Celtic should to plan to score in Lisbon


Benfica enjoyed a 0-2 away win on Friday evening to remain joint-top of the Portuguese league with Porto.  They will have enjoyed a day off while Celtic played on Saturday and will two days training before tomorrow’s game.  By contrast, Celtic player will have rested yesterday and will get no more than a run out inside Estadio da Luz tonight.  With games coming thick and fast at the moment, hopefully rest is the most important requirement for the players.

Benfica shredded Spartak for most of the second half in Moscow but contrived to miss what chances they created, allowing the Russians their only win of the group so far.  The return game in Lisbon was a comfortable win for the home team.

Neil Lennon has some major tactical decisions to make.  He will surely acknowledge the danger Benfica pose but has to find a way of scoring an away goal or two.  Match day one between Celtic and Benfica brought a 0-0 draw, ostensibly a good result for the visitors, but the group has matured since then.  Both teams played that game as though it was an away game; Benfica were happy to defend and Celtic, in their first Champions League game since 2008, were keen to feel their way back into the tournament.

This time Benfica will attack with speed and hope that Celtic open up a little more than they did against Barcelona.  It’s important also to acknowledge that while Benfica are no Barcelona, they will also be less predictable than the Catalans, we will not have it all our own way in the air.

It’s going to be a game tiring 90 minutes where the use of fresh legs could be crucial but an early Celtic goal would allow Neil Lennon to set his stall out clearly.

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  1. Im a Tim i would start with the food this might have the added benefit that the powers above might try to improve it.

  2. canamalar



    I sit in 209, next to me is 110 then 111. I have a great view of the GB.


    There is lateral movement, they jump around, moving between rows, jumping on top of each other, some of the younger ones have been passed overhead from row to row.


    They are having fun, I am not in any way condemning them for it, I commend them for the way they support the team.


    But a fact is a fact, if H&S want to make this an issue, they could.

  3. I don’t think there is anybody left on this site that thinks it’s about lateral movement,especially not intelligent frequent posters who are trying to dissect the alleged H&S issue, as a plausible reason for Celtic to frown on the Green Brigade.



    It’s about supporting Celtic too well, too noticeably, and too enthusiastically.

  4. It’s when we start talking about qualifying for the last 16 that I get worried.



    There’s a real danger of overconfidence as a result of two incredible performances against Barcelona, and I would be delighted with a draw, score or otherwise, tomorrow night.

  5. Canamalar



    Also against Hearts in October;






    5:21 into video.



    I must add that the fact this is illegal in any way is just ridiculous.



    But you were asking for evidence. Here is a video of one and if I could bothered looking I could find Barca version – it has also been sung at another home game I think, can’t remember which one.



    This isn’t for justification of any argument, simply proof it has been sung.







  6. McNair is the greatest on





    14:50 on 19 November, 2012




    FTT document on twitter. Genuine or fake?




    Got a link please?

  7. Paul,



    We appear to be more potent away from home now. and I agree that we’ll need to be in this match. We regularly had 2-3 players in Spartak’s penalty area and we’ll need something similar on this occasion.



    Árd Macha

  8. ” Just posting here, is not enough,”



    Yer preaching to the choir barrach.



    But sadly it’s about as far as most will take it.


    MWD 1302



    Excellent post,mate.



    It’s well-known that you are far from the most extreme of posters on here-perhaps the naysayers might bear that in mind.

  10. Damo,



    I hear you my man.



    I’m sure it’s possible we can still finish bottom.



    I’m not getting my hopes up. It’s still a tough task



    Notsettingmyselfupforafall csc

  11. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish by the Cleansing of the 'den! on

    Health and Safety is a deflection. Whilst standing may be FORBIDDEN , this cannot be regarded as a H+S issue as standing is no more dangerous than sitting as an activity whether there are seats or not. Standing does annoy people who prefer to sit because their view gets blocked. That has nothing to do with safety. As with all seated venues the FORBIDDEN is about viewing.



    It would appear that in section 111 nobody wished to sit and is happy to have their view restricted. In the world of common sense this would then be ignored because whilst there is a rule it is effectively useless and redundant.



    Lateral movement in the type in 111 and environs is actually pretty safe. People who are linked by arms moving sideways along an aisle delineated by seats before and behind is in fact very safe. The linking regulates movement and even where there is a ‘fall’ the linking will prevent over standing.



    What is much more dangerous is the cavorting of the seated in unbridled bouncing following a key moment such as a goal. Uncontrolled individuals moving in different directions is much more likely to result in injury.



    Are we to assume that people are receiving 2 year banning orders for the crime of STANDING? Surely not? This seems slightly disproportionate?



    Forget H+S.



