Celtic should accept Wilson ban offer


Celtic should accept the offer of a two match ban for Kelvin Wilson following an incident at Dens Park on Boxing Day.  He has never been an aggressive player, so there is no need to assume intent, but an elbow to the face is a painful experience and potentially dangerous.  These are the rules and they are there for good reason.

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  1. Hamiltontim




    14:01 on



    28 December, 2012




    I didn’t see any behaviour at Dundee that we need to, as a club or a support, apologise for.

  2. Paul67



    Strongly disagree on this one Paul. Accept this and the floodgates will open against us



    If CFC accept this, then its to the back of the bus we go. All the good work of the last few years will have been wasted

  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    John O Neil


    13:58 on


    28 December, 2012



    we have moved on from sectarian since you have been orbiting.



    See Offensive Bill.



    This involves 20 police manned video cameras trained on a particular section of the Celtic support while the entire away section (e.g Abroath recently) are ignored while the entire away section located next to the childrens section sings songs about sexual abuse … which of course in unoffensive.




  4. Maybe its just as well a new article has emerged, we need to get off our knees and to stand up for each other. Re Kelvin, I think it was Auldheid who said it earlier, Kelvin himself will know whether he was out of line or not. If he was then he should hold his hands up and take the punishment, if he wasn’t then he should fight it.

  5. 100% disagree P67..



    we are no longer going to take it on the chin, we must fight our corner…

  6. John O Neil



    I disagree with the overall remoteness and misinformed content of your posts regarding the Celtic Support in general, and the Dens Park game in particular where as myself and others have pointed out there was much worse non MSM reported happening via Dundee end.



    Storm in a tea cup, and I’m sure Peter Lawell is better informed than you or Andrew67 despite his press statement condemning a mere handful of arrests.



    Peter Lawell would also like his milk delivered before 8.30 am too, so it doesn’t sit curdling on the doorstep all day.



    c’est la vie CSC

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I agree lets set the precedent. Kelvin can do with a wee rest anyway then we have to highlight why it is only Celtic players that are done retrospectively.



    We are then back to full circle with Loovens, Mac Donald and Gordon Smith and George Peat deciding who is being done etc.




  8. Auldheid @ 13.26



    The Dundee lad was trying to prevent Kelvin getting back to defend by grabbing at his right arm (possibly why the ref ‘missed’ it). Kelvin then deliberately attempts to shake the guy off in a ‘gtf’ manner and catches him across his coupon.


    Whilst it was clearly not a vicious Elbows-esque attempt, I don’t think it could be defended as inadvertent.


    My view would be take the 2 games and smile.


    Nothing to do with accepting ‘back of the bus’ treatment imo.




  9. matt mcglone ‏@MattMcGlone9


    The SFA state that Wilson is charged, despite the ref saying nothing & Baird saying it was an “accidental clash” Celtic must fight this!


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  10. Wilson did not delibrately elbow the Dundee player, he doesn’t even look around at the player, he is trying to free his arm from being held. TV pictures clearly show this, the Dundee player has said there should be no case to answer. Celtic must appeal, they will win as Lunny cannot prove any intent on Wilson’s part.

  11. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Let’s hope the authorities are as vigilant on occasions involving sevco.



    How many times has Elbows McCulloch got away with this?

  12. Paul67


    Must strongly disagree the MSM is on overdrive,our supporters are scum,our players are thugs,if we don’t stand up for ourselves the game is over.

  13. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I think we are back in never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake territory




  14. bubblegum



    Watch the replays. Baird was holding his left arm hence why Kelvin caught him with it trying to free himself



    If Kelvin had gone down claiming a free kick do you really believe Brines would have given it?



    Brines would have gleefully waved play on to give Dundee a goalscoring chance

  15. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    How many times has Elbows McCulloch got away with this?



    – I don’t kno, but I expect it’s a world record.

  16. Green Lantern (((((0)))))



    14:10 on 28 December, 2012





    ‘How many times has Elbows McCulloch got away with this?’




    Not as often as Gascoigne. It was an integral part of his game. When he was playing in Scotland.

  17. bournesouprecipe: so you think I am Pat Mustard the milkman? It is not part of my daily routine to ‘visit’ the customers! Hail hail.

  18. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    THURSDAY 27 DECEMBER 2012 TEXT SIZE Spiers on Sport: my 2012 Scottish football end of year awards



    Graham Spiers


    Sports Columnist


    Here are the winners of my 2012 Scottish football end of year awards.



    Manager of the Year: Terry Butcher



    Kenny Shiels will feel aggrieved at losing out, maybe with good reason, but Terry Butcher’s feats at Inverness Caledonian Thistle have been immense.



