Celtic suffer inexplicable collapse


At halftime during our game at Kilmarnock yesterday, I said, “This is the best we have played in weeks”.  The only concern was that we were only the single goal ahead.  What transpired throughout the second half is inexplicable.

Kilmarnock pressed Celtic high up the field for the entire game, a refreshing change to the deep defending we commonly face.  With Celtic a goal to the good, forcing Kilmarnock to continue to chase the game, it should have been straightforward to pass through them and create a bucketload of chances.  However, the ability to progress possession out of defence was lost.

I will avoid the urge to scapegoat, which often follows a defeat, because this result was not the fault of any individual player, the entire team were poor.  Kilmarnock will not have an easier 45 minutes all season.  Their equaliser was fortuitous but deserved, from then on, their winner was always on the cards.

For me, the biggest worry is that nothing changed during the half.  I advocated for Callum McGregor to be pushed into a more advanced role, but with play failing so clearly, Callum should quickly have been brought back into a deeper role, where he would have been able to link defence to midfield.  This change eventually happened in response to Kilmarnock drawing level, and saw Kyogo press high alongside Oh, which stretched an already dysfunctional midfield to breaking point.  Control the middle of the park, or be controlled.

Cameron Carter-Vickers was rested (which I also advocated for), replaced by loanee Nat Phillips.  On an unfamiliar surface, Nat looked to get the ball forward as soon as possible.  This contrasted with Liam Scales, who frequently tried to control the ball under pressure.  Neither player looked comfortable because neither had good enough options.

I don’t remember a domestic game where an opposing manager has changed the game as much in their favour as Derek McInnes did yesterday.  The Celtic players and manager could learn from their vastly less-resourceful opponents.  I wish I could be more confident this was a blip.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    RC @ 9:26pm.



    See chat c. 10 days ago.



    Scotland desperately needs coefficient points for season 25/26 qualification.



    A Celtic win on Wednesday would keep us in with a chance.



    For that reason, IMHO, the strongest possible line up should be played.

  2. Tontine


    Did Mr RR not buy a normal amount sold for profit after Y¹,


    Yup he was never one of orig investors a la john keane,DD,DDs pal as i seem to recall on cash front the bunnet finding out tho that rebel had won he had none to add to fergus orig 5.4m.


    It still angers me the BoS drive to put us outa business and the ‘pact’to nail shut our coffin,some thought Celtic was theirs alone.



  3. garygillespieshamstring on

    Was the stadium proposal to build the stadium snd Celtic would lease it rather than own the stadium or do I have that wrong?

  4. Gary Gillespies Hamstring



    Would have to go back in to the dark recesses of my hall cupboard.The cheeky answer would be ask Gefinor:-)),as it unravelled pretty quickly for old board after their name was mentioned.who? Were they naebdi knewl


    One thing McCann was sure on,we were staying put(and paying the bills:-))


    Night mate.




  5. This Rodgers has ruined Kyogo is absolute BS. Kyogo has virtually no space to work in and get his yard – the low block, 10 men behind the ball squeezed into 20 yards kills the space to play the through ball he is looking for. He tries to make the space and the moves but the passes don’t come as often as they should because mostly there is a forrest of players to play it through so unlikely to get there, turnover possession, or the players ain’t smart enough to see the pass – it was the same last season with Ange, Kyogo was making those moves but the ball invariably didn’t arrive for the same reasons, either way Rodgers ain’t ruined him the opposition see the threat and have reacted to it.


    What is Rodgers job is to find another way through that block and sorry but it’s not easy. It’s far easier to hold positions, kill the space and spoil than it is to play through.


    My main grip and it started last season was that we are slow to look for a longer pass when we have the chance to break quickly which incidentally isn’t very often as we are up against this low block. Also think think our wingers and strikers are too ridged in holding their positions – because of the low block you have to move defenders around – if you stand still and hold positions you are easy to close down. Our front guys should be moving and swapping across the front line all the time, getting the step on defenders, moving them around, causing confusion about who is picking up who and looking that pass down the side when you are already on the move. We are too static up front, the movement needs to be constant.



    BTW I think we missed the fact that in Sunday Kilmarnock performance in the 2nd half was very good. We are quick to criticise our team but sometimes there are mitigating factors and I thought they were excellent in work rate, press and they played some decent stuff too. They had a plan and executed perfectly and credit where it’s due they did not just sit in.

  6. Good morning all from a rain soaked 3degree Garngad.



    Everything that can be said about the performance against Kilmasonic has been said and we will drop more loints with tith that group unless quality is introduced.



    D :)

  7. Bada Bing



    That was the referee who reffed our game v Lazio away I believe.



    I thought he wasn’t the worst.



    Had he reffed the home game v Lazio we could be in a shoot out for 2nd place in the group actually.



    Instead we are moaning about not having instant ‘quality’.