    How best do you support the group of people who are proposing to not turn up at some point? Might I suggest that the strongest visible action would be to join them in their protest? As most of us a s SB holders this would have little financial impact for the club but an empty stadium would clearly show without lots of words what the fans think and the support the GB could expect. This of course will be anathema to the ‘always must go’ mentality.



    No doubt such a proposal will attract the ‘team needs support’, ‘I support the team first’ mentality also.



    Perhaps the perpetrators (polis) are not receiving sufficient SCRUTINY of their actions? Perhaps there is room for questions, FOI’s etc and a campaign of ‘paper harassment’ of the perpetrators here? There is more likely to be movement if SP are caught up in having to respond to letters requests etc?



    I’d like to hear more of what the GB might want by way of support at this point.




  12. Lateral movement while sitting down is OK.



    It’s standing up that’s the problem.



    To be fair it’s a well known medical fact that a lot of people die while standing up.



    Hence the expression dropped dead.



    Or dropped down dead.



    I’m sure they only have our own best interests in mind when they tell us that it is FORBIDDEN to stand in seating areas.

  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Cheers ghuys


    I sit corrected, I just find it difficult to accept from anyone who is told what to think by the police, which is why I asked.


    Hail Hail

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Lateral movement while sitting down is OK.’



    Ernesto, it’s even no longer a sin.

  15. Geordie Munro



    Well I’m contacting them.



    Every journey starts with a first step, and that first step is going to the relevant authorities here.



    This issue, I suspect, has a few miles in it and I don’t think it ends at Holyrood.







  16. \o/ Mr. Whippy Coming at you!! on

    First off CQNers



    A massive good luck to our boys in Lisbon tomorrow night. I hope they go into the game knowing Barca have beaten Spartak Moscow and a score draw sees them through to the last 16.



    We are on a road of discovery to see just how far this team can go.






    The GB. Our club has come under attack many times before and the guardians of it have not always risen to the challenges adequately. Precedent exists of them doing just that though.



    Following the Janefield Street riot, the board made good use of the Celtic View to staunchly defend their supporters in the aftermath. Witness statements were taken and published in the CV defending our supporters innocence. We need exactly this robust and transparent approach this time round.



    A quick look at the Offensive Behaviour … etc … Act would suggest the GB may be able to use it for any action brought against Strathclyde police:



    Offensive behaviour at regulated football matches


    1. A person commits an offence if, in relation to a regulated football match—


    (a) the person engages in behaviour of a kind described in subsection (2), and


    (b) the behaviour—


    (i) is likely to incite public disorder, or


    (ii) would be likely to incite public disorder.


    The behaviour is—


    (a) expressing hatred of, or stirring up hatred against, a group of persons based on their membership (or presumed membership) of—


    2. (i) a religious group,


    (ii) a social or cultural group with a perceived religious affiliation,


    (iii) agroupdefinedbyreferencetoathingmentionedinsubsection(4),


    (b) expressing hatred of, or stirring up hatred against, an individual based on the individual’s membership (or presumed membership) of a group mentioned in any of sub-paragraphs (i) to (iii) of paragraph (a),


    (c) behaviour that is motivated (wholly or partly) by hatred of a group mentioned in any of those sub-paragraphs,


    (d) behaviour that is threatening, or


    (e) other behaviour that a reasonable person would be likely to consider offensive.



    If the statements from the Green Brigade and Govan Emerald are proven, is it not Strathclyde police who are in violation of this law?

  17. Standing in a seating area is way better than sitting in a standing area.



    As any ole Jungle inhabitant would testify.



    Trampled underfoot and a soaked arse for your troubles too.



    And lateral movement, nobody knew what that was back then.





    I think our fellow poster ST JOHN DOYLE is taking it a bit further through his presence as a councillor.



    I expect his feedback to be rather interesting as I doubt he will settle for being fobbed off.

  19. Geordie,



    Hopefully if they try to hit their big striker (Cardozo?) with high balls, Ambrose and Wilson will be able to deal with it.



    On paper we should be capable of getting a draw, but too many scars from previous away games!

  20. Law & Beating Barca ‏@mdkster


    The photo doing the rounds seems not to be of the Big Tax Case decision, but it may well be another RFC tax case: the Mystery Tax Case (MTC)


    Expand Reply Favorite

  21. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    So we really should be changing the names of seating areas


    The Jock Stein stand should be called the Jock Stein sit

  22. Is it safe for the safety guys to come back yet?


    Honest Im sitting down whilst I type this





    careful now those safety guys are heavily involved in your profession…

  23. Silver City 1888 on

    Looks like a sevco fan drew it up so they can sue every Celtic fan that re-tweeted it. It’ll pay their wage bill until the end of the season.

  24. pigalle



    Back in the jungle days a lateral movement would be followed


    by a visit to the doctors, pronto.

  25. Glendalystonsils.








    That might be why I’ve never seen Edward de Bono inside Celtic park ;)

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