Celtic should to plan to score in Lisbon


Benfica enjoyed a 0-2 away win on Friday evening to remain joint-top of the Portuguese league with Porto.  They will have enjoyed a day off while Celtic played on Saturday and will two days training before tomorrow’s game.  By contrast, Celtic player will have rested yesterday and will get no more than a run out inside Estadio da Luz tonight.  With games coming thick and fast at the moment, hopefully rest is the most important requirement for the players.

Benfica shredded Spartak for most of the second half in Moscow but contrived to miss what chances they created, allowing the Russians their only win of the group so far.  The return game in Lisbon was a comfortable win for the home team.

Neil Lennon has some major tactical decisions to make.  He will surely acknowledge the danger Benfica pose but has to find a way of scoring an away goal or two.  Match day one between Celtic and Benfica brought a 0-0 draw, ostensibly a good result for the visitors, but the group has matured since then.  Both teams played that game as though it was an away game; Benfica were happy to defend and Celtic, in their first Champions League game since 2008, were keen to feel their way back into the tournament.

This time Benfica will attack with speed and hope that Celtic open up a little more than they did against Barcelona.  It’s important also to acknowledge that while Benfica are no Barcelona, they will also be less predictable than the Catalans, we will not have it all our own way in the air.

It’s going to be a game tiring 90 minutes where the use of fresh legs could be crucial but an early Celtic goal would allow Neil Lennon to set his stall out clearly.

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  1. If lateral movement (or standing) is forbidden or FORBIDDEN does that mean that only those of us with a seat at the end of a row will be able to watch the game? I realise this would slightly affect attendances but as on who sits at the end of a row,I wouls appreciate the extra space.




  2. row z – let celtic flourish by the cleansing of the ‘den!



    15:03 on


    19 November, 2012



    I disagree there mate, H&S is not a deflection, it is a tool that could be used against the club,

  3. Me too bobby. Too much cheap talk imo.




    Damo, agreed. Benfica are no mugs and certainly have a plan b.



    I haven’t seen them in great detail since matchday one but I feel we have grown amazingly in the group since the 0-0 draw

  4. Doc is Neil Lennon



    14:45 on 19 November, 2012






    Blantyrkev had a point.



    The GB do jump around, pushing and shoving each other, they do move laterally, in unison, one row left the other right, most every game.


    They are all having a great time doing no harm to anyone.


    But a jobs worth type Health and Safety could have a field day with it.


    I see this every game, I think a standing area may well be the answer to this part of the problem.




    I don’t think the safe standing areas would make any difference. Lets say there were 400 behind each goal. GB behind LL goals, 400 other fans behind JS goal. I would wager the old polis would be in force around the GB and no polis would be around the 400 at the JS end. They don’t like the GB and safe standing areas would make no difference IMHO.

  5. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish by the Cleansing of the 'den! on




    You don’t film people, crash them at 4 in the morning and seek a 2 year banning order because they breached H+S rules



    It is a deflection. Why are these people being harassed?




  6. As I said the other night in relation to GB. It’s not about what rules they are breaking, because the same rules are broken throughout the ground – whether it’s taking bottles in, using a camera, standing, lateral movement. These are all just convenient excuses for the police actions.



    I’d suggest that the game following the boycotted matches, they come in and sit. In silence (if they can manage it), no cameras, bottles – absolutely anything that might breach even the pettiest of rules and see if anything happens.



    If nothing happens – it doesn’t mean there’s no agenda against them. However if something does, it categorically proves it.



    As to the board. I think they’re in a very tight spot with this. Any public suggestion that they’re questioning the actions of the police with regard to individuals will be jumped on and a veritable storm of excrement will ensue.



    A simple announcement at the end of the game congratulating the fans in their area for creating a great atmosphere might be a start.

  7. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish by the Cleansing of the 'den! on




    If it becomes a ‘tool’ I’d welcome them shutting down the stadium. That should flush the issue into the open very nicely.




  8. I sit near GB in 113 and have witnessed the cam cops from my end, went down to tunnel where they were filming and questioned their motives, was told i would be arrested if i didnt move so asked again and got final warning, had to move as had young son at game. This is the behaviour we get at games. Also last season as walking round North stand saw a cop run round pushing a wee boy out the way to get at members of GB, there was a nearly a riot that day. I saw who was in charge and vented my protest at what i saw and i think realising the potential dangerous circumstances pulled his thugs back.


