Celtic struggle to shift disorganised look


Having successfully subjugated in-form Motherwell by the opening minutes of the second half, all it took was a deflected shot that looped over Scott Bain to shatter composure and reduce Celtic to a side clinging on and ultimately fortunate to stop an equaliser in the final seconds.

Within minutes of that Motherwell goal, Neil Lennon replaced Albian Ajeti with Leigh Griffiths, Greg Taylor with Diego Laxalt and Scott Brown with Ismailia Soro, which should have injected fresh energy into the side, but seemed only to add indecision.  Mohamed Elyounoussi replaced David Turnbull, which like the earlier substitutions, was a like-for-like swap, expected to halt Motherwell’s momentum.  Far from it.

An apparent urgency to get the ball forward saw possession carelessly surrendered.  Without a reliable Out Ball, Celtic finished the game in a rear-guard action that only encouraged Motherwell to pour forward.

A second win on the bounce is a vast improvement over recent form, still, that disorganised look remains.  The league is gone but there are still things to achieve this season.

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  1. CELTIC MAC on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:27 PM





    Got a vague idea that Joe may have actually played after that in the New Year, but would would need to rely on Tontine Tim on that one.




    I don’t think Joe played again that year but was still Scotland’s top scorer for the season. He was deadly – especially in partnership with Bobby Lennox.




    TONTINE TIM on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 4:20 PM



    Interesting to read your recollections from the time. I was too young to appreciate that period being aged 5 when The Big Cup was won.



    How do you think things would’ve panned out had JMcB not got injured? How do you think his availability might have impacted on team selections/formations?



    *Possibly Stevie would have missed out although Joe was a bit injury prone before he was crocked that Christmas. don’t forget one of the stars in the run was the Bear and he missed out, due tae injury.

  3. Has anyone ever offered an explanation for why those compensated administrators had tried to sanction the purchase of Daniel Cousin as the old Rangers entered Administration.



    It was such a bizarre act which did nothing to protect ereditors’ money that you have to think that any failed prosecution was wilfully failed.

  4. SFTB



    No is the answer. Administrators should only sanction expenditure if they believe that it will generate more revenue in a short period than it costs. Maybe, they were (ridiculously) convinced that a new signing would have kept revenues up in the following months.



    However, the charges were not about mal-administration so it is not the point at issue.

  5. Hrvatski



    Well- now that they have been awarded some of our money- we should puruse them for mal-administration or whatever offence is covered by the Cousin Act.



    As I recall, the administrators were selected by the Ibrox club but supposed to servethe interests of their crediors. When their first action is to side with the club against the creditors, it looks like their selection was no accident.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Not only is this league gone but we are facing the prospect of 3 or 4 leagues being lost. This feels like the early 1990s





    WADR, Really?



    We’ve won the last 9. They look like they’ll win one.



    Respectfully, what is the basis for an assumption that they’ll win the next 3 ?



    As for the 90s – night and day.



    R@ngers financially superior due to



    a) them being financially doped


    b) us being dreadful at generating revenue


    (Fergus McCann got the ball rolling from 1994 but we still lagged behind to the end of the decade)



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  7. squire danaher on




    From what I recall of the entire fiasco, the only time C Whyte publicly displayed anything in the way of anxiety was when HMRC moved to have the High Court appoint their choice of liquidator.



    Whyte was determined to have D & P appointed and got his way.

  8. HRVATSKI JIM on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 3:39 PM



    I’m referring to the accused in the original prosecution, who from memory were: Whyte, Green, Withey, Grier, Whitehouse, Clark.



    I want to know if any Inquiry would have the power to consider all evidence, even evidence that was deemed inadmissible in the criminal case, and be able to express an opinion on whether the accused may have done what they were accused of having done, and might have been convicted if all available evidence had been admissible. If that’s not an option then there’s no point having an inquiry into what happened, because it would be ruling out a possible explanation before it even started.



    PS It would probably be to your advantage to avoid using English terminology for Scottish legal terms when corresponding with politicians, particularly nat ones, as they might take offence.