    Not sure Ange moaned about that when he rolled up his sleeves and got on with what he had back in July 2021. He signed projects Abada Jota CCV (spurs loan reject) and a Japanese striker from a mediocre club there) Then signed a few more what would be termed inexperienced projects in O Riley Hatate and Maeda ( fewer caps in that lot than our summer signings this year. He resurrected a spl mediocre guy in Mooy (and the support was saying wtf) and he then bought experience in someone universally derided by Celtics faithful as a bomb scare as a center back in Starfelt. Add to that an oven ready Haksabanovic, an injury prone dud from Holland (who many fans were chasing out out of the place after a penalty miss in an early league game) and a decent looking attacking right back from Croatia (both of the latter on ropey contracts.



    The successful model of 2 years ago is not much different to now. We just need to have those involved stepping up and owning the next stage. I am a bit perplexed by Brendan’s public comments, as if he is ‘covering his ass’ which he should not need to on his deal but I am more perplexed by folks desire to be driving wedges and apportioning blame / seeking bogeymen at a time when we have a league to win. There are enough folk out there wanting us to fail without our own people trying to encourage us to implode imo.

  8. bournesouprecipe on

    Oh before Kyogo hopefully won’t happen again and definitely won’t on Wednesday. Two skyed and one fresh air effort in the Kilmarnock rain was the difference.



    Players that “have to do more” will take there places on the bench I’d expect Tomoki Iwata, Mikey Johnston and Nat Phillips certainly if Carter Vickers isn’t hamstrung again.



    This opens the door for ‘continental’ project Paulo Bernardo to resume CL duties where he left off. James Forrest another Euro veteran will possibly be unleashed before project Yang.



    Brendan’s under fire squad who’ve slipped up on Sunday need to up their game against the Dutch champions. Whilst we wait for the board to do the same in January.

  9. “The Celtic jersey doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players.”



    As far as is practicable we must endorse and adhere to the above statement. It rang true at the time and it still runs true in the eyes of many supporters.



    No-one choses mediocrity but many settle for it. As a support we will never settle. This is not entitlement, it is natural aspiration.



    Hail, hail.

  10. Ange got Juranovic 26, Starfelt 26, GG 27, Kyogo 26. Mooy came in at 31 also.



    He also got some projects like Abada and Jota.



    The key thing is to have a balanced recruitment strategy between projects and experience.



    We went all in on projects. 9 players signed for a squad that won the treble. Little wonder it’s proving a challenge to manage.



    We should have signed 3 or 4 experienced players and a couple of projects.



    Now we’ve a bloated squad littered with non contributing players on long term deals.



    An utter clusterduck of a transfer strategy.

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    That awkward moment when somebody says they’re not going to a CL game because ‘we got beat by Kilmarnock.’

  12. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Will miss the game tomorrow as flying LHR to JFK when it’s on. Not bothered as it’s the ultimate dead rubber and looks unlikely to be a full house (yes, they’ve killed that ECL magic). I predict a comfortable 0-2 Feyenoord in a funereal atmos. Terrific work plc. A lesson in how to kill forward momentum in 6 short months.



    Will be watching the Hertz game with Brian and the bhoys of the NYCSC in McHale’s, before returning for the Livi game. Give me full points in those games ahead of a dead rubber ECL tie any day. Rodgers? I think he’ll prioritise the other way. We should take 6 points from the 2 home games but given the fragility of this team I’m not so sure.

  13. Moisey 17,,



    So what league was Kyogo playing in last season ?.Played against same teams,same defensive set ups,normally,9 men at least, defending.Talking nonsense if you can’t see the change this season.30 goals last season.Be lucky to reach half that this year,and its not down to the wee man.

  14. GREENPINATA 8:26 AM:



    “The Celtic jersey doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players.”



    We’ll have to start buying only XXL jerseys and washing them on a cold setting!

  15. An Dun,


    The abuse on here when we were linked with Mooy,from the same ones now screaming for experience,is unbelievable


    Everyone Ange signed ,most ,would today be called projects,the other few,a gamble.

  16. Don’t get all this the poor we player will lack confidence when a manager calls him out for whatever reason.


    Don’t recall any of McInnes players lacking confidence when he gave them a bollocking at half time…………..if they don’t like it then GTF you’re not the player for me pal !!

  17. Seemingly a licence application to open a


    Pop-up pub on ‘ the tarmac prairie surrounding the stadium’ has been refused 🤔


    ( Janefield St and Holywell St ) .






    Including these statements:



    Representing Celtic FC, licensing lawyer Stephen McGowan said: “There are concerns this premises will interfere with match day safety.”



    A representative of applicant Charlotte Abuceviciene told the board only 60 seated customers would be allowed – 30 inside and the rest outside and there would be three security staff.


    He said the applicant would be more than happy to “make sure children are not allowed inside” and stated that the bar would be set back from the pavement.