    I fully support GB protest but think the only way to get the boards notice is to get all fans to stop buying programs,food and paradise windfalls, yes it will hurt our club but members of our family are getting hurt and the board do nothing just like they contribute zilch to all the displays. They have made millions out of GB “just cant get enough”, the atmosphere now the barca display. SHAME ON YOU BOARD MEMBERS

  9. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Lenny will need to tell the players not to score then eh

  10. neil canamalar lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    14:15 on


    19 November, 2012




    Canamalar, To be fair, we were doing that at the St Johnstone game, My legs are still black n blue from it :>)

  11. How many of the GB will be in Lisbon tomorrow night?



    Quite a few of them I would imagine.



    Is lateral movement FORBIDDEN at the Estadio da Luz by Portuguese H&S?!



    Will our supporters be filmed by Lisbon’s finest?




  12. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I expect the SS will have taken their film crew with them

  13. celtic *o* lennon



    15:25 on 19 November, 2012



    You may well have a point, but I think it’s worth looking at.





    Another good point, the media would be all over it, and not just the Scottish MSM, after the amount of praise the GB and the support in general gained around the footballing world, media around the world could take an interest.

  14. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Shame on you bringing our club into disrepute like that :o)

  15. !!Bada Bing!!


    15:29 on


    19 November, 2012


    Embdae know if any dialogue is planned between the Club and the GB ?






    Yes – the GB hierarchy are to be summoned to a pow-wow with the PLC bored and will be told to ‘behave yourselves’ by Ian Bankier!




  16. If anyone believes its about lateral movement and has access to 111 on match day why not go and sit in the empty seats over the next 2 games. You may find it interesting and enlightening!

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire – 15:35 on 19 November, 2012



    Aye :). The point is of course, that breaches of the ground regulations happen everywhere but nobody else gets the same treatment. However, in black and white terms the authorities are acting within their rights. Take away that opportunity, just for one game, and show them up for what they are.



    Otherwise it’s difficult to prove they’re being anything other than heavy handed, no matter how obvious it is to us what’s going on.



    I don’t think the wider majority of the support realise what’s happening. There are far fewer using places like this than we think.

  18. Re: the GB – can I suggest that everyone who witnesses any abnormal SS behaviour towards them films it. We all have camera phones these days. I f I was close enogh I certainly would

  19. Maybe it’s FORBIDDEN to stand in seating areas because otherwise Celtic would be breaching the Trades Description Act by calling them seating areas.

  20. North by North West on

    Neil canamalar at 15.18; What is the Hmcts case number? Been looking out for it as easiest way to search on the tribunals website. Cheers

  21. canamalar



    Wonder how many of Strathclyde’s finest (sic) are already in Lisbon, trying to blend in with the locals, Celtic supporters and tourists?



    Cameras ate the (aye) ready!




  22. Row-z, missed that post, I agree taping fans for jumping around etc does not justify dawn raids. But the GB, for what reason are being harassed and intimidated, I do not know.



    The legislation passed by the SNP government is the most likely answer for me, they want things evened up in terms of convictions at football games. Why would they want that? Why did the government loose its own information regarding sectarian crime. When you join these dots it points to how they think Scotland would be perceived around Europe, and they want to redress the balance.

  23. Celtic_Cross



    15:50 on 19 November, 2012



    ‘Re: the GB – can I suggest that everyone who witnesses any abnormal SS behaviour towards them films it.’




    It’s against the stadium rules to use a camera.

  24. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The adolescent japery of the GB adds much to the gaiety of life’s rich pageant.



    THey’re not ,on the other hand, the Tolpuddle Martyrs.

  25. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    tally bhoy,


    Hopefully the GB will take all evidence of their greviences and demand answers.


    However I expect they will get the same answer PL gave the AGM ever time a greviences was aired, put it in writing and it will be investigated fully, stock answer that actually means nothing.


    I’d hope the GB take recording equipment to any future meetings as replies can be denied or misunderstanding claimed.



    I remember warning the CSA, CST and all else who attended the meeting with the police, GB were excluded on the instruction of the police, that they would be treated like errant schoolchildren and the meeting was in fact simply an opportunity for the police to attempt to bully and subjugate supporters.


    The statement from the CSA following that meeting confirmed my suspicion, I believe the board will attempt the same strategy.

  26. !!Bada Bing!!



    It is, indeed, good to talk.



    Being talked (down) to is, however, not so good.



    ‘Sit down and listen!’











    I’ve officially had enough of the debate for the moment.



    I find myself disagreeing with people who I have no intention of falling out with over this.



    I doubt I’m alone.



    For me,I’m gonna leave it. The GB are important at CP,we all know that.



    What they are facing is shocking,and we acknowledge that too.



    I have previously said that I’m conflicted on their position,esp wrt hurting Arbroath.



    But I am NOT conflicted when it comes to falling out with friends-friends who actually go to the games,btw. Much more than I do.



    I’ll read and learn from you all,but,no comment.

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