Celtic should start Edouard tonight


This crisis cost many their lives, a number from our own community.  It has robbed others of health, livelihoods and companionship.  Those of us fortunate enough to attend Celtic Park tonight will mark the memory of those we lost with a minute’s applause.  We are not over this yet, please take no chances.

Having scored four goals in the away leg, I’m not going to insult you with a cautionary note.  Celtic will qualify comfortably tonight and face AZ Alkmaar next week in the play-off round.  AZ have yet to play a competitive match; tonight will be Celtic’s sixth.  The objective this evening must be to maximise this advantage and ensure the squad is as fit as possible next midweek.

Give whoever needs match practice a run out and blast the final cobwebs into the night sky.  That almost certainly means giving Odsonne Edouard a start.


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  1. Ralston and Taylor certainly need a rest but we’ve no one else…



    Let’s get that sorted, Celtic.

  2. Whit? Edouard wants to leave by the end of this month. An injury now would jeopardise any transfer and any hope we have of getting decent fee for him.


    Kyogo, Abada and JF to start.




    I’d be more concerned with his form affecting his transgender value rather than an injury.



    I see Eddie staying. If anyone was serious, they’d have taken him by now. So P67 is probably right, we should play him and try to get him contributing to the team.

  4. Doesn’t get a good press on here but the Griff and Ajeti together couldn’t match Eddie’s goals in Neil Lennon’s mismanaged side last season. Saw some positive signs recently, not least when coming on against Dundee and benefitted from the type of play that did not involve him trying to create chances or goals all on his lonesome. Regardless of whether he stays or goes we all want, no strike that, some of us want Eddie to get back to something like his best, and maybe playing in front of a crowd that, unlike on here, might actually encourage and support him could help him do that.


    Message to Ange. Better call Paul.

  5. I see Paul’s point in starting Eddy and to be frank, I am not bothered either way. I think we’ll either accept a cut-price deal, say £12/£15m, or, have to accept losing him on a Bosman at the end of a season sitting on the bench, or, in the stand…£12m is better than nowt.



    Having enjoyed the Dundee game, I, and I’m sure many others, would wish a similar performance tonight…hoping that Kyogo can turn it on again.



    Would it not also be a good opportunity to play Bolingoli……or is he a definite goner without redemption? I thought perhaps Ange could get a ‘tune’ out of him, e.g. “you’re no awa tae bide awa”, or something along those lines. Eddy looks to have been training to ‘Waltzing Matilda” even prior to Ange’s arrival.

  6. AN DÚN on 12TH AUGUST 2021 12:19 PM


    Transgender value 😂




    Interesting parapraxis – maybe explains his change of demeanour over the past year🤔

  7. 60,000 people showing up tonight want to see Kyogo play. He is the future and, right now, is a lot more of a goal threat than Edouard.


    If Edouard is to get a game, bring him on after an hour.



    Kyogo is the star attraction, let him experience the thrill of the packed stadium from the start.

  8. Selling OE is crucial to generate the funds we need to bring in more quality players.


    Consequently please use sparingly — an injury at this point and we would be in the soapy bubble.



    Regarding players leaving — disappointed to hear that LH is heading to LU.


    Not sure if wages are the issue or it is a case that they are showing a bit more man-love than us.


    However I would hope that efforts are being made to keep him.


    His time at RC seemed to suggest that he has talent.

  9. It will be interesting to see if Eddie does start this evening.



    A big NO from me though, Ange has a certain way he likes playing and hi-tempo, hi-press, seems to be his thing and I’m lovin’ it!!



    Eddie doesn’t do anything like enough to contribute to that. A exquisitely talented, technical footballer undoubtedly but until he’s doing it in training then let him play from the bench.



    It’s not as if the shop window approach is working – Ryan Christie is showing how that works – Eddie’s displays this season has knocked ten million off his value.



    Ange seems to be the antedote to the poison of Lenny’s last tenure but he’s not going to mop up all the collateral damage, Eddie seems to be the biggest victim.



    I’m not sure what the solution is and Ange is leaving that one with Dom – wise.



    Hail Hail

  10. DENIABHOY on 12TH AUGUST 2021 12:36 PM



    Spot on Deniabhoy. ‘d go with same team vs Dundee and maybe use a few more substitutes.

  11. DeniaBhoy on 12th August 2021 12:36 pm – correct, Kyogo is the future, another couple of goals tonight and he could be set up for the season, interested clubs know what Eddy can do,they’re letting the clock run down, to get him as cheap as possible.

  12. CB @ 8.15 this morning.



    The total lack of a growth agenda from DD / the Irish Raj and his placemen is the reason we lost the league last year. Their lack of ambition and leadership are the reason that TFOD2.1 are still in the mix — we were miles ahead of them but that was bad for the business in the minds of the Bronskis on the board.



    For us to have a turnover on a par to where we were twenty years ago — cash terms not including 50% inflation — shows how far we have fallen and how much they have failed us.



    Hopefully someone will twig that is march or die legionnaire — we either grow with the global expansion of football or we will end up being as relevant as PNE.



    2016 – 2018 showed what is possible if we have a focus on improvement and growth.


    2020 / 2021 shows what happens when all we are bothered about is TFOD2.1.

  13. The game is live on Ladbrokes website, I pressume you need to sign up,stick a fiver in your account…..

  14. OE on the bench for me. Don’t think he fits the manager’s style of play at all.


    Lost possession far too easily and too often in recent past.


    The fact that there have been no offers for him tells the story.


    Looked like he had downed tools given his attitude until Ange arrived.