    Licensing Board Councillor Alex Wilson :



    : “We are talking about thousands and thousands of people going into this area.”



    He added: “I don’t think this is properly thought through.”



    He expressed worry about kids being left outside while dads went in for a pint.



    Councillor Wilson added: “I don’t think football and alcohol are a good mix – particularly with this fan base.”



    The licensing board refused the occasional alcohol licence.



    Nota bene :


    Councillor Wilson added: “I don’t think football and alcohol are a good mix— PARTICULARLY WITH THIS FAN BASE “

  18. Well, THAT was an interesting weekend in the ole football world.



    Man Ure beaten at home 0 – 3 by Bournemouth.


    Bayern beaten away 5 – 1 by Eintracht Frankfurt


    West Ham gubbed 5 – 0 by Fulham (the game after giving Ange’s Spurs a doing)


    Barcelona getting beaten at ‘home’ 2 – 4 by the mighty Girona



    Oh, and Celtic got beaten by Kilmarnock.

  19. Is it just me but has anyone noticed that the minute Celtic are linked with a player ( in this Case Miovski) their chairman comes out screaming that he won’t be going cheap…whereas when Sevco are ( Shankland ) general silence prevails …funny that …my arse …I sense the Mischevious Scottish Media subtly at work here …shades of McGinn all over again

  20. Good Morning Fholks – Fine Day To Be A Tim,



    BURNLEY78 @ 7:08 AM,



    Still working the agenda then:))



    The Placemen been out in force the last few weeks, wonder if we have a transfer window coming up;)



    “Not sure Ange moaned about that when he rolled up his sleeves and got on with what he had back in July 2021. He signed projects Abada Jota CCV…



    That’s €19 mn, of footballer, the Lawwells weren’t around at that time but they could buy a Celtic first team squad for that.




    …Then signed a few more what would be termed inexperienced projects in O Riley Hatate and Maeda



    The Manager knew some of these players from working in Japan, the same way our current Manager knew Scott Sinclair first time around.



    Meada was great in the World Cup for Japan a top NT, who was obviously devastated that Ange baled as his performance at Easter Road at the end of last season proved.



    Anybody with any knowledge of English Football knew Matt O’Riley.



    These days I have little interest, but follow Wycombe Wanderers, those main rivals are MK Don’s.



    MO’R was a top Fulham prospect, they offered him a new contract, he said will you play me in the first team? Fulham didn’t guarantee him first team football so he left..



    He went to train with MK Don’s to keep himself fit.



    Due to what they saw in training they offered him a contract, he said will you play me in the first team? They said yes, he signed on with a stipulation – a £1.5 mn buy out clause.



    Some smart geyzer knew the tale and Celtic were very smart and signed him.



    The Lawwells were not around when these players were signed either, seeing a pattern yet.



    MO’R has come on leaps and bounds under Brendan Rodgers, managers have their strengths and weaknesses, yet look at Matt under Ange and Matt under BR with his goals and assists.



    T’uther day you stated that Nottingham Forest had signed a hundred players since the new owners came in.



    What that’s got to do with the price of Fish I don’t know.






    In that time Celtic have signed 94 players.



    Yes Ninety Four.



    How many of them are shining lights in our first team!?



    Our recruitment is beyond a joke and has been since Willow Flood graced paradise…



    Two main points though, the Lawwells were not responsible for the rare examples of quality you gave.



    Secondly only one of those players were playing on Sunday!!






    Don’t believe the Hype Bhoys



    The placmen are out in force



    B.S. headlines in the SMSM like Rodgers approved all the signings are the work of the Celtic PLC black arts department – back in full flow…



    Hail Hail

  21. So the pop up bar application gets rejected. It always seems to me that every area of authority, be it the SFA, Govt, council or cops, they love to find ways of dampening fan experience.


    Dortmund have numerous pop up bars outside the Signal Iduna and with 81k every fortnight. No problem.


    Been saying for years that both Scottish and English governing bodies should be looking at how Germany does fan experience, especially the standing kops.


    Even Bundesliga 2 clubs can put us all to shame.

  22. Big decisions for Brendan Rodgers ahead. Having played Nat Phillips and seen him struggle both with the ball and when defending, he must decide whether to stick or twist. We haven’t seen anything of the 2 new centre backs, but we are also running out of games to get a look at them. The loss at the weekend leaves us almost no margin for error, though Rangers must surely eventually run out of opposition defenders who are willing to pull jerseys in the box. They will presumably drop points on hem selves soon.



    Midfield were compromised by the CB situation, but again we need to decide if Holm or AN Other can do the anchoring role.



    Up front, Oh looks like a really limited player. I would be surprised if he gets any more game time after Christmas, assuming we bring in so wine with experience in the upcoming window.



    Pressure mounting in a very interesting Title race this year.

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