it’s supporters should be taking the threat more seriously. Poking fun at the ages of Defoe and Davies is all very well but dismissing them as a genuine threat to our dominance in Scotland could be a big mistake. I still feel that we have the better squad to see off our main challengers but, I have seen us throw away comfortable leads in the league before with better players than we have at the moment.

  27. TURKEYBHOY on 7TH JANUARY 2019 10:09 PM



    I like watching Wolves. Like the manager. If they had a top striker, they would be very good.



    They were one of england’s premier teams in the 50s, League champions three times, 1953–54, 1957–58 and 1958–59, under the management of Stan Cullis’ who the Big Mhan was allegedly going tae replace just prior tae coming tae us, they also finished League runners-up on five occasions,



    Wolves have also won the FA Cup four times and finished runners-up on a further four occasions and have also won the League Cup twice.



    They were one of the first British clubs to install floodlights taking part in televised “floodlit friendlies” against leading overseas club sides between 1953 and 1956 before the creation of the European Cup in 1955.



    They opened our floodlights although we all know that they were there during WWII guiding the Luftwaffe bombers toward Clydebank lol



    They also reached the quarter-finals of the 1959–60 European Cup and the semi-finals of the 1960–61 European Cup Winners’ Cup, and were runners-up to Tottenham in the inaugural 1972 UEFA Cup Final.



    They had some marvelous players during the 50s including former England captains Billy Wright, Bert Slater and Ron Flowers, however the one I recall most was goalie Malcolm Finlayson who won 2 Champions and 1 FA Cup winning medals and yet like another successful Scottish goalie the faither, who won 2 FA Cup winning medals, never won a cap while playing down there.



    Although Spurs Bill Brown was the national goalie, others like George Farm, Lawrie Leslie and our own big Frank Haffey were rewarded with caps yet those two stalwarts of the game were left out, that is until Ronnie played for us.



    George did play in 2 FA Cup finals winning one but both Lawrie and Franks trophy clam tae fame was runners up tae Clyde and Dunfermline respectively in games they were favoured tae win.



    Malcolm Finlayson was born in Bonhill, same place as our first goalscorer Neilly McCallum as was Liverpool’s first ever captain and goalscorer Malcolm McVean.



    When with Yoker Athletic he did have trial with us, we were short handed in goals at the time, and was offered terms but had already promised Millwall he would sign for them.



    IMHO Wolverhampton’s greatest claim tae fame is a journalist who after witnessing a visiting teams hordes looting and pillaging and destroying everything in their path compared them tae “coming across the border like marauding huns”, wonder who they were lol.

  28. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TONTINE TIM on 7TH JANUARY 2019 11:07 PM



    The perception is what matters .Not the definition of terrorist



    The IRA , I would venture to suggest , are not popular in the UK.


    But of more relevance to Celtic , in Scotland .

  29. Brother Walfrid invited t.d. sullivan to sing his song, god save ireland at the opening ceremony for the new stadium.



    It seems that history is on the side of those who would let the people sing.