Celtic struggle to shift disorganised look


Having successfully subjugated in-form Motherwell by the opening minutes of the second half, all it took was a deflected shot that looped over Scott Bain to shatter composure and reduce Celtic to a side clinging on and ultimately fortunate to stop an equaliser in the final seconds.

Within minutes of that Motherwell goal, Neil Lennon replaced Albian Ajeti with Leigh Griffiths, Greg Taylor with Diego Laxalt and Scott Brown with Ismailia Soro, which should have injected fresh energy into the side, but seemed only to add indecision.  Mohamed Elyounoussi replaced David Turnbull, which like the earlier substitutions, was a like-for-like swap, expected to halt Motherwell’s momentum.  Far from it.

An apparent urgency to get the ball forward saw possession carelessly surrendered.  Without a reliable Out Ball, Celtic finished the game in a rear-guard action that only encouraged Motherwell to pour forward.

A second win on the bounce is a vast improvement over recent form, still, that disorganised look remains.  The league is gone but there are still things to achieve this season.

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  1. Goin to watch this Leeds game,to watch one of the world’s top managers,try and get his team to defend properly.Great to watch going forward,but,in spite of the coaching,not improving defence wise.


    We are not alone,no matter what some will tell you.



    ” If Davie Hay wants to bring those players to Celtic then he will have to pay for them himself! ”


    Celtic Chairman


    Jack McGinn 1986




    The quotation is memorable and, yes, it was from a Board member but I don’t think it was Jack McGinn’s.

  3. No more old Celtic players anywhere near the new modern coaching and management setup.



    here here

  4. FRITZSONG on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:09 PM






    ” If Davie Hay wants to bring those players to Celtic then he will have to pay for them himself! ”



    Celtic Chairman



    Jack McGinn 1986





    The quotation is memorable and, yes, it was from a Board member but I don’t think it was Jack McGinn’s



    *I don’t know jack but I know plenty that do and he was well liked, it was Jock BTW that brought him tae Parkheid tae start a paper that didnae spin any more “fake news”.



    He’s no a Dumbartonian but married one and lived across the road fae St Michael’s and had a newsagent at the bottom of Brucehill.



    He once questioned an acquaintance of mine over buying the Sunday Post as he told him it was non-union and had the same hiring practices as a certain team in the south side of the Clyde.



    If Jack did say that I was led tae believe he was being flippant in saying the board widnae sanction any more transfers and if Davie wanted more players he would probably have tae buy them himself.

  5. TONTINE TIM on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:17 PM



    I dont know if you know but Jack had a terrible accident a couple of years ago, when a car reversed over him.


    I was out of action at the time and didnt know, his bhoy only told me during the summer there.

  6. a wee aside, a distraction, just because it is a brilliant image






    In the early 1950s Paul Strand spent six weeks in the rural northern Italian town of Luzzara, located on the Po River. He traveled the countryside with local townsman Valentino Lusetti, whose family Strand photographed arranged across the front of their family home. This group portrait includes Valentino’s widowed mother Anna, standing with a solemn expression in the darkened doorway, and four of his brothers: Bruno, Guerrino, Afro, and Nino, none of whom look directly at the camera.



    The circle and spokes of the bicycle wheel are repeated in the semi-circular paned window above the door and in the half-circle shape seen through the door above Anna’s left shoulder, serving as a unifying element of the composition. In 1955 Strand published a book of photographs he made in Luzzara, Un paese(A Village).




  7. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Davy Hay wanted to bring Pat Nevin and Joe McLaughlin to Celtic,and Jack McGinn made the comment,David Hay reading it in a newspaper.

  8. John Collins was a good for Celtic,I’m sure the problem he had with some players at Hibernian and Celtic was his attitude towards players fitness, at Hibs Michael Stewart was always complaining about Collins being to hard on some players, he Stewart saying if he was chocolate he would love himself ,nothing wrong with that,as a lot on here saying the players don’t look fit ,well bring back John Collins to sort there fitness out ,could they hack it ,or would they go running to Petrie to say they he is to hard on them,The players won John Collins was only doing his job ,and for that he got sacked,That’s what should have happened to Griffith’s at the start of this season,but him being a top goalscorer ,that’s what kept him at Celtic.also Lennon couldn’t live with John Collins getting fit ,he is another one who is overweight.

  9. TONTINE TIM on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:17 PM


    Thanks TT on Jack McGinn’s background. I’d associated him with the Celtic View originally. I know his son vaguely – a thoroughly decent man.


    The person who said that about David Hay was a director – something of a seldom seen kid whom I can picture but I can’t remember the name. I am very old.

  10. Just another sign of getting old….commentator on Leeds game says a player had a head like a 50p piece when he headed the ball wide.


    In my day it was “a heid like a thr’penny bit”




    I took the quote attributed to him, in CelticWiki.



    He was the Celtic View editor and later the Chairman as well as high office in the SFA



    Another more controversial quote was when he is credited with first referring to Celtic supporters as


    ‘ malcontents ‘ .



    He knew them so well CSC

  12. glendalystonsils on

    3 an’ in



    Heidy fitba



    Next goals the winner (when it was getting too dark)

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    I remember about 14 years ago being in 118, we were the initial rows of parent and child were. I shouted ‘ that’s our shy ref’ could hear the wean behind me saying ‘what’s a shy dad’😂😂😂

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    MARSPAPA on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:18 PM


    You and your mate going either side of the goals trying to hit the crossbar , played the for hours .



    Snap first to 11 took bloody hours😵😱😂

  15. Kicking the ball from the front of the close over the roof to the back , some of the washing lines took a hellova beating not to mention some of the cars at the front lol…..


    And we wondered why the neighbours would chase us lol.

  16. had to go pick up daughter from work, it is a white out out there, renfrew and the airport roads are covered already, and its piling up.

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