    To go into the closing days of 2012 sitting second in the SPL table is some achievement by Butcher at such a small – though thoroughly admirable and likeable – club.



    Summer upon summer Butcher loses players and then trawls the lesser British leagues for unknowns – and time and again he pulls it off.



    The former England captain is your arch-enthusiast, a sometimes erratic character who loves life in the Highlands. Good on him, I say.



    Peace Envoy of the Year: Charles Green (recipient of two awards)



    The Rangers CEO, utterly down in the dumps at Ibrox in the summer, realised one day how to turn his fortunes around: offer tub-thumping and not-always-believable soundbites which sections of a put-upon Ibrox faithful would lap up.



    In a few short weeks Green duly went from devil incarnate to lionised hero among the Rangers support. He has scarcely looked back.



    On a whole series of issues – Rangers’ “demotion”, Rangers playing in England, rammies with the SPL, rammies with Dundee United – Green has stirred up a hornets’ nest and thoroughly enjoyed himself.



    “Charles Green never plays to the gallery,” Green said with an impressive economy of truth.





    Sports Pundit of the Year: Neil Patey (Ernst and Young)



    Patey, the “financial expert” who talked us through Rangers’ pains, became one of Scottish football’s most recognisable figures in 2012. He popped up everywhere – on TV, on radio, in print – to air an opinion.



    Fittingly, Patey ended 2012 on BBC Scotland’s irreverent Off the Ball show, offering tax advice to potential dodgers. A very worthy and hard-working winner, this.





    Most Earnest Supporter of the Year: A Celtic fan.



    Over the Rangers FC calamity, a section of the Celtic support has been in constant hoots. Little wonder – it would be just the same were the Old Firm tables reversed.



    But there is also tedium in this. There is a certain Celtic fan who paces his floorboards every night repeating the phrase: “Sevco, Sevco, Sevco, Sevco…” Eventually his wife says: “Oh, now look dear, do come to bed…everything’s going to be alright.”



    A stand-out in this category.





    Scoundrel of the Year: Craig Whyte



    Whyte wins this award uncontested. The contribution of this dissembling character to the destruction of Rangers will long live in infamy, and be regretted by fans, Sir David Murray and many others.



    Whyte hoped to pull off an old trick – take a distressed company (in this case RFC), plunge it into administration, and then emerge from a CVA intact, with debts binned and money to be made. But fate and fall-outs overtook him, and Whyte’s initial promises about reviving Rangers were exposed.



    Whyte claims to have been the fall-guy. Many others just view him as the bad guy. Either way, around Ibrox his name is mud.





    Self-Aggrandiser of the Year: Kenny Shiels.



    Don’t get me wrong – I really like this guy. And guiding Kilmarnock to their League Cup win in March, and four victories over the Old Firm in 2012, makes Shiels one of Scottish football’s recent success stories.



    But the Kilmarnock manager is bumptious in his claims, most recently asserting that no-one can come close to touching what his own club has done in 2012. This interesting man feels no qualms in publicly acclaiming himself.





    Most Po-Faced Supporter of the Year: A Rangers fan.



    The fan culture in football is based on banter and “ripping the piss”, to quote the jargon. But to a certain Rangers fan – not entirely unexpectedly – this hilarity at their club’s fate has produced quite a glumness.



    This is one area where humour is decidedly off-limits. Instead “agendas” and “conspiracies” abound about the vast forces arrayed against Rangers. Everyone bar the Women’s Rural, it seems, has “had it in” for this club.



    Another worthy winner.





    Administrator of the Year: (award suspended)



    The two main contenders, Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan, were bowling along fine before the Rangers saga exploded. Whereupon their office windows were blown out and the two figures emerged distinctly bedraggled, their faces smeared, their clothes in shards.



    On top of this, Doncaster is desperately trying to keep an SPL TV deal alive, while Regan is looking for yet another Scotland manager.



    The judges have suspended this award.





    Fall-Guy of the Year: Craig Levein



    The former Scotland manager is nursing his wounds after a disastrous 2012. An early warning was a 5-1 humiliation at the hands of the USA. Then came two weak Scotland performances in the openers to the World Cup 2014 campaign, followed by defeats to Wales and Belgium.



    “So that’s two points out of 12 on the road to Rio,” said Chick Young, gasping. The manager was a goner.



    On Levein’s gravestone it might read: “Here lies Craig Levein. He played 4-6-0.”





    Lazarus of the Year: Charles Green



    It is hard to believe, excluding a section of enduring sceptics, how much Charles Green has endeared himself to the Rangers support. Detested, and even threatened, by some, the Yorkshireman persuaded Ally McCoist and Walter Smith to back him, and hasn’t looked back.