  15. 🙋‍♂️ Hi Fellow Celtic Fans! 😊 🍀



    You are either at the wind-up Paul67, or seriously misguided… 60,000 fans will turn up tonight, and many more will watch online, and ALL of them will expect Kyogo Furuhashi to start the game! He deserves that as he is delivering exactly what his Manager wants.



    Ange Postecoglou, thank God, is no sentimentalist, so even Odsonne Edouard being a recovered Covid-sufferer, or he needs to be in the shop window, are no reasons for him to start the game. Kyogo Furuhashi will start the game on merit, and I expect Abada and Forrest to join him in leading the attack. If/when the game is well won then we might see Odsonne Edouard make a cameo substitute appearance, but only if Ange Postecoglou believes he deserves the chance on merit. If Ange Postecoglou believes either Griffiths or Ajeti or A.N.Other deserve a chance to come on before Odsonne Edouard then that is what he will do. Our Manager is being ruthless in establishing his own meritocracy; delivering what he wants to see is the only way someone will get in his team, and any other inclusion decisions will simply undermine what he is trying to achieve.



    I am SO looking forward to this game tonight, and SO looking forward to seeing Kyogo Furuhashi leading the Celtic attack tonight! 😊 👍 🍀



    Take Care, Keep Safe, Hail Hail and God Bless,



    TB&F. 😊 🍀

  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Hmmmmm, I no longer trust him.



    Start the same 11 as Sunday, get a two goal lead, then use all the subs.

  17. Loving the chat about the need for an aggressive / ball winning CB — typical big unit who clears his lines and takes no nonsense from any opposition forward.



    And why a 6′ 1″ Japanese international player whose fighting weight is 12 stone is not what we need.



    Have we not learned anything from last season — SD was supposed to be our saviour and look how that turned out.



    Here’s hoping we manage to bring in KI — pace and intensity are what we need not CBs that could be converted egg chasers given their build.

  18. Tom McLaughlin on

    Am I the only one who read Paul as suggesting that Celtic start with Edouard alongside Kyogo rather than instead of?



    We saw how Eddy excelled beside an in-form Griffiths in the past. When did playing with two strikers become anathema on CQN?

  19. Paul 67,



    It has taken us ages to find a winning, successful formula.


    Why should we drop an enthusiastic successful player to start a non successful player ?



    The sell out crowd have yet again demonstrated their faith in the team, they deserve the best we can be.




  20. Going for 10 has a lot to answer for, it suppressed the wantaways but there would have been an unhappy support had Celtic sold Eddy and co. He’ll go when the EPL deadline looms, and the middle to bottom clubs get anxious to fill their striking roles. Had French football not lost TV deals he’d be away.



    Leeds Utd are doing a Celtic with Leo Hjelde we’ve signed three players Shaw Urhoghide and Lawal, it’s odd how we can entice these young players but are losing one of ours.

  21. tom mclaughlin



    Not the only one Tom, just one of the few, not the many.


    Memo to CQN.


    You can start eleven players in the modern game!

  22. I have received an email from Ange and Dom thanking me for buying a season ticket and officialy confirming that all season tickets have been sold.

  23. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Fair point, Tom. Blinkered thinking on my part.



    Still don’t trust him, though and if the intention is to sell him (which I vehemently hope it is), he shouldn’t be anywhere near the squad.

  24. Dear Xxxxxx



    It is really pleasing for everyone at the Club that we announce today that our Season Tickets have sold out for the season ahead and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you directly for the part you have played in achieving this.



    Your support is crucial to us, we are delighted that you will be joining us for the season ahead and it is something everyone at the Club truly appreciates.



    In Celtic Park, we have a beautiful football arena, one of the biggest and best in football and to know that our Season Ticket holders will be with us again in such huge numbers is truly humbling and exciting.



    We will use your support to drive us forward, on and off the field.



    Our job, as ever will be to do all we can to give you a team you want to come and watch, one which plays the kind of football we all love and a team which brings you success.



    Being named Celtic Manager is a huge honour and to be able to work in a theatre such as Celtic Park is a real privilege. I am delighted that you will be by our side and I promise that we will be doing all we can to give you a team you can be proud of.



    On behalf of my team and staff I sincerely thank you for such brilliant support.


    Ange Postecoglou



    Thank you from Dom McKay


    I would like to reiterate Ange’s words and thank each and every supporter who has bought a Season Ticket for the campaign ahead. Your support and commitment has been incredible once again.



    By you supporting the Club in these outstanding numbers it allows us a strong platform to build from, with your backing crucial in everything we do as we work to deliver an entertaining, exciting and successful season.



    We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you home to Celtic Park tonight for the first time in a long time, for what looks set to be an emotionally charged occasion.



    Together, as One Club, we can achieve great things, as we have done over the many years of our proud history and it is fantastic that you can join us in person once again as the season unfolds.



    On behalf of everyone at the Club, thank you once again for your incredible support.


    Dom McKay

  25. MADMITCH @ 12:48 PM,



    Absolutely, they are out of their depth in a Football Club, there stuck in the headlights pose, when things were going so badly wrong last season was evidence they were winging it.



    The idea put around by a few that the Board has done a great job just to stop things falling apart because of the prevailing hostile environment in Scottish football is one of the lamest excuses in the pantheon of lame excuses we’ve been fed.



    The same turnover equates to a huge reduction in real terms, when you consider football inflation is way beyond the norm then it is worse.



    Hail Hail

  26. mitchy



    geeza shout when your meeting St.Stivs.



    ……what do you mean yir no turnin up 🤣🤣




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