  9. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Joe McBride, from memory it was similar to the feeling we had when we lost Henrik, a horrible feeling, we all wanted him back asap, well it didn’t happen, the success we had at that time of course dulled the blow, and then some, and thankfully of course we did get Henrik back🙂

  10. SFTB- the Cousin deal was officially done before they went down,Willie McKay and Cousin got what they were due.

  11. Lots of talk on here about Sevco’s finances but is nobody concerned about what £30m Champions League money could do – plus a sale or two and I don’t really see the financial advantage we once had being that significant.



    Or am I missing something?

  12. GEEBEE1978 on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 5:57 PM



    Of course it’s a concern but



    They have to get there first



    They earned 10m from Europa League last season so the uplift from CL qualification won’t be 30m



    The way CL distributions are calculated has changed, a large percentage is now decided on a weighted basis dependent on a coefficient of cL performance over a ten year period. They won’t receive as much money



    There will be big costs associated with qualification, bonuses will be large



    The extra cash they’ll receive will just about cover their losses on a good year. Unless they sell someone in the summer for a decent profit they’ll be looking to break even at worst. Park and co will want to stop the handouts. If they can’t make a profit in a year that they get group stage football then they’re in more trouble than anyone thought.

  13. GARNGAD TO CROY on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 2:45 PM









    Davidson is not a Ranger’s fan, but he is a Mason of the highest degree and he was speaking to his brother’s



    Bhoys, i grew up in the same town as him and played football alongside him growing up, i can say 100% he’s a Rangers man……






    You may be correct. May focus is on the conduct of the Police/CPS.



    ERNIE LYNCH on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 5:35 PM


    Ernie – I am not a legal expert as the use of the misspelled word “plaintiff” shows. Should this proceed to a formal petition, I have been advised that i would be guided by the Parliament Clerks who would, presumably, help me to phrase the wording acceptably.



    With regard to your question about whether any inadmissible evidence in the criminal cases could be considered, the admissions so far have been that there was no evidence, hence the large payouts.



    I can only speculate that any person who was subjected to an inquiry would have the right to explain the basis of their actions. If they can provide a justification and that led to alternative proceedings against the administrators, that would be a valid outcome.



    Irrespective of who, if any, is/are crticised by the outcome, the only point of the inquiry is to establish the truth of what happened for the sake of Scottish justice in the future.



    I am not a lawyer but I did study public law for one year at university and I have always had an interest in freedom, the individual and the law . Much has changed since then (1979) , not least the Scottish Grand Committee being replaced by a separately elected devolved parliament, but in studies or my lifetime, despite many cases where doubt remains about the nature of the justice administered, I cannot remember admissions of malicious prosecution. This is why this cause is important to me.

  15. ‘ I analyse performances, I don’t analyse results ‘



    John Collins on Shortbread 5 minutes ago,



    No thanks for any role at Celtic Park, full of his simplistic, utopian thoughts, only interested in himself.

  16. No more old Celtic players anywhere near the new modern coaching and management setup.



    Knowing the City is a euphemism for old firmism and it also turns grown men in our support to nothing more than personality cult followers first, Celtic fans 2nd.



    Search for the best we can buy on a global basis, regardless of their Celticness….




  17. Bada – agreed……..



    John fits the bill in his own mind and on paper only………



    the Club needs a cultural move to productive, collective performance. Johns a poseur.


    I’m not clued-in enough to suggest an alternative but JC’s not our Bhoy…….he’s perfect to understudy Neil at Sly Sports when he inevitably descends into the realms of panto O&& F&&& punditry.



    Oh yes he is…. CSC

  18. No sure about Collins as DoF..you need to bring more than just football and fitness knowledge to the table.He’s got a reputation as being a bit full of himself and being a bit divisive.


    Loved him as a player and was well surprised to find out he wasnt as popular as i thought.

  19. Bada……………


    He’s part of a monied bubble and doesn’t realise it’s gone pop with the ten.

  20. GENE on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 7:16 PM


    Saint stivs





    Last tram was 1962 so can’t be 1964 🤔






    at wans broke doon.

  21. Theres nothing he’s said that makes me think he has talent for management beyond his celebrity and novelty value.

  22. “I certainly wasn’t going to ignore Celtic’s interest simply because I supported their biggest rivals. My dream was to become a professional footballer. The location was just a detail.”



    Kenny Dalglish





    If you’ve heard Dalglish speaking you will know he never said those words in that order.




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