    Green may well make a success of his Rangers intervention. Investors in his recent listing of the club might even be up on the deal – a rarity in football. There will be a run on ‘We Love Charlie’ tee-shirts around Ibrox any time soon.

  19. matt mcglone ‏@MattMcGlone9


    If Celtic meekly accept this charge on Kelvin then it sets a dangerous precedent in the future. In any court a witness is vital. We have one


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  20. Afternoon bhoys from a warm and sunny hun free mountain.






    Reluctantly, I agree Celtic should accept the two game ban, but not for the reasons you outline.



    I believe it was accidental, going by what was said by Kelvin, and the Dundee player, but it’s a no win for Celtic, if we appeal we will lose the appeal and Kelvin will get another game added on for his troubles.


    Give him a rest for a couple of games, we have the cover in Thomas.





    As for those hoping the club will stand up for us, hasn’t happen up till now, and it won’t happen any time soon.

  21. HT



    I didn’t see any behaviour at Dundee that we need to, as a club or a support, apologise for.”



    Neither did I from my vantage point in front of the TV.



    My point is that some reliable observers, i.e. not the Scottish Press, did see and have reported on it. There were fights amongst the Celtic support, as there were earlier this year at ICT during that half time party. There were bangers being exploded and, though I assume they caused no injury, they will lead to increased hassle of the Celtic support on its future journeys to Scottish grounds.



    I was angered by going through tree tiers of police and steward searching at Pittodrie. I had an apple in one pocket and a sizeable radio in another. At none of these searches, did the searcher investigate or ask what the object was. The search seemed designed to be sloppy and merely to intimidate. I believe the police and politicians may have been happy to see flares and bangers smuggled in to matches as they want convictions more than prevention in order to justify the new legislation and to prepare the ground for a “restructuring” of Scottish football.



    I think some Celtic fans are playing into their hands. Ultimately our fans must take responsibility for their own drink or drug intake, though the Dundee police and stewards seem to have been inadequate or proactively responsible for allowing so many out of control drunks into the ground.

  22. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    on principle I would defend myself if I was Wilson (Celtic).


    No doubts he elbowed the player but it was in my view not intentional. The two were jostling and as you would expect with two professional players, it was hotly contested tugging and pulling contest as each tried to gain position.



    If Wilson had form or had blatantly elbowed the player while standing awaiting a cross – then I would happily accept 2 match ban but when two players are running at full pelt jostling for position and an elbowing happens – NO WAY.

  23. charles kickham on




    I don’t think he has to prove that there was intent – just looks at video available

  24. This should be fought, we need to take a stand. We need to stand up for ourselves. For goodness sakes the Dundee player admitted he was at fault and fouling big Kelvin and the big mhan was merely trying to free himself from those attentions.



    The people in charge of this game would be better of focussing their attention on the racist abuse our players got from the Dundee support!



    Let’s get outta this bitter and twisted cess Pitt of a country into a league that appreciates what we bring

  25. TET



    They won’t add on a game.It never happens. They would be too happy celebrating they ‘got timmy’ and we did nothing about it



    Go head to head with the SFA.It’s the only way forward

  26. Niallo83


    From previous article.


    Back in the summer, I would have been tempted to sell Hooper if he hadn’t re-signed by Xmas.


    I would now be tempted to keep him , if necessary for another 18 months.


    My reasons are :


    – he is the only striker we have at the moment who consistently scores ( Stokes is unfit, we have had 3 goals from Lassad, Miku and Bangura combined, whilst Watt is more effective, given his age, coming off the bench)



    If we sold him now, we might get £7 or £8 m , and probably only half that in the summer, and a quarter next Xmas. However, one goal against Juve , or a goal in next season’s CL qualifiers would offset any loss.



    My view would be keep him till summer, and hopefully longer if he extends, otherwise in the summer we put a fixed price on him, of say £5m , but make it clear any deal must be done by end June, otherwise he stays.

  27. How do you accidentally elbow in the face someone whose presence and exact position you are keenly aware of?


    Has anyone here ever accidentally elbowed someone in the face? Or been accidentally elbowed in the face?



    Sooner or later a complaint of assault will be made to the police and video evidence laid before a court.


    Convictions have been obtained in Scotland. One in amateur rugby.



    I agree with Paul67 on condition that Celtic pursue whomsoever assaults their players or their fans by resorting to the criminal justice system. Otherwise it just smacks of a cop out under the guise of being seen to do the right thing.

  28. charles kickham


    14:19 on 28 December, 2012



    From video pictures available there can be only one outcome, not guilty. Add Baird’s comments and it all seems a bit of a waste of time. Pandering to numbnuts like Craigan and his ilk.

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