Celtic struggle to shift disorganised look


Having successfully subjugated in-form Motherwell by the opening minutes of the second half, all it took was a deflected shot that looped over Scott Bain to shatter composure and reduce Celtic to a side clinging on and ultimately fortunate to stop an equaliser in the final seconds.

Within minutes of that Motherwell goal, Neil Lennon replaced Albian Ajeti with Leigh Griffiths, Greg Taylor with Diego Laxalt and Scott Brown with Ismailia Soro, which should have injected fresh energy into the side, but seemed only to add indecision.  Mohamed Elyounoussi replaced David Turnbull, which like the earlier substitutions, was a like-for-like swap, expected to halt Motherwell’s momentum.  Far from it.

An apparent urgency to get the ball forward saw possession carelessly surrendered.  Without a reliable Out Ball, Celtic finished the game in a rear-guard action that only encouraged Motherwell to pour forward.

A second win on the bounce is a vast improvement over recent form, still, that disorganised look remains.  The league is gone but there are still things to achieve this season.

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  1. 31003




    Aye , that horrible moment when you’re pumping the opposition 19 – 10 and next goals the winner ….. and they score it .

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    And chap door run in the close. Tie string to one handle, then attach to the opposite door, give it laldy and run like hell🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃




    We played a game called “CHINKY ! . when it got dark you would put a dod of chewing gum on the end of a bobbin of thread , 5 inches from that , we tied a nail onto the thread then placed the chewing gum onto the frame of a window , walking away holding the thread till you couldn’t be seen and gently wrapped the nail off the frame .



    You watched as the curtains opened , waited till they closed them and did it again .



    For wee boys this was dangerous and exciting lol…..

  4. 31003 on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:37 PM









    Tackling your own teammate so you can score






    Fighting over who was taking a deciding penalty too.

  5. We used to sit either side of the road and pull up an imaginary rope when a car came…..a lot of those drivers taught me the swear words I use to this day

  6. PS….. 2 schools of thought on why the game was called “CHINKY”



    1 . It was the sound it made when the nail hit the frame .


    2. It was the slither of light when the curtains opened.

  7. 31003 on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:12 PM


    The drunk guy staggering back fae the pub and trying to join in the game






    Don’t know why , when the drunk guy came down the street at night , aw the dugs aboot would go mental at him ……





    Anyway , well done introducing good memories of days gone by .



    Good night all.

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    And it’s getting dark, score 20:20. Next goals the winner and no one can score that last goal, cause everyone is knackered

  9. !!BADA BING!! on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:09 PM


    Putting the ball on the spot for a penalty, and someone else runs up and hits it…😡—————-





    !!BADA BING!!



    Whoever stole your penalty was brave lol.

  10. garygillespieshamstring on

    Walking the ball up to the goal line and kneeling down to header it over the line.

  11. Good morning cqn from a snow filled Garngad



    Going to try and drive to work, if that fails it’s a work from home day.



    I knew I should have got a pair of boots from our store yesterday..Doh.



    That’s a fair old whack of snow out there.



    Anyone trying to commute today good luck and stay safe.






    D :)

  12. Fess19 – Brilliant, watched Still game so many times I could play a part.









    D :)

  13. On old games….






    Heady tennis



    Every wean, man and wummin in street or flat playing rounders.




  14. Back in my younger days….as wee Bhoys..you would ” Knock” on someones Front Door…and run away..



    Nowadays its called…..” Parcel Force” !







    What do you call an Irish Nymphomanic ?









    There is plenty of Snow in The Calton this Morning…just as well I am ” Dubbed Up” in the Hoose for Months.


    Someone gimme a shout when its melted and the Pubs are OPEN